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Custom News Site Templates Need

Custom News Site templates Need Urgent
Based on Joomla And Unicode function.
SEO friendly
Custom Manage
Photo Gallery
youtube video sharing option etc.

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Add News Filter To Existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot

I have an existing robot that i want to add a news filter to. This news filter should be based on the Forex Factory Calender. I should be able to back test with an existing CSV file of past news events. The news filter should be able to:
* select news events that are effecting a pair
* filter high, medium or low impact news.
* select a time not to trade before and after high, medium and low impact news.
* have an extra custom category of news which will be extra high, we should be able to filter on this and select no trading time frames for this.

Anyone bidding for this must have previous experience of adding news filters to robots. You will be required to show my a compiled version of this that is working.

I can provide a CSV file with 4 years worth of news events.

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Want Yahoo News And Bing News To Index My News

My website is already approved by Google News and all the content gets indexed very fast, however i want the same for Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Our news website is updated daily and offers unique and fresh news stories so there will be no problems getting approved.

Just need help from someone who has experience with bing and yahoo.

Need this done asap.

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Index My Site In Google News

My site was indexed in Google News for around 10 months. All contents in my news site are original and unique. The site was not active for a couple of weeks in February. It was de-listed from Google News thereafter. I need my site to come back to Google News. The site is [Removed by Administrator. Links that could lead the freelancers to your contact details are forbidden.]
I am ready to pay you as soon as I see my site back in Google News.
Please bid and PM me about your plan of action.

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NRTA Website

NRTA= is name of TV/Radio

The concept of this website is to publish NRTA content on website. The contents of this website are; video clips, photos and text.
This website is not only bound for Afghanistan visitors, the target is visitors all over the world who are interested to use this website.

NRTA website areas:
This website will have Admin and User front end.

User front end:
Front end area will contain 12 pages static and dynamic pages as following:
1- Home Page (dynamic)
This page will have blocks for
Latest news (grab latest news from news area)
Latest video clips (grab latest news from news area)
Latest photos (grab new photos as thumbnail from photos page)
Informational block (static data, if added)

2- About Us (static)
This page will have text about NRTA, static data added by admin.

3- News page (dynamic)
This page is for news; categories of news, news will be added from admin area.
List of news in this page, each news with short text and thumbnail (if added) and link read more to read full story and in full story page have comments box for visitors. (Enable, disable, edit and delete news and comments (approve by admin) from admin area)

4- Photo Gallery (dynamic)
In first page have categories list (thumbnail and text) and after clicking the category loads another page having pictures of this category. Comment box (approve by admin) and admin area to upload photo, delete, edit, or disable and enable a picture.

5- Video Gallery (dynamic)
Same as photos gallery to have category with thumbnails and text, comment box but the video clips from youtube, admin will add link of video from youtube and will appear in video page.

6- Programs Page (static)
In this page to have schedule of Radio and TV programs.
Two blocks one for TV and one for Radio.

7- Jobs (dynamic)
Page for job, jobs will be added from admin area and will show here as list. And read more link for details page

8- Web mail
No page, but a link to another website.

9- Term of use (static)

10- Privacy

11- Contact us
Contact form and above block to have text there.

12- Articles (dynamic)
Articles page to have list of articles and read more link to read full story

13- Share point for Files (dynamic)
Only can be accessed with username/pass. A place to share files like File Manager.
This share point will have videos, photos and others categories/directories.

Admin Area – back end:
A place to edit and control all contents of above pages.

1- All text field should have advanced editor to add content in it both source editor/Rich formatting with necessary formatting bar.
2- Comments list to approve, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
3- Photos and video clips; add, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
4- Article and News; add, delete, edit, disable/enable.
5- Edit About us page.
6- Edit Privacy page
7- Edit Term of use page.
8- Edit contact us page
9- Jobs; add, delete, edit and enable/disable.
10- Edit Programs page.
11- Upload/change logo
12- Website settings; Title/ meta tags and more.
13- SEO friendly and separate meta tags for 12 pages.

Other features if needed to add.

Language Support:
Website will be in three languages;
Dari left to right layout
Pashto left to right layout
English default right to left layout

For each page and content there should be 3 blocks to add content for every language separately, even data for meta tags.

Search Engine:
To have search engine to search for content in page.

Statistic block in front end
Number of articles
Number of videos
Number of audios
Number of photos
Users online

Add captcha to prevent spammers

Includes latest, news, photos, videos, articles and jobs

All thumbnail and graphics will be provided by us, if needed during design. The overall theme should be theme of Media.

