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PHP Form – 2 Pages – With Paypal Payment


I need somebody to program a PHP form with approx. 15 fields – separated in two pages. With a validation after page one .

The form have to be related to a nice and clean CSS Style, easy to modify.

The form also have to include a Paypal payment option ( but not mandatory ) and two confirmation letter, one if the person sent money by paypal and the other if he didnt .

– Also need a box than the person have to scroll to the bottom. ( Term and condition )
– The confirmation letter have to include variable ( Dear *name of the person* , )
– I receive the form by e-mail – no Database
– Please, plan an hour to comment the code in details
– I would like to have it ready in 48 hours if possible

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Need A Website Similar To This

Hello guys ,

I need a person who can design a site similar to this .

Its a surf site and this is the job given to my clients , i need a home page site and this page as my sub page . Some codings has to be done regarding how much percentage we should pay the workers etc . Please register and see the backend of the coding page how this company has did .

This site is not that much attractive . I need attractive site with same concept .

Please do contact me with your messenger id if you are willing to do

Payment : 30$ via paypal as soon site is completed

This is the payment for just this trial website . AFter that we will pay you good amount for each site . WE are a company and need more sites every month. So first let us see how u do with this trial website . WE are paying for trial website too !!!


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Decode Ioncube Files

Need 10 ioncube encoded php files to be fully and working decoded.
To be able to take the job, will send you a file and you have to decode, if it is decoded right and is fully working others files will be sent.

Payment via Paypal.

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So Easy Data Entry & Earn Daily $15USD

Hello new user,

welcome to my new data entry project. my data entry project is very easy, no need any skills,so please bid my this project &

new freelancer also welcome. daily you can earn easily $15USD,

payment system : paypal,GaF,moneybookers


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Need Writers From Indian Subcontinet Region

One blogpost per day of 500 words (from Mon to Fri)
Its like the rewrite, I will provide the links and you have to make the rewrites.
Preferably from Delhi NCR region.
Need a paid sample on given topic before starting the project (only if accepted).
Daily payments via GAF or paypal.
payment – $1.25 per 500 words..
should be copyscpae free.

Writers or teams who are capable to deliver articles in bulk are also welcome.
but i will not compromise on quality.

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Need Proxies For C, L Post


I need some good proxies for C. L. .I need this for all section post. My recent proxy seller give me so much pain.
So I want a person who can give me his best support.
Payment is no problem I want quality. Russian seller are most welcome but its also open for who have this 🙂


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IPad Resolution Fix & Payment Gateway(s) – Rahmancbe Only

IPad Resolution Fix & Payment Gateway(s) – Rahmancbe only

This is a very small project where we need Rahmancbe to fix the iPad resolution for our Magento based website along with fixing our Payment gateway (PayPal, along with other minor fixes (Facebook Like Button, minor testing, etc.) for a site that is going live in 3 days.

This project will be awarded to Rahmancbe ONLY

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Need 30 PR5 & 30 PR4 Auto Approve Blog Comment Links In USA

Hi there,

I need 25 PR5 25 PR4 Auto Approve Blog Comment Links from USA based blog sites.
The Number of OBL must not be more than 25.
I may load these in my Scrapebox autocommenter for commenting or Comment using a Browser.
I need someone who has the list.
I will approve the Lowest Bidder.

Payment will be done once we test the list and List Really works.
So you must know what i need.

My budget really is somewhere like $30. So bid accordingly.
Once we approve you and you send the List, the payment will be sent if the List Is the one as mentioned.
We would Use the list only once we Pay you.

If you also have any more to offer as Bonus let me know.
Or if you have something else you feel would be beneficial for our SEO we may buy that too.
Be as detailed as possible


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Need Articles

Hello Freelancers

I have an ongoing project which needs many articles with varying number of words. The rate may vary from $1.5 to $3 depending on the quality of the articles.

I need high quality articles without any trace of plagiarism. The payment is via paypal only.

Please provide sample in PM along with your bid for 10 articles of 500 words.

Bidders without sample will not be considered.

Milestone payments will not be made.

Thank You

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Need Skilled Writers For Few Projects

Helllo All..

Need few writers for some writing work..

$2 per 500 words

Must be CS pass and no grammar errors..

Need daily touch and reply regularly..

Paypal only and payment instantly after checking work..Need daily minimum 5 articles..

Feedback writers recommended first…

Thanks for your time

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This is a very easy job any body can do it very easily.
i wants some sincere persons to do my work which contains text images typing.
guaranteed payment through paypal,freelancer etc.
our rates are 0.90 cants for 1 thousand images.
jobs will be given to first 20 persons so now bid.


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Need US Signups

We are looking for someone to sign people on our website.

Signing-up is very simple, and its free.

Email verification needed for each user to be considerate active.

There is really no limit as to how much you can earn.


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Simple Data Entry – No Experience Required

Hi, this is for a serious data entry project. The provider will need to be available at least 10hr/week and it could turn into an ongoing project.
Payment by paypal. New freelancers welcome.

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Adwords Qualified Individual TEST TAKER

I need someone who knows Adwords in and out to take the Adwords Qualified Individual test for me because of my lack of time.

I will provide you with the account + exam access code, all you need to do is take the test and pass it. Payment will ONLY be sent after you pass the test.

Test has to be completed within 24 hours after we seal the deal.

Looking for cheapest possible.

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Need A Team Of Real Estate Experts – $4/300 Words

One of my long term clients will be sending me more work than I can handle so I need to hire several writers who can help me.


1. Should be able to write about real estate -related topics, particularly foreclosures.
2. Can submit at least 15 articles of 300 words daily. (3-5 writers)
3. Can follow instructions and can write reader-friendly texts
4. Must be able to produce error-free articles
5. Must be available on Skype, YM or MSN.

I can pay $4 for each article of 250-300 words via GAF. Samples provided should be real estate-related so that I know you are experienced and knowledgeable in this field.

I would send a test article for bidders who meet my requirements. If approved, I will send payment for the article. To make sure you read the entire project description, include "I understand" in your bid.

My requirement is URGENT and I am looking to choose a provider in 24 hours. Bid for 10 articles only!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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100 (follow) Comments (#4)

We are looking for 100 do-follow comments posts (on different domains, 100 unique URLs).
The comments will be in no way spam or a collection of words, but rather a real comment on each and every one of the pages they are posted on. This is a project perfect for writers, who can browse a page and make an insightful and real comment about it in a few minutes. You will need to enter a URL of our choice on each one of the comments you make.

Once posted and 100 follow comments are live we will use a special tool to check the links and also examine at least 50% of those comments to see that the work is not spam or machine generated content. All (agreed) project deadlines are final with no exception.

Any violation of these terms will result in termination of the project without pay or compensation, so please bid on this project only if you have good English writing skills, can review a blog page and comment on it with a polite and reasonable answer

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