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Custom Prostores Web Design Needed

We have several stores in several channels. We have an ebay store
and want the design, home page, category landing pages to match the ebay store. We have and will provide graphics from the ebay store. We will set up shopping cart functionality and import products and categories from EBay but require the winner to also build the following funtionality that we have in our other prostores site (PLEASE REVIEW THIS SITE FOR FUNCTIONALITY BELOW)

1. Google analytics
2. Google check out
3. Amazon check out
4. Fast loading SEO firendly home page
5. Geotrust Button
6. Payment Methods buttons and Icons
7. Google translator
8. Facebook "like buttons" on all products and pages
9. Breadcrumbs functionality
10. Fly-out left nav functionality

On all the numbered items above I can provide access to the code used to create this functionality in our enlightenedexpressions site so you can adjust and re-use in the new site. Please read this specifications carefully and quote both time and bid

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4 Fixes To Different Joomla Sites

1. Create module to retrieve products from Virtuemart which is installed into another site.
2. Language module position into a Joomla site
3. language…. same
4. Custom contact page, which replace classic contact page

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Custom Calligrapher NEEDED

I am in need of a calligrapher who make me custom monograms for wedding use. Would need custom letters or a complete alphabet.

It must be a calligrapher and is not allowed to take monograms or letters from internet or any other copyright or public domain place.

All work must be custom and I would keep the rights to use them always.

02/08/2011 at 18:26 EST:

Budget is $30 and must show a sample before picking as winner. If I like the work I will use you for all my next projects. Need custom monograms all the time.

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Custom Calligrapher NEEDED

I am in need of a calligrapher who make me custom monograms for wedding use. Would need custom letters or a complete alphabet.

It must be a calligrapher and is not allowed to take monograms or letters from internet or any other copyright or public domain place.

All work must be custom and I would keep the rights to use them always.

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Phpfox Custom Design

Have a look at – I need a phpfox template designing based on this sites branding and css.

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Custom Coder Needed

Nee a custom coder to join me on some work. Looking for some with PHP skills, has access to a computer often, good Internet connection and very importantly, decent communication with response times. Not interested in once-a-day reply people. Also looking to work with someone who listens well and communicates at the beginning of their work day not that end of the day, Im about to leave stuff. I(n a gist a professional. No time for those who have no understanding of how to operate a business and be professional.

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Joomla Slice Custom Design For Listbingo

Dear all,

we will like to built a classified web for joomla.

we are using Listbingo componet (…thus we will like the new design to be integrated on it…

So straight to the point:

1. we have designed a mockup design…

2. Take the mockup, add a professional finish on it

3. Convert it to joomla and integrate it on Listbingo

Need it fast , need it pro!

Thanks in advance

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Joomla Design Needed

I have psd with me which I dont like , I will provide that to the winning designer and you will make it more professional and then convert it into joomla design.

I need this by tomorrow at any cost…..

I will also provide the contact for the full project design after my meeting with client tomorrow evening , if he likes your work you will get the whole design project along with 2 more project which i have with me after this.

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WordPress Design Needed

We need a WordPress template designed and installed. The site is about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and must reflect that.

Our site is:

Other sites that we would like the template to look like is:

If you need any info, please PM me.

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Custom Coding Needed For Blog – ASAP

I have a custom blog design that needs to be posted online. I will provide the PSD, the design just needs to be applied to a current blog. The design is fairly simple, and the layout would be very similar to this blog:

The blog is currently being hosted on Blogger but the blog owner is willing to move to WordPress but all of her content would have to be moved.

The new blog must go live on October 22, 2010.

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Custom Video Needed

Custom video needed for 4 high traffic websites. Video needs to be original, cutting edge and sharp looking. The content will be related to cigars and the lifestyle, video games, celebrity gossip and manga (Japanese comics). Each video would be 2-4 minutes in length and you will be paid $50 per video. We will need video for 1 site every week and the other 3 sites 2x per month. You would be responsible for all content with some direction by me. Payments will be made one time per month during the first week of each month. This is an ongoing job that will require consistent delivery on time each Thursday.

