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Website Scrape And Post – Minor Changes

Real rush job needs done in 24 hours pretty simple to do – take information on our existing site make some changes and post entire site on our new domain – information is provided in attachment.

Bidders should be super fast accurate and have experience of this type of job.

Budget is $30 payment will be made as soon as new site is up correctly.

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Meeplace Script Modifications Needed

– The city list for people registering as a new user is way too long and hard to use. We want this to be an auto suggest box. This needs to work with wildcards at both ends of the results ( i.e. *term* instead of term* )

– We also need to have a good multi country functionality added. All of our listings right now are limited to the US, we would like to be able to add new countries. This doesnt have to be through the CMS, we are comfortable with editing the database to add countries if need be.

– We also need a better tell-a-friend page. We want the script to request permission from the user to pull their contacts exactly the same way that facebook does this. We need to do this with gmail, aol, comcast, msn, hotmail and all yahoo addresses (.com etc.).

– Due to the fact that this is a business directory script, its not easy to add products in a cohesive manner. We need a separate page template that would allow for product listings that would leave out some non necessary info such as zip code, street address etc. This would be the default page template for several of our categories so we would need to be able to control that as well. We want a new tab in the admin panel for product management.

– The city autosuggest feature is buggy. Right now if a city has multiple zip codes it suggests once for each zip. So if you have a larger city like LA you end up with close to 100 suggestions.

– We have created a new header template through photoshop. I would like this sliced and coded in css and used as the new header design for every page.

– We want to create a new sorting function in the search results. This would allow us to sort by name/rating and one other category that we will discuss later.

– We also have small design bugs throughout the script. Such as an extra linebreak in the search results that we would like removed.

$500 Dollar Bonus for the following features beyond your estimate

We are offering an additional $500 USD if you can complete the following two tasks. In your quote please list whether or not you are able to complete these additional tasks.

– WordPress integration. I want to have wordpress installed in a directory called /blog and I would like to have it so that people logged in through meeplace would be able to comment on blog posts and the username would link back to their meeplace profile. This needs to use the same stylization as the rest of the site.

– Meeplace offers a premium listing feature, we just want to automate the payment process so that it is hands off. We want a custom area for people who have approved claimed businesses that will allow them to become premium members by paying a recurring monthly amount through paypal. Once approved their business would be featured and highlighted at the top of all pages where their search results would normally appear. We also would like to add the ability for a featured business owner to select which of their user reviews they would prefer to have highlighted. These reviews would be featured at the top of their business page.

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Drupal CMS Community Genealogy Website

I have an exsiting genealogy website built as static pages in html with a little PHP. It has over 7000 pages, some related to service provisions but mostly free content.
I would like to migrate to a cms. I have looked at drupal but came across some issues and need some help.
I would like to add functionality to this free content allowing customers to add ancestors to a military unit such as an army regiment or royal navy ship. This would create a link through a page that would be created for their ancestor (automatically – similar to a wiki).
The customer should then be able to add new information to this page, creating more links back to the original page but also other pages that are selected (perhaps from a drop-down list). The pages would also have the new ancestor added to them and linked to the new page. Essentially it is internal reciprocal linking.
This should only be available on certain pages.
I do not want customers to have to do the work manually – they should be able to fill in a form (or something similar) and the links/pages created for them.
I would like to limit what customers can and cannot add (ideally specific fields) as I want my pages to remain of a certain quality and format.
It would need sign-ins for customer for security and something to detect undesirable text (swearing, etc) – I should be notified.
It also needs a comments or a place for customers to query content. This needs to come through to me for visibility but I should not be a bottle-neck for adding content.

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Customise Limesurvey

I want to create an annual survey to a group of 190 business – with a set of 100 questions about their situation.

I am a fan of limesurvey and would like to use it – but there are a number of issues I need to overcome:

1. I want to prefill answers using token data
2. Once a survey is completed – I want to be able to use use the new answers as the new token table for the subsequent survey.
3. I want to be able to easily add new questions/answers (with token info)
4. It has to be user friendly enough so that no coding would be required on the part of the survey administrator.

