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5 Pg. WordPress Custom Website Need Creative Artist/designer

Need a custom 5 page WordPress website created by a CREATIVE WEB DESIGNER/DEVELOPER/GRAPHIC DESIGNER/ARTIST

Home page -blog – contact- about- region

Need a Web Design services site built for a sales tool for me to attract work to hire chosen Freelancers to complete. The person/company who wins the bid and builds the site may be the candidate to receive all business from this aggressively advertised web design site in the US. This will be a win win as all business generated would be offered to designer.

I need someone who is EXTREEMLY CREATIVE to wireboard (below are some sites I like for direction) and then build a 5 page WordPress website with a highly creative Theme (The site should be created so I can use one of the secondary pages (not homepage) as a template to build pages after.)

Need CSS tableless design– SEO ready– WEB 2.0,– HTML5tasteful flash
Any plugins recommended (SEO, Contact forms, etc)

I want a design with the type of functionality in this link below and a similar look and feel but unique, graphically created with a talented design eye.

I want this layout (with different graphics/collateral/copy of course) but I want the center homepage to offer items for sale via Clickbank or Shopping Cart. The site should be set for ecommerce to Paypal or Clickbank (please recommend)
These items will be regionally specific items (food,books,photos) please recommend a way to easily showcase these so the visitor can click and item, either add to cart or go to affiliate site.

Here are some other sites I like that can be used for inspiration: (This has Flash but if done with a clver design that would be fine) (This has Flash but if done with a clever design that would be fine)

I have several other projects in the works and my staff is buried in work so I do not have time to search for a team that can DO IT ALL.

I will take the best rated- lowest bidder that has the creative talents I need and I can see in their portfolio. THIS SITE NEEDS TO BE EXCITING, CLEAN, AND A DESTINATION THAT PEOPLE WILL MENTION TO OTHERS…

Any question before bidding welcome.


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Web Designer Needed

I need a web designer to modify my church website

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Improve Existing Static Website – Looking For Fresh New Look


– Would like to re-theme the website to a more modern look Eg. Use of better fonts, colours, layout
– MAIN Page to work on is the Gallery page – would like Gallery page to have an easier way for visitors to navigate the pictures
– Consistent new look across website

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Websites Migration

I have purchased the Ultimate 4GH Hosting package from GoDaddy. I would like to migrate 5 websites from different hosting accounts at GoDaddy to the one ultimate hosting account also at GoDaddy. I will set up the DNS, MySql etc. and would need the sites migrated and functional in the shortest possible time.

1. Please quote per website
2. Give estimated migration time

Only bid if you are experienced with the GoDaddy hosting plans. Please provide proof of experience.

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Adult Website Maintenance

I own 2 x adult websites which require ongoing tweaking and moving to a new dedicated server. This would be ongoing work as the sites constantly need a fresh look. Please contact me with your previous experience.

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Tech News Website

I would like someone that can design a site that pulls many tech news websites on one page. I would like to have a news feed site for all technology. I would also like a place where I can make money from tech affiliate sales. Eventually I would like to incorporate this site into an app. So I want it to be very user friendly in which a person can pick which tech news page they would like to see when they come to my page. Sort of like or the app inotechnews. This app allows 37 different tech sites on one app. I would like this same kind of feature on my webpage. I would like the news feed to be updated automatically based on the news feeds. I would also like a place where I can write my own news articles. And a way that users can twitter or add the news article to their facebook, with credit given to the original source.

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I need a website completely revamped.

This means complete relabelling, changes to format, colours, logos etc.

I also need the text content in the site changed – different words, same meaning.

It should be a pretty easy project and I need it done within 72 hours once the project is awarded.

The site is currently administered through WordPress and I wish this to remain.

It would assist me if you could provide samples of website you have previously developed.

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Miva Recently Upgraded. Need My Old Look Back!

Just upgraded Miva from 4.12 to the latest version. Currently the default template is showing but I need the old appearance back as how it was.

Miva experience required to be considered.

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Need Expert Webdesigners

I need an expert webs designer capable of creating a website like rewards will be invaluable along with full co-founder position contact me via pm

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Need CNC Mock Silencer For Airsoft To House A IR Sensor

We are a manufacture and Instrumentation Comapny. We have started mfg. products for the AIRSOFT market. We have a need for a mock sliencer made out of lightweight alluminum and will house a very small IR sensor at an exact dimension. The unit must have 14×1 reverse threads and look like similar mock silencers on the airsoft market. Detailed 2D CAD specs will be given to awarded bidder. We are looking for a possible long term realtionship to supply us with this product.

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Need New WebStore With A Whole New Look

Please before posting a bid, read the whole description, as if you just send us a template email we will ignore your bid!

Please check out our current web site at

We need a whole new website, new CMS behind it, new graphics, and we want the design to be totally unique and not a template. We need something which will be much better than our current website, and not comparable.

We have the design in mind, and need someone who can deliver. We want a webstore that is flash operated, but also search engine friendly, quick to load, and easy to navigate.