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Custom Site Design/developer Needed For A Backend Management

We need a management system that will allow customers to create an account, purchase a service, and will be able to monitor the progress of each service purchased. The user accounts will contain all customer contact info as well as all current and past jobs completed. For each active job the customer will be able post questions and comments and the contractor handling the job will be able to respond accordingly. As site owners and administrators we need to have full oversight and control of the jobs as well as ability to see all communication between customers and contractors. I want to make sure ALL communication is controlled within our system. Potentially a search function that red flags comments like,

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Joomla Custom Website Needed


I need complete joomla website. I have 2 printscreens how I want that to look like:

Components I need:
– Webdesign like on picture, of that kind and quality
– Forum integrated like on picture 2 but wider, without right modules
– Blog intergrated

Content pages should be all the same, without this part of 5 categories at the top.

Important: Besides home page, I need some custom made graphics on 5 main pages (fish species, fishing techniques, fishing tackle, recipes, fishing places). Something to improve the look. Something like when you open "fish species" page I need to have some kind of 20 small icons for every fish species, or in fishing techniques I want some clickable picture for every techinque (10 techniques)…

On home page, I want on the right to have 2 parts "latest blog posts" and "latest forum posts".

Website will have a huge amount of pages, but I will add them myself.

In general, I want complete website with all the things done, set up on the server and working.

p.s. when bidding send me links in PM with your previous work.

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Joomla Site Design Needed (Urgent)

I need a duplicate website design done in Joomla. I need the template ready in 1-2 days at most.
I will provide the website, all you need to provide is template and graphics.
Please show me samples of joomla templating websites you have done before. I am not looking to reinvent the wheel. Budget is not more than $75 for this site.

Further Details please PM. Serious bidders only. Must work in time frame ! need to available skype or msn.
Thanks !

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Cupcake Website Needed! Custom Design. More Projects To Come

I own a cupcake catering company, and we are in need of a website that will attract buyers, and make them want to place an order.
We want the website to match our color scheme, and "go" with the overall look of our logo. We like simplicity, but also complexion.

Before we go even further, we will ONLY hire someone from the US / Canada / UK (Because of time zones). There will be a rare exception if the designer is willing to work during US (California) time, and who can 100% properly speak the English language without any difficulty.

We will be needing the following:
– Easily editable photo gallery – For displaying photos of our latest cupcakes/events
– Contact forms / quote form
– Online Ordering page (professional)
– A way for us to add pages whenever we need to.

The type of pages we will need are as listed:
– Home
– Our Menu
– Photos
– Pricing
– About
– Blog (WordPress?)
– Ordering
– Contact us

With other pages such as:
– Terms & Conditions
– Cupcake Parties-to-go
– Corporate Events
– Weddings
– Gift Certificates
– Calendar
– Videos

We would prefer the design be a WordPress design, that way we can easily edit and add additional pages as needed. However, if it were a WordPress theme, we would like it to have a custom look and feel to it. Not the traditional wordpress look.

We already have a logo, and a current .com, .net, and .org to go along with the site.

We are working on a budget of no more than $300.00. Even then, we would like to see the winning bid be much less than that. We own multiple other businesses that are in need of websites / designs / logos / flyers made, that if this job is done flawlessly with great creative design, we can promise much more business in the very near future. PS – Winning bid will also get first priority when we go to launch our iPhone APP design project.

The key to winning this job is being able to demonstrate that you can create a creative and artistically beautiful website that is able to meet all our goals in a timely manor. We dont want to be just another design, we want someone who will actually spend time on our project, and someone who will assist in creating our business grow.


