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Classifieds Website – Need Help With Ads Posting

Ive just finished a classifieds section on my website and Im looking for two people that can help me on posting new ads, Im gonna be responsible for the SEO (marketing) part.

How do I pay you?
Im gonna provide a free space for you between the ads, so you can give me your banner, Ill post it, that way, all the users and guests gonna able to see your banner, what might be a good income for you if you have a ppc banner (except adsense), I can also put an ad directly to your site, that way you could raise your services/products selling.

The website is about classifieds in the USA and Australia. Even though, the focus is USA.

Remember that your income will not depend only on me, I can make the SEO part, but once you post new content to the site you are automaticaly helping with SEO, so, as much content as you post, as higher are the chances to raise visits, and your income.

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Need Help With Making Full Magento Store

I need help with Magento store full website

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Sales And Prospect Finder

Help find leads, and customer contact information. Have three fast growing companies, need an experienced sales person to set up quotes and deliver strong customer relations to gain repeat business.

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Copyright 4 My Website

I need help in registering copyrights to my website (saving its idea)

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Need Traffic To Our Website Explode Our Sales!

We have a new online niche product (Ebook , step by step manual), and we are seeking an expert in online marketing,SEO,etc to drive mass amounts of traffic to our existing website. If you can provide this service, and can prove it please contact us asap.

Project to start asap.

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Need Content Writer

We need a strong article writer to attract our readers, insurance companies, and help us increase registrations to our website.

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Website Html Help

Just need my codes reviewed and optimized for compatibility.

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Need PHP Programmer

I need someone to help fix the log-in to my website. That is all. I will link you the website for you to see whether or not you can fix this.

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Musician Website

I have a website need traffic, sales, downloads

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Need Copy Writer For SEO/PPC Sales Website

I work for an up and coming Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and social networking management website that is primarily focusing on Sales to Small > Mid Size Business. I am in need of a person who can create effective sales content for the website. (10 – 15 pages)

Must write clean high quality english content
must be original content
Purpose is to connect with customers, generate leads, describe the companies services, be SEO and keyword quality content written.

I am looking for someone who is experienced and knows how to write effective quality content that will close leads, and express our companies qualities, values, services, etc.

Web designer on team so if you have ideas on layout, or need graphics, banners or anything else to assist it can be arranged. Help make our website become a High Quality, Professional, Polished content and design.

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Need Help Configuring Cisco ASA5505 Firewall

I have a webserver at my office that has been configured. IT is running Linux Centos. It is working great, but I am having some issues with configuring the static public ips. I have 5 static IP addresses.

On the server, the ip that is assigned is 172.11.x.xx. I have the public ip xport forwarding to that ip. Everything is working fine except for emails going into spam because it is sending from the local ip address. The website running on the system is

I need someone that is a high level cisco tech to configure my firewall to assign the public ip to the nic card on the server. Is there a way to configure the asa5505 to assign the public ip to that server?

Please only apply if you are cisco certified hi level.

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Trade Windows Sales

Hi i need some one to help me get my trade windows and home improvements started
i do have somer leads

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Nich Website Adviser – Help And Advice

I am looking for someone who can help and advise me on creating profitable niche sites and how to get them listed in Google quickly and cheaply. This person must be able to show me if or her niche sites and the earnings and then guide me to make profitable niche sites and also help provide me with the keywords etc.

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Need 2 Pages High Conversion Sales Website


Greetings! Id like to have a nice bid about:

I would like to have a High Conversion Sales Website.
The website will recruit and selling MLM membership packages.

We invite:
Website Designer in a team with:
1. Professional Sales Copywriter.
2. Native & Professional English, Video Making capability.

We will provide You:
1. The reference website (as the targeted model)
2. The MLM Website (as the information and knowledge).

This site will contain:

First Page:
1. The main target is to get visitor entering their name and email address,
2. Contains a video (5-10 minutes) explaining the proven success of the business.
3. including simple wording to made the visitor want to enter the main pages.

