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PHP Fox, Custom Build And Auction Module Assistance

we are building a social networking site based on the framework of PHPfox, we need however many customisations done to the site including the implementation of a carousel, and share/swap functionalities and adjustment of the Pbay module (phpfox auction module)

If you are experiences in PHPfox… not just php, must have PHPfox knowledge and have examples to prove your work.

This is an urgent project so please contact us ASAP.

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Marketing For A Niche Social Networking Website

I am looking for an exceptional marketer for marketing a social network site for Indians/ Pakistanis/ Asians.
The person should have very creative writing skills and be an active user of social tools like blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.
I will be happy to engage for a longer period once I am happy with the quality of the person.

I will need to see proper activity on a daily basis. I am willing to start at 30$ for some X number of postings and hits before I can move forward. If you have done something like this and have suggestions I will be happy to hear.
You need to be conversant with SEO techniques so that you can maximize your work activities.

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Social Networking Site

I would like to create web site with with functions and facilities.

– File manager
– Calendar
– Messages
– Chat
– add as friend
– Wall
– Profiles
– Picture Albums
– Video Gallery
– multi language
– forum discussion
– search and advanced search function
– and some other functionality

please write me:
1) your experience in this work ?
2) sent me your social network sites you have created before?
3) how much does it cost social network with this functionality?
4) how long does it take to create this network?

I am looking forward your answer and good programmers
Let me know if you can do this. You may write to my inbox too

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Xen Networking In Hetzner EQ

I have a server at and I installed xen 3.4 on it.
I`m having issues configuring the networking to work on a vm.

What you will need to do is :
– tell me the changes needed to make the network work on vm`s
– apply these changes
– create a simple centos 5 vm or tell me what to do so it can install from a http mirror

I already applied ALOT of changes to scripts, but nothing seems to work.
There is no KVM attached, so extra caution should be added since a networking mistake would ultimately lead to hours of no work or, server reload.

04/04/2011 at 13:50 EDT:


– you WILL need to install a centos VM
– you WILL need to check that networking is working inside it
– you will need to show me how you did it

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A Developer Needed With Good Knowledge In DolphinSoftware

Need an expert with good knowledge in Dolphin software Installation and customization. This is a third party open source customization for a social networking website. The Consortium website will be a social networking website for musicians, and bands. There will be groups and events. We will provide you psd for home page and content page post login. You have to integrate these pages into Dolphin Open Source.

Setting up dolphin software
Configuring it to suit the home page content
Reskin for the software based on the supplied designs

IMPORTANT: We need daily status updates. No detailed reports. Just a brief explaination of where the job stands and what was the progress during the day.

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Networking Task( $15)
i want to do this small task in networking asap

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Social Media Networking And PR Specialist

I am looking for a specialist in social media networking, communications and PR to promote a UK (Manchester) health insurance website

Health Insurance in the UK is a massive market, with around 7 million people (10% of population) having some form of health insurance

Tasks include:

Writing Press releases
Brand management
Manage Twitter & Facebook activity
Writing engaging Blog posts and articles to increase visitor activity

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Social Networking Membership Site

This is a website directed at Nigeria University Students in various states in Nigeria. Interface is of the utmost priority! It has to be elegant in functions and form! I dont want a site that looks like a cheap template with basically functioning tools.
I am looking to create a membership site with social network functionality, as well as a series of online web apps.
I want no flash, and I want it to run smoothly on smart phones, blackberry browser.
The regular side of the page will allow you to sign up and create a profile and select a layout from a set of templates. On this profile, you can host your pictures, interests, links to friends, bio(all like any other social networking site) as well as host videos, pictures(sort of an online portfolio) as well as list projects you have worked on or about to. The projects will usually be materials or e-books and will be linkable to friends and/or friends of friends who also want to embark on a same……

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A Unique Social Networking Website

Do you have experience programming custom social networking websites? Do you have experience integrating Facebook into company websites with social sign-in? Do you have an excellent understanding the Facebook Platform? If you answered yes to these three questions, then please continue reading this job description.

