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Need Male Narrator – Short Film

Short 3D Animated Film: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Title: Deja Vu

In order to be considered for this project, you must first submit a voice sample of the following script to its entirety. Your audition sample will not be used in any way to promote or advertise the film as you are not being paid for it.

You must submit the sample.


The air was cool with a slight summer breeze; the leaves were blooming, and the world seemed so full of life. Every person, unique and different… special in their own way. My name is Clark Winter; I was born in Manhattan after my mom was rushed to the hospital during labor. She nearly died they told her, but she managed to hold on. I grew up like any other kid, and there were very little things that worried me. For so long my life seemed well, and I thought it would continue that way. It was that very summer morning when the air was cool with a slight summer bre
eze that I decided to go for a walk in the park. Why I had the sudden feeling to go for a walk in the park eludes me; but I did it nonetheless. In the crowd of people, a single man stood out. He was not in a rush like everyone else; nor was he distracted by the people around him. He stood motionless, in deep thought. It was not long before he saw me looking at him, and so he began to move. He slowly walked up to me and crouched down to my level. I had never seen him before. He struck me as a nice guy, but I had no idea what I was dealing with at the time. This stranger spoke to me shortly before walking away into the crowd, never to be seen or heard from again. He said.. "If you wish for something long enough, one day it is bound to happen." And then he left. Just like that. What he told me has left me in question to this day, when it all became clear. That same day, as I stood near the ice cream shop, eating away at my ice cream, I heard something peculiar. Something I had never heard before. It was chaos.
I was unable to comprehend what was happening at the time, considering the fact that I was still a little boy.
My parents had passed away, along with many others in the chaos that had occurred. Only years later had I been told what really happend, for then I was old enough to understand and cope with it. I grew into my late teenage years. I began to change, and so did the world around me. I remember the day my parents died as if it were only yesterday. I remember the stranger who came up to me, and spoke to me, and every day I would be reminded of his face. Every day his face seemed more familiar than the day before. I remembered his words clearly, and I thought about them every day. I did make a wish, but it was an impossible one; all hope I had for my wish to come true since childhood had been gone; and yet… I continued to wish… I continued to pray. One day, as I was sitting in my living room, a strange feeling overcame me. It was not long before this feeling became overwhelming, and even more-so out of control. I believed that I was dying. It was not painful, but rather uncomfortable. It was my memories drifting closer, and sooner than later, they became a part of my present. Suddenly, I closed my eyes, and everything was silent. Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in a city. Where I was became clear to me, but the why was a completely different story. Everything made sense, but at the same time it didnt. I couldnt explain it to you in words, because it was just a feeling. I felt like I had been here before, and I was right. My dream had come true, and I believed that others should have the same opportunity. I saw a lost and confused boy standing on his own; I walked up to him and kneeled down. And so I spoke to him. I told him what a great man once told me; words of wisdom that I would never forget. The child did not appear to understand what I had told him; but regardless, I did. I knew what kind of situation I had gotten myself into, and it was time to make the most of it. So, I went home. And there… I stayed.

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I need quality writers, only native (English) writers please with good reviews. I am willing to pay anything between $2 to $5 for 500 words. And also, I need fastest TAT (Turn-around-time). Bid only if you can produce high-quality articles, on time.



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Articles For Orissa Handloom Sarees

I want some articles on Orissa Handloom Sarees..there are lots of variety of orissa handloom i ve mentioned some particular categories ..for each category i need articles of 500 words..

1.Brief on Orissa Handloom Sarees
2.Bomkai sarees
3.khandua Sarees
4.Orissa ikat sarees
5.Barpali Sarees
6.Bapta sarees
7.Berhumpuri Patta sarees

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Payment Processor Page

I want to add paypal as a payment option on my Website. I need someone to set make the paypal buttons and the pages to offer a free trial for each service option. I also need to make some text language translations changes on another website. It is only a couple of words that need to be changed I have the translation already

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Watermark Removal From 15 Pictures

I need someone to remove a watermark from approx 15 images.

Not willing to pay more than $20.

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Pay Per Comment, Comment Box

I like to set up a comment box has features below.

1. people pay per comment
2. people enter their comment on website
3. people also can post their commnet via sending SMS message
4. integrated with credit card payment (should be simple to make payment, maybe like
5. integraged with SMS payment system (should be simple to make payment, maybe like
6. other people can donate to each post if they like the post (only admin knows
where each donate goes to)
7. people can share their comment via twitter, facebook
8. people can search their comment

I really do want easy & simple payment experience on this comment box. Thank you.

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Optin System

I have a server with hosting and cpanelx. I require a simple optin system and email database so I can have an optin box on my site(s) with subscribe/unsubscribe and autoresponder function and a way of designing and/or maintaining the optin box itself.