2nd Page (main page):
1. The main target is to sell the MLM membership. Target the visitor to join and made the payment because they are interested with the business side (not from products side).
2. Contains a video (25-30 minutes) explaining the proven way how to get all of the business benefit/commission.
3. Using High Conversion Sales Copy needed to SEO friendly and written by profesional copywriter. This sales copy should be long and detail enough.
4. This page also contain 8-10 testimonials spreaded (To get it real, you will visit the MLM site and can ask people to create 8-10 testimonial there. Real people need to give their website or reference there).
5. Contain a Purchase "YES! Im ready to Purchase" with nice and attracting graphics or animation, will direct linking to the registration form.

All Video must:
1. Using native and good english narrator. (Girls voice recommended)
2. Using video and animation to prove a real income (Using bank accounts or paypal).
3. Prove needs to show like a real pro.

All Website must:
1. Sample successful website will be provide, but please do not using anything from there as its copyrighted.
2. The targeting and MLM website will be informed, but please do not using anything from there as its copyrighted and we didnt want any visitor to aware anything.
3. targeted visitor will directly linked to registration page, so the sales copy need to be powerful and directly to registration.

Okay, lets recap that:
You need to make:
2 pages website, 2 videos,
You provide all with quality contents and copywriting with unique images.

The only coding needed is to place the video to each pages (you choose the system).
The system should be streaming and prevent the video from stealing by watermarking and protecting.

No Coding or script required, just leave the email box as text box and nice enter button as submit.
just put 2 text box and a nice button there and form tag as the engine need it

No need to follow any other script from the sample website.
No need to do any hard code programming.

1. The main ready to upload site, our team will do the coding and programming needed.
2. All source needs to delivered and allow us to modify anything.
All HTML, Mpg/avi for videos, FLAs for video, FLAs for button and header, PSDs for website and graphics, fonts, etc. You will give us complete license of Your work.

1. The main concern is the Development Price and the High Conversion Capability means this website can sell nicely and SEO friendly. Time is our #2 concern.
2. Using Flash for header is recommended with nice animation and sounds.
3. Make sure Your project compatible with Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.
4. Always make sure that everythings is loaded at a nice speed (bandwidth friendly), but dont loose the quality as its the #1
5. For header and streaming content, please use "loading" bar.

Thank you and see You on the project 🙂

Feel free to ask any questions.

Kind Regards,
Martin Phineas

P.S. No blackhat or stealing license, all needs to be unique from You.
Please dont use anything illegal 🙂

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write short copy for website

Need a sales copy written for a website The front page aprox 200 words and a Faq page and About Us page. The total is probably 500 words . My budget is $30-40 MUST BE VERY WELL WRITTEN

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Website Virus

I need help in removing a virus that has infected my website,

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vbulletin expert needed

We are having issues with Vbulletin that we need help with.

One one site you cant copy and paste anything. It seems to happen most often when there is an apostrophe, everything is deleted after that point unles you take them all out.

On the other site when you hit enter, it doesnt make your text go down a line like it should. Its just all one big paragraph! You also cant click some of the buttons that should work or upload photos anymore. We are not sure how to fix it and need help asap.

Websites are and

Thanks so much!

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Squeeze Page needed for Computer Sales Website

I am creating a website that will sell top-notch custom computers. The buyers will be able to configure their computer on my site and complete the purchase. I have a webdesigner but I am in need of the "Squeeze" page portion for the main page.

To be clear I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ARTICLES I need a professionaly formatted and worded squeeze page. This includes words that inspire a potential customer into buying a custom computer, I need maximum conversion. This will include words, layout, fonts, color of text, size of text and everything else that you would find on a properly executed squeeze page.

I am targeting gamers who know the importance of a fast computer, who love to play on their computer and are proud of the equipment they use for their obsession. I want to inspire them and convert them.

If you are intersted you must provide a sample of a squeeze page that you have designed. If you do not provide a formatted squeeze page you will not be considered.

Again this is not just articles, this is a squeeze page.

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