We want to build a custom social networking website that interacts with Facebook. You will follow 30+ page file of business and technical requirements, including some proprietary ideas and unique functionalities.

Do you have the following?

o Knowledge to select the most scalable programming language and structure for a rapidly growing user database (ability to scale up to several million users)
o Experience building sites with social sign in
o Understanding of Facebooks limits and what they do allow, how much user information can be pulled, and how to pull user information
o Knowledge to select and build a structure that will smoothly communicate with mobile device platforms

If you said yes again – great! Please submit a bid with your answers to the following 5 questions:

1) As a programmer, in what ways have you integrated Facebook into websites? Be specific.
2) How many websites have you built using social sign in?
3) What are the limits or difficulties have you experienced when integrating Facebook into websites? Be specific.
4) What is your experience when it comes to building custom social networking sites?
5) Would you recommend a separate programmer for the following aspects of this project or do you have expert knowledge of these 4 areas: Ecommerce, Graphic Design, User Interface Design, and Mobile Application Development

This project will be expected to begin anytime before June 2011 and completed by July or August 2011.

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Finding Sponsors And Businesses To Advertise On A Website

I am looking for someone to sell my website to businesses who advertise on high traffic websites.

The website is a how to guide for University students to visit when looking for part-time work, up-coming events, renting a house, getting notes for a particular subject, buying cheap textbooks, advice on health and fitness, advice on fashion and networking and finally the best spots to park around particular Unis in Brisbane.

The site is not up and running yet because it is in need of a major sponsor to help get it off the ground.

The site is already endorsed by the UQ Networking Club which is involved in many of the posts that get put up on the site and all the networking students check the website to see photos and comments about their most recent events. There are 200 networking club students and this number grows week to week. The networking club president also uses his contacts at UQ Marketing to give the site face time for every student attending the University of Queensland, giving it essentially 40000 viewers. It is not limited to just this though, as the club has members from other universities who also benefit from regularly visiting the site.

I need someone to find me a sponsor for this site and then teach me the best ways to get in touch with other sponsors too. There is also bonuses ready to be given for extra sponsors acquired or large sponsorships. The bonuses are given out relative to the results.

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Social Networking

I am looking for 1,0000 Facebook , Linkdin , tweeter , my space fans from UK, Europe , US , India – (which is my target market in Fashion ).

I am keeping this number fairly low just to obtain genuine leads / fans and at a reasonable reach for the successful bidders.

The added Fans must meet these requirements:

1) All fans must be real people & having active facebook page…NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!


* Strict confidentialy project and should not be used for references.
* You will be paid after 15 days after project completion.
* You will be paid only for those member what is connected in network

Strictly use only good practice for inviting fans. Social Company Account must not be banned for your actions.

Kindly provide referece of previous experience.

Only serious bids please!

Your bid should start with "accept" to make sure you have read the description and the terms of this advertisement and you will be responsible for Social Networking ban through wrong marketing.

Thanks & Regards,

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Blogging, Social Networking Help

Were looking to hire someone to help us build and maintain a couple of blogs that go to our main website. Design is complete, we just need an assistant to help with the following: MUST SPEAK ENGLISH

Adding articles
Creating links in the articles to main website
Social Networking (twitter, facebook etc.)
SEO on the articles
Email marketing/gathering
Must have very good english and a working knowledge of wordpress and social media.

Would like to work on a month trial basis and if both parties are happy, hire full time.

PM for additional details.

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Social Networking Management

Company seeking someone to maintain social networking aspects. Duties will include creation of multiple social networking site accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) as well as maintenance.
In addition optimal candidate will be highly skilled on all social networking platforms, and be able to perform optimization and utilize the networks for social marketing.
Would be interested in seeing past experience.