Besides having easy product management, an easy way to post and edit articles, we need a emailing sistem which will email customers after orders are taken, and shipped. We also need a good looking invoice to be sent out to customers for printout. A way to check up on order.Ability to add videos to products.
On the website we need a custom kit builder. Such a thing that would go through categories of products and offer customer to create a kit at the discounted price.
We also want a system where we can track orders and see statistics.
We expect a freelancer or a team of freelancers, who is capable of delivering a whole project, meaning the HTML/Flash and graphics part. We want the webstore to be "alive" and have vivid colors.

If you believe you can deliver, please send us a private message and include only project you are proud of or are very similar to our request. Please do not send us a list of 10 websites that have nothing to do with our request, we will IGNORE your message.

Advantage will have freelancer who include related PM and give example of their work.

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Development Of Car Pooling Website

I have a Car Pooling website which is about 50% complete. It is written in ASP.NET, AJAX, and uses an Microsoft SQL 2005 Server backend database.

I need help into developing the website so that it can be used on the Internet as a public site where people log in and can plan their journey and others can join them. With also may be the function of people logging in using their Facebook account to get their location settings.

I would also like to look at developing the product so it could be installed on corporate LANs as an out of box solution with an MS SQL Expresss backend database.

I am probably more looking for a partner to help develop this product with me.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Thanks for looking.

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Write Article Of My Photography Website

I have a list of keywords that i would like you to write between half a page to a page about which are used by seach engines to help direct potential customers to my web site, i am a photographer and need some informative articles that alour our customers to feel that we offer the products which they are looking for in speficic neiches i would like to start with fifty article but if they look sound and feel right i would like to write about five hunderd or more pieces i will supply keywork imediately an example would be. Portrait photographer, family photography. kiddie photography, couple photography or photographer, young family phography etc.

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Wood’n Dream Website

We are woodturning business and need a website for sales online and showcasing large bowls ect. This would need to be updated by ourselves.

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Website Revamp

Our website, built on WordPress requires some customization of the template in use along with revamping of the graphics. We also require some copy-writing of some of the content to make it easier to read. We also need to promote our website and drive traffic to it, presumably through implementing some SEO.

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Redesign Of Website

We need a website designer that will refresh a templates of our website, nothing fancy just a clean look.

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Need Someone To Give Our Website A Face Lift

We are looking for someone to give our website a little face lift. We are looking for someone who can design with compliant CSS optimized for fast page load time, and compatibility across all browsers. We are an Ecommence medical supply company. Some specific things we would like redesigned are:

– Top & Side Navigation Menus – HTML & CSS – we would like a glossy type look.
– Product Detail page
– Website Footer
– Add 3d effect w/ shadowing to outside border of website, to give the effect it is somewhat popping off the page.

We are also looking for someone who can give their opinions and recommendations on what should be done. We are basically trying to make our website not look so flat, faded, and plain. We arent even sure 100% what we want we are looking for someone with good taste who knows what to do without much direction.

Please PM me for our website address so you can get a better idea of this project and so I know you have read this description. Please bid at what you estimate the above tasks will cost. I am very fair w/ payments. This can lead to an ongoing relationship as we are looking for someone to complete weekly webdesign projects for us.

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Basic Website

I want someone to create a design for my pet project website ( The website is very simple its just one page. I also dont need you to do any fancy CSS (I can handle all of that myself), all I need is some nice graphic and color scheme that I can use.

I want the design to be fun, simple and fresh.

The budget is very limited (I dont really have any income from the site), so lowest bids will have priority.

I will need to see some of your previous works before accepting the bid.


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Need SEO On An Auction Website

We have many shops in an auction website like Ebay (not Ebay). We need our products to be on top after searching. We need a SEO guru to look for the searching algorithm of the website.

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Website Designer Need For Swingers Club

I need a website created for my swingers club in brisbane.
It needs to have a chat room and information
Gallery, newsletter, webcam chat, buttons with links for information etc.
THis is a reposted project as i deleted the last one by accident.

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Need To Revamp Personal Resume

Im looking for a professional and experienced resume writer to revamp my resume and give it a more senior management feel. My resume is current and only one page long. I would like to keep at one page but just curious to what it will look and sound like rewritten by someone who does this frequently. My budget is 30-45$ so do not bid or make offers that are above this please.

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Need Ecommerce Website For Jewelry Designer

Looking for PROFESSIONAL web designer to create eCommerce website based on HTML/Flash or ASPX/Flash.

1) Flashy website to present our jewelry in the best light possible
2) Very simple design, easy to navigate/browse
3) eCommerce easy to use on the back end with CC and paypal integration
4) Easy to use CMS (details will be provided to qualified bidders)
5) 100% SEO optimized from the start (meaning, website NOT based on flash. Base must be in HTML, PHP or ASPX with a lot of Flash in it)
6) Desire to work long term. We need lancer to work with us on monthly basis. Nothing big, just Flash updates on website. (Additional monthly payment will be disbursed)
7) Daily communications via Skype on U.S. PST 9am – 5pm. (dont use/like/have Skype or cant be online during our business hours = do not bid)
8) Must speak English (if you do 2 or more mistakes speaking/writing English in a sentence = do not bid)

Wrap up:
We need a reliable web designer/developer to put together website referenced above and to continue to work with us for 3-4 years at the very least.
Most desired skill beyond initial website setup – CREATIVITY and RELIABILITY. We need creative person, who can be reached in time for updates.
Second desired skill – Adobe Flash (must know Flash better than lines on your hand)

Additional work may include Photoshop graphics for main website, design of commercial banners, bus ads, billboard ads etc.

