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Increase Traffic And Business

Hi Folks,

I have couple of websites in different areas, I am looking for a candidate who can improve traffic and business for my websites.

Need someone with very good experience with facebook.

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I Need Short Funny Homemade Videos $30


I need funny videos for my youtube channel.
I need someone who can create these videos for me AT HOME.

These videos can not be STOLEN from ANY other site, this will be checked.

Requirements for the vids:

*No longer then 1 minute
*I dont want to see NO FACES in the video so you wont be seen in the video
*The video needs to be funny and original
Good quality, so no crappy webcam vids unless they look sharp
*I need 30 different ones. and Ill pay 1$ PER 1 MINUTE VIDEO!

Video topics can be, original funny magic tricks, funny experiments, pranks etc.

I will pay you $30 bucks for 30 1 minute videos, again you will not be reconizable in the video, only your voice if needed and your hands ofcourse(depending on what the video is about).
I dont even need your voice, if you can create text in the video to go along with the scenes in the video.

PM me with the types of videos you can make for me, and the must be original please, not copied of some website cuz I will check!


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Need A Craiglist Anti-flagging Script

I need a craiglist anti-flagging script…because i am getting flagged and ghosted and i need my ads to stick…

i need to see a test for a few days before payment is released…
it would be good if if you do have it and i can give it a test run…

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Need Streaming Videos Downloaded: Good Quality W/ Sound

I need the videos at the following URLs downloaded and provided to me in high quality FLV or MOV format with sound. These appear to be Ooyala streamed videos.

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Voice Work

Need a native female Indonsian to record studio quality work up to 9000 sentences
must supply voice sample and cv upon request, prefer voice sample on application

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Need Content Spinner

The project is simple.

I will provide you 3 articles – 1 Unique version + 2 rewritten version.

I will tell you how to join this article into 1 article. Total around 1500 words.

Then you have to use TBS (The Best Spinner) to add synonyms to it.

Its a very simple job. Its not rewriting. Just automatically add Synonyms from TheBestSpinner and then remove the ones that is not making sense.

However, I want them to be perfect when reading, without any wrong synonym being added, basically removing the ones which does not make sense.

The pay will be $2, which is good considering you are not rewriting and writing anything new. Its more like proofreading.

I will select 2-3 people for a test project and will pay you for the test project.

There will be 40 articles per month – Which means $80 worth of business per month and it will be ongoing.

Only Serious Bidders Please!!

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Need A Creative Graphic Effect On A Portrait

I need an artistic, beautiful, creative graphic effect on one of these pictures of a girl:
For example a beautiful hand painting effect or a good photomontage…
Note: shes a singer of Whitney Houstons songs..

Any example is appreciated.

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50 PR5+ Permanent Quality Backlinks – Need Link Guru

We are looking for 50 permanent quality backlinks from PR5+ websites for a travel related website.

These are the requirements:

+ 50 backlinks from PR5+ websites
+ All links must be related to our niche (Travel)
+ The link page should have a PR of at least 1
+ Selected sites should not exercise paid links, we are looking for natural links
+ All backlinks must be DO FOLLOW, we will check
+ Backlinks only from English content websites
+ No SPAM links, No SPAM sites
+ No link farms
+ One link per domain strict (50 different websites)
+ Link page must be cached and indexed from Google, Yahoo, Bing
+ Link page should be natural to the site and have no more than 100 links on it
+ Page should not be excluded by robots.txt
+ Link on the page should be simple HTML and the hyperlink should be defined in the href property of the a tag, no image links
+ Links should be from sites, no comment blogging, article submission, free submit sites e.t.c.
+ All links are one way, no reciprocal (negotiatable)
+ Links must be permanent
+ Use of software is unacceptable. Links must be created manually in a time frame of 3 weeks, not all at once.
+ This is strict white-hat SEO work

Following the above requirements, we will provide you the URL, anchor text, description, and keywords combos and you will return a list (Excel file) with the sites that our link is placed on. We will review each link since we have experience in good link building. So we will accept candidates that are highly experienced in link building and know what they are doing. If you can provide us with references that will be a huge plus.

Please do not bid if you are not a highly experienced link builder.

Our budget is more close to $120.

