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IPhone App Needed

We need an iPhone App designed and created that will communicate with native items on the iphone such as the contact list and to communicate with the iphones geo locator. The actual app will mainly pull information already on the iphone and will have minimal settings on the actual app.

02/04/2011 at 17:17 EST:

Note – This is not a Game

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Iphone Application Needed


We required an Iphone application.

More Details in PMB.


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2 Iphone Apps Needed

Project has many layers, But basically an app that allows Referrals to order products via it for their patients and helping the referral source get the proper documentation to our office. Prescription, Diagnosis(coder installed), Doctor signature, and even PICTURE of Extra documentation. Pictures of things being ordered will be in app, attachements for what was ordered and all dropped(text) into a perscription form where the doctor can sign. Then all info sent via email. Several Emails being able to be sent to several different locations to met doctor and provider compliance.

Other app will be for a Pharmacy, with Doctors being able to perscribe products(drop down of drugs), signature page etc and send over to pharmacy, need this to be user friendly and helpful sourse for doctor.

both of these apps will require updates quarterly or bi yearly and need somebody who can service these

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Iphone Expert Needed

Greetings from Alan,

This is a re-post, due to a bad provider here who wasted my time.

Iam looking for an Iphone expert, who can work with my team and help my guys finish up the last pending stuff.

Only experts Apply. No time-wasters please.

I shall pay you hourly if I like your work.

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Needed: Website Plus Optional Iphone, BB, And Android Apps

Website will need to allow two different kinds of user accounts/profiles to be set up:
1. the end user- consumers
2. businesses

Business user interface should allow them to fill out a few fields. All of this information should then be aggregated into a post in a stream of other posts created by other businesses. The business users account will also include the ability to hold credit card information for monthly billing that can be turned on/off

The end-user should be able to view all of the deals posted by businesses who are within their zipcode. I would like these users to also be able to sort this stream in multiple different ways as well as search through the posts.

The programmer should also be able to provide the design/graphics. I have some pretty detailed slides laid out in PowerPoint but graphics, as well as logo should be handled by the company contracted.

Additionally, I would like to see options in the bid for smartphone apps (breakout cost of each for Iphone, Blackberry, and Iphone). Smartphone apps should use location devise of phone to aggregate posts rather than zipcode.

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IPhone Developer Needed

We have a iPhone application that needs to be programmed. The wireframes are already mocked-up.
We need a developer to write the code for this application.
You should have experience using video and social networking elements for the iPhone.

Please refer to Appadvice and AppReviews for the iphone. Our iphone App will have similar features like this.

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Iphone WebApp Needed

I need a webapp that does following things.

1) Users signup using their phone with name, username and password
2) Then they should be able to logged in using that created username / password
3) There should be another menu with google map which shows up the current location with a Pin . Pin should have their username.
4) So as an example if two users logged in we should be able to see two pins in google map with relates to their locations.
5) This user details should interact with the simple website using XML-Rpc. also there should be a web based google map in java / flash so some one can logged in to web site and see others. If some one logged in from a computer.

6) Other requirements: Must use php , mysql and apache , xml-RPC for website. Must maintain cookies for sessions in iphone. Should check for any wi-fi connection when click the signup / login button and if not use normal phone internet service (3G/At&t) .I should get clean working source code that i can recompile and check with apple Xcode.

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Iphone Websites Needed

Only for experienced coders. Send me your previous iphone websites or applications examples to be considered.


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Iphone Apps Needed

I need an existing iphone apps and new iphone apps to be developed for me.

I need existing iphone developers to give me instruction on how to get started on apple itunes store.

PM me.

Thank you.

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Facebook Apps Needed

I am looking for existing facebook apps to commercialize and sell.

PM me if you have existing facebook apps with codes and ready to distribute.

PM me what the app does, functionality, etc.

Thank you.

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