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Domains Drop Catching Script


i Need a Domains Drop catching script which will immidiately register the domain when it gets deleted. And this script should also show me the list of domains dropping every day.

The script is only for .inTLDs (india only). I dont want other extensions, only Indian TLDs required. This is urgent, Im looking for ward for your Bids.

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Need Quality Forum Posts

Hello there.
I need quality forum posts on ONE forum only. The forum is related to HYIPs, Autosurfs, Get-paid-to sites. It also has a section for just general talk. So, it doesnt matter much if you dont know much about HYIPs, autosurfs or GPT sites. Posts should be of good quality and good English and must not look like spam. More details to bidders.

Name your price for 50 posts in the PM. The posting is very easy, you dont need any knowledge for this so bid accordingly. Give me a per post price in the PM. If you give me a ridiculous price like $1 or $2 per post then you definitely do not know what forum posting is and your PM will be ignored. It doesnt matter to me if you have a team or you will make all the posts by yourself. I just want the work done with quality.
Payment methods: PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers and
You will HAVE to give me a trial of 15 posts first before I hire you. Anyone not willing to give the trial, please dont waste your bid.

Only provide relevant information to about this in the PM. Any bids without PMs will be IGNORED.

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Need Backorder Scripts Like

Hy there i need a whois script to find out the expiration date for domains and a script to register them when they expire

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Hello Bidders.

I am looking to sell some domains i have, some might be worth a good money.

I am willing to share 40% of the earnings when deal is done.

I might need some advice or help to know the process of selling them.

You can get me a client or sell them on your own anyway you like it… i just want to sell them but not for pennies 🙂

Domain names on PMB.

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Linux Server Admin Needed – Quick Job


We are having two minor issues with our linux server running whm/cpanel. Here is what our server company says:


It appears you are running nginx which is proxying to Apache on port 81.

tcp 0 0*
LISTEN 15785/nginx

The problem is probably because in the ngnix vhost.conf file (at
/usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost.conf) you need to add the [domain will be provided to service provider].com
domain in there. I see entries for all other domains except that one.

We are looking for a talented linux server admin to fix this issue so that our domain comes up correctly.

This is a quick job! Lets get to work!

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JW FLV Player Installation

I am in need of a programmer with great written communication skills to insure the proper work is completed with as little confusion as possible. I have a lot of programming needs and I wish to establish a long term relationship with a competent, reliable programmer.

I have recently purchased a commercial license for JW Player and a few plugins. I need the player and all plugins installed working perfectly on the

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need u*s*a unique traffic

We are looking for 2000 unique visitors per day only from USA. No expired domain names, autosurf and popunder generated please…we need real visitors that stop by our site. We use google analitycs and this will judge your traffic! Here is the deal, best price for the biggest amound wins. We are also interested on long term basis for this project, so keep in mind when pricing your service.


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Domain Change

I need a domain shifted and set up with the very best security and multi level log in

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We need to find ways to get the Website called as known to the german public as possible without costinvensive. We start with smallest Budget and will then see if it gets results.

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Stock Market Portfolio +

Here is what we need done.

We need a stock portfolio added to our website.
If you do not know what a stock market portfolio is then please do not bid.

We need live streaming ads that will work with the portfolio so if someone adds a symbol to there portfolio and clicks on it the streaming ads will show exactly what the stock has been doing.

The portfolio also needs a detailed quote that also works with the symbols on the portfolio like so,
If a user clicks on a stock symbol in the portfolio the detailed quote will show – Open – years high, low etc..

There needs to be a Quotes & Hot list for all markets

Under it all there needs to be news

Now the info needs to be able to come from google, msn, yahoo or if you know a better places let me know.

Here are the terms
Got to work on linux/ cpanel
No payment up front and we do not do escrow
You got to build it on our domain name. You can start on your server but we will not pay nothing until its on our server so we can fully test it out.

We have a image of exactly what we want and we will give you the login to the place we took image so you can fully go over it.

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X-Cart Design

I need an experienced x-cart designer. Please do not respond if you have not completed a prior x-cart design. Please send examples. Bids without examples (x-cart examples) will not be considered.

The domain name is Its going to be a drop ship Website selling…mail boxes and accessories. Make it clean and colorful (think

It needs to have the following pages:
– About Us
– Contact Us
– Privacy Policy
– Shipping Policy
– Terms and Conditions
– Returns and Refunds

I also need product/catalog building. There will be approximately 300 products. Insertion will involve uploading photos and categorizing products. I will provide photos and product categories. I only need someone to do the uploading and saving.

Please ask any and all questions. I know I probably missed something. Thanks!

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customtemplate needed for a high pr domain

need a custom blogger SEO friendly template for Pr 5 domain. theme is dj, music, dance, so on.

the domain is –

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Need a wholesale traffic provider

Looking for a wholesale traffic provider for my traffic selling website.

Im looking for REAL traffic, not bot traffic, proxy hits, etc.

Should be able to target by category and geocategory.

Would prefer expired domain traffic, popunder, etc.

Again, dont contact me with offers of fake traffic.

Please provide a price CPM.

I will ask you to direct 1-2K visitors to one of my websites which will have google analytics installed in order to track the quality as a test.

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