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LAWYER: Interntaional Tax Law Advise

I run a SMALL international music company and we preform internationally, we plan to set up a couple small divisons in different countries and I need to know the best way to proceed and where to set up the companies

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Need 600 FB Accounts With 200-250 Friends Each (PVA)

Need 600 FB Accounts with 200-250 USA Friends Each (Accounts must be Phone verified)

Simple profile with pics.. Friends must be from USA

Let me know, how soon can you do it? Bid for 100 accounts.

Only people with past experience.. We have already wasted lots of time on this.

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The Pop Up ART House

*****Opening a PoP-up (temporary) art gallery in Las Vegas. Serious art program with artists from LA & NYC. ****

Need simple but elegant website. White & black/grey text with very sophisticated font. Font is important as it becomes the main graphic/design element. The "logo" itself might be comprised of font/phrases.


5 menu bars at most and I doubt any sub categories


One page will have exhibitions. This page will need to updated monthly. Maybe just "add" new exhibitions to same page so past exhibitions are available to view too

MUST have email program so people can sign up for mailing list and I can do mass "invitation" emails…(I must be able to add email addresses too)

Currently have domain registered with BlueHost and there are MANY free design tools but I dont have a clue or patience to know how to us.

Please join in on this creative project

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Groomed – Men’s Wedding Magazine

Mens wedding magazine that will distributed at wedding shows and to retailers directly. The time-line is tight and I need people who are serious about the project.

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I Need A Jqueary Slidewshow For My Website

I need a slideshow built for my website. Slideshow will be text only (no pictures) and will feature 7-8 different tabs/slides. I will provide names for tabs, and text/content for each slide. Some text will need to be bolded and or hyperlinked.
Reference: the website (Bottom of home page) for EXACTLY how I would like the slideshow to look and function. I have also attached a jpg image of the slide show you are to imitate.

Size of slideshow: 947px x 300px

Colors: Colors of outline and tabs should be equivalent to the standard colors on my website, I will provide my website after you are hired.

Code: The purpose of this slideshow is to increase the amount of written content I have on my homepage. The slideshow must show all of the written content on the back end of my website. Please view the source code of home page for an example. Content must be on the actual back end of my website. No referencing content from other sites, software, or sources. I will not allow FTP access to my site, but I am capable of uploading the code and files myself with your instruction.

Please include work sample. No partial payments for partial work. Payment will not be issued until slideshow is installed and working properly on my website.

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Web Designer Needed

Looking for a designer to design several websites the work will be completed in 1 month and the designer will work on different sites and tasks

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30sec Simple Video Require

Please check the link

i need this video with different text.

i think this is a video template so if any one have its easy for them.

reply me with sample

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Need Someone To Increase My Percentage On

I need someone to go to this website link

If you go there you see my percentage is only 78% and it says 37 people have voted.

I need that percentage to increase to atleasat 95 percent.

Can someone do that for me?

Please contact me and let me know

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I Need 2 Video Commercials For Advertising

Hello Video/Commercial Producers,

My company will be launching its feature website within the following months and
we are in need of 3 separate video commercials. each video will need to be 30-45 seconds.

Please note that we are an adult industry based company so the videos will need to
be extremely seductive and sexual by nature. the videos must provoke action while
being informative.

Because I want these videos used as advertising tools on all the major video sharing sites.
They must not contain nudity. They must not get band from Youtube.

Our Expectations:
-High Quality
-Professional Look and sound
-Professional voice Over
– Compelling message that provokes action
– Representative of our name, brand, and company – (Very classy, exclusive, glamorous Hollywood feel.)

Breakdown of the three videos necessary:

1. Contest video

– Since we have not launched our site yet, we are running
a contest in which the finalists will be announced on launch day.
– This video is geared towards getting models to register for our contest.
– Keep in mind that this video will be going on the registration page or contest details
page so it must have a warm welcoming and attention grabbing start.
– Video must end with call-to-action. (i.e. "Register for contest")

2. Model Video

– This video will be focused towards sharing with models about WHY
they should work with us.
– Video will provide information about site, pay, incentives, bonuses, and at the very end
mention the contest. (i.e. "Register with us and be entered to win the XXXX contest, win XXX and XXX)
– The contest must be mentioned at the very end so when the contest is over, we can cut that part
of the video out, but still have a complete commercial for enticing models to work with us.

