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Website Build – Online Marketplace

I require a website which will be used for a few purposes:

1. As a trading market place where people can list items for sale and their details to be contacted to arrange said sale. There will be no handling of transactions on this site.

2. To provide an informative and engaging experience for users who are new to the sport this site will be targeting.

3. Profiles/Membership – allow retail shops to have their own online store, hosted and managed by this website and for individuals to set up their own profile to allow them to sell items over the website.

More details available upon further discussion.

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Before And After Pics I Need 20 Sets Of Them Weight Loss

I need 20 sets of before and after pictures – These must be your own rights. YOU CANNOT take them off the internet, thats illegal. I need you to give me full rights to the images so I can use them.. Please send me a PM with details.

These need to be of men and women, for a weight loss program. Thanks

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Javascript Background Bug On A Website – Need To Be Fixed


This is an easy, and quick task for you folks,

You just have to fix a background bug on a website.

Details in the file attached.



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I have a dating website,

And i am looking for a professional coder for do the 5 changes below.

I will have much more work in the future, so i am looking for someone who work fast and professional. As i need these changes done asap. Please PM we with links to previous website/dating social network sites you have made.


Thankyou, and look forward to hearing from you


**Create a page to show all new members that have signed up in the past 7 days

**Create a page were i can upload music videos from youtube, (just me, i dont want members to be able to upload) Then add a link to each video, that members can click add video to my profile So when someone clicks on their profile, the video will start playing

**Create a page, that is on the website that will work exactly like a blog, just me, not members, can blog new photos and stuff up, on

**Add a button underneath each profile on the friends list, hotlist, and blocked list pages, that says delete

**Change how the page numbers look on members online page

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Changes To Website (build With Frames)

A small website built with frames consisting of less than 20 html pages needs a few changes.

10 images need to be edited.
Font style needs to be changed.
The contact form on the contact page has to be removed.
The navigation needs one more link.
Maybe 4 or 5 more little changes.

All in all, I estimate that the time needed to do all changes will be less than 90 minutes at the most.
However, you should be aware of how frames sites are constructed and should have prior experience with websites built with frames.

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Celebrity Website

Need a website for a RAPPER

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Bloggers / Writers For New Diet / Weight Loss Niche Website

Bascially, Im hiring a team of writers to post on this blog twice per week, the pay is $2 per post. As the site starts to generate some revenue, Ill increase the rate.

Ideally – Im looking for original content – not spun content, but I am open to spun content if its in a really human voice with 100% copyscape pass. Writers should have an excellent command of American english.

Blog entries should be written by a person (you can make up a name) and borrow a photo from somewhere online (I can choose one for you from my collection so that its completely legal to use). All stories will basically be in the I form – ie – "when I went to see my doctor, he said I needed to lose weight". All blog entries should be 300-500 words.

In a perfect world, blog entries will be about diets that youve tried (real or fictional) with a focus on atkins and low carb diets. I will give you a list of keywords to target every week.

Ill be looking for 4-5% keyword density and for bloggers who know how to tag content in a wordpress website and to cross link their posts on social networking sites (Ill provide a list of sites along with passwords).

This is a brand new website, only a week old or so, so it should get some good hits as we go…)

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Website Build And Maintenance

I need a personal professional website set up to promote myself as an Independent barrister.
I need various pages and links, pictures and contact facilities. It will need updating from time to time. I also need the creator to make sure my website very high up google searches.

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Prestashop Expert Needed

We have a problem with the checkout process in our Prestacart website we need fixed.

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Need 1 More Call Center For February!

**Attention Call Centers Based In The United States**

We would like to thank you for your interest in our project.

We currently have several call centers selling our product which is a discount healthcare program. We have the largest networks in the country with over 1,000,000 providers, Aetna Dental Access, all US hospitals, vision, Rx and pharmacies etc.

Our market is the over 50 millions Americans that have no health coverage or who are underinsured. Our program is NOT INSURANCE, but a discount membership where individuals and families are saving up to 50% on healthcare needs. The need for this product is staggering and that

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Need A Website Build

I want a website similar to ""

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I want a web designer to develop a website that is similar to

Have you done this? Can you show an example?

