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We Need Custom Designed Catchy Advertising Banners.

We need some one to Design Catchy Advertising Banners.

This job is easy we need the designer to go to each website (theres 22 sites ) and create 1 animated advertising banner based on the sites selling point and one diffferent .png advertising banner from each site then take the same .png banner and make it in two other sizes.

Please send me your design profile.

We Need You To Start ASAP.


ONLY People With GOOD FeedBack and Skills Should Apply !

Bid Low, We Are middle man – OutSorcing Wat We Do Best!
Job Could Defintly Lead To More Work With our DesignTeam.

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Need 5k Fans Added To Group Page, Or Fan Page

We need an experienced provider to deliver 5000 Facebook friends to our Facebook group. The targets must only be from the USA and CANADA and boxing or MMA requested..At least 1/5 needs to be a fan of MMA. Note: Well be very selective on this projects winner – after successful completion, there will be additional requests for more friends/fans/ group on an ongoing basis.

– All fans must be real people with active Facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon. NO BLACK HAT/NEGATIVE TACTICS, NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM, NO FARMVILLE!
– NO Fans or Followers with illegal, pornographic, hate, or racist content
– All Fans or Followers must be aged 16 and over
– All fans must have at least 10+ friends and a minimum of 2 photos (NO NUDES OR IMPROPER BEHAVIOR)
– All Fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 15 days
– Must be only from CANADA OR USA.
– If the likes decreased, make sure you replace them or they will be deducted from the price
– You must have experience of creating Facebook fans without getting banned from Facebook!
– Use only practices in accordance with Facebook guidelines! You won

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Project For CIDEPIX

I recently purchased "Web icons in blue glass" and need a few custom icons.

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Online Mafia Game

I am looking for a experienced coder who can create an online mafia game from scratch, I have already got a layout created and would need a coder.

Pay – Between £25 – £50, depending on how good of a coder you are.

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Javascript Page Works In IE And Chrome; Need Firefox Too

I have a web page ( that works in IE and Chrome, but not Firefox (I havent tested Safari), and the only thing I can figure is that the Javascript is a little off and IE and Chrome are forgiving the errors while Firefox is not. (I have no additional evidence that this is the problem; this is just a guess on my part.)


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Custom SEO – Online Reputation Repair

Dear freelancers,

I need some help with my .com domain name . Anyone is invited to join the project. You must come up with a real plan in order to select you for the job. I might work with several providers.
Basically I need some links to , , to appear on the 3th or 4th page.
Keywords which need attention :
" scam"
" reviews"
" complaints"

Let me know how can you help me. Thank you !

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I Need 4 Sales Pages Whipped Out Today!!!

I need 4 sales pages completed tonight. The sale pages are on male enhancement niche, promoting a better
performance product. should be 1000 words each and must be well-written in accordance with guidelines. Im paying $13 per page.
Please reply immediately if you can as Id be hiring in few hours.

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Higher Traffic And Earning Need

I have 3 web blogs, but i get average 1$ per day from google adsense. I need to boost up to at least 5$ per day. You need to increase traffics to 7000+ daily page views. Currently i got 3000+ per day.

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NEED Site Designed-#10

Looking for a site to be designed. The site takes names and email addresses (NO DATABASE needed) sends info to another email address where it is received and replied to manually.

The header will be graphical with caricatures and nice logo. The site name is the nosy neighbor, so were thinking about s neighbor caricature looking over the fence at his neighbors house being listed for sale. Maybe a realtor putting a

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Need Someone To Assist Me In The Build Of My Site

My website

this is how far I have managed to get and now im stuck

I offer 6 products

Sms service – self explanatory
Email Broadcasting – for clients to send emails
Voice Broadcasting – for clients to send prerecorded messages to telephones
Hosted Diallers – for call centers to make out bound calls
Data – Telephone numbers for call centers to call
Data Exchange – for call centers to swap data

I need help with 6 flash files to add some graphics. I dont have the graphics but I have products which YOU can make movies of with camasia studio or take screen shots. basically i need someone with the skills to say what works and what doesnt as these products need to be sold.

the pages with the flash files are the same as above – I have already created the files and left space for you to complete the task. click on services to browse the products

the flash files I will show you my competition, 6 companies who specialize in there industry, you can use there text as I will get a copy writer to go over it. some more pages will need to be created but my layout is easy and like above we will just copy the content and you will make it colorful

graphics and colors need adding to the pages maybe screen shots who know you can assist in ideas.

I need quick apply forms building – well only designing as I will hook them up to my softwares

my site navigation needs looking at to be better – you will advise on this

If you are just looking to complete a task dont even bother to pm me I want someone with 3 brain cells or more who understands what my site is about and can provide good graphics good ideas and is self motivating, give me the ideas instead of the other way around

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Need 1 Image Altering And 1 Making

I need 1 image altering to make the pictures look better and another making for my site, I will give you the writing, you will create the images but they cannot be stock images they must be custom.

need doing asap.


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Need 200 PR5 Links

I need 200 PR5 Permananent links within maximum 24 hours from now. here is the terms and conditions.

Link Building Specifications:

1) The link page must be indexed by Google
2) Each link must be from a completely separate IP address.
3) No links using any automated techniques
4) Links Must be Permanent and static to our website
5) Link pages must be related websites
6) All links has to be has to be manual submission
7) Links must contain the target keyword/keyphrase as a text hyperlink
8) Links cannot be through a redirect script, JavaScript links, framed pages, hidden links, Flash sites/pages OR other unethical or black-hat tactics
9) Links must be on English websites and spider friendly sites.
10) Page must not be excluded by robots.txt and the anchor text MUST NOT contain the rel=nofollow tag.
11) Will NOT accept links from: forums, directories, articles submission, pharmacy, illegal, hacker, porn, violent, classifieds, dynamic links, spam sites, or generally black hat links
12) No scraper sites, mirror sites, garbage sites
13) Prefer high-ranking sites verified by Alexa
14) No sites will be banned by any search engine
15) No link exchange programs or web rings such as,,, etc.

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Translation In 4 Languages!!

S | Translation

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Translation in 4 languages!!  

Translation in 4 languages!! is project number 697505
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 05/27/2010 at 6:37 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

05/28/2010 at 6:37 EDT
(23h 57m left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (26 reviews)



We have a game that needs the in-game text translating.

The game is in English.

In total there are 30 words in the game. A couple of single words, such as "Score" and "Play Game", and then a Help page containing instructions for the player.

We need the English translated into:


A link to the game can be provided.

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I Need A Very Good EBook Writer

Due to increasing flow of ebook projects I have a need to add another writer to my ebook team. I typically pay 100$ per 50 paged ebook and so on. All rights to the book belongs to us so you must not use them afterwards. I need an urgent sales page writing too.
Id appreciate you very much if you can take on an urgent ebook project I have now
Please only bid if you agree to these terms.

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20 PR4 Links Needed

20 PR4 Links Needed

* Do Follow
* No Link Farms
* No Adult Content
* 100 or less links on page where link is placed

Need Completed Within 7 Days With A Final Excel Report

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Just Research is needed

Budget: $5

5 Pages research required ASAP on the followings.

1. History of of Polish White Goose Down (used in duvets, pillows, and featherbeds)

2. Origins of of Polish White Goose Down (used in duvets, pillows, and featherbeds)

3. Processing of Polish White Goose Down (used in duvets, pillows, and featherbeds)

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Need costum Drigg themes

I need custom Drigg theme related to design niche. Something like this
Theme must be for DRIGG.

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