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We are planning to launch cricket based portal, which will be containing all the information about cricket, Historical data, cricket information, Updates and scores. The website is already online, we need freelancers to customize it and create a sleeker website.

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Need To Promote My Site , Need Traffic And Sales

I need to promote my website
Its a project management software . I need ideas how you can achieve it.
It will be long term project and selected provider will have other coming projects too.
Please let me know if you have any query

the above description for those who are experts in SEO
Providers who choose other methods of providing leads like telephonic calls,online campaigns, etc etc are also invited to give the proposals . I will need a fee sample leads and proof that you can do.

I am flexible in payments methods but prefer freelancer.
All I need is some sales and google rankings.


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Analysis Of Design And Requirements ANALYSIS!! Need In 1 Day

I need a list of pages, images, and options for a website.
I dont want a website. I dont want you to make the website. I want a list of requirements with options for a website.
I am trying to build a website very similar to another companies website and I want a report about what will be needed.
I want to know this from the point of view of a graphic designer/ website designer.
Also, I want options included.
For example, if a video is to be made, what are the possible ways to make it: which technology can be used and what are the pros and cons of using each type of technology.
If images are to be included what options are there for making the image.
For example one requirement will be showing tools that our company will be selling but actually we have not made these tools yet and so someone would have to draw images of things that dont yet exist.

Please understand that what is required is analysis -not creating the website.
I will tell you the website we are using for a template when you make your bid.
Needs to be done in 1 day.

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Online Magazine With E-commerce Features

A website featuring:
Online magazine-type editorial (written by client) divided into "departments"
eBook for sale
Products for sale
Product reviews

eCommerce features
Analysis capability
Basic SEO
Access to photography for use on site

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Mortgage Website

I am looking for someone to design a lead generating mortgage website that will be seo in the toronto area. Previous experience doing a mortgage website would be an asset. Looking for copy & design to be created. Need online calculators as well as application forms.

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I Need Online Advertising Done To Promote A July Promotion

I need advertising done to promote a July promotion of a network marketing company that is offering a giveaway this month.

The promotions must be high quality and create a bulk marketing campaign that will produce results.

I will provide a link to the information and I expect you to create a outstanding marketing promotion using your online talents.

Here is the catch. I have been scammed in the past…not this time.

1) type the word "happy" so I know you understand my requirements.
2) I must be provided with links of your promotions
3) I must be provide a detailed list of how you will promote my material.
4) I will not pay you unless I am completely satisfied with your work
5) If your work proves to be great I have a group that will use your services.

Remember I will not pay unless I am completely satisfied so if you think you can perform than please bid…if not dont bid….dont forget the word "happy" in your bid.

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