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5000 Facebook Likes

I need help in getting likes for a picture in facebook. My business would definitely benefit from this. Need to get at least 3000 facebook likes from Feb 23 to March 4 5pm. Please indicate how many facebook likes you can provide and when can this be completed.

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I have two lucrative business ideas but lack the financial power to make them a reality.The first idea is about news website business idea while the second is about affiliate marketing.
I can across a legitimate affiliate marketing.Average people make at least $1000 per week in profit while some declare $2000 in profit.This is how it works
-You direct audience to the specified link by advertisement and get paid for every sign up.
-All the money goes to your paypal account
-We share the profit 50-50
i have a news website idea with a well written plan on how to make it big.It will be a combination of news and social media but more of news.Any profit made from the website will be share by 50-50 between me and my partner although he will be the one to handle all income generated on this website.
I just need someone who believes in this idea of mine and has a successful mindset like me.If you are interested in either of the idea or both,just let me know.Please i need a serious,honest and trustworthy partner.

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Website Launching Page

Looking for a website complete – ( see ) similar to this in graphic quality and functionality.
Have images already and a facebook profile. Need to build the website profile – and to launch from there to our business facebook site.

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Email Delivery Issues With Go Daddy

Need help with email.

Using cpanel to manage hosting of sites
customers (Sites) use godaddy for email service.
Im just pointing the A record to my server from godaddy

Using a php form to process and deliver contact request.
I can deliver emails to most servers except Godaddy and Yahoo Business accounts

Not sure if it the form, SPF record or what I need so go daddy will accept the email.

This issue only started 2 months ago on sites that are 2 years old.

Sites are not black listed.
Go Daddy is no help at all.

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We Need Business Development Plans

We need business development plan and people for our web application development company.

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I Need Forum Posters For Promotion, Must Find The Forums

I need someone to do mass forum posting for a website. You will have to find the forums to post on but there is a lot of marketing forums out there.

-Post on multiple forums
-Find marketing, business, money making forums etc.
– Cheap Rate, Good work

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We are increasingly required to provide more and more snippets about our existing products and full press releases for our new products. Beside of some additional writing jobs, this is not an stable position but paid by work.
I am looking for a copy writer which I can explain my business to and explain what I need to provide and then have a well written piece written which includes those valued "Marketing" words which are targeted towards my clients, and new clients.
Blog posting tutorials rewriting.

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Need Freebie Referrals 4 Freebie Site Links(US ONLY)


I need Freebie referrals for tons of my sites.


Must have reliable computer and fast internet connection
Must Speak, Write, Read Fluent English
Must have a valid Mailing and Email address(must create a new one for this project)
Must have(if needed) a valid credit card(a prepaid debit card can also be used)
Must reside in the US (most of the sites cannot be accessed from other counties)

This can be a long term relationship if business is conducted well.

*********SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!!!***********

This is considered a part time project but can be full time if needed.

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Do You Need Massive Sales And Sign Ups?

Hi .. I have a solution that can get you any of the following:
A: Highest URL PR in Google
B: Best Google positioning for your site for any keyword you choose
C: Massive Sales and Sign ups for your online Products or Services
D: Massive Clicks on your Adsense accounts.
F: Pushing down bad links about their online business or activities

Kindly put your Max bid for your exact need and send the details of your need on the PM
Only highest bids will be accepted as winners

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