Happy bidding

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I Need A Version Of This Facebook Liked Script

I need someone to develop a version of this.

I want the features to be same and space for CPA Ads, Adsense ads and other ad space.

I want the design and style to be same as the example shown but Unique in its own way.

I want it to be created by someone with an eye for design and good coding skills.

I hope to establish a long-lasting relationship


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Daily Payment—i Need 500-600 Wrds Artcle–long Term Prjct1


i need some good reliable writers for my ongoing long term project….

i need 100% unique coppyscpe passed articles, no grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes should be there.

i need more than 50 artcles per week..if u can provide me that & if u think that—-u r a reliable person only then bid my project…

in my some previous project some writers went away after taking the project—if u also want to do the similar things—then i request u not to bid my project and waste my & ur time…

initially ill give u 1$ per article—but i can increase it after seeing ur writing style & ur quality of articles…

this three things i need—
1. uve to check ur malebox per day, after finite time interval.
2. uve to stay online at night time (11pm-1am IST) or send me mail 3-4 times per day.
3. when i mail u—uve to reply me asap…

((((((bid without a plagiarism free article will not be choosen)))))

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Need 100 Quality Backlinks


100 dofollow links from 100 PR4+ pages (NOT domain with PR4+ and page with lower PR).

Types of links accepted:
1. Blogroll links.
2. Blog comments.
3. Forum posts.


No profile links, NO ANGELA AND PAUL LINKS, NO article directory submisions, NO Bookmarking submissions, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
NO buy now pay later links


Links DO have to be in same niche (web design, web development, SEO), must be permanent, active, never expiring.

The link builder should be highly experienced. Must know how to check that links are good. Please do not bid if you have limited or no link building experience. Good results will mean ongoing business for you. I have 3 other websites that need the same package or even more.

Please note: Whitehat is crucial and required. Blackhat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for. Payment will be made after I have received the spreadsheet and verified each link.

You will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet : Link site exact page URL (clickable hyperlink), page PR, Site Name and IP address.

Read the above terms carefully. If you agree to terms, youre welcome to bid.

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Need 20 Unique Copyscaped Quality Articles $3 Per Article

I need 20 copyscaped and unique articles. I will pay $3 per article. Make sure your article quality is good and you are grammatically perfect. Native speakers preferred. PM me for details.

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I Need A Visual Studio 2010 Mentor

Hello World,

I want to write some Windows software for my work. Ive done some very high-level stuff before (Rails, PHP) but nothing much lower, so while general programming concepts are no problem, their specific implementation in Visual Basic or other Windows languages is just too steep a learning curve for me to attack by myself.

This isnt subsidized by my work, so I cant offer lots of money (specifically, Im hoping to find somebody willing to teach me at the lower end of this budget range), but the project demands a stress level roughly comparable to "taking Grandma to the mall" and I dont need anybody with years and years of experience either. All I need is somebody who "gets" Windows programming, has some experience building and debugging software with Visual Studio (Im using the free version of Visual Studio 2010 at present), and has enough understanding of how things work that they can offer reasonably detailed answers to my many, and occasionally annoying, questions.

Im a relatively fast learner, but Ive found I dont study effectively alone when it comes to this sort of thing.There may be the occasional hand-holding. Im building a specific application that should serve as a good framework, so we can base the fee on a specific time period or on bringing me up to a certain usable point in that application. Any Visual Studio language is fine as long as you are able to teach it over Skype to someone who is, effectively, a complete beginner.

This is something that would ultimately be used by my organization, so a measure of confidentiality is needed.

There is one thing: Im on Japanese time, so time zones may be an issue. I have a measure of flexibility on the weekends, but weekday sessions would have to be around 5 am Japan time.

English is my native language but yours doesnt need to be immaculate as long as you are able to explain things on a theoretical level.

I think thats it. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Urgent Need Of 15 French Articles

I need 15 French articles of 450-500 words each within 2 days.
Requirement: 15 FRENCH articles (Topics will be provided after your successful bid)
Price offered: $2.25 – $2.75 (Per article)
Due time (after the selection): 36-48 hours
Word count: 450-500 Words (each)

If you are bidding, that will mean that you agree to all the above specifications. Payment will be made through Freelancer. The money will be escrowed as soon as I select the winning bidder.