NB: When biddingrRather than a simple yes I can do it – please show me that you know limesurvey and can suggest how the above might be achieved. I am more likely to be convinced by someone who says something is not possible … if you see what I mean?

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New Project For Rstanmoy

As discussed.

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New Project For Rstanmoy Only

As discussed.

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Joomla Jobs

I have a job list that have to be done. Everything have to be done in good way and work well.

This is for an Joomla webshop in virtuemart

This are the main things out of the list:

– Get the terms out of the automatic generated order email.
– Get my artciles inside my XML sitemap
– Redesign of the frontpage / homepage -> I want my latest products to be loaded inside my frontpage, latest 3 articles, and latest 3 newsletters.
– Acy mailing newsletters must come in the website under the articles section
– New Comments / review system , the standard joomla one sucks
– Install Virtuemart autoresponder module properly
– Change the autom. generated email for new registred users
– Add the share for Facebook button
– If possible i want to have an waiting list somewhere to be shown. Now people can add themself to the waiting list when a product is sold out but i cant see who is on the waiting list.

Everything need to be fixed in a maximum of 2 weeks.

Let me know if you can do it .

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Forum Makeover

i have a standard PHPbb forum (plus some mods).
i want it radically changed to a more aesthetically pleasing forum such as s forum or that can incorporate ads (important). I dont want a standard PHPbb look
i am happy for it to depart from phpbb, as once it is modified so much, i dont see how i could continue to keep up witht he new phpbb releases? i need to be able to service and maintain it myself, and add the ads etc myself.
Needs an ad-track system, (although I am getting this with my other project so maybe that would transfer)
SEO awareness is extremely important, with retention of topics and subject names in the index
Need to be able to limit link posting to forum admin
would also like a box to go on my other website showing a feed of the latest posts
needs to have an excellent spam-blocking system of course

Optional – new logo design

I need this done asap, before tax year ends at least.

(i also have a project going for another website rebuild)

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Website Overhaul

Established website, partially overhauled (inc files added for header, footer and side columns) but has some problems where text is unstable, can end up dropping to the below the columns. I think it needs to be modified to a set template, but Im open to suggestions. I built the site from scratch, but with very limited skills.
Also, website needs several different features,
Assistance in understanding how to use my own site, including inc files
A slideshow type box on homepage to feature articles (about 5) with a numbered buttons for user to be able to switch between them.
An ad-tracking system with report facility
SEO We Google well, but our page rank has dropped recently and we would like to improve googleability
A comment facility added to article pages
A smart looking drop-down menu bar
Pagination for articles.
New logo
Facebook page/s customisation
Design assistance with ad layout

All of the above are important, but can be split off from this job if nec.
I need a firm date for work to be completed, I dont want it to drag on for a long period. Looking to spend money before close of tax year!
I also need a phpbb forum website to be converted to a shiny new forum which i will post as another project

Important – the ability to edit my own site content, advertisements and ad new sections as necessary. control of my own ad tracking system, etc.
When the inc files were done I was not given the means to edit them myself, and this is just not workable for me – I do know basic html

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Inno Installer To Modify Existing To Work With And SDK

I have an existing inno installer that I need modified to work with a new SDK.
The current installer works with an outdated version of the SDK, I need someone to update the installer to work with the changes they made to the new SDK that makes an external DLL call.

For the right person this is a quick fix and should only cost $30

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Accommodation Booking Sites – Further Developement

I´m looking for a web developer with excellent programming skills (only developer with proven experience with the b o o k i n g . c o m XML API or L o n e l y p l a n e t XML API will be considered) to further develop my 2 fully functional websites, adding new features, XML API integration, database maintenance, layout corrections, functionality corrections, etc.
Check the additional project details attached.
I reserve the rights to add some new additional requirements before the project competition date.
I expect direct communication with web developer (not through other person) to add new functionalities, solve problems, find solutions mentioned in the document and communicate on Skype (chat and voice) daily from Monday to Saturday.

