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4 How It Works Videos For Our Websites – Need Quality & Fast

need 4 videos.

2 for each website…..

good sounds, background music and animation and flash like the following …

place your bid, preferable budget is 200-250 maximum per video.

thank you.
will choose the one that has the best portfolio of VIDEO CREATION AND ANIMATION…

you will take care of voice over please provide me samples to chose from..

i will provide you script..


– first 2 vids for a penny auction website.

next two videos for a sports related website.

see videos we like

start bidding !

would like to chose someone tomorrow and start work asap 1

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Squarespace Expert

Need some basic changes on occassion with someone who
knows Squarespace very well. please send link your previous squarespace works.

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Pagerank And Link Building – Need To Improve Website For $50

I see many posts with $30 budget with quality experts. Therefore, Id like to know what you can do for $50. My website is brand new and needs some quality Link Building to increase search engine traffic and PageRank. The site is

Im at pagerank 0 and want it to increase as much as possible. The site currently receives little to no traffic and would like to significantly increase that. I want you to create alot of backlinks from relevent and high pagerank websites.

Please follow google guidelines for link building. No blackhat methods and no spam!

If you believe you can make a difference and have guaranteed methods which will increase pagerank and traffic, then bid 50$ and let me know your offer. Payment will be made with escrow. Bid $50 and send me a PM of what you can do. It would be best if you send me a PM with a specific approach to this project as I would like to know what you can do for my site. .

Additionally, I need help adding my affiliate ID to the site which was created in WordPress.


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1000 Link Building, Need For An Experienced Link Builder

We need 1000+ PR 4+ Quality Backlinks which will stay permanent on websites . The 1000+ links will be pointing to our sites.

* This project is for experienced link builders only! If you are new to link building,

*Please provide details on how you intend to achieve these 1000+ one way links. Bids without explanations will be ignored. **

* Backlinks must have minimum PR4.
* Page Rank is for page that has the backlink – not the homepage or other page on the site.
* ALL backlinks must be DO FOLLOW… ALL links will be checked.
* Text and Links must be "FOLLOW" (dont use NO FOLLOW).
* No spam links and no link farms accepted.
* All links must be appropriate for our websites
* One link per domain will be counted so 1000 links must come from 1000 different domains.
* Different class C IP addresses of the domains needed.
* Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo within last 30 days.
* Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices.
* Page should not be excluded by robots.txt, sitemap or NOINDEX tag.
* No links from "under construction" pages.
* No contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
* All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links from relevant websites.
* Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text.
* Links must be permanent, active, never expiring
* No sites which ask for money later. (Free one-way manual links only)
* Links must be in text, no graphics.
* No use of black hat software. You must build links manually at 1-5 per day and spread them over required days.
* We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
* Will provide you with the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.
* Reference. Show the past link building work youve completed. It will be held in confidence.
* Links that are not approved will have to be replaced by service provider.

Please note: White-hat is crucial and required!!! Black-hat or Grey-hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for.

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Need 10 Affiliate/CPA Landing Pages Designed


I would like 10 HTML "CPA" style landing pages designed.

The pages should be in this style in this websites portfolio:

– 10x 1 page landing pages
– Strong benefits and call to action
– Professional looking images
– No illegal logos of other companies please

I will give you details on the exact niches after the project is awarded.

Please reply below and PLEASE include a link or attachment to your portfolio. I will not award the project to any designers who cannot show me some sort of portfolio.

I would like pages to be delivered as HTML files.

This project is VERY URGENT and I need the designs in the next 2-3 days maximum.

Thanks, I look forward to working with you.

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Love The Unloving – Webstore

Im currently working on a webstore of vintage clothing and accessories, and i need someone who is good with designing and building websites.

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Need Programmer For Coding

I require a coder that will create a program that will only work with an online subscription, using GUID. You must have knowledge creating a D3D9 base. You will be payed after the program has been tested and works. If you do get the apllication working then i will ask you to stay on the team, and up date the program every so often.

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Need Survey Distributed Urgently

Hi need a survey to be filled out by a minimum of a 200 people.

Survey is ready with the link. All you need to do is distribute the link and have at least 200 filled out. Payment will be released when I can confirm that 200 have been completed.

I have reposted this project due to a lack of communication from a previous bidder. Please note this is an urgent task and needs to be completed by 21st.


