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I Need Script To Run On Hp Unix OS

I need script to run on hp unix OS. The get daily report in text file which I want to show in graph. I have attached text file. Please PM if you have any query. Thanks

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E Directory 8 Is Needed Full Version

I need edirectory 8 if you have it with you ping me asap

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I Need 100 PAGERANK 3+ Links Within One Month

*** Read the terms carefully. If you agree to terms, youre welcome to bid. ***

I need 100 PR 3+ Permanent Quality backlinks to one of my stores.
PM me for the store URL.

I need these links anchored and live within 25 days at 4 links per day. Specific keywords and corresponding page urls will be provided.

Please use one of these formats: Excel for submitting the link pages to me for approval.
– Date page is submitted for our approval
– Google PR of link page
– Page Authority
– Domain Authority
– Title of link page
– URL of link page
– IP of link page
– Number of outbound links from the linked page
– Date link is placed on link page
– Anchor Text used for the link
– Target URL of the link that has been placed on the page
– Date page is approved by us

I reserve the right to reject links if they do not fit the guidelines listed below.


– No black hat or any other unethical SEO spam techniques. Only ethical work will be accepted.
***IMPORTANT: If any black or grey hat techniques are discovered, this will terminate our agreement and forfeit all monies.
– Absolutely no black hat or grey hat tactics. We require white hat techniques only.
– Links must be from strictly PR4+ pages (home page pagerank, iframes, other page ranks does NOT count)

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Need A PHP Developer

I need a PHP developer for developing a script that can check my website status and title. (If its up or not)
Only experienced people to place their bids please.

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PTC Script Need

I need PTC paid to Click/View/signup script like but they have large ammount and have no cool style i need a script that good looking theme, cool graphics and all features like that script in low budget.

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I Need A Script Made


I need a script created that will pass the IP adrress as a sub ID, so I can track the IP`s as sub ID`s. You must also show me how to implement it.


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Modify Business Directory Script

I have a business directory/yellow pages script that need to be modified and new features to be included. The first thiong is that it requires a new design. I need you to deign the script around certain requirements that I have in mind. Also add new features such as two search box to find business by location and title; include users details and profile information on their pages; include tags for keywords and places; and rearrangement of the existing features. Any additional features will be discussed when the project is granted.

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1. All The Pages Should Be in PHP (file extension shold be with .php )
2. The Script Should Be made as professionally and easy Handling for the admin to add new content , new template , new plug-in and new ads banner .
3. Al page have divisions like all header data sold be in include("header.php") and footer in include("footer.php") because it will easy to add or remove new items or change some properties .. to the whole site
all the page have divisions .
4. ABOUT THE CONTENT : Funny Jokes + Funny Sms + Funny Scraps +
(EACH content should have atleast 100-200 pages here we have 5 content so 100-200*5 abt 700-1000 total no of pages for content .
5. Content S hold have easy handling so anyone can easily add , remove or chage any content .
6. The site professional scipt look like all have its own directory for .css file = css/ , for .js file = js/ , for images = /images and the script have easy allocation to change its header and footer (structure ) content at anytime
and the site looks and liked by users and most the teenage so he comes daily ..

i hope u understand what i want to say you that admin needs easy handling ..

My budget is 30$ for 6 days ..
If the work is impressive we have more projects to be done ..


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Facebook Script … Need Today!!

Can anyone tell me how I do the popup like Coca Cola do …

Its on "The Page Creators" if you click an image.

Thank you in advance!

I will pay $30 if someone can send me this script today.

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Need Someone To Teach Me How To Intall This Script

Will be in screen share for someone to help me install this script..teaching will take less than 30 mins so no outrageous prices please…

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Rss Feed Directory Script

I am looking at a rss directory script prefered ready made I like this script I like many things about this if you have any other suggestiions please let me know. I dont need adsence but would like those adds able to be changed. Please try this script before you quote make sure you know exactly what needs to be done.

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Need German Link Builder

Hi ,

I am looking for dedicated workers how speak good German language. I have plenty of projects lined up, but the work should be good quality. I am looking for the following qualities;

Blog Commenting
Forum Posting
Article Writer (500 words and 700 words)Unique content
Article Submission
Directory Submission

For now i want to hire about 1-3 people as my site is just started.