And some minor things at end if needed.

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Best Writer Needed For 250 Words News Articles

The project is for 60 news articles.
Do your best to offer a very good quality as depending on that I will consider you for further work,
Prior news writing experience preferred.
Knowledge of news writing is desired though not required.
Quick turn around time needed.
I need a writer that could write 250 words article for 0.625
There is no point bidding if you ask for more that my budget .
****No team of writer bid on this project as I will not hire any team anyway*******
That must be high quality article with interesting content.No general blabla with long introduction and long conclusion.
*You must know seo, as I absolutely need the keyword on the title, on the first paragraph and on the last paragraph.
Each article must have 4 or 5 LSI keywords.
You will need to do some research on different topics as i will not accept any general article.
The content must be interesting and 100% unique.Every article must pass on copyscape.
Any article that dont meet expectation will have to be rewritten
Writer must produce a good article flow.
All article will have at least 250 words.
The english skill must be perfect.
Each article will be read by two different person who both need to consider it interesting.
Every article can be rejected if i am not satisfy with the job.Rewrite needed until satisfaction.
IF your doing a good job you dont have to worry i will probably never ask you for a rewrite.


good luck bidder

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Require Application Software For Blackberry & I-Phone

Require a Basic Application —

1) User will register first and info passed on to the server

2) 2 Main Features here — Blogging & Chatting

User can get into a particular category & sub category (eg. sports –> cricket and then there will be 5 options :: News, Events, Websites and 2 others)

so what happens here is :: eg. i click on sports –> cricket & then news

i can post news or view the news

users can post & view & comment

if i want to post : i add a topic, detail, date posted, image if required etc

so what happens is this will be available to all others who come to the same channel (sports –> cricket)

there will also be a filter option available

for eg. if i go to : sports –> cricket (all the news will show here) (so here i can filter by most popular, recently added, country & city) (country & city will come based on the what the user inserted as country of residence while registering)

all the channels or categories & sub categories will be provided by us

second this was : chatting

about the same thing

here :: users can create their own chat groups or sessions within a particular category / sub category

for eg. — i click on chatting –> night owns –> create my chat session here

any one can join and chat and socialize

same thing here also

filter by country option

if i want to see only those chat sessions which belong to a particular country :: can do that also

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Android Application For RSS Feeds

Android application for RSS feeds

Looking for Android Application Developer, to develop an application will pull contents from RSS feeds which contains TEXT, IMEAGES(jpeg) AND VIDEO (mp4).

we need to include below functionality for Android application(UI should be as attached files = Android-EnglishUI.jpg for English language and Android-ArabicUI.jpg for Arabic language):

-List news items as categories. 13+ categories to display news items. Categories are included image file and video files in mp4 format.
-Arabic and English UI. Separate UI for both languages.(Option to select preferred language (Arabic or English) on initial application start then language can change from setting page to restart app to get new UI)
-Tag feature to a news items (Ability for the user to save specific news items in their bookmarking section for later retrieval. Option to un-tag/delete from bookmark section)
-Reading experiences with text increase and decrease.
-Default thumbnail as company logo. if no images are available.
-Next and previous buttons. Feature to go to next or back articles by finger tap.
-share->facebook, twitter, email and SMS
-Landscape mode view.
-Integrate basic analytics within the app (
-Integration with an Ad Network for banner ads (AdWhirl)
-A settings page for various things that user can add
-generic search.

contact me for more details with your suggestions to complete the application as soon as possible.


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Blackberry Application For RSS Feeds

Looking for Blackberry Application Developer, to develop an application will pull contents from RSS feeds which contains TEXT, IMEAGES(jpeg) AND VIDEO (mp4).

we need to include below functionality for the application: (UI should be as attached file = Blackberry-demo.jpg and blackberry-Arabic-.jpg).