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Social Engine 4 – Domain, Cpanel And Video Upload Issues


– Determine how to change the domain name on root directory and cpanel
– Next, confirm that the cpanel is operating normally/reflective of the actual live website
– Check that the meta data, keywords, site title are correct for the new domain name, will show up in google search

– In core SE video plugin, uploads time out too quickly. Need to set higher value, perhaps.
– Getting errors when trying to upload directly within the "listings/catalogue" plugin… "the subject may not be set twice"
– within the pages plugin, the videos just cue for processing but never process – this one i may have to get the dev to solve.

Ive noticed in a couple of places, a subdomain that is part old domain name, part new…. not sure what relevance it has but i have seen this in the context of my websmaster contact address. Want clarify this and if its causing errors.

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New Australian Website Traffic Needed!

Hi I need an expert internet marketer to market our new website in Australia based for the Australian Market

I would ideally like 5-10k visitors a month from individual Australian IP addresses. Must be real people and clicks.

You should have a previous experience of supplying targeted traffic to new websites, I am looking for fast results.

Kind Regards,

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Promote New Website In Australia

Hi I need an expert internet marketer to market our new website in Australia based for the Australian Market

The website is web 2.0 style that offers free sign ups and alot of incentives

I am looking for around 500-1000 targeted real visitors per day, that will be tracked using a number of softwares.

You should have a good history of supplying targeted traffic to new websites

White hat methods will be only accepted.

I am currently getting SEO done for the site, i would like alternative options to get good results fast


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New Statistics Application

Im looking to make an application which can calculate and provide statistical data.

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We would like to increase the number of sign ups to a New social network. We need 100% REAL PEOPLE, who will use social network for chating, posting pictures, logging in, playing games They must fill out their profile and do things they do on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

So if you have a lot of friends

We will be paying per sign ups and you will also have benefit of this people.

This is a long term project.

Your bid should include your plan how to get new people, your ideas how to get this people active…

1 rule: 100% real active people

See ya!

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Update Contents Of Mysql Php Db Using Excel File Provided

Need data in existing and functioning mysql database updated with new data that I will provide as an excel file. Old data is to be completely removed and replaced entirely with the new data in the excel file I will provide. You can see the databased involved at.

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Need Some CSS Clean Up And Minor Menu Customization Done ASA

Had a freelancer do some work for me and it seems he made a little bit of a mess.


I had the previous freelancer enable the ability for the main meny to have drop downs of child pages… he did that.

However, the style isnt even close to what my original style was. Also, the CSS code that the menu is pulling from… i cant find it ANYWHERE!

Basically i need to match the new meny with my old menu… get rid of all unecessary style sheets and files the last guy created and basically just clean the site up.

Also, when the main site CSS is edited… it should automatically update the CSS for my idx real estate pages. See example here:

current home page:

IDX hosted page with menu style i want, but for some reason it didnt update with the new home page CSS:


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New Website Content Writter

Please post price for article length. We want to hire SEO writer for our websites.
The website content will be locksmith services.

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OpenCart Template Design Functionality

We have a webshop running Opencart, default template with minor adjustments.

What we need:

– Brand new catchy design (must look very professional)
– Cross browser compatibility
– Onepage checkout

If succesful, we have another opencart site that needs a new template and some other work as well.

Bidder must have recent opencart design work to show.

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Trigger Browser

I need my own browser.
When the user install the program (Trigger) will install the new browser too (never as a primary browser).
When Trigger app reads a QRcode the new URL is being open in teh new browser.
The browser does not have options or adress window, but can be hand redimensioned (right bottom corner).
esc = exit, as in Trigger app.
When you close the browser you dont close Trigger.
I wait for the new budget.


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5 Brochure Redesign

We need to change colors in 5 brochures that describe the products we sell, we want to put themselves in a new website that we are integrating using a template that was purchased.
Those 5 brochures must have 2 new versions, (short and detailed); we will use the short version on the web site like this example:
Detailed version will be use for printing or specific web page.
We need to use different colors for each brochure.
Attach an Example.