I also need the ability to set up additional campaigns later on, so the system must be replicable.

At this time I have a bulk email package (Email Marketing PRO) that allows me to send out my newsletters to my list. It allows me to import csv or tab delimited lists, so I wish to be able to use this in conjunction with the optin system, unless you have a better suggestion.

I am NOT interested in "Aweber" or any of those other optin schemes that require a monthly fee. I would however, be willing to look at any "package" that I can pay a one-off fee for. But it would be preferable to have my OWN system.

So, just to be clear, I want to:

a) Be able to create an optin box with associated autoresponder confirmation/success messages
b) Place it on my site (I know how to embed code)
c) Have the subscribers added to an email list on my server
d) Use my marketing package in conjunction with this list to send out my newsletters.
e) Set up another campaign if I need it later on

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I Need Backlinks To My Site

I had a blog hosted on blogspot, but now I bought a domain and transferred it to there. In the site, I installed WordPress and imported all the content.

The problem is that it lost all the PageRank and links it had (it was PR3). So I need some backlinks to it. I want PR5+ links sites. I prefere if they were from Brazil or Portugal, but they all apply.

I am willing to pay $15 for this project, so bid $30 and say in PM how many PR5+ links you can get for this price.

The address of my site is



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Article Rewrites

Need 15 (RE-Written) Articles of 500 words asap.
Immediate payment after acceptance.
Copy cape pass and 100% unique, grammatically correct.

Im looking for a native English speaker with outstanding grammar and writing skills. PM me with writing examples.
Willing to pay $1 per 500 words

*** YOU WILL NEED TO BE ABLE TO SUBMIT 7 articles in one day ***

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Legal Settlement Doc Prep, Signature Collection

We are a small firm seeking legal, paralegal assistance in the US and overseas. We are handling the administration of a claims trust settlement for about 300-500 people for refunds, creditor settlements. Our legal attorneys have drafted the templated settlement agreements. We are seeking a group of legal savvy, competent paralegals to contact each creditor with a pre-settlement, offer package, and collect the signed documents electronically or request for a mailed settlement package to be sent. We have about 500 people at the most we need to get signed documents from into the settlement trust.

We are willing to pay per successful signed package, or per hour. This assignment should take no more than a few weeks.

We have a echo-sign account where people can sign electronically making the process very fast. This may require the occasional phone call or conference with legal.

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Need C++ Developer

Hi to All

I need C++ Developer on Monthly Basis.Need knowlage in MAPI (Mail API), Thareding, DirectX is advantage.
I willing to pay after 30 days period. I have a low budget. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks to All

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I Want To Pay Someone For Finding Informations About Schools

I am looking to hire someone for finding informations (it has to be done around one page of informations of one university or city) about schools, universities and cities. Also with the record of the university it has to be found picture of it (1-3 pics) and video on youtube. I will pay 1 USD per one record. If you have a team, that would be great. You must be extremely fluent in English and be up-to-date with current trends. I need information and data from every single university from the World. If you are good you can make one record easy in 10 minutes.
This is not a full-time position, but it is ongoing for right now.

I will hire multiple people for this project, so I need to know:

– What times you can work.
– What days you can work.
– How long you can work.

Thank you!

There is no limit to the amount you can make.

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Need 10 Articles

I need about about 5 articles with about 700 words written to promote my website. I am willing to pay about $14.00 for all 7 articles.

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Business Practice Newsletter Translation

I am setting up new business practice for a company in Europe.
I will need to send emails to internal staff and a monthly newsletter.
I would like to send out the emails in the recipients preferred language.
I am therefore looking for someone who can help me translate lots of short items into German & French in a way that is suitable for a professional audience.

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Short Anaylsis Of Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

I need a short analysis (250-500 words) on just one out of a few specific episodes from the novel Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. I prefer that you have already read the novel, but if you are a fast reader I can provide you with the online text. I will discuss the details of the specific episodes that you may choose from and how I will need it to be related to the novel as a whole, if you are interested. Native English speakers with an understanding of imagery, symbolism, and themes. I also have another project regarding The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams that I will be posting. Ideally I will find an excellent writer who has read (or is willing to quickly read) both of these classic novels. Please send a PM for more information and I would also like to see samples of your work. I pay well for quality writing and do need this short essay completed as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Cacti Graphs

I use the Cacti PowerDNS auth plugins to track DNS query statistics for my PowerDNS servers. I have modified
the graphs to sum the data from multiple hosts, however, these graphs are displaying inaccurate data.

I also have graphs that overlay the total questions/answers statistics but its summing the data incorrectly. I need this
fixed to show accurate data.