1)13+ Categories which include image in jpg format and video in mp4 format to listed in application as attached design. Only one video listing page will be to each language.
2)Generic search (searching from 150 entries of XML/RSS feed then show result)
3)Send news article to friends and colleagues by e-mail or SMS. (Email: title to subject and news details with url to email body. SMS: few characters from title and tiny url to access full news.
4)Share via twitter, facebook. (in menu of news item detail page)check 7Days apps menu list
5)Send Feedback. (in menu)
6)Auto Update option in Option page.
7)Adjust the font size to customize reading experience! (in menu) check Menus detail in below
8)Arabic and English UI with separate contents in the same application. While start the app, option to select language either arabic or english. language selection option in Option page.
9)Analytics (to identify how many users downloaded app, how many pages are viewed etc)(using free services or
10)Advert banner (with enable and disable) with advert management (usinjg free service AdWhirl or Blackberry SDK)
11)Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
12)Tagging for news item to select and save locally in device (only text)
13)About us in menu
14)Below functionalities as in MENU and OPTION for application.
in Listing pages menu:
Refresh news
email app to friend
send feedback
Option (check below details for Option page)
About us
Switch application

in news item pages menu:
increase font size
decrees font size
Next article
Previous article
email to me
share via email
share via SMS
share via facebook
share via twitter
About us
Switch application

in detail for Option page:-
Auto update (ON/OFF) default is ON
Receive news updates in Inbox (ON/OFF) default is OFF
Display notification in home page (ON/OFF) default is ON
Save (button to save changes)

contact me for more details with your suggetions to complete the application as soon as possible.


04/03/2011 at 4:38 EDT:

Please provide files to the winning freelancer. Files removed by Administrators.

04/03/2011 at 4:38 EDT:

Please provide files to the winning freelancer. Files removed by Administrators.

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Contact Form

i want to build contact list for braking news for my news site .. with file upload option ..
i want it in php with very light design ..

example :

i want to translate it to arabic ill do the translation from english to arabic ..

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Web Designer

Looking for a web designer to revamp my music website. The structure needs to be quite simple and I have to be able to update its various sections (such as news, music and videos) on my own.

Here is (more or less) a structure that I put together myself:

NEWS (with pictures or videos)
SIGHTS & SOUNDS (With tracks that you can listen to and videos you can watch)
DISCOGRAPHY to links to iTunes

Looking for someone that is professional and prompt in delivery.

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US Writers Needed, Shopping News – Huge Potential……

Seeking reliable, dedicated, US based writer-reporters – who have their own adsense accounts – to write about current events related to shopping.

We need reporters that are internet savvy and love shopping, bargain hunting, and travel news and deals. Our news site provides current, useful information to shoppers – from new product announcements to pricing changes, recalls, travel disruptions, new product features, shopping deals, specials, discontinuations, availability and more. You will be in charge of your own research for these stories, but story ideas are abundant.

You will need to be able to consistently write in a 3rd person news style. Just a straight forward telling of a recent or current event,. While a reporter may provide many facts on their own, fine details, statistics, and anything subjective needs to be attributed to a source. Reports will be required to be free of bias, opinion, judgement, hype, advice, tips, leading questions. Just the facts. Just like you see in the hard news section of a regular news paper.

Please understand – this is writing about current events – not rewriting and spinning general articles for seo.

Only US based applicants are being considered. We ask writers to commit to three 200+ word reports a day, five days a week (15 per week).

For the first two weeks (30 reports), we pay $1.50 per accepted/published report. The goal is to use this as a training period. After that time is up, we would work together in partnership, with you receiving a generous portion of the ad revenue through an adsharing program. With this system, you should be able to earn much more than $1.50 per report. Ill send you more details in a pm.

Many of our writers are stay at home parents and/or homeschoolers, as am I. This has been a good opportunity for them.

Please bid $45 (for the first 30 reports) and confirm in a PM that you 1) understand what 3rd person writing means, 2) have an adsense account, and 3) enjoy writing about shopping, products, and travel related issues and deals.

Those that provide a sample of this type of report will receive fast consideration.

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AEN Press Release

I need assistance in preparing a press release for local news outlets. I have prepared a document that I believe contains the information I need presented, but would like someone who has a track record with press releases to review and rewrite so that I can distribute with hopes of getting the information published in the news outlets media.

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We Look Young Journalists

The Publi & Service LTD is looking for young journalists with a passion to write. The areas where they can engage in writing articles are:
Local news or world news, current affairs, news, technology

The news or articles should be written in English.We have software that scours the web and on the momentthat we realize that the article is copied or violates copyright laws, the journalist will be banned from society.
The countries where the company is particularly interested in are:

United States of America
United Kingdom

Articles must be received daily and will be long no more than 300 words.
The company will pay $ 1 per 100 words are excluded special characters or punctuation that makes up the article.
The company will pay each end of the month all the articles were submitted in writing via conventional means indicate that the journalists.
More items of good quality and then send you the company will publish and more the company will pay them.
For more information, please contact us.

