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Wee Need Online Poker Budget 45,000$-50,000$

Hello, we need Online Poker software (Client+Server) +Administration Panel. We can pay up to 10,000$.
And we will pay ONLY after showing us your demo successfully working soft on our servers.
After full amount payment we will need Source Code for our programmers to customize it.
Please only contact if you already HAVE Source code because it is MAIN thing we are needing.
We are waiting for them who has already made Poker Project

We were scammed once and we are not going to risk our budget again.
And again money will be transferred after showing demo WORKING version on our server
And AFTER paying will ask for SOURCE CODE.

please write me your desktop poker software Demo Download Link, thanx

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Need 150 PR2+ Backlinks

I need 150 quality backlinks to my website:

-must be do follow backlinks from 4-10 PR pages
-all backlinks must not be on NOINDEX pages
-at least 50% backlinks must be in sites relevant to my (interior design)
-each backlink should be on different website, different C class IP
-no spam links
-no article directories,spam sites, web rings or adult sites, or link directories-
-link must be purely WHITE HAT
-page should not be excluded by robots.txt
-no sites that will ask for money later
-max 10 links per day
-links must be in text, no graphics
-linked pages must be visible, readable and indexable
-links dropped within 6 months must be replaced by you at no additional cost
-no link farms accepted

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I Need A Google Adwords Expert


I am starting a new business online. I am looking for a profesional google adwords expert.

I need a freelance able to provide me a high Return Of Investment (ROI).

In my first campaign I do not want to spend too much money. I will pay 10% of full budget for bid winner. If the campaign runs well, I will increase the budget of the campaign and, obviously, the payment to the freelance.

Thank you.

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Need Job Leads/Posting

Im looking to buy fresh craigslist job leads.

Looking to spend alot of money if the leads are quality, only want exclusive. NON SHARED.

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Need Guaranteed USA Signups For – 2

We are looking to get a professional marketer to get real USA members to join our website that will participate
for rewards and gifts by referring more members.

We want legal and real members, white hat, no proxies, no blackhats, no duplicates.

The user must register and perform the initial 50 points needed to refer more people. We will give you a copy of
promotional methods for the new members.

The site is free to register (USA only) and have the option to get an Android-powered tablet or Paypal money. We prefer a reasonable low bid, but if you can give us rapid number of signups we are in the position to double the payment.

Will consider a partnership with a marketer that can send us signups really fast. Please state how you can give us those signups, estimated number, and the timeframe. We only pay through

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Need Help Editing Template

I have a home page located at The page is coded in HTML and CSS. All I need is to remove the coming soon and the 3 pictures in the middle and to leave everything else to be a template for all my pages. The template should be compatible with DreamWeaver. I will attach the home page with all of the files. I need this ASAP and do not want to spend a lot of money on this. If everything is excellent, I have a long term project also dealing with templates in HTML that I would pay in advanced for! Hoping to pay 30 or less. Happy bidding!

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Need A Design For Hotel

A design for hotel industry is required asap, please note we dont need whole website but only a design and cut it into html./

BUDGET :- less than USD opportunity for new entrants of to win Good ratings, also please just dont shoot your portfolio to win this project, we want commitments to be completed in time .

Money will be paid through BANK transfer/wire transfer/Western Union…

or can be negotiated


1) who are money mongers
2) who just stop communicating as work pressure builds up
3) who are time wasters
4) who lack information on this work
5) who will start this project and middle will tell us (this work should be awarded with some more amout)
6) who will compare it with the price of templates and then the editing laters.


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Squarespace Site: Need Banners, Pics, Logos Etc.

I have created a website via but it is a little simple.

I need for you to create, Banners, Logos, other graphics to spruce up the website

All of this has to be related to my industry and related to our business needs.

this is a very small business so not much money. Please provide your portfolio or samples ASAP

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I Need Forum Posters For Promotion, Must Find The Forums

I need someone to do mass forum posting for a website. You will have to find the forums to post on but there is a lot of marketing forums out there.

