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Add Restart Button To Flash Game…

I have a flash game that needs to have a restart button added so that win a person wins or loses they are able to restart the game….

files are attached

this is a simple project and the budget is $30 MAX

You can use stock flash/flex buttons if you like, label needs to read "restart"

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I have a project written in Visual Studio 2010 that needs to be able to produce invoices and other documents. The code already exists for the inserting of the data but I need to be able to produce a document for the user to see and then print

The forms have already been completed, so the only thing that now needs to be done is to show the data on the document.

I will need to be able to change document design myself in the future.

I would be happy to use the new report viewer control in VS 2010 .NET 4.0 or if needs be any other 3rd party control that is resonably priced.

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Forum Poster Required

I am looking for experienced forum posters, quality working only in native english.

Poster needs to join in with conversation, No posts from gambling or porn related threads, try to avoid threads with 100s of spammers/pharmacy related content.

Quality posts only.

Forum needs to be indexed by Google.

If you can provide related forums that is the ideal.

In your application please include examples of your previous posts plus outline the cost per post.

If you have speciality in one area, please let me know.

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Graphics Programing, House Roofs

Hi freelancers,

I am looking for someone who has experience in graphics programming and the api

what my company needs is to have "solar panels" images automaticly inserted onto roofs of houses

user needs to be able to input an address and it will take a snapshot of the roof on, google map is not an option as the images are not updated.

each panel are sized 1m x 2m and can only be put on roofs that are facing NW,NNW,N,NNE,NE

you will have 2 weeks to complete this project.

happy bidding

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Convert Html Website To Joomla


This is a meaningful project for a non-profit organization.

The project involves converting a very basic HTML website to fully functional Joomla template with some changes. It will need to have standard components as event calendar, photo & audio/video gallery, few fill-form pages and classifieds (optional). The template should have dual language selection functionality.

Here is the HTML website template that needs to be converted. The top, left, right, bottom menus needs to be changed. I will provide all the details in the word document.

If I find the right person I will select them right away. Payment after you show us the Template is ready. I will then escrow the payment and you send the template in Zip file that we can install using Joomla Template Installer.

Budget is $100 max. This is a religious non-profit site and you will be working on a good cause, ultimately affecting 100s of thousand lives in a positive way.

Thank you!

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Website / Portal

We are now in the process of developing a new website for The site needs an overhaul in response to the growing attention he is receiving in the media, and we need the services of a capable web developer to first re-do a comparably static website with the use of Flash and other engaging media devices. We will eventually need help developing a more interactive element involving online quizzes, questionnaires, and other sophisticated tools for the user to enjoy and require that this initial design can eventually accommodate those needs.

We would like the site to be clean and modern and be an information portal like webmd users can create their own personal profiles and track results of there activities.

Please see attached word document for full details.

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New Corporate Realestate Site Needed

I need a design for a corporate realestate site.

Here is the current design
Here is the new site which the client doesnt like

The logo has to stay the same. The slogan "celebrating 21 years" needs to be displayed on there.

I have images that need to be in a slider at the top and the site needs to look sharp and very professional. The images on the new site, within the text, seems like they will be staying the same at this stage but you can see that the site needs to portray strength and stability. Please PM me with some examples of your previous designs that you think are applicable for this new corporate realestate site design.

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Website Design With Online Sales

Looking for a website for a natural health clinic. Can supply some graphics. Require Home Page, Services Page with several Sub-pages, About Page, Contact Page and online shop to sell approximately 10 products. Shop needs shopping carts but can checkout with PayPal. Website needs to have a relaxed yet professional, polished, clean look.

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CSS Issue Needs Fixing…must Have IE9/VISTA -OS

I need a minor issue fixed which I believe is CSS related…You must have IE9 and windows VISTA operating system without that it will be waste of time…

budget is 30$..will probably take u 10 mins to fix for right person.

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Joomla Website Needs Finishing With Some Redesign

Please finish our travel website. Its made with Joomla and HTML, and needs some redesign.

The site is pretty much built out in the Joomla database (not the pop ups yet, though)

See what has been done here:

Total there are 75 pages and about 120 popups. Over 100 of the popups all look the same (see attached file).

I have all content, copy and images. I know generally how each page should be laid out.
There will be links to videos and to outside websites, photo galleries, and a Paypal payment gateway. There are no fancy modules typically used by travel companies — this is a small boutique nonprofit company.

It would be good to spend time at the beginning making sure we both understand what the design of the different parts might be. Then hopefully all will go smoothly.

Developer (the one doing the work) should speak good English.

Attached is
1) example of what we think might be nice for a redesigned template
2) a typical popup

Thank you.

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WordPress Site Build With Pay Wall


I have an existing WordPress site that is pretty poor, I will be needing you to do a number of things:

– Find/build and install a theme that is worthy of a news/visual website
– Build in a paywall so that we can charge for premium content
– Build the existing content into the new theme
– The site will need the ability to add video content and photo content (in separate areas)
– The site will need space for advertisements
– The front page will need a slider that showcases new and interesting content
– Needs to encourage sign up
– Needs to be easy for users to sign up (only able to post content once registered behind paywall)
– Very simple navigation
– Link in to Twitter both to show our Tweets and to allow content to be tweeted
– The content will all be centred around COMEDY so needs to be both light hearted and serious in relevant places
– Will need a features page to be built for signup

Of course I would also like input from you as to what you think would add to the site.