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re-write latest news daily 5 news minimum i will pay you 4$ per 1000 word

Project start today

payment weekly and payment method gaf only

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News Summary Writer

Need fixed rate latest news summary writer @ $0.5 per 80 -100 words story, 30 stories per 24 hours.

The contents cannot be plagiarized by any means not limited to copying, using word synonym changer and so forth.

Ideal candidate should be have an effective story summary writing skill, structuring contents and communicating a topic to readers; and be well versed in various news categories: business, politics, sports. Must have an excellent English and should know news writing styles.

News style –

The basics of news writing –

Please provide the following:

1. Your age
2. Education
3. Past professional/working/domain/writing experience.
4. A short writeup on any of todays business news.
5. Why would you like to work on this project

We may interview and test your writing skill on instant messenger real time.

This could be a long term assignment based on your performance.

Good Luck

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Jquery Fancybox

I need some help with regards to using fancybox/jquery within my dynamic php site.

This is my html/php code…

<a id="example6" href="uploads/originals/news/<?php echo $rows[news_photo]?>"><img src="uploads/120×72/news/<?php echo $rows[news_photo]?>" alt="example6" width="120" height="72" class="friendpicsborder4" title="view larger pic" /></a>

This is my jquery code…

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
titlePosition : outside,
overlayColor : #000,
overlayOpacity : 0.9

The issue I have if more than 1 image is outputed (from the php query), the fancybox does not work.

If 1 image is outputed the fancybox works perfectly, however in reality there will be lots of images.

Any ideas how I can get the jquery to load fancybox?


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Movie Review Writer Needed

I´m looking for writers for a new movie site. You should be able to write a new movie review in perfect English, approx 500 words. I also need latest movie news. You can search movie sites and rewrite the reviews/news articles… I´ll be running them all through dupefree pro/copyscape to check that the article is unique content. I need a sample article. These should be mainly mainstream movies from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe. Some arthouse is ok. All the main movies should be covered… there are some movie sites to keep an eye on for updates and whats hot etc.
How many reviews or movie news pieces can you provide me every week?
I´ll pay US$1 per review or movie news piece. Payment by paypal.

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Develop Php Website Using Yii Framework

Hi looking for experience php programmer to develop my website ( using Yii Framework ) budget USD200

I already have the website design and already convert it to .xhtml , css , right now im looking the correct person to make my website working with php work , im running download site software like

I need my website have function like:

– each profile must have option to add:
– full name
– email
– own photos
– can signup or login using facebook ( using facebook api or something like that so easy to signup or login )

– Have control panel for
– admin can do:
– approve / create / delete / ban
– software/application
– news/tutorial
– staff/user account
– banner advertising
– view logs
– change password
– newsletters
– any related that admin must have
– must have option to one click check if the have any duplicated or spam or new updates program added or release
– if the have any duplicated or suspect using .xml to spam ( that mean the developer using the same product but using different information them will be banner forever if get detected )

– staff can do:
– create/edit new news or tutorial or review articles.

– software/application developer
– can add/update software or application them submit to my website ( all new submission or update must be check or review by admin using admin control panel )
– can check what , how many , popular product of them get download, search , click.

– normal user:
– can do add favorite software or application or news or tutorial or reviews to user control panel
– get the latest product information and details

– Have PAD from latest specification of the software or application owner can submit them product to my website just using the .xml file.
( pls read the for webmaster so u understand what im looking for )

– Have TinyMCE – Javascript WYSIWYG Editor fuction so admin or staff can create new news or tutorial information ( admin must approve or reject any news or tutorial that staff create ) if the have some change in the news or tutorial the current information must not replace with the new one before the admin check the information and decide to approve the change or not , if approve the change will be accepted but if not nothing will be happen ( this is important to protect the current news or tutorial from the staff that make any mistake )

Must have function for newsletter and subscribes , and all work must be url seo friendly with where i can edit any related information like each page example i can edit/change any single page title , meta description , meta keywords and any related

Code must be in nice structure for php code and mysql code ( i dont want the code that hard to handle when need to edit soon )

and must have a good site map function so google , yahoo , bing can craw my website faster. i will lets u know what features i forgot , thanks

pls contact me at PM to discuss

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Simple And Attractive WordPress Site

In home page:
1. SlideShow in the top
2. Big moving Navigation button just below Slideshow
3. Latest News
4. Blog (can be switchable to old blog in same place)
5. News (can be switchable to old News in same place)
6. Submit (first Name, second Name and Email)

sample will be provided.

