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Need Nightshift Teams And Individuals (Extremely Fast Work)

Need captcha team and individuals.
Very fast server at night.
Bid if you follow the following req.

*If team they should be able to do 5k-10/daily for small team.
*If team is large they should be able to do 10k-20k or more/day.
*if Individual they should be able to do 500-1000 entries/day or more.
*New freelancers if done captcha on any site before can bid here also !

payment thru M.B or paypal for teams thru GAF also.

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Need Proffessional For Creating 700 Profile Pages

I need 700 *PROFILE PAGES* for my website created using Paul/Angelas/Terrys backlinks method. I will supply the list.


1. Each profile Page must be able to have atleast 2 anchortext backlinks.
2. These links are meant to be permanent.
3. I require an update in Excel after every 100 profile pages with the links are created to correct errors, if any.

I require the following information in Excel Sheet:

* Names of the domains where profile pages are created
* URLs of the publicly viewable links
* profile page accounts: username + password (and email address)
* Domain/ PR
* Anchor text used

Please note that All PROFILE Links will be checked as per above conditions, before release of payment. If they Fail to comply to the points, then they *DO NOT COUNT*, and you will have to REPLACE them.

We ready to start immediately, so please bid if you are ready too.

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Need WordPress Them Developed

I need a wordpress theme designed for my Wedding Videgraphy and Production company. Here are some examples of the kind of sites I like.

I like the concept of these sites. I would want my site to have a design like that. I have a budget of $150

Here is my site here so you can get a feel for what I do

10/17/2010 at 21:18 EDT:

I will choose the best priced bidder. If you can provide a mock up design I will choose you quicker!

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Need Consultants

I am looking for a few contractors who, once qualified, can be our go to guys for projects in the Selected skills area. I am only looking for Microsoft Certified people who hold a current certification and will associate with our organization through the Microsoft Partner network. There will be two steps to this process. 1. discuss qualifications 2. be linked into our Partner network so you are already approved for work. We will still go through Freelancer for jobs but you will be ahead of the game by being a preferred consultant.

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Need Book Cover For Createspace

I have written a book on public speaking and need a cover.

1. You will be given the Create Space template
2. You must have legal right to use all images and Ill need some assurance that they are from a legit resource. Or we can work it out so you select the images and then Ill buy them.
3. You will design the front and just have a background on the back. Ill put text on the back.

Must be open to multiple revisions, if necessary. If I like you, Ill use you in the future. 🙂

Please show other examples of your work.

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Script Installation – $30 Bids ONLY


Looking for someone who is available right now to download the free script available at and install it on my server. No customization, just install and let me verify that the home page and admin page load as they should and you are finished.

$30 bids only as this is a very easy job.

Please check my feedback – I always pay promptly. I will not escrow for this job. Thank you for your understanding.

Hope to start soon.


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Simple Flash Banner

I would like a flash banner the size of 955px x 250px to be put together for me. I can supply the images. There will be just 5 images which need to disolve in and out of each other. On top of the image will be some text which I will supply for you. Fairly simple job.

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Need A Writer I Can Depend On

Looking for some steady work? Well, I have work available everyday.

I am looking for a dependable writer that can write original articles and also do re-writes of articles. I need someone that has the time to produce a minimum of 5 articles a day, whether they are originals, re-writes or a combination of both. When articles are assigned I need them to be completed that day. I would like someone that is available on weekends.

Projects may vary day to day. Articles are normally 400-600 words on a wide range of topics.
I will send you articles to re-write or original articles usually on evenings for the next day or sometimes that morning. I will pay a min. of 1.20 per article. I will pay you 0.30 per 100 words written with a min. of 1.20 per article. The pay will go up if it is longer. As an example, if I assigned you an article with a min. of 425 words I would pay you $1.20 for that article. I will not pay you to stretch out the article. So if you go way over the required count of words just know that I am only paying for the words I asked for. The pay is as follows:

400 to 449 word article= $1.20
450 to 500 word article= $1.50
501 to 600 word article= $1.80
601- to 700 word article= $2.10
701 to 800 word article= $2.40

I am looking for someone long term. I pay every Monday evening for the previous weeks work (Mon-Sun) through GAF or paypal for the articles that are completed with good grammar, punctuation, spelling and that pass copyscape premium. I do not do milestone payments. I can pay you weekly through GAF or paypal on Monday evenings.

I need someone that does check their email regularly and can communicate regularly. I need someone to have a gmail acct. If you are not serious and cannot supply a minimum of 5 per day please, do not bid. You will need to be available Mon-Sat.

I need someone that can start today.

You must be a native English Speaker, or have excellent knowledge of the language. I do prefer someone from the States just because I get a lot of articles that make no sense with terrible punctuation and spelling.

Articles will need to be written with good grammar, punctuation and spelling. You do need to proofread them before turning them in. These articles need to be unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment. ***All articles have to pass copyscape premium to be paid.****


********When you write or re-write and article for me I receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away or use these articles in anyway.