Please note that this is an adult website.

It must include the following:

It needs to have upload capabilities:

Profile management/html addition:

Model Pics and Videos on home page:

I would like it to be original enough not to violate copyright restrictions.

If you are not familiar with check them out so you can understand exactly what I am looking for.

I would like assistance with getting the program up and running.

If you have already created one of these please provide me a link so I can check it out.

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Need 20 Articles And Press Release 300+ Words Each

I need 20 articles for blog post, sumission to the articles and press releases websites.
Each article or press release must be in proper format and with 300-600 words.
Contents must be in good English without gramma error, rich of provided key words, in neat SEO format and 100% original (Copyscape passed).
The topics are related to the skin care and eye beaty. The whole project should be completed within 5 days maximum.
All articles must be approved by the articles and press releases website. If not, you are required to revise the contents for re-submission until the approvals are confirmed.
All rights (copyright, redistribution rights, etc) to the articles will be transferred 100% to us upon delivery. You cannot sell, reproduce or reuse these articles in any way.
Payment will be arrange via Paypal.

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PHP Website Is Super Slow, Need Upgrade?

I have an auction site that is growing very fast, but die to the growth and traffic it loads very slow. I need someone to help me get the site to load quickly.

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Website Build (woot)

We need a site that has the functionality of woot (with similarities to groupon) but with a video feature on the front page next to the image of the product. There is also a voting element needed that is similar to Style Factory.

– Main page looks and operates like woot
– Pages are to be the exact same as Woot
– Count down timer functionality required
– Offers are national, not localized
– Like with Stylefactory, there needs to be a section where people can vote
– Need the forum/archives like on Woot
– Replace logos and design elements with ours
– Need a good account administration section, something like on kickstarter where the product owner can log-in and connect with buyers, give updates
– Integration with an ecommerce/transaction/billing system required (this does not exist as such would be part of the project in that we would need this ability)
-Hosting recommendations also required

Please submit samples. If you could please provide contact information also so that we can refine scope

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Build Subscription Management For Online Mag

We need someone to advise and build or advise us on how to fit pre-existing services to create our site. We are an online magazine and sell single issues and subscriptions. We need to manage the subscription services, have a "blog" area on the website, a payment gateway and we need to host our magazine for readers to access online.

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Website Promovation. Need Trafic

I have a dating website and i will need some europe trafic. Ill wait for your offers on PM.

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Training Content Creation – Health Fitness And Weight Loss

My company has a 20 Part Audio Program (around 9 hours) related to Health, Fitness and Weight loss which im re-doing now as a much more condensed online video education program.

I require someone to listen to these Audio Programs and write notes on the key themes wich are discussed in each of the programs.

I have 10 additional topics which I require internet research to be conducted on and summarised notes provided.
I would like you perform internet research and come up with a list of other items which could be used in the videos. I will then ask you to research 5 additional areas which could be used for this training video and provide notes.

I will then review your notes from the audio cassetes and internet research and I will determine which content and in what order I require it

You will then write the script for 10 training videos intended to be 10-15 minutes in duration each and will create document templates for any homework required as part of the video courses (For example youd create a page for Goal Setting).

This job does not require you to create the videos, you will just need to create the script to use.

Listen and take notes on 9 hrs of Audio (I will provide this to you)
Research 10 topics I give you (around 400 words each?)
Perform internet research and provide a list of other areas which could be used
Research 5 other areas of fitness, health, weight loss related to the training (around 400 words each?)
I will choose the topics to use and you will re-write the content as a script to be used in a training videos
10 scripts will be written with a length of 10-15 minutes each

Please ignore the budget set below and bid what you will be comfortable with for this project.

Thank you,

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Need 20,000 + UK Property Investors List

I am looking for a list of 20,000 or more property investors in the UK ONLY.

They must be real property investors.

I require thier real name, email address (these are a must) and telephone numbers if possible.

Once you completed the list, I will require you to put it on an excel spreadsheet with each data in a seperate column and line.

Please PM me with how you will build the list including examples and time scale of completion of it.

My budget for this project is $100 which will be paid on completion.