Please read the entire post / project before bidding and when you message please provide examples of your work as well as an idea of what you have in mind for the site.

Many thanks,


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Looking For A V-Bulletin Expert To Finish Website

Anyone interested in bidding on this project must first register at and add an image of a dog to see how the site works. This is NOT my website. But I would like some of the features/functions they use. Please dont bid on the project unless you registered there so you have a clear understanding of my needs.

My website is

My goal is to make if more user friendly along with making it feel like any dog owner would love to come back to it.

I will attach screen shots of how I would like the site to look and function. A lot of the site is done already but some of the main areas in need of work are the following:

Right now, an owner can have a profile. I need each owner to have a profile along with each individual dog to have a profile. Refer to Owner Profile Page and Add My Doggie Page and Profile Page for Each Dog (attached).

Another thing that is not working properly is the "share" button. It takes you to facebook, but doesnt bring up the correct dog along with the correct bio. You can see how I would like it to work if you go to (THIS IS NOT MY WEBSITE…JUST A REFERENCE).

Main Profile Page needs to be redesigned. Refer to Main Profile Page (attached).

After registration, I would like people to just be able to add their profile/dogs without having to wait for an email.

I would like the facebook "LIKE" on all dogs, Please refer to – (its above dog pic).

After registration, it should bring them to a Thank You for Registering Page. And this page needs to be redone. Refer to Thank You For Registering (attached).

Owner Profile Page needs to be redone. Refer to Owner Profile Page (attached)

Add My Doggie Page needs to be redone. Refer to Add My Doggie Page (attached)

Profile Page for Each Dog needs to be redone. Refer to Profile Page for Each Dog.

On Home Page – Would like the ADD YOUR DOGGIE and ADD YOUR DOGGIE VIDEO to flash. Nothing too flashy, but something to make it stand out and noticeable.

Move the FB, Username, Password, Login, Help and Register below the dog banner and add a FB icon directing them to my fan page and a twitter icon directing them to my twitter page.

On this page – – I need a picture with explanation of the following: Add an Image, Filmstrip, and Hyperlink – added under Instruction on the right hand side.

The site should be SEO optimized with Google admin tools, site maps, robots, metatags as well as google SEO package

One month of support to work out any glitches.

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I have PHP Code that needs to be integrated into my website as a form. A slight change needs to be done to the code. To hide one box and make it the default option. Small Project on a budget

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Simple GPS App

The app I need made should be fairly simple. what I need it to do is use some form of mapping ability google maps or whatever, and I need the app to pull location constantly or at intervals of every 5 min. the reason for the intervals is because i believe it would help save battery life and give user option to choose. pls correct me if im wrong on the battery life. On the map i need it to have lines mapping the route if setting is on constant, and if it is set on 5 min intervals, it needs to have dots to show where they were at that time) when user presses one of the dots it needs to show the time that the location was pulled and the address of where user was. (address can be an aproximate range of number like on standard map app. for example: 100-200 4th ave south)

so there needs to be 2 pages. 1 with the settings and another with the map and route.

also. user needs to be able to save logs and refer back at later times.

i believe this is all I need for the app. but some small changes to above description may occur.

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Project Inisport

Project iniSport
My client is selling supplments for the fitness industry and needs to have a website developed in wordpress. The following requirements apply:

1.A unique designed logo and website for needs to be developed.
2.There should be an option for adding products to the page.
3.A shopping cart feature should be added to the site.
4.Upon placing an order an email should be forwarded to the customer as well as iniSport.
5.The design should be similar to
6.The menu should be horisontal.
7.On the frontpage there should be pictures of products changing after a few seconds.
8.The colorscheme should be Black and Red with white Font.
9.The menu structure should be as this:
-Om iniSport
-Kontakt (A contact formular should be applied)

Please qoute for this project.


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I am struggling to migrate 2 joomla websites hosted in 2 different web hosting to another.
The first one is located in web host, needs to be migrated to another web host, all details will be provided. All the files were uploaded as well as database however they might need to be re- uploaded again to make sure the process is correct. These 2 website are running in their current webhosts
Second website, same situation.
This job needs to be completed in less than 2 days

Budget is small
This should take too long to someone knowledgeable in the area.

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Ning Customization Redux

We have setup a Ning website and are currently setting up SocialGoa web site for star gazers. We are interested in contracting a developer who can help us create a custom user profile page (in either site) that would allow our users to setup the telescope "profiles" with the individual components that together make their "setup". We would then want their telescope setup to be displayed as active links to the part manufactures web site. The idea is to monetize the site by partnering with the manufacturer and providing links to their websites where our users will buy equipment and we would get a referral fee as well. If you could provide me with pricing estimates or any guidance as to which language is most appropriate to fill our needs I would sure appreciate that. This is an urgent need and payment would be made promptly and will reflect and be commensurate of a "rushed" timeline.