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Need Survey Distributed Urgently

Hi need a survey to be filled out by a minimum of a 200 people.

Survey is ready with the link. All you need to do is distribute the link and have at least 200 filled out. Payment will be released when I can confirm that 200 have been completed.

I have reposted this project due to a lack of communication from a previous bidder. Please note this is an urgent task and needs to be completed by 21st.


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Need 10 PR5 Dofollow Links

i need 10 PR5 links for my webdesigning website.
All links should be dofollow
every links have 80 obl maximum
each should go to my site with proper indexing in google ,yahoo and bing.
all link muct come from pages related to my site.

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Moodle 1.9 Modification

Need someone to modify the my courses page in Moodle, so that it displays a list of activities (arranged by course, module) which do not have a due date earlier than the current day. They need to have a link to the corresponding activity.

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Need WordPress Shop Plugin


I currently have a project with a client that needs something for their site that I am unable to provide. They are a photographer and wish to have a client login system that, after logging in, the client can view their photos and select which photos to purchase. The purchase should go through paypal and then give the client the download link for the full size image.

I DO NOT CARE if you use a public available plugin to achieve this, my only concern is that it works. Im on a tight budget an Id like to have this done this evening so the least expensive, fastest worker with extensive WP experience will get the job.

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50 PR5+ Permanent Quality Backlinks – Need Link Guru

We are looking for 50 permanent quality backlinks from PR5+ websites for a travel related website.

These are the requirements:

+ 50 backlinks from PR5+ websites
+ All links must be related to our niche (Travel)
+ The link page should have a PR of at least 1
+ Selected sites should not exercise paid links, we are looking for natural links
+ All backlinks must be DO FOLLOW, we will check
+ Backlinks only from English content websites
+ No SPAM links, No SPAM sites
+ No link farms
+ One link per domain strict (50 different websites)
+ Link page must be cached and indexed from Google, Yahoo, Bing
+ Link page should be natural to the site and have no more than 100 links on it
+ Page should not be excluded by robots.txt
+ Link on the page should be simple HTML and the hyperlink should be defined in the href property of the a tag, no image links
+ Links should be from sites, no comment blogging, article submission, free submit sites e.t.c.
+ All links are one way, no reciprocal (negotiatable)
+ Links must be permanent
+ Use of software is unacceptable. Links must be created manually in a time frame of 3 weeks, not all at once.
+ This is strict white-hat SEO work

Following the above requirements, we will provide you the URL, anchor text, description, and keywords combos and you will return a list (Excel file) with the sites that our link is placed on. We will review each link since we have experience in good link building. So we will accept candidates that are highly experienced in link building and know what they are doing. If you can provide us with references that will be a huge plus.

Please do not bid if you are not a highly experienced link builder.

Our budget is more close to $120.

Happy bidding

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Need Link Building Package

We need a solid link building package. Should be a mix of all kind of links – articles, directories, link wheels, themed links for a limited budget.

We dont need junk links which dont push rankings, but a package known to generate proven results. Limited budget project.


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Need Images For Website

Need 6 banner images for a internet marketing website. Each image will convey a service.

The images should be :
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Link Building
Directory Submission
Article Writing
Press Release Writing

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I Need Flash Expert


I am looking a person who can design a flash website. The website will be for a photography freelancer..A portfolio website to show off some of his works.

If you think you are the one than ill love to hear from you.


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Need 100 Quality Backlinks


100 dofollow links from 100 PR4+ pages (NOT domain with PR4+ and page with lower PR).

Types of links accepted:
1. Blogroll links.
2. Blog comments.
3. Forum posts.


No profile links, NO ANGELA AND PAUL LINKS, NO article directory submisions, NO Bookmarking submissions, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
NO buy now pay later links


Links DO have to be in same niche (web design, web development, SEO), must be permanent, active, never expiring.

The link builder should be highly experienced. Must know how to check that links are good. Please do not bid if you have limited or no link building experience. Good results will mean ongoing business for you. I have 3 other websites that need the same package or even more.

Please note: Whitehat is crucial and required. Blackhat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for. Payment will be made after I have received the spreadsheet and verified each link.

You will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet : Link site exact page URL (clickable hyperlink), page PR, Site Name and IP address.

Read the above terms carefully. If you agree to terms, youre welcome to bid.

