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Seo For A New Social Network In NZ

Hello im after som Seo for my new social network in new zealand.
The site is live however is just having a new template intergrated so you will only see a "coming soon page"
website is called

Basically i need someone to go through the whole site as we have used dating software so there are a whole lot of tags that are not needed for this site. Also I would like the website ranking well for 3-6 key words. Im not sure of my key words but what im after is high rankings in new zealand as there is only 2 competition in new zealand and (both owned by the same company) so maybe you can see what they are optimized for?
I want to rank above them so am keen to see a plan how to do it?
Could you provide an seo pre anaylsis? and also your experience and ability to do this.
Can you also provide and/or recommend link building ?
all seo and link building i want white lable and REAL.
My website will be live in a day or so please let me know hoe fast you can complete the job
also can you work on the seo while the new template is being intergrated?

I look forward to hearing your approach to get the site generating some traffic. There will be lots of ongoing work for my other websites if I can see a return on investment from your SEO

Thanks for looking at this job

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Full SEO And Social Network Package Needed For New Site

Please let me know what software and teqniques u will use to enhance my websites exposure to the net. Using SENuke is ok but I need to keep the site on the white hat list. I can not afford to have my site sandboxed.

I need a team with experience and fair price please.

I am an honest hard working man that would like to find others like me.

I look forward to a long business relationship.

Thank u,

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