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Need Craiglist Live Ads ASAP – I Have 6-10 Unique Ads Ready

I sell sporting goods on the Craiglist Sporting Goods Section, I have the ads ready to go and they can be posted Anywhere in the USA.

I need them to be live ads and the more you can post the better.

Id like at least 30 ads up everyday, but I can pay for up to 100 if you can do it for real.

I know its not as easy as it used to be, but I know some companies can do still post bulk ads.

I will pay: .35 cents per ad up to .75 if they stay live and again the more you can really post, I will increase my budget.

I am willing to spend 1K-3K every month for as long as you can post.

My last poster was great for a year but grew complacent.

Thank You

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WordPress Categories/BlogRoll/Ads Missing On All My Blogs

I needed to recompile PHP to enable GD and when the processing was done all of the wordpress blogs on my server broke. Basically no Categories, Links in the Blogroll or ads are working. I checked the tables in my mysql database and the data is still there but everything is just wrong, I need help badly!

There are over 350 sites being affected so this is a very hot problem that needs to get resolved immediately. I will work with you via TeamViewer to look at the issue with me and try to figure out what is happening and how to solve it.

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I need a professional marketer to show me how to use the best practices to bring traffic for my links and convert that into sales for my affiliate links.



I will need you to provide a basic strategy, so that i can choose the right provider.

I need to be able to work with you on a daily basis, and i need you to have a chat account like google talk. for communication.


I have two two affiliate links i need help with, they a webhosting company and a money making site.

If you need any more details, feel free to ask.

I will pay half to start, but i would like to fund the escrow first and release the money after i see at least 5 sales, and the other half after i see better results. This will be an ongoing project so expect more work after this.

Rick S.

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