Appreciate everyones bid, and apologize in advance if I dont get back to anyone in particular ..

All the best!

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Blogger – Tweeter – Social Networking

I have 3 travel related web sites: Cars Hotels and flights.
Looking for a person who can with SEO in mind tweet and blogg on twitter our blogs and Facebook on a regular basis.
You should extract interesting articles from the Internet, write your own and inform about our services a nice and positive way.
We no not want automated tool, we want interesting content that interests our clients and keeps them coming back

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Social Networking Website

I am planning to build a social networking website similar to I am looking for somebody who can help in designing the HTML pages of website. Someone who is expert in HTML,CSS, Photoshop, Dojo, Ajax. Please let me know if you can help me doing the same. I will be giving you all the requirements, you just have to create a nice and professional HTML pages for my website. According to me if you will work full time then it should not take more than a month to do this. If you have prior experience in building the UI of social networking website then it will be great.

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NZ Social Networking Site Development AJAX, PHP, CSS, Java


We need a PHP developer to work on our Social Networking site and needs to be tested and launched by July 2011, well before the Rugby World Cup. Please give us examples of your work, years experience and possibly sites regarding Social Networking. Development start time, 4th April 2011. I have all web pages mocked up and can make them up as psd files if it makes things easier.

Software is: and to cut down costs and time, Im happy to add content, do all the profile questions etc as Im familiar with this software we would like to use below (unless you have better suggestions, but budget in mind).

Our server in based in the USA (only due to better pricing) but really worried with speed when we get thousands of people signing up memberships. It may be too slow and is a NZ site only, not global.

We chose this after trialling a few and Social Engine had all the core features and plugins that we needed and on a tight budget (just need a calendar/organiser thingy which is easy to find). This is what they say you need to know, in order to customise their unencrypted coding: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, AJAX. Please add a warranty after the site goes live for your development, to ensure ongoing support (happy to pay a bonus when site generates memberships if you exceed our expectations).

Kiwis need a site like this and Ive worked tirelessly developing this and tried hard not to get an investor involved as I will lost most of my business – it was also my dream to achieve this. Please let me know if you need anymore info. and am keen to discuss over the phone.

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In Need Of Very Skilled Web Programmer.

In the works of designing a "social networking" website. Will need a very skilled website programmer/designer. You must be proficient in Photoshop. This will be an aesthetically pleasing sight that must be seamless from iPhone to iPad to computer. It will be dynamic so PHP knowledge is a must. The website will also have the ability to create "accounts" (like a forum, without the forum but pms ect. still intact). They will be able to vote on said user generated content. I am looking to pay by to-be-determined milestones once you accept the job. The site will be VERY extensive. So if you are not well versed in creating dynamic websites please do not contact.

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Computing And Networking Systems

Specifying a set of PC components to design a system to solve a specific problem.
pm me for more infor.

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Social Networking Website

Want a social networking website with all the features along with 25 apps and same no. of flash games…the development should b from core and no copy paste stuff will b accepted ..if things goes well we will also b asking for the 1 year on site maintainance and SEO…

Note – strict time line. lowest time taken for project bid will be consider first.

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Expert Programmer For Social Networking Platform

An NYC-based marketing and communications firm is looking to hire a part-time programmer or consultant with knowledge of and experience in building and developing online social networking platforms and products. Examples of successful experience is required!

The programmer MUST be able to build a social networking website from scratch, implement communication and exchange features, and have knowledge in CSS, HTML, Javascript, SQL, and PHP. You will develop the website – ensuring strong optimization and functionality, as well as assist in the planning of overall company policy regarding search engine optimization and web development. Experience working in the education sector is highly preferred.

Specific skills and specifications:
– Good understanding of major operating systems
– Successful experience developing and building social media platforms or products
– Desire to stay updated on current and new technologies
– Ability to multi-task
– Strong management and organization skills
– Excellent communication skills
– Attention to detail
– Ability to project and people manage

Part-time position available.