I also want the colors/graph style changed to make it easier to read and spot trends

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WordPress Template Converted

I made a wordpress template psd, it needs to be converted into xhtml/csss and installed into wordpresss
so you will be converted and installing it to wordpress.

do not need a time waster, i am willing to pay $30 for this.

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Why Is It Reloading..again

When you enter you see a thickbox with ads.. the ads reloads 2 times before coming up..

but if you enter directly to the thickbox html it doesnt..reload..

how can i make the thickbox to only load the ads once.?

Im only willing to pay 20 dollars or less.

its a weird problem..because if i install this plugin on another doesnt reload.

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We Need An Android Developer For Several Projects


we need an Android Developer for several small projects we have.

We want directly have contact with the developer and not with a person who has contact with developers…


Akasya Software Development Germany

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Trusted Wiki Editor Needed

I have very professional and very informational articles written and ready to be published. I need someone with a trusted and established wiki editor account to add the changes into wikipedia. We can talk more privately.

I am willing to pay for quality and consistency so low ballers and scammers need not respond.

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Upload And Promote Links For Filehost

We are after a number of people to do some uploading for . App-free is a brand new filesharing site. It currently pays $8 per 1000 downloads that your files get. Im willing to pay more than that for the launch of the site.

I want you to upload your files to the site and then spread links to these files around the internet in appropriate forums and websites.

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AutoFlagger Flagging Software

Need a working Auto flagging software.
The software should be pre-made or already made.
Please bid if you have a great working software
Willing to pay if software is working fully.

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English To Turkish Translation

I need someone to translate something from English to Turkish for me.
Its an Excel file that contains short paragraphs, sentences and phrases. It is for the Turkish version of my website that deals with booking accommodation.

The total length is 3156 words (17844 characters).
I am willing to pay about $30 for that job.

I need a native with previous feedback for work in Turkish (translation, copywriting etc.)
!!!!!If you dont have feedback for Turkish please dont bid!!!!

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Native Proofreaders Needed

I need a native proofreader who can proofread at least 20-30 articles everyday.
I am willing to pay 0.10-0.15 usd for every 500 words.
Should be able to online 10-12 hours a day.
Should be able to check mailbox frequently so that he can start working immediately after new tasks are sent.
Freshers may bid as i only need someone having good command at English. Nothing else is required.
Happy bidding.

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Background Removal

I have approximately 50 pictures I need the background removed from. Am willing to pay $2 per picture.

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How Much You Earn, Depends On You!!

All those new talented freelancing writers are needed. So if you have a decent vocabulary and fantastic grammar then you are welcome to bid.

Native English speakers are welcome but if you are sure that you can provide good articles with good vocabulary and perfect grammar then you are most welcome.

I will be guiding you with each and every step. . You should be able to meet 24 hour deadlines with perfect grammar and good vocabulary.

There is a very STRICT requirement of DEADLINES of 24 hours. If you remain disappear without informing me then your project will be immediately canceled

just a small preview of the project:

Default Payment per article:
300+ words: $1.50
400+ words: $2.30
500+ words: $2.60
750+ words: $3.50
1,000+ words: $4.50

UAW300+ $4.00 (total for all three articles, 300 words per article. 1 original + 2 rewrites)
UAW400+ $4.40 (total for all three articles, 400 words per article. 1 original + 2 rewrites)
UAW500+ $4.80 (total for all three articles, 500 words per article. 1 original + 2 rewrites)

Articles are about all sort of things, so you need to be able to write about anything. However that is not hard as the articles are very short.

The project is ongoing and as long as you want!! As you see my payments are exceeding the average payments on What i ask in exchange is follow instructions very very carefully.

Do not apply if your english is not PERFECT. To check that it is you MUST send me a 150 word sample article of car insurance and rewrite it. Both articles must be in your application.

Applications that dont follow all the instructions above are not taken into consideration.

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I need an experience article writer . must be fluent in english and must be able to write a flowing and conversational article. article must also be ezine articles approval standard. at least 450 words articles. i will to pay $4 per article and will be willing to work with person for a long time if the article satisfy my criteria.

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We are looking for content writer for website in domain of health, medicine and pharma. Requirement is deliver an article per day with 500 words each. Each articles has to be self-written, copyscape passed, written inproper UK/US english.

We are willing to pay 1$ per 500 words articles.

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I Need To Get At Least 100 $10 Signups Per Week. CAN YOU?

Ok this what i need.

-At least 100 signups per WEEK at my site (the membership is $10) I need at least 100 to buy that. PER WEEK for a month
-If you can provide more you will be paid more.

How much do you charge per 100 paid signups in my site?
Bid on that please

Please bid!


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Tasks To Complete.

I have work I need done. Please see attached to get the description. I need this done in 5-7 days. Im willing to pay $130-180 for the work.

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