When bidding, bid on 25 articles. Only bids of $30 will be considered. And please state what country you are from so I know you have read this.

If you are not chosen reapply, I always need more writers.

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Upload-download Site Script


I am looking for a script or site build similar to or

We need exact functionality of website where you can upload, and depending the user there will be a unique link ID for that download. Number of dowloads, user name and password stored on Mysql and have a Postback php for other sites.

Please Review the sites and study what it have,

If you already the script For this kid of sites, We would like to review it live demo to see if it meet our standards

For user Registration it must be Opt-in for emailing.

Please PM for further info to make sure that you understand what are we looking for.

Serious request please.

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Need 50 Videos Created

We need 50 videos created. These videos will need to be a certain size in order to place in review sites. They will need to be created from products used in our online store. You must be creative and create 30 second videos from only one or two images. The videos need to be of high quality and animated somewhat if possible. Videos will need content and links to site. Please only bid if you can provide the following:

1) Understand the requirements completely
2) Have similar experience
3) Show samples of similar experience of video creation
4) Work within budget of $50


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Need Maze Game App For Ipod/Ipad/Android

I am looking for someone to develop a maze game where a mouse needs to get to a piece of cheese. I am looking for a quality designer and dont need the game to be any more than 20-30 levels. I would like to incorporate my company Golden Age Cheese and our website as much as possible in the game. This will be a free download and would be mainly to advertise for our company. Please send me a message if interested as we would like to get this done ASAP. Thanks for looking!

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Data Entry Project – For Herod

Need to insert links on 15 WordPress blogs, 10-12 links on each homepage + 3 links on inner pages (up to 10 inner pages on each blog). All 15 blogs should be linked to 60 target sites, and used as a support for those sites.
To start working you would get the following Excell spreadsheets:
1. A list of target 60 sites with anchors, each site has from 1 to 4 different anchors that need to be used when inserting them on blogs
2. A list of blogs with links that should be placed on each.

– All links MUST be inside content, that means that link insertion would require some text modifications.
– 3 blogs are in German, French and Italian, need in-content links there too.(Could use Google translate)

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Need Free Xxx Site Sign Up,cc Required !

I,m looking for someone can bring sign up to
my xxx site,the sign up is 100 % free
i will pay $2 each

the qualified is :

-credit card age verifcation
-no spam
-no fraud
-no fake
-no duplicate

* in priority who had experience in this field and could take at least 10 sign ups per day *

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Text Adjustments And Minor Improvements

I need some minor improvements and text adjustments implemented on my site.

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Oscommerce Site Move

Need an oscommmerce site copied from one host to another ,
simple job
download files from server 1
upload files to server 2
finished !

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JQuery Static Show/hide Buttons

We are working with a Jquerry calendar and have built buttons to show and hide events based on the class of the event. Problem is, when the next months calendar is called, all events are loaded because they were not in place when the hide command is executed. I need a simple script written that will hide or show elements and have those elements hidden when different months are called.

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WordPress Template

Need wordpress template created from graphic files according to mockup design.

Home page has a left and right sidebar as well as an extra footer graphic area with text.

All inner pages only have the left sidebar and I need all graphics that are uploaded into the pages/posts to be aligned flush to the right side and almost flush up against the header/menu area.

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WordPress Template

Need wordpress template created from graphic files according to mockup design.

Home page has a left and right sidebar as well as an extra footer graphic area with text.

All inner pages only have the left sidebar and I need all graphics that are uploaded into the pages/posts to be aligned flush to the right side and almost flush up against the header/menu area.

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Need A 100 Backwards Permanet Link

Our website is Building surveyors one

We need 100 PR3 or above one way permanent links on relevant sites, 20% of the website UK based.

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Meeplace Or Other Yelp Like

Need a script or or something similar. It is a yelp look and also like citysearch mixed with yellowpages. Meeplace scritps sell for $350 so need bids under the script.I will Provide all the wordings…like States, Cities etc.

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Earn $1 Per Each Free Java Game Download

Our company is one of the leading providers of mobile entertainment. In our website customers can find a huge choice of mobile phone downloads, including monophonic & polyphonic ringtones, real music tones, Java games, color wallpapers, logos, operator logos, picture messages and much more.

Our company Services are Available All over the globe covering nearly all countries.

We have a huge collection of 3000 Java games in which Every day new games are added.

Our company has begun a partnership with java and we make good profit for each Free java game download made through our company.

This program is available only for downloads of Java games and Operator logos.

We pay $1 for each Free java game Download. We have a limit of 150 game downloads and 100 logo downloads daily.
So you can make 250 downloads daily.

To get registered you will have to subscribe with our company with your mobile number and Fill up the PPD(Paid Per Download) program Form available in Members Area.

Payments are made on 10th and 25th of Every Month By Check , Bank transfer , DD , Western Union and Paypal.

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