3. About the company Video

– This video is focused at driving customers to our website.
– talk about why we are better/different. Why they should spend their money
with us instead of competitor.
– Ultimately entice the customer to want to visit our site

Again, these videos should be sexy, sleek, and seductive.
***NOT raunchy, pornographic, cheesy, or hardcore.

The only image we have to supply is our logo.

What we expect from video creator:

1. You ask us the necessary questions for you to create video.
2. Take the time to understand who we are as a business, understand the industry, and research.
3. Provide all the pictures, video clips, audio, female voice overs
4. After you have asked the necessary questions about our message, you will create
the script and let us review it before using it.

3 videos – (30-45sec)

All videos must serve duel purpose….

1. They will be posted on the main page website as a type of "introduction video"
2. These videos must be able to stand alone as well and drive traffic from video sharing sites.

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Collaborative File Sharing

Collaborative writing is sharing of work between people. It may include the supervision/moderation as well, but the basic idea is to make individuals contribute in teams. This application will allow users to share files online. The users should be able to upload files online, and access it later for downloading. Users should be able to discuss about any available file (provided they have rights to access the file) openly i.e. All the users having rights to download the files, should be able to change the content of discussion. The application will allow users to create limited size accounts (in Gegabytes) to store files.
Note: This is a general scenario of the entire project but the actual project need to be done in different phases of SOftware Development life cycle i.e gathering functional,non functional requirements,use case diagrams, analysis ,design ,implementation etc. More info will be given to intrested candidates. This is an Academic Project.

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I Need Short Funny Homemade Videos $30


I need funny videos for my youtube channel.
I need someone who can create these videos for me AT HOME.

These videos can not be STOLEN from ANY other site, this will be checked.

Requirements for the vids:

*No longer then 1 minute
*I dont want to see NO FACES in the video so you wont be seen in the video
*The video needs to be funny and original
Good quality, so no crappy webcam vids unless they look sharp
*I need 30 different ones. and Ill pay 1$ PER 1 MINUTE VIDEO!

Video topics can be, original funny magic tricks, funny experiments, pranks etc.

I will pay you $30 bucks for 30 1 minute videos, again you will not be reconizable in the video, only your voice if needed and your hands ofcourse(depending on what the video is about).
I dont even need your voice, if you can create text in the video to go along with the scenes in the video.

PM me with the types of videos you can make for me, and the must be original please, not copied of some website cuz I will check!


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Need Backlinks

Looking for someone to generate backlinks for a retail site selling tv remotes

All links must be do follow
Links should be centered around US web sites
Links should use Anchor Text provided when possible
Anchor Text should link to appropriate category of the site.
– For example RCA Remote anchor will link to RCA Remote category
– I will provide links and anchor text
Will require report of link postings

Looking for a $50 USD package

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Need About 300 Different People/IPs / Day To Click On Links


I am in need of a skilled person , familiar with the online world, who can find everyday 300 people to click on some links on about 10 domain names i have.
The people clicking should be REAL people ( human click ) , and also it should be people from different countries, but also different people with different IP addresses.
I DO NOT want or need fake clicks, or mass traffic to be sent to the domains etc… I need human clicks.
To make you understand, its like if you ask friends you have around the world to do you a favor and click on a link . These links are legal and are just displaying google listed websites and ads. All legal.

If you have get me 200-300 clicks a day, spread through all my domains, then we can work together for a long time.

Hope to hear back from you.

Thank you

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Need People To Sign Up And Make A Purchase. Easy 15 Min Job

I need a few people to sign up for a site and make a specific purchase. Specific details will be discussed in pmb.

I will need multiple people for this. So qualifying people will have a project created for them.

I will provide the initial steps in pmb (2-3 min). If you qualify, you will receive the project.
(you will be making a small purchase, must have credit card or paypal).