If interested, please send us your samples.

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Need someone to help me build webpage and market it

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Social Networking Modular

I own a PHP base online business directory web site; It has a blog and forum component on it and I feel its not very user-friendly, Im trying to find a software or system for social networking, people can login, load-up pictures, be passionate about statements and comments and post their feelings.

What I have now Im not happy as the publisher, im in my infancy stages and cost, learning curve and monitoring the site is a strong factor.

I find my blog and forum component is difficult for me to comprehend, Im 62 years young, I feel my audience may feel the same!

candidate must have a portfolio of other clients he or she has service for this type of project

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100 Social Network Accounts On TOP Social Networking Sites

Hello, I need a total of 100 social network accounts. These accounts will be my own accounts which will allow me to make changes and add links. I need approved and working social networking accounts that are most popular, and HIGH RANKING such as HI5, delicious, Bebo and others. I am focusing on the advertising, affiliate marketing and others that are interested in getting their FACEBOOK page, TWITTER profile, Website and product to the masses so I need 100 social networking accounts. I need these accounts completed as soon as possible. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR IS CONFUSED. Please understand that I will need my website URL submitted to those 100 different social networking websites I will give the winner a photo to upload as well as the url of my website. Along with my first and last name and user name that you must use. I NEED THIS DONE CORRECTLY!!!!! I should NOT have to hold your hand on this project. Thank you

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Help Me To Market My Business Through Social Networking Site

I have a start up internet business that requires a Social Networking Advertising compent. I need help getting my business on to these sites and possibly maintaining them on a regular basis. Please contact me if this is your area of expertise. Thank you.

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Help Me To Market My Business Through Social Networking Site

I have a start up internet business that requires a Social Networking Advertising compent. I need help getting my business on to these sites and possibly maintaining them on a regular basis. Please contact me if this is your area of expertise. Thank you.

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1000 Real Signups To A Social Network

Hello i want 1000 real and active users for a social networking site….


1. all users must be active and real users and different address
2. dont use any software or any other black hat method
3. no payment if users are inactive or fake…
4. payment after 2 weeks after completing the work


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Networking Site

Im looking for a creative programmer/ web designer to build a website for business social network similiar to behance

with web2.0 features. and latest technology.

Bid only if :
1- you have made social networking website and that you can show your work.
2- can start right away
3- you are a company

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PHP & MYSQL Website With Social Networking Elements.

I need a fast and competent website developer to create a PHP & MYSQL Website with social networking elements.
PHP and MYSQL are two tools that must be used for this projet.

This is for a college course work so all work will need to be docuumented and the important code for each of the web pages commented.

The webiste will be for a musician, i will provide a rough design mock up of each web page as well as all the infomation required. Such as pictures of the musician and quotes etc.

Example of the social networking elements are users can create a very simple and basic profile. Users can talk on a public chat wall. users can like this website on fb, twitter and other social networking sites.
Site will need to have RSS feeds that provides users with infomation on what the musician is up too. for example DJ dates, new music production projects etc.

There will be mailing lists and virtual vusiness cards on the site etc

This work needs to be completed in 25days.

When the work is done to a good level i will give the project winner access to a domain address and webhost and they can make the website live.
The winning bidder will have to contact me everyday and show proof of work so i can be confident the work will be completd on time.

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Webstie: Part Social/Part Blog/Part Checkout

Website Design Project

Part Social Network
Part Event Management
Part Blog
Part Secure Online Checkout

Must integrate with Facebook.

If youre good at using an Open-Source Social Networking Code, please tell me which one you use so I can check it out.

I really only want to work with someone who has created a network previously, but will consider developers and designers with other great work.

There are a few projects similar to this one, for the winning bidder.

Thanks & Good Luck!

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Wp Social Networking Site

Welcome freelancer to my new project. I need a word press social networking site. Only experienced freelancer needed.
You must bid with giving sample sites which is made by you.

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