I can only afford $100 for this project.

Please do not bid if u cant do this project. (No time wasters please)

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News Article Writers

Im looking for reliable writers.
Subjects to start out with are:

Foreclosure news
Loan modification news
short sale news

Approximately 4hrs per day 5 days per week

I will need a few writers during the week and
a few for Saturday and Sunday.

Give me your best price!

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Small Script Joomla To Remove Styling On Category Page


For one of my Joomla sites I have a news page (category page) which shows a few news items. Some articles start with bold tags and images. On the category page I want to remove all the styling from the articles, so it just shows the title + introtext and read more link.

Link on request.


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WordPress News Blog To Look More Like Tech Crunch Layout

I want to turn my word press blog into a similar layout as tech crunch blog, I want it to have a layout look like the tech crunch website(white background, with links to facebook, twitter, stumble upon and digg for each article-if that makes sense) and subtitles something like global grind(home, news and politics, entertainment, celebrities, videos, life. while I am publishing test articles I have discovered I am not really a fan of whole article or video coming below previous article.-rather have it squared up like tech crunch and have the option to read more…just like tech crunch.
Keep the logo and heading as it is .The idea I have in my head is for someone to click on an article and be taken to another page, just like tech crunch. Can anyone do this for me and if so how long would it take and the how much would be the price. I already have my logo designed, as you will see on the blog website.
On each article I would also want links to twitter, stumble upon, facebook, and digg, so that the articles have the possibility of being shared and a like and dislike button.
Would also like an RSS feed for the website.

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Article Writer Needed For News Website 150-300 Words/ea

Hello, I am looking for someone who can write articles for 7 different news categories, 1 article per category per day for a week – 49 articles in total.

The categories are very mainstream, all that is required is to read the latest Yahoo! or Google news and write your own version of the news. Must pass Copyscape and not use any software to spin the content. The articles must be written in very good English. Each article has to be between 150-300 words, depending on how indepth the article must be to cover the story fully.

This job can be completed in less than a week if there are 2 stories in 1 category that you feel need to be written about, and if you have the extra time of course.

Upon completing this project, I will assess the quality of the work and decide whether to make it a long term business relationship or not, as I will need this done at least 20 more times.

The site is written in WordPress, so you will be given a login and password to access the site, and post articles. Each article most include a photo, which you can grab from anywhere.

Looking for a Freelancer ASAP! If you bid the right amount quick enough, I will definitely close the auction early and select at least 1 article writer for this job.

Any questions? Post below and I will get back to you.


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Individual Posters Wanted & News Letter Creation

Serious from home working individuals for manually Forum postings, Blog Postings, Directrory Listings, Face book set up, Social Marketing, Book Marking, creating News Letters for our diffrent websites on long term basis. No Escrow or advance payments but only weekly payments on completion of tasks by paypal only. Please quote per 1000 poists and can submit per week for the tasks seperately in message box. Please apply for a task at a time you are experienced and willing to work with.

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Proofreader For News

I am looking for a proofreader to edit short news stories. The job is two hours per day for one month and covers about 18 very short stories (150-500 words) per day. The individual should have a strong grasp of a journalistic style guide, and native English. Please send your CV.

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Customise WordPress Theme

I would like a wordpress theme developed for my photography website.

The site is

I want the wordpress installation for the news page only (not the rest of the site, which will remain static)
The theme should look exactly like the site as it is now, however obviously should include a news/blog function. I will allow you to develop the look of this, however I expect the outcome to fit in with the rest of the site (simple and clean).

I want well commented code so that I can change things myself.

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Need Freelance Coder – Various Problems- NATIVE ENGLISH Spkr

My site runs Joomla v1.5 – Very popular, in its 14th year delivering positive news (5th year with Joomla)

You would need to work on a COPY of the site, then, transfer to live site (I update site with 4 news stories every day.)

Homepage has INTERMITTENT trouble with sh404 – missing data (photo/text) on frontpage after pageloads – this only happens occasionally. (See attached to compare to my front page, normally, link below)

Pagination problems – When clicking ALL HEADLINE, and clicking on different pages, after page 2 or 3, all data is missing except date

Community Builder/OSE JSE issues – after registering, some IE users cant purchase subscription – sometimes a COOKIES NOT ENABLED message appears, yet cookies ARE enabled.

Photo auto-resizing needs to be updated

Need offline payments added to my subscription component options, so that people can choose to pay with a check – with pending sub on file until check is mailed/received.