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Screen Designer For A New Airways Website Need!! (ASAP)


We are looking for a screen designer and for a new airways company, with a similar look as www(dot)emirates(dot)com The site design for me should have many of the features of this site. (other colors, icons..)
The screen design must be inovativ and modern look and feel.

Our screen design must have a web 2.0 design and function.
You must have a Web 2.0 portfolio!

If you have done a job like this bevor, send us our work, only screen design!
The screen design must first only done in a layered Photoshop and Illustrator files for a pressentation!
This site will also be mobile compatible (iphone, iPad…)


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Template Set Up

The design files are in ilustrator, we need someone to build the template for the website.

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Need New Design

Need New Design, but must be whole template flow, not a single page, and colors theme must be black and red ( dark red )
one more thing site must be light weight, less images, and maximum work in css.

give me ideas first of all what you are thinking about.

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Website Builder Need

1)      I want a copy of the site when it

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WordPress Thesis Website Build

Our company is a Managed Service Provider, specializing in IT solutions to the Healthcare industry. We are looking to have a CMS WordPress Thesis designed business website. A WordPress Thesis theme preferred, or possibly WP Remix style.

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Build My Website

Build a multi faceted website to my spec.

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Build A "charity" Website

I need someone to build me a website that will be used for a humanitarian/charity purpose.

It will need to have:
1) Option to upgrade & edit it as required
2) Clear and crisp colour (I have seen some look very "washed out")
3) The ability to accept donation payments
4) The rights to the site will be entirely mine
5) The ability for people to email me
6) The ability for people to be able to add their comments
7) Approx 6 pages of content, plus "payment" page plus:
About us/ contact us/ your thoughts
8) Ability to add links

Depending on how much extra it will cost, I would also like to add:
9) The option to add video
10) Blog
11) A small shopping cart and payment page

Please, this is for charity purposes, so nothing expensive.

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Clinical Diagnosis From Symptoms

I am a current MD/PhD (physician-scientist) building a website. I need some developers who can build a program for the website that can give diagnosis and management from input symptoms.

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Need You To Sell (50) HCG Weight Loss Bottles

Need people to sell hCG for weight loss.

hCG is now one of the most popular weight loss supplements available and is available in many different forms.
The type I want you to sell is sSublingual hCG.

I JUST launched this web site and need you to sell:

Read up on the site:
and tell me what you think you can do to drive sales. We need FaceBook users, retail sales in chiropractic offices, doctors offices, etc.

Types of hCG:
*** Injectable hCG

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Oracle Apps Developer

Oracle apps developer

Location: London, financial district for a large investment bank.
period: 1 month
Tariff: around 60 an hour (no VAT)
Start project: January / Febuary

Oracle developer with knowledge of Oracle Apps (eBusiness Suite).
Knowledge of interfaces, SQL, development tools such as TOAD.
Im looking for a real technician who is able to develop Oracle applications / interfaces independently.
My client needs a new application in there Oracle system to simplify there storage. You need to build and integrate the app in the system as well.

Interested? Send motivation directed to the above points, CV, availability and price.

– Offer day rate excluding VAT, including travel costs (all-in).

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I Need A Website Like A Nice Splash Website

I need a simple site that should look like pretty much one page what is more important is that the person should make the graphics appearance pretty nice and put a tool like the donate tool that has. It should be simple but with tool where people can register to donate. I need it to be done quickly.

I will provide some of the graphics

01/06/2011 at 18:23 EST:

It is a going to be a site for Donation Events website for people who will donate to the people or the country of Haiti. I need a simple site that should look like pretty much one page what is more important is that the person should make the graphics appearance pretty nice and put a tool like the donate tool that has. It should be simple but with tool where people can register to donate. I need it to be done quickly.

I will provide some of the graphics

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Membership Based Website Build And Host

Membership based porn website, payment should support ideal paypal moneybooker.
content will be mostly vedios and pictures.
As far as SEO concerned, we require team have at least basic concept of SEO.
user can pre-view the content, and after payment, can download the content.
admin should able to upload content on the back end, able to write short description of the content, as well as able to identity different level of user(e.g level one can download 150m/month while level 2 can download 500MB).
budget range from 100gbp to 500gbp.

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