If you want your bid to be considered write "my bid" in description. Bids with anything else besides "my bid" in description will be disregarded and reported as spam.
In PM we would like to see your references of previous websites/flash projects youve done that would be relevant to the reference posted above.

Any kind of SEO work or "copy/paste" messages about SEO or generic website development will be reported as spam.
We reserve the right to refuse to reply to any applicant with insufficient qualifications or references.
You will not be guaranteed long term work if hired. We reserve the right to fire anyone without notice.
Monthly compensation will be determined upon performance and may be increased or decreased based on workload/performance at our discretion.
Hired contract will be automatically terminated if duties or communications will be disrupted for 5 business days or longer. Any payment due on behalf of our company will be ceased until U.S. Court Rule to release all or any payment.
Terms and conditions during the development of the website may be changed at any time due to unexpected circumstances or additional features required, at that time contractor will be notified in writing via email/skype or other means (including but not limited to verbal contracts) of such changes and will be given 30 days to renegotiate the compensation for the project.
Anyone to bid on this project agrees to accept further terms and conditions by default. Person awarded the project agrees not to press any legal charges towards the employer.
Upon completion of the project/fiscal year, 1099 tax form will be disbursed to contractors address recorded at the time of employment. It is contractors responsibility to keep his or her current address current with our company during employment.

Compensation will be determined during bidding process.
We expect you to bid on the project and the long term commitment, if can not do both, do not bid.
Please note, your initial bid is for website ONLY, it will not take in account further development project. You may submit your monthly quote via PM (personal message)

Good Luck.

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Celebrity-Entertainment Website / Need Programmer-designer


I am interested in having a "celebrity / gossip" website designed for me.

This would be in the style for example of or

I realize that many celebrity type sites are built on the "wordpress" framework, however I am interested in having one designed for me, not necessarily being built on WordPress unless that is the only option.

The reason I am looking for more of a custom design is because I would need the following:

1. In the admin section, I would need one section that would only allow someone the ability to post photos and text (make no changes to any other part of the site).

2. In the admin section, I would need one section that would only allow someone the ability to post paid advertisements or banners etc (make no other changes to other parts of the site).

3. In the admin section, I would need a master section would allow me to override whatever my employees have posted on the site or changes they have made.

4. I need to be able to include paid advertisements in the website.

Please let me know your recommendations and if you could offer a price range for a site of this type.

Note* If you build the site for me, I could also offer future work to you in maintaining and improving the website.

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Need A Website And Graphics Designer

I am looking for a US or UK based website designer and graphics designer. The candidate must be able to work with me and communicate by IM.

Im new to the design business so I will need guidance along the way. Work will be slow in the beginning but will gradually pick up. Quotes on client projects will be required on a regular basis.

Details will be given on a per project basis only to winning bidders. Please do not IM looking for details. Payments are by Paypal.

Good Luck.

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Need A Website Designer To Do Website Customization

I need to establish an online forum and a blog site based on one of the PhpBB and WordPress Templates I bought from here:

Please visit the website and make sure youre able to do the customization and bid on the project. Thanks.

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Need Experienced Website Designer For Penny Auction Site

I am looking for a website designer for hosted on Monster. I would like it to function like, but be unique enough to not violate copyright laws. The website will feature luxury, name brand items for auction (Gucci, Chanel, Rolex, etc) and needs to have that high-class/luxury feel to it with diamonds as a theme. I would like to see demos of prior work and project schedule.

I would like it to include the following pages:
Legal Disclaimer
upcoming auction items

Users will need the ability to log-in and setup an account, buy diamond point cards, and check out/pay for the transaction. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Need Someone To Copywrite

Need someone to copywrite the content from available sources online

Please check the work before bidding..

We need 10-13 pages and the price would be 2.5 $ per page…

We need this in 6 hrs

Firm Name: U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

Format of the document



Company Overview and Organizational Structure
1. Brief history
2. Nature of the organization
3. Business volume
4. Number of employees
5. Services/Product lines
6. Main offices and areas controlled
7. Who reports to the SEC
8. Comments on the organizational structure

Department Overview and Structure
1. Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations
2 Broker-Dealer Regulation
3. Investment Adviser/Investment Company

Company Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

Lessons Learned as an Intern – may look at online FINRA courses for ideas
1. Asset Verification
2. Churning Analysis
3. Financial Statement Analysis – Net Capital Requirement
4. Other tools/strategies SECs office of compliance inspection examination uses to detect fraud
5. Etc. (reading trade blotters, analyzing books and records, etc.)


References (this will not count as a page, but should be included for free)

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