Bid only if

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I Need Minimum 500 Referrals

I need about 500 direct referrals with my referral ID.
PM me for sign up details….

everyone is eligible for biddding… Good Luck..

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GOOD Experince Poster Need For Service And Community




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10 Flash Banners (50px By 400px) – Need ASAP

We need 10Flash banners ASAP. These involve simple flash like the ones seen in ads which have minimal animation.

Size is 400Px by 50Px

Would order regularly every week if quality is good.

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Tax Expenditures For Or Against Indirect Spending

500 word article that gives a thesis, which states your position and 3 GOOD arguments with as many supporting points as you can provide. Also, counter-arguments points will also need to be presented.

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Need Academic Writers


we need academic writers who have some specialized education.

Some one who can work in deadlines.Provide 100% error free and Plagiarism free work.MBAs, Engineers, and masters with other subjects are welcome.

You must be aware with various writing style and good in research work.

We pay 3$ per 500 words.

Please Attach your resume with a sample work…

We may choose many.

Please BID for 10,000 words.

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I am looking for suppliers in countries outside the usa to sell me in bulk any product. Anything ,please quote me what your product is and the price (wholesale).

I also need help finding suppliers for any product wholesale, I will pay you to help me find good suppliers.

Thank you.

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Facebookfans Need From USA

Hello freinds, I need 5000 USA fans.

Must be done in a way to prevent Facebook bans.
Please explain ways you will use to prevent being suspended by Facebook.

Im Looking for someone who can get me 1k fans for 10$.

You can bid here for 1k fans or 5k fans.

New comers also welcome.

I need a good quality work.

Please let me know. time u need and ur experience…….


shakirahmed also welcome

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Lots Of Work, Fast Turnaround Needed, Need Good Quality…


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Lots of work, fast turnaround needed, need good quality…  

Lots of work, fast turnaround needed, need good quality… is project number 674274
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $250-750
Created: 04/30/2010 at 2:19 EDT

Bid Count: 0
Average Bid:

05/05/2010 at 2:19 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)




The title of this project may seem vague, and hence I would like to clarify everything.
I am looking for lots of writers as I need around 300 articles to be completed within 3 days. Teams of writers may also apply since they can handle such a big workload. These are the must have criteria for the writers who are applying for this job:

* Ability to complete the job within the assigned timeline. If you cant, I wont pay
* All articles must pass copyscape premium
* There should not be any spelling or grammatical errors. I have no time to proofread all these articles
* The articles should not be rewritten from previously written articles.
* Once again, timely delivery is a must, if you dont think you can do that, please dont apply for this job.

I am paying $1.5 per 500 words for this project. The pay rate has been set in accordance with the bulk work. Individual writers who think that they can deliver around 10 articles a day can apply. I need these articles to be completed within 3 days. Thats why I am choosing the best writers with fastest turnaround times.

Your bids must be followed by a sample. Bids without samples will be ignored.

Happy Bidding

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Need Good And Dependable Writers!!

Need good and Reliable writers.. For an ongoing project…

Writer should be able to deliver upto 4 – 5 articles of 500 words per day…

Initially pay will be 0.2$ per 100 words .. And If youll prove a good writer than This pay

Will increase but initially no bargain plz …

Articles Should pass copyscape pre and should be of gud quality..

Please bid if you agree these terms If not neither waste your time nor mines….

Plz send a sample of 100 words on any topic..

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Need 2 Video Testimonials For My Product

Hello, i will need 2 video testimonials on an forex product.

I will choose you, and we must meet on Skype briefly.

I will pay you $30 per each video.

This is an quick, easy, and fun project for anyone interested, there are some requirements though.

1. Must speak proper English.

2. Video must be good quality.

3. Review must be in the range of 2-4 minutes.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you.

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Need US Fan Adder

Hello ,

I need a person who can add and give me US fans for the pages i give.I will give good payment.I will give more projects if you prove that you are good.I want only US fans.

Only serious bids

Happy bidding


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I need USA IP based gmail accounts at regular basis. I will pick the one with lowest rates and good quality.

DO pm me for more details.

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