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Custom Bookshelf Needed – Good Job For A Woodworker

I want a hardwood single bookshelf of high quality to store large photo albums in. No particle board. Single shelf unit with base and top. I want the shelf to accomodate items that are 15 inches H and 17 inches D, and be 75 inches L. While the length is the size of the wall to wall space the total unit will occupy, the 17 inches D and 15 inches H are what the shelf must accomodate, not the total dimensions of the units HxD. Since this unit will sit on the floor it requires an integrated base, and since it is only one shelf it requires a finished top which I will put small onjects on, such as small statues, etc. Assuming the base is say 4 inches and the top is 3 inches, the H would be the 15 inches clearance required for the albums(which are 15 inches H) plus the extra inches for the base and top. Also, the 17 inches D is required for the items to be stored, which are 17 inches D. The back board of the unit would be additional depth, not cutting into the 17 inches D needed to accomodate the 15Hx17D albums.

Most pre-made hardwood bookcases are too narrow in depth for me, being 12-15 inches D. Office equipment suppliers make steel 2-shelf designs in 18D to accomodate sales binders, however the room I need the shelf for is too formal for a steel bookcase, as the othe furniture is walnut and cherry in medium to dark stain. A steel office cabinet would look out of place in the room. Also I do not need a 2-shelf unit and would prefer the one low profile long shelf unit. As the albums are heavy, each shelf would take 180 lbs (which is what the steel ones are designed to take) without warping under the weight. Since I only need one shelf, weight is supported directly by the base and floor so the 180lbs load wont matter. Unit would need to be shipped to the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area, though the cost for that shipping would be paid by me in addition to the job cost. The shipping would be arranged by the bidder.

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We are an editor joomla based websites and we would need a smart fast and polyvalent webmaster whose job is to handle many web tasks on high end joomla websites :
– content upload
– html/css editing
– Adapt page layouts/ modules
– basic SEO
– Optimize pages
– Access rights
– Small debug
– Adapt forms (chronoforms)
– Configure shop / product upload (Virtuemart)
– newsletter management (acajoom)
– Basic Social promotion (FB, tweeter, youtube..)

We require previous experience in Joomla sites, SEO, english fluency, html/CSS good capabilities, and knowledge of graphic editing (we supply all graphics and content).

Please send your resume in PM + previous work links / websites you worked on.

We need to quote for about 100 hours

Detail of tasks to be discussed in PMB

To avoid SPAM please only message into PMB and start your message with JOOMLA

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Joomla REVIEWs Website Design Needed HIGH QUALITY

Joomla REVIEWs Website design needed HIGH QUALITY

I need a custom HIGH QUALITY Joomla reviews design. This si the Joomla Reviews script website:

We have purchased the script and need a design related to dentist and dental equipments as well as a logo.
Something of a HIGH QUALITY.

We reserve the right to reject designs (so make sure you are doing quality work), based on our criteria. We have our own webdesigners that are busy doing another project leaving me now choice but to outsource this one. They will analyze your design and decide if it is acceptable or not.

We wish to have something done within 1 to 2 days at most. So it can be integrated.

Bidders must have good feeback on GAF for webdesign, and several examples done before for me to look at.

We request that you submit us a mockup, that we can check, and then we decide the winner.

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Custom CMS Needed

I am looking for an adult cms that will be able to control multiple websites from one page similar to or or

It will need to do at least the following from the backend:
Schedule picture sets and videos on desired days
Watermark, thumbnail, zip pictures
Create Free Hosted Galleries with multiple templates
Ability to choose pictures of the day / moment
Manage upsells / banners
Assign multiple users with various levels of access ie: admin / webmaster / model
Create a blog
Integrate Twitter when there is an update?
The ability to view upcoming content and view how much content is in queue per website
Manage 2257 documents
Encode Video files to flv, mp4, divx etc. on server and let user download
Cut and encode clips for trailers
Mailing list of upcoming scenes

Show limited preview
Stream FLV videos
Vote on Model / Scene
Comment system
Opt in Mailing List
Allow users to save favorites
Sort Updates by date, rating or title
Show number of photos / videos on tour of site

Among other things. I currently am using Sitedepth but am tired of how limited it is and would like to have something that can easily be added as time and technology advances.
I am pretty sure drupal can do most of this. I just need someone to put the pieces together for me

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