-Post on multiple forums
-Find marketing, business, money making forums etc.
– Cheap Rate, Good work

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I Need Someone To List My Items

You need an ebay account with at least 30 good feedback.

Its really easy to post these items, I will give you all the instructions you need.

IMPORTANT: I have been scammed already in many ways so I will not wait for the goods to be delivered before you can send me the payments, it would be easy to just run away with the money. I am genuine and Im telling this so you already know how it is going to work. I will give you tracking numbers and then you will send me the payments.

If this is not fine with you better not bid on here.

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Need To Duplicate Website

I need a website very similar to

The only functionalities I need from the website is the live cams, videos, pictures for now. I may need to add more which will lead to a bigger project for someone reliable.

This is the 3rd time Im posting this because everyone so far has been very unprofessional with timelines and just not able to do the work. Im very honest about what I need so i expect you to be honest on what you can provide.

I am no longer paying deposits till I see some work because I been shafted 2 times and I will not make it a 3rd. As you can see in my payment history, which is perfect! I pay for the work I need and I will continue to pay reliable people far more money once I know I can count on you.

So to make this simple, I need a website fully functional very similar to but with a better look. I dont need all the ads everywhere. Just something clean and professional.

Ir you can do this, you will have tons more work from me but MUST BE RELIABLE.
Thank you

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I Need 10 PVA

Project for invited person…

Please bid and deliver the PVAs and Ill escrow the money..

Divyansh (master1000111)

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Virtuemart Expert Needed For TAX Module – Quick Money

I need a expert in VirtueMart who can either setup or create a code that will allow all 300+ items to charge Tax in California only. Other states or countries, no tax should be charged.

Professionals only!

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NEED SYSTEM DEVELOPED – Backend – Frontend – Database

I need someone who is capable of developing, coding and programming my entire system for my website. It includes of:

– Frontend
– Backend
– Database structure
– FULL Functionality

I have already made the database structure on file which consists of all of the tables that I need developed. I have also written up a file that contains all of the information of the entire functionality of the website.

You will need to:
– speak and understand good english and have good communication skills
– sign a contract before any work is started
– be able to contact me or me contact you at any given time or day
– deliver this entire project to me within 20 days
– write the number 20 at the end of your bid to show you read all of this

Please note that NO MONEY will be paid upfront for this job as we need to see progress before anything is paid. Payment will be broken up into 2 deliveries. 50% of Price when 50% of job is done and the other 50% when the job is completed and bug free.

Please ASK ME what kind of system I need before you give me a big explanation of your company and I will explain in PM. Any long bid explanations will be ignored.

Thank You.

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I dont have access to any form of database or sources that is why I have posted this project so that anyone with access to reputable sources can help me get the information I need.

I want an in-depth research on the following:

1. the use of CRM by the estate agencies in the UK

2. The major market share operators and the trend in the industry – UK

Please only bid if you know you can do this market research.

All research should come from reliable academic sources and reputable sources,

no wikipedia PLEASE!!

Maximum bid: $40

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We Need Sales On Our Online Website


We need sales on our online website, We will pay 10 percent of all sales. This website is a penny auction site so is easy to get sales. We can pay you weekly.

Also we may give you some money to start, but then your payments will be just the sales you give to us which is the 10%.

thank you

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We Need Site With Multiple Payment Gateways

Hello every body first of all we need only serious freelancers
we need site with 5 multiple paymentgateway ,we need totally dynamic site and included admin ,and we need all kind funcationality like so first please register and check all kind of funcationality .
and we need payment gateways like
rebember payment via escrow when we start project we put escrow money

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US Data Entry Needed

S | Sales


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US data entry needed  

US data entry needed is project number 620409
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $250-750
Created: 03/13/2010 at 10:31 EST

Bid Count: 0
Average Bid:

03/16/2010 at 10:31 EDT
(2d 22h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



only 2 – 3 hours per day for data entry, and its not a long term project,
make money easy using your pc ..

thank you

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