This should not take more than 15 min to complete. My budget is $15.

Must be located in the United States to complete the project!

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Need 500 Pual And Anglea Style Backlinks Do Follow

Need 500 do follow pual and angala style backlinks must all come from page rank 6 sites or better packets…

will pay $50 for this job

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I Need A Partener To Help Me With Some CPA Singups

I need an experienced partener from USA or Germany who can help me with some cpa singups.Only serious people can bid.

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Outbound Marketing For 2,000 Geo Targeted Sites

We recently converted over 2,000 of our geo targeted sites from just adsense to adsense + 6 advertising listing spots. The majority of these sites are already on the home page of Google for their keyword specifc related searches….they are in top competitive industries with high PPC costs and tons of potential advertisers….ie legal, medical…etc.

We are searching for experienced online marketers and expert email marketing companies that will help us in filling these listing spots. You can view a complete list of the associated geot-targeted sites at

The sites are completely automated for signups. We have created a backend referral ID system to track inbound affiliate sales. As well, we will be adding an additional "discount code" box to offer prospects an additional 5% off…..this "discount code" that you give out will also be your referral ID….another way to make sure that all referrals sent that do end up signing up are tracked to you. Advertisers that sign up for 1 site will then be taken to an upsell page to get them to buy additional listings on related sites…..if they purchase more than 1 listing they will receive 20% off of their total purchase price…..thus receiving a total of 25% off their total purchase price with your discount code being used.

These sites were only converted to this new template to allow for paid listings approximately 10 days ago. This is a new and amazing opportunity for the right marketers as we are willing to pay out 25% of all revenues generated, as well as residuals for renewals on your original signups. Over half of our signups during the lats 10 days have purchased more than 1 listing resulting in an average sale of $600.00.

You can sell via email, contact form submissions, over the phone……any way you would prefer.

You can join us as affiliates or submit bids to makret for us to each industry we have sites in.

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Word VBA Conditional Footer Settings

I have two templates which I have created with custom macros. First document needs the macro edited to ensure page numbering continues from the previous section. Second document need a different image in the last page footer, to be activated regardless of total page count.

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Need Phone#/emails For Database List

We have a list of past clients and other leads that we need contact info for. Contact provided to you will include name and address.You are responsible for taking our data and locating a phone number and/or email address. Sources of research can include white pages, intelius, people finder web sites along with social media sites facebook, linked in, etc…

650 contact records for this initial project.

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Need Person Who Can Supply YouTube Views

I need people who can supply youtube views.

Please reply with your prices of:
1000 Youtube views
2000 Youtube views
3000 Youtube views
4000 Youtube views
5000 Youtube views
and more if you can.

Ill need people who can supply views on an ongoing basis at a good price.

Thank you.

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Need 100 PVA Gmail Accounts

We are looking for reliable Gmail PVA accounts provider.
Needs to be phone verfied and registered from different ips.

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Find A Company Or People Who Buy Mobile Websites

Okay i looking people who finds me a more company or people who needs a mobilewebsite for the buisness. i Need industrious people.Isnt lazy! You can find to me one or more this people and i payment for one sale.This is urgent and please fast write to me. I pay for every sale 10$.

And I looking for people who makes this mobile sites. I pay for make one mobile website 45$.Okay I wait 🙂

And mobile website must be make on this [Removed by Admin]

But first i must have a clients who want mobile websites and i want people who find me this people for 10$ do one sale mobile website

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Data Entry Work

Very simple data entry work! Form filling work. We need more people to improve our work.

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Someone(group Of People) To Do 500 Votes For A Video

The site is

You need to register with 500 different accounts(from 500 different IPs and email accounts) and vote for the video, there is a section called "Vote for the rough cut video". You need to vote for it and give it a 5 star rating.

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Bulk Clicks Ad Facebook (ip Spain)

Hi everyone,

we need to get 6.000 clicks in a Facebook campaign till 26/10

No bots, real people with different ip (Spanish ip only)

Thanks a lot,

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