Start immediately – Weekly progress required

Do not want project fee. Will pay hourly rate –

Please submit your hourly rate, and experience.

Geri Weis-Corbley
Editor, Publisher
The Good News Network

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Regular Blog Articles (Filmmaking/ Movie News/Reviews Etc)


Looking to get a price on writing articles for my blog and managing the day to day running of it. As such, youd be responsible for not only writing the articles, but uploading the actual articles, including any relevant photos, embedding links to videos and deleting spam comments/the occasional reply. I just dont have the time to do so as frequently as Id like.

The blog is about filmmaking, movies, visual effects, motion graphics. Would prefer someone who has knowledge in this area, but somebody with good research skills would work as well. Must have excellent written English so would prefer someone with English (UK English preferably) as their first language. Happy to go with an American/Canadian/Australian provider though.

Writers who can add a bit of personality, maybe some humour would be ideal. Covering the topic as an individual rather than coming off as a press release is the kind of thing Im going for. A bit quirky (See my review on Australia!)

Heres what I need article wise:

Approximately five articles a week of between 200 and 500 words depending on the content.

A movie review around once a month or more would be great.

Articles on filmmaking (Hints, tips and resources for filmmakers: new software/cameras/stock footage/training opportunities/behind the scenes etc)

Film News (Most of these can be borrowed from other sites for the purpose of news reporting as long as you list the source… Ill have to check the rules, but you might have to add a link to their site as well. Youll probably know more about this than me. I dont want to get in trouble!)

Inspirational videos about VFX, titles, amazing films made on low budgets, film festivals, competitions, great tutorials.

Keywords are great if you can get them in, but Id rather have a well written article without loads of keywords than something that reads like nonsense!

Great websites for research would be Variety, The Art of the Title, VFX News, MakingOf, TotalFilm, SlashFilm.

Ideal distribution of articles per week would be one movie review, two pieces of news, one article on filmmaking (hints and tips), and one resource (Some new software, place to get free footage etc)

I cant spend a lot on this, Im a sole trader and I dont get any direct financial return from the blog. Im looking to post some ads on there though when Ive got a few more readers. Looking to form a long term relationship, so if I get money rolling in from ads then Im happy to give you a cut on top of the initial agreed fee and hopefully increase your involvement. So at this stage the cheaper the better, but not at the expense of quality!

Please submit your bid based on a monthly or weekly fee for the requirements listed above (So that would be around 21/22 articles). Any more information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I.e. I can do five a week for x but if you wanted just 2 or 10 or even 20 then I can do that for x, other services that could help promote the blog, which days you can/cant blog etc etc. A price per word would probably be even better.

Heres the link to the blog:

If you have any questions then please dont hesitate to ask. Sorry for the massive listing, didnt want to miss anything!



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WordPress Message/news Scroller (horizontal Tv Style)

Hello all bidders,

I have a news website that is quiet popular however its lacking a unique factor. I have seen few wordpress news and message tickers/scrollers; however they did not meet my expectations.

Basically, I need a news scroller that scrolls news headlines horizontally on the top of my website. I do not want this messages or news to appear in the Post pages, they will no be clickable, just news headlines or developing stories…

Just lik the television news…i want it to get attention.

It probably require its on posting area than the usual Post (new, etc)…the reason I dont want it to appear in the post pages is because I dont want my google news to grab short headlines and sometimes a story has not been confirmed so I just want to give them a tip off.


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Post 3-4 News Per Day On My New Blog

Hy, im intersted in opening a new blog, which will be a news blog in finance. So i will needa writer/ team who will basically search for the fresh news everyday , and post them to my blog. Of course all the posts will have to be unique, and pass copyscape.
Im looking for 3 -4 .. maximum 5 news per day.
I m looking for someone who knows how to make a good research , knows english , so no grammar errors, and can write good meaningful articles/news.
Once again this will be in financial niche.. so it will be about loans, mortgage, forex, stock market..etc
Please put your bid for 1 week of work.You will be working 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.
We will make a test for 1 month, and if i am pleased with your work, we will continue.
Bid For 1 Weel of Work. ! week= 5 days

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Google News Seo

We need some one who has great expertise with Google news submission and writing articles specifically for that purpose. We are targeting for bulk writing and submissions kindly post everything you know about Google news submission and how effectively can you manage a bulk order.
Rates for individual submission must be mentioned in pm.
happy bidding

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