Preference would be given to person how can do good and quality forum posting.

Please send me samples with your quotations.

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Timthumb In WordPress (HostGator)

After migrating to WordPress 3.0 a theme that requires timthumb does not work anymore. We need the script to work.

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Right To Left

I have MediaShare 3.0 script.

I need to make it Right To Left.

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Timthumb In WordPress 3.0

After migrating to WordPress 3.0 a theme that requires timthumb does not work anymore. We need the script to work.

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Social Bookmarking Directory Script Needed

Hi all,

This should be a relatively simple project.

I need a script that will monitor the status of social bookmarking sites such as Digg and reddit.

The site should contain the following info:

1. Social bookmarking sites name/url
2. PageRank of the social bookmarking site
3. Alexa ranking of the social bookmarking site
4. Allow DoFollow or NoFollow linking
5. Status of the site – active or no longer in service
6. Allow social bookmarking sites webmaster to submit their site
7. Admin panel to make approve the newly submited sites
8. Once submited are approved, the monitoring of the above mentioned commences.

The monitoring of the site has to be real time, meaning the pagerank and Alexa ranking has to be updated constantly like on a daily basis.

If possible, I would prefer to the site to be built using wordpress platform – two column. One main column for the listings, the other smaller column for advertisements and featured sites.

Communication to be via MSN or ICQ. I am in GMT+8 time zone so I hope to work with someone around the region during the late evenings.

Bidder with weak or generic proposal for this project will be ignored. I want something really concrete and someone who knows what I am talking about. DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!

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HTML Script Needs Shortening! – Need Help NOW! 1-2hrs?

We have just developed a new basic HTML template but some of the work was done in Frontpage 2003. There is also a javascript and some CSS in the coding.

– We need the number of characters reduced (such as get ride of unneccessary code, spaces, change font tags to use css, CSS moved to a linked file?)
– We also need to get rid of ; from the coding which appears from Frongpages code and also the javascript so the javascript may need linking also?

Really were looking for someone who may be available today (now?!) for a 1-2 hours? and I would like to know your hourly rate (please pm this if Freelancer doesnt allow a bid of lower than $30). I would like the person helping us to have access to MSN or SKYPE when they have accepted the project for ease of communication.

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Downloder Youtube

Hello i need this script

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Escrow! Need A Script That Will Create Unique Content For Me


I need a software that will do the following.

1. Ill be able to paste an article into a box.

2. When I run the script, it should fetch synonyms for all of the words in the article and automaticaly put them into the article in a spinnable syntax — {synonym1|synonym2|synonym3|etc}

3. Each time I run the script at this point, I want it to create an article by randomly selecting one of the synonyms for each option.

4. I need to be able to shorten the article to increase uniqueness of the article.

5. I need to be able to tell how unique the created article is compared to the original article.

6. I need to be able to insert keywords into each article (with the ability to set keyword density to whatever I want)

7. I also need to be able to fetch articles from,,,

Its very important for me that each article the software creates is at least 70% unique from the original and that each created article makes sense. I want each article to be good to read and perfectly comprehensible.

The Budget for this is $150.

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Directory Script Similar To

I require a directory script similar to HOTFROG.COM.
Below are some additional details that I require:

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Need Backorder Scripts Like

Hy there i need a whois script to find out the expiration date for domains and a script to register them when they expire

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Need 30 PR5 Relevant One Way Links

I need 30 PR5 relevant one way links to my real estate website. Pages must be relevant to real estate sites. Link should be built 1 per day for total of 30 days.

Payment will be made by paypal in 2 stages the first is after the first 15 links (after I approve the links) the second is 5 day after project in done.

I will use 3 different anchor texts – 1 anchor text for 10 sites batch.
I will check all links before payment is made. You will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet before any payment is made: Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink), Site Name, Site Type, Google Page Rank and IP address as well as the date placed.


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Browser Language To Block Chinese User – Need Script

Hi I have a WordPress blog and a html webpage, I want to have a script to judge the browser language or OS language to reject the Chinese visitors, but not using GEO location method to reject access.
If you have experience of doing this, you will be considered first.

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