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DotNetNuke Business Skin For Business Presentation WebSite

I am looking for a web designer to implement a clean, simple, business skin for a DNN site.
Skin should specifically exclude any not necessary items such as social networks references, 3-rd party add space (such as Google or other exchange systems).
Design should allow multi-language versions selection (for the versions set in the backweb as available), clean business menus (dynamical and allowing nice layout for at least 2 levels), a set of custom flash banners on the site thematic (enterprise infrastructure IT projects).
Design background should be WHITE, main colour of design artifacts (lines, menus, partial area background, etc.) is preferred to be blue.
Please observe existing company logo and visual identity on the web site
Existing content (which is in-hose design from scratch, not DNN) should go as a link from the presentation site.
An ideal result would look much like this site which can be taken as reference (especially for menu, flash and organization) –
For integration reasons we can only accept DNN Skin projects. Please do not send proposals for any other technology.

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Need Illustration Designed For Project


This project is for designer – pinky

i need 18 illustrations designed or website



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Pixel Ad Website, Need A Few Adjustments

I have downloaded a pixel script and customised it to my own design. I am about 90% near completion, I just need a few adjustments and a few add ons. Currently the script is designed for the pixels to remain permanent. Whilst this is good, I would also like the option of giving the pixels a fixed time frame (for instance 5 days), after the 5 days the pixel is automatically taken off. I would also like a function that calculates the funds that have been accumulated from each pixel page. I would like this to be displayed on the homepage for users to see as well. The script I have has an admin control function where you can edit templates etc… It uses php and mysql, I have also added in my own html and css to customise it to my liking. On top of all this I also would like a few little minor adjustments as well, will explain further in a written document, these minor adjustments should take about 10 minutes. Someone with good knowledge of php should be able to do this.

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Celebrity Website

Need a website for a RAPPER

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Website Desing

Looking for a website designed similar to a
Thank you!!

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Small Business Website

I have started a small business offering a host of internet services for local businesses.
This has taken off and I am looking for someone to complete websites quickly and economically as I can out a lot of business your way.
I would like to see what you can do for the following businesses with the relevant pricing.

Renewable energy, solar panels based in uk, One business now waiting for first draft

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Need Website Designed With Ecommerce & Forum

We need a website created, complete with Forum and Ecommerce.

The website template we are looking at would be similar to this website (
If you think you could create a website template like this, have any skills with designing a store and forum then dont hesitate bidding on this exciting new project.

We already have a website but would like to create a new, fresh and innovative easy to use online presence. We will continue to be at your assistance every step of the way should you require it. If you have any experience with this kind of work, sending a private message with a link would be much appreciated. We can speak via PM about pricing etc etc.

Were looking forward to your reply.

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Emergency Need 1 Month OLD 1000 Facebook Accounts

Facebook Accounts Providing Criteria (Terms and Conditions):

"I like to prefer experienced provider of USA."

This project is only for those bidder who can supply this within 3-7 days with below criteria. Ill prefer who has ready stock. Please bid with your accurate price and time-frame and must write "I Accept TC" to your PMB that I think you understand all the T&C.

1. All E-mail & Facebook Accounts Login ID & PW (E-mail & FB PW not same for each Profile, also each Email & FB PW must be individual, also not look like abcd001, abcd002).
2. All E-mail & Facebook Accounts Security Question & Answer
3. All Facebook Profiles URL
4. Date of Birth (Must use different)
5. Sex (M4W and W4M)
6. State/City (Must use different location)
7. Must use USA Male & Female Names
8. Must USA Male & Female Human Pictures 3-5 photos each profile (same person

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5 Website Need Some Finishing Touches – ZENCart –

I have five websites that need some finishing work. Most use Zencart on the backend. I have made the mistake over and over again of paying the developer/programmer prior to finishing the job and this is why my websites are not 100% complete. The developer takes the money and does not finish my work. Ive learned my lesson.
All websites are on my hosing site – hostgator.
Four out of the five websites are about 90-95% complete and require just small modifications or a little guidance to me on how to use ZENcart. The fifth website is about 75% complete that requires a bit more work.
A good developer should be able to finish everything in 20 hours.10 hours for the four websites that are 90-95% complete and another 10 hours for the website that is 75% complete.
I will send screenshots of the things that need to be done for each of the websites.
I will do my best to specify all the things that need to be done but just like any project new features might come to mind as we are progressing. So there might be an additional 20% of work that I havent identified now. Please take this into account when you bid.
This is what I am looking for:
1. An expert website developer – especially in zen cart, php, databases
2. Someone honest and not a scammer
3. Perfect English.
4. I want to be able correspond directly with the developer. Not a project manager who will farm out the work
5. I will not pay till the work is 100% done (I learned from my past lessons).
6. Also I will not pay extra. So dont ask for extra money for an extra feature. Just figure that there will be 20% extra work that I have not identified yet.
7. I will not send you money with any other means than Freelancer
8. If you send me a form letter or copy/paste response you will not be considered.
9. You need to be able to work at least 2-3 hours everyday on my projects and send me updates. Dont want to wait for months for developers that are shuffling projects or trying to get new business.
10. Must have a Skype account
Impress me with this Project and I will give you a new Project every two weeks.
I am looking for a long working relationship with someone.
Thanks for reading my post