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Need May 2010 Paul’s And Angela Pdfs

Need May 2010 Pauls and Angela Pdfs
I need Pauls pdfs and Angela pdfs of latest May month 2010.
My budget is limited.
The Pauls pdf should consist of 120-150 links and should be of May 2010.

So Bidders, this is not a link building job.
Bid only if you have those pdfs of May 2010.

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Reconnect Red5 Port

I had Red5 installed and for some reason it no longer works. I have not installed or updated anything since it was installed. I need someone to reconnect or reinstall Red5

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Need 100 Backlinks For Poker Rakeback With Minimum PR1

I Need ~100 backlinks for gambling site with minimum ranking PR1.

Maximum creating 25 links per week.
No more than 30 links on the page.
Only one link per domain.
Sites must be crawled on a regular base
No linkfarms!!!

I have a Pokersite with Pagerank 1 to place linkpage links on. So all you have to do is manage to get 3way links. Backlink URL for the 3way exchange are my URL´s . All you have to do is doing link exchanges without being too spammy.

Payment Escrow will be created and released AFTER job completion.

– 3 way links, optionally reciprocal but not really prefered,
– On established, static and crawedpages
– Google must have crawled page in the last 30 days.
– Linkpages need to be indexed & linked from the homepage
– Only backlinks from english, poker related websites.
– Links are not to be spammy.
– No scraper sites, mirror sites, link farms or free for all link exchanges
– No redirects or cloaking (eg, 301, 302, meta-refresh, Javascript redirects)
– No classified ads
– No dynamic links
– No pages blocked by robots.txt
– No links on blacklisted websites
– No rel=no follow links in the HTML
– No links from "bad neighborhood" sites (e.g. link farms, porn and so on).
– Links must be in text, no graphics.

– All Links must be Manually submitted. No automated techniques or black / grey hat techniques . URL must not contain

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10 articles – link building

Need 10 articles, 1 each for the following topics

air purifiers, antique furniture, audio speakers, bicycle frames, blood pressure monitors, blow molding machines, camping tents, car alarms, car speakers, compact fluorescent bulbs

Articles should be 500 to 600 words – unique/original content

I have almost unlimited writing opportunities for folks who can generate consistent, high quality content.

Also respond if you can help with white-hat link building.

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Link Building Assistant needed – Ongoing work

I need ongoing assistance with linkbuilding, blog commenting, internet research, yahoo answers, traffic generation etc.

Needs to be available on yahoo messenger and should have experience in above things. Daily 4 hours of work for several months.

Willing to spend about 100$-125$ per month


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Dmoz listing required


I need a guaranteed Dmoz listing for my UK independent hotel website with a Google pagerank of 3. Listing ASAP please. May lead to future SEO and link building work.

Many thanks in advance.

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PHP programmer needed

I need to build a dynamic website (very easy job for a professional programmer)
The template was created by us, youll be provided a psd template file. Your task is to implement the layout into a full dynamic website.
The job description as follows:
6 pages: *Home
*About us
*News & Events (including photo album)
*Private section (login member)
*Latest news (on all the pages)
*Contact us

for the first 3 pages: Home, about us and history
As an administrator, I should be able to to add, delete and modify text and pictures on all these pages
For the news & events section, the admin can ad, delete and modify events. Furthermore he can have a full control on the photo album for the event section (add, delete…)

In the private section: this section is only dedicated for our member
Once a member login to this page:
the member will see 2 sections:
1-Member news
2-Calendar (including all the upcoming and the latest events)
Pls note that this area is only dedicated for our members and should be secured and safe.
As an administrator: I can modify the Member & the calendar section (add, delete, update news or events…)

In the latest news: this information is for all our visitors and it will be located on the left panel of all pages.
The programmer must have a strong experience with php, html and mysql.

No Escrow account
The payment will be made once the project is completed and accepted .

Pls PM me some of your latest work

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Upscale Escort Agency Needs Link Building, SEO WORK

We are in search of an experienced white hat seo person/company who can build quality links for our particular market. This is adult business related. Looking for a reliable long term relationship with the right person. Please contact me with projects you have done in the past, how you would gain our niche market traffic to our site. Preferably looking for a person who has worked with adult businesses before.

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I need CMike for link building

Hello CMike, I actually need two projects and like I said I wanted to work with you as well, please respond.


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