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Smartphone App Programmer


1. Develop mobile application for Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad, Andriod, Palm, etc using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, .Net mobile, Eclipse and other emerging

2. Design GUI for mobile application

3. Support and enhance applications to ensure maturity in the markets for products on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PSP, Palm and other emerging mobile platforms.

4. Create application prototypes with new features or entirely new applications on current and future mobile platforms.

5. Prepare all developed programs are properly documented.

6. Perform tests across multiple devices using prescribed testing applications.


1. Graduation in Com Sci, Multimedia, IT, Com Eng or related course in computers and management sciences is basic

2. A 3-5 year experience as a an application programmer in .Net mobile, J2ME or any of the languages currently used for mobile web development ie Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad, etc is an advantage


1. Logical and arithmetic skills required.
2. Ability to investigate and analyze information and to draw conclusions.
3. Ability to learn and support new hardware, software and operating systems => active, enthusiastic and openmind
4. Have interpersonal skills
5. have 3-5 experience in mobile programming
6. Independent

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Ebook Re-written

I need a writer who have experience and knowledge about affiliate marketing only.

I have 3 eBooks about affiliate Marketing with range from 26-38 pages which I need combine the contents to be a new ebook.

Everyting in a new ebook needs become unique and new word. I not accept if you copy and paste any part from original ebooks.

The new ebook must minimum 60 pages (14000 – 15000) words. For this job, you need to make some research about the affiliate marketing. Its easy for freelancer who have knowledge and experience with affiliate program.

Im looking for people who have a good command of the English language (with good grammar) and who can re-write the ebook within 7 days.

I will pay you at the maximum $100 for a 60 pages ebook. Please dont bid more than $100. But we will accept if you put below than $100.

You need to make sure that each book flows nicely and is fun to read and upbeat.

It cant be written in a article type of way where you just give facts and ends up being boring. You need to keep it light and fun. Add a few of your own phrases if you need to to keep things smooth.

You have to put some of your own character into it so the reader feels you (figuratively).

PS: If you think you can do this and would like ongoing work, please re-write the attached sample.
Then send it to me so I can evaluate you for continuous work.If you dont attach the re-written document which I have attached, then I wont be able to answer.

Indian English simply will not do. Phillipines and american writer preferred

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Very Fast Data Entry Work For Nightimee

hello good day my all friend now i am introduce a new work of the retyping the words and which u see on the computer desk topp
i am also invite new freelancers who are ready to build carrerr as freelancerr onthe internet

my server name iss: test id is given in the pmb okk

i want the workers who is ready work in the time 7:00pm to 7:00 am in the night time and who can giveme daillly 5k mininmum targett.

so who is ready to work in this time only that people are bid here i amnot who is only waste time . okk i want hard and who have good typing speed and accuracy in typinngg.

best regards


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Bokmarking Of 50 Articles

you will need to bookmark 1000 articles manualy to 1 bookmarking website.
so you will submit 50 articles from to

you will need to
1- write a new title for each article
2- write a new description for each article
5 tags
choose category

only bid if your english is good enough to re-write title and description and keywords (tags)

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New Corporate Realestate Site Needed

I need a design for a corporate realestate site.

Here is the current design
Here is the new site which the client doesnt like

The logo has to stay the same. The slogan "celebrating 21 years" needs to be displayed on there.

I have images that need to be in a slider at the top and the site needs to look sharp and very professional. The images on the new site, within the text, seems like they will be staying the same at this stage but you can see that the site needs to portray strength and stability. Please PM me with some examples of your previous designs that you think are applicable for this new corporate realestate site design.

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New Design For A Website

Hello! I have a website I want to recreate in flash. I want a fantastic and modern feel and look and have no problem in paying bonuses. I dont want to work with workers that give blind bids, so I want to know in what mood are the people on the top of the website.
All the bids without that information will be deleted.

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