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SEO Specialist For A New Website

I am looking for someone who has very good experience in SEO
Must have at least 2-5 years exp in the field. No Monkey Business. Serious Candidate should apply only….

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Need 28 Illustrations – Job For PINKY

Need 28 illustrations designed , this job is for PINKY

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Website Promovation. Need Trafic

I have a dating website and i will need some europe trafic. Ill wait for your offers on PM.

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I Need A Copywriter For (1) Page Of Our Photo Website…

We need a solid copywriter for (1) page of our photo business website. This is the page we will have users directed to from out Google AdWords campaign.

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Need 100 Designed Wallpapers/backgrounds


I have 100-150 sliced pictures that I need your creativity for creating wallpapers/backgrounds. Its an easy job, all backgrounds will have a large size

Size 1: 768×1024
Size 2: 640×960

I will need samples from you, i have attached 10 sliced pictures, provide me 1-2 examples of how they can look if you do them. Bid per pircture along with the sample in a PMB to myself

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Images Designed


I need a person to make 21 images of memory cards – mainly 5 main images (5 differents manufacturers) then just need to change the capacity of the memory cards for the others images.

Need them done within 72 hours

thanks for bidding

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Adsense Site

I need a google adsense website designed

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I Need A Website Like Http://

I need a website like my max budget is about $ 250.

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GRIM Website

I would like a Website with multiple pages
We are a gaming community that play multiple Online games
Homepage must not be game specific however must show that all games are played and welcomed in our community
Homepage must have Session Manager that is linked to All other pages and modules including Forums, shoutout box, calender, etc.
Session manager must have registration fields for new signups and must have catogories to select which kind of registration new signups are requiring, such as signing up for website usage or game specific account creations such as World of Warcraft private servers.
must also create an account connected to a private world of warcraft database if that option is chosen in session manager
Homepage must include such modules such as: Teamspeak3 display,shoutoutbox,scrolling member list, all game server status displays plugins, world map, or rotating globe that displays Registered members locations in world.etc
Navigation menu must include Home,Forums,Roster,Downloads(in dropdown must include game patches for specific games we request),Games(in dropdown must redirect you to game specific pages that we request),
Color theme is to be black and dark orange or red
We must have game specific pages that are included when you hit Games menu button including graphics and other modules services which is too indepth to go into on this description
Must have admin control panel option when admins login to edit or move any website modules and or displays to other locations or account information regarding other users
must have ip ban options and a basic admin panel for user management
I am basically asking for a very complicated and interactive website including themes and graphic design
I also request to be able to communicate with the creator on a one on one basis so that i can better describe what i am requesting
We have a webserver and have some knowledge of database usage

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Need Somebody Get My CPA Network Accounts Approvals.

We need someone who can get the CPA network accounts approvals.

You should have experienced with CPA networks and know how to promote the offer with all kinds of methods.I will send u my personal informations and accounts will be under my name . I will send u a skype username and password or a google voice with a gizmo5 account .You need to pay nothing to get start. only u should do is fill the application on the networks website, then make calls to them on behalf of me and get the accounts approved.

I need about 30 approved account. Each time I will send u several networks url to fill application and make the call.
when I get any reply frome the networks. I will send u the payment.

I will pay you $30-$50 for each network.

I sincerely hope to develop the long- term co- operation partner do some help for me to do it.

please PM me more detail or give me your AIM, MSN to discuss it.

thank you

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Quick Simple Website, Need It Fast

Please read this description carefully! it did not work out with our previous programmer because he did not deliver the site as described! We will not add to this, but we need all of these elements as described.

General description:
1. This site will feature an index of books.
2. Each book entry will have an image, title, author, ISBN, subject, age, and description and a link to buy the book.
3. The site will NOT have a shopping cart; the links will be to other sites (like amazon).