04/01/2011 at 17:04 EDT:

Please accept my apologies for the lack of communication. We actually would like to contract you for this job, and wanted to let you know some time ago. One of my partners was trying to find your email for the past few days to let you know because he didnt realize he has to communicate with you through Freelancer. So I took over,… and hopefully it is not too late! Your understanding of the hobby, our needs and the project itself separated you (considerably) from the other contractors. Despirte your time constraints we all felt you were by far the best fit and worth waiting for. Anyway, we would like to contact you directly and get the project started. Can you please provide us with a telephone, email and generally some direction on what you need to get started. Thank you again for your patience. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Chris Medley

Christopher Medley
Director of Information Technology | Ambry Genetics
o. (949) 900-5552
m. (949) 478-5418

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Changes To Website (build With Frames)

A small website built with frames consisting of less than 20 html pages needs a few changes.

10 images need to be edited.
Font style needs to be changed.
The contact form on the contact page has to be removed.
The navigation needs one more link.
Maybe 4 or 5 more little changes.

All in all, I estimate that the time needed to do all changes will be less than 90 minutes at the most.
However, you should be aware of how frames sites are constructed and should have prior experience with websites built with frames.

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Create A Windows App That Will Convert Excel Files Into PDFs

Create a windows application that will convert excel files into PDF

The program needs to accept two excel files

The first is the Data that will be used to create the data in the pdf
The Second is a lookup file

The lookup file is used to get the Size and Style by looking up from the Product Code field from the first excel file

The application needs to create seperate PDFs per picklist – You get this from the Pick List field

If the amount of items on the picklist for a single order is greater than 33 it should paginate on to the next page

The PDF needs to be layed out as per the example PDFs

Naming Convention for the PDFs:
514114 PickList_20091027160027
ie: [Pick List] Picklist_{Date/Timestamp}

The fields that need to be pulled in is illustrated in the Field Breakdown PDF

The application needs to have a setting or a configuration file where we can specify where the PDFs output will be saved.

I have included example of the excel files and also examples of the Output of the PDFs

Please only bid if you Understand the project and have previous experience and can finish!

Best Regards,

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Need Telemarketing Script Written For Appointment Setting

I need a telemarketing script designed for setting touring appointments for our business center. It needs to be complete with: needs assesment, rebuttals to everything and assumptive close. I need this done immediately (yesterday) because my phone person starts on Monday.

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Image Editing – Background Removal

Need the backgrounds removed on some image.

Detailed work, needs fast turnaround

Output needs to be very good – high quality and delivered on PNG with transparent background.

Budget is ~$30, delivery needs to be quick, and if you want to do more, let us know your price.

Let us know how many you can do for $30. PMB for sample.

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Flash Banner Needs 4 Links Add To Hit State(Actionscript 2)

I have a flash banner that needs four hyper-links added, to image hit states, in actionscipt 2. Should be an easy project for an actionscipt 2 specialist.

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Group Buying Site

Hi I want a group buying website. Yes I know its not orginal. Needs to be very professional. Site will need to be able to list products and hold photos. Main colours are a red-maroon, not unlilke,,, Note needs to be able to take payment and provide email, usual functions…
I have a logo which I will add, and name.

Let me know what you need.

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Photoshop Tutorial Needed

My client needs a 2 high quality photoshop tutorial made.

They can be about anything you like but they have to be amazing.

Quality needs to be as good as these:


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Joomla Website Needs Help To Finish Scripts

We are about to go live with a new Joomla 1.5 site. The previous contractor has left a few errors and oversights which need attention. They are not huge, this is a small job, and will probably require only a few hours or less for someone with Joomla programming skills.

I need this job done immediately as the site was intended to go live April 1st. I require your offer professional services as follows:

– Excellent English and good communication skills so I know what you are doing. I may be available online via Skype so we can work through the issues together.

– A reliable person who will not let me down I am an honest, friendly and easy person to work for, but expect quality work in return.

– The kind of issues we need your help with are:

1. Add a sort order field to our custom backend component that lists several items.
2. Fix other sortting problems so records are returned in proper order as requested.
3. Form inside popup window needs to submit within popup (therefore not with main template)
4. Some help with attaching a CSV file to an email. There is a script already working on our old site… we just need it working the same on new joomla site. Form already submitting… just need to add the CSV attachment.
5. "Remember me" not working on login
6. Up/Down arrows not working in custom backend component
7. Form field validation (i.e. required fields)

A few other general items that need some help, but nothing major. I would like someone who is interested in long term support for this site, on call as required. I am at GMT-10, so a nearby timezone is helpful.

Again, I expect it only to take a few hours or less for a good programmer, but need it done ASAP – today if possible?

Please contact me ASAP and prove to me that you can do this small job.


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Redo Website

I have a website that needs to be built I Have two domain names one is in use The other is which needs a new website using text and pictures from website.Information is all on line should be pretty easy.

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