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Miva Recently Upgraded. Need My Old Look Back!

Just upgraded Miva from 4.12 to the latest version. Currently the default template is showing but I need the old appearance back as how it was.

Miva experience required to be considered.

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Server Lock Down

Im running a Linux Centos 5.5 server and Im experiencing some suspicious running systems, I have everything logged and I need somebody to take a look fix and lock the server.

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Need To Revamp Personal Resume

Im looking for a professional and experienced resume writer to revamp my resume and give it a more senior management feel. My resume is current and only one page long. I would like to keep at one page but just curious to what it will look and sound like rewritten by someone who does this frequently. My budget is 30-45$ so do not bid or make offers that are above this please.

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Need Someone To Look-Up 200 Places In London

I need someone to search 200 different places in London (I have the list).

I need contact information, a picture included, and a SHORT description and review of the place.

This is a quick job actually and should be quite easy.

Please PM me with your email address if you make a bid.
Also, I would prefer an American Native that is quick and not willing to go above competitive pricing on this.

Its actually a very quick/easy job if you work efficiently.

I have a TON of these lists for whoever does this well.
Work will be coming in for a LONG TIME for you.


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I Need Forum Posts

I need form posts on various niches!

Posts must be relevant
Do follow
anchor texts

and the comments must say something useful and not look spammy

please also sent 50-100 reports to be verified first!


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Need Someone To Copywrite

Need someone to copywrite the content from available sources online

Please check the work before bidding..

We need 10-13 pages and the price would be 2.5 $ per page…

We need this in 6 hrs

Firm Name: U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

Format of the document



Company Overview and Organizational Structure
1. Brief history
2. Nature of the organization
3. Business volume
4. Number of employees
5. Services/Product lines
6. Main offices and areas controlled
7. Who reports to the SEC
8. Comments on the organizational structure

Department Overview and Structure
1. Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations
2 Broker-Dealer Regulation
3. Investment Adviser/Investment Company

Company Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

Lessons Learned as an Intern – may look at online FINRA courses for ideas
1. Asset Verification
2. Churning Analysis
3. Financial Statement Analysis – Net Capital Requirement
4. Other tools/strategies SECs office of compliance inspection examination uses to detect fraud
5. Etc. (reading trade blotters, analyzing books and records, etc.)


References (this will not count as a page, but should be included for free)

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Meeplace Or Other Yelp Like

Need a script or or something similar. It is a yelp look and also like citysearch mixed with yellowpages. Meeplace scritps sell for $350 so need bids under the script.I will Provide all the wordings…like States, Cities etc.

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