1. It should have kid-friendly colors (pastels). I can send you a sample of how I would like it to look.
2. It must be mobile-browser friendly.
3. Back-end makes it easy to add new books or edit. (WordPress is fine, or other platform)
4. Backend will include standard button to add product
5. We will add all data to site. We will provide you with sample data to build the site.

1. The home page first has an option to either search or browse by 2 categories.
(the search is just a simple search option)
2. Under browse, user chooses to browse all the titles, or browse by age or subject.
3. Under search or browse, user will see a page of thumbnail images, titles and first line of description
4. When user clicks on a book, a new window opens with the full-size image, full description, etc.
5. There will be an ABOUT page with a user response form.
6. The home page will have at the bottom links to post this site on users twitter and facebook pages.

1. You will upload the site. URL has already been purchased.

Three milestone payments – 1/3 upon completion of theme, 1/3 on completion of site, 1/3 upon completion of uploading.

Your bid must include a link to your portfolio.

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Freelance Business Writer

Hot, media advertising company in Chicago is looking for a freelance writer with a diverse background in business writing to develop multiple articles. Experience writing about process-engineering, advertising, outsourcing, digital ad operations is preferred. Examples of what we

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Joomla Designed Website

Looking for a web designer/programmer, graphic designer to add a new custom template, graphics and functionality to existing website or create a whole new website.

current website has many of the pages already done with text but needs to be designed better with graphics to be more appealing and user friendly. for the home page i would like some javascript or flash to add some moving text which needs to be easily edited.

as for the functionality i will try and explain as best i can. The website is lottery based and customers will select their lottery, select their chosen numbers, create username, password etc..,pay and then be taken to their own personal page where they can view their purchased lottery, edit details, withdraw winnings, purchase more lotteries etc..

Membership page needs to show selected lottery currently chosen, current amount won, points accumulated, numbers chosen.

Each customer will also choose 5 numbers for the daily free draw and points would be accumulated by matching so many numbers. Member details, numbers chosen including free draw numbers will have to be recorded on some sort of database for easy access. payment will be done by a third party extension (if thats whats you call it) paypal or similar.

Ive tried to explain as best i can, sites with similar functionality and the kind of design im after is

please contact me if you require any more information. What i would like to see is a breakdown of what work would be needed and samples of portfolio.

with thanks

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Need Email Security Expert

We have a product in the email security business from Europe and we need an expert in email security to read and analyze a document (6 pages) that describes this product.

The deliverable is an evaluation summary document (2 pages max) on the uniqueness and the business potential for this product in the US and global market. We need a knowledgeable opinion on the business potential of this product.

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Website Need Made For Stock Promo Site

Need someone to build a pennystock promo website that also collects emails address . I have color, and some what of a template format to go on. I want someone do build and design without me having to help everyday . YOu are the professional not me….and need someone with creative mind. I also want to use the winner for future projects also and updates to website so there will be lots more work coming.

here are a few example

here is color Blue Im looking for with a Black background

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Up For A Challenge? Need A Killer CMS Website Designed!

I want to have a website designed for my new business. I dont want to give out to much information about the business I will start, but its focused on helping students to study abroad. Basically we offer the students services, such as registering them to a university, arranging accommodation, etc.

It should be a CMS website, so I can easily add/remove content on my website.
I like the web 2.0 design and colors on this website:
But the layout would have to be a bit different, since im selling completely different kind of products/services! The website will consist out of something like 40pages.

Important: need great design for logo, website should be CMS, people should be able to login in to website and connect with my other customers.

Happy holidays guys 🙂

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Website Content 510ME

Require 5 website Home Pages

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Travel Safety In Cambodia

We require 5 fully researched briefs identifying the top travel safety issues facing tourists travelling in Cambodia

Suggested topics: petty crime, likelihood of assault, water & food safety, scams and rip-offs, women

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Properties Auctioneer Database

Hi ,
I am property auctioneer and ,

I am thinking of developing database for my business which can integrate with my website,

The database will have :
Table of:]

1.Banking info
2.client info info info
5. interested bidder info

I need all this information to merge of being output or generated as several document and letters to be print and to be uploaded to website(in progress yet).
Need nice layout,

And in future this information can be viewed in iphone users.

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Need Website NOW – Go Daddy Website Tonight

We need someone to design a quick yet eye catching site quickly and on a small budget. We have a website tonight account thru Go Daddy, 5 pages. ….I have some images and verbiage. Just need someone that is familiar with this application and can get something up quickly. Must be available via skype chat and give me a timeline in your response. I need something simple yet good looking quickly!!!! use templates on go daddy… whatever is easiest and quickest, Want to hire today.

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