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Voice Talent Needed

Need someone with a very nice bubbly voice to record 8 short phone greeting/voice mail scripts budget $40.00 please provide samples of previous recordings. Nice, professional, young and bubbly. Thanks!

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Find Apartments In Nice

I need at least 10 apartments in Nice, France with these characteristics:
Cost less than 400 euros/week;
Available for the period 01/May to 10/June;
Maximum of 1,5 kilometers distance to this address (2 Rue de Paris, Nice France) <–This is important;
Have Internet;
Have kitchen
Have a Double Bed (dont want sofabed only).
Desirable: Terrace or balcony.
Desirable: Good reviews.

The result should be a excel with the Code and Link to each apartment, with the respectiv rate.

Please be sure that all apartments meets all characteristics Im requiring.

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Facebook Fan Page Design

i need a nice facebook fanpage related to my niche.

***must have good design skills, need revision, turnaround time must be 3-5 days. im not looking for no friends or fan, just a nice design for facebook fan page.

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Restaurant Website

A simple restaurant website with a nice look with database-less cms. It is for an Indian restaurant.

The specifications are:

Clean and elegant design with nice INDIAN food pictures.

One Photo Gallery

Online Booking / Reservation

Restaurant Menu (5 lunch menus and one A La Carte, one Drinks menu) easily accessible

Feedback form

Bookmarks and external links

Budget is 100 dollars flat. Many features are not expected but good look is a must. Sample must be provided. Should be delivered in a week.

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Hello everybody!

I am looking for someone who can make a website for me on Swedish and English there all sellers from Sweden and Internationally can put advertisement to sell everything within…. The website should be very easy to use but tuff design.I have already the colors, design and logo what I want to be mine, but need somebody who can make it to my website.
Color and design has to be same as:
On this website can people put the advertisement for one month and five pictures to download ( 640*320 megapixel). You have to make login name and code so they can go in self and change the ad and remove it if they want. Payment method is Paypal/Payson / Visa/ Mastercard and even if its possible to call with mobile and pay with SMS. This website has to have very nice design and easy to use and good publicity and promotional from some companies beside the first page on this website.

If you know that you are the right person/companies to make this for me quickly and will give me all support to start this webpage, so I can handle it self in future, just come with the price for me, so maybe we will make a project together as soon is possible.


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Nice Looking E-shop – 3 Categories, 5 Products In Each

Need nice looking show for posh UK mums with essentials for their babys.

Example like it should look like:

Working e-shop
No content works – just add demo content
Add product types and categories
Adjust it with me server and domain
Include SEO (Easy links, automatic titles, description, keywords, no rubbish code – less means better so heavy CSS included 🙂 )

Got 15 products, sorted in to 3 categories.

Each product have different attributes (up to 15) like size, color, number of this, number of that.

What I need is demo-like site with adjusted nice eye-looking typography, template (with colors butterflies, babyz and so on :)), working cart with product tracing system for me (like: customer just left shopping cart and not bought, customer just bought something to ensure quick custoemr-shop after sale process).

In plain words: I will build up content and remake products sites, just need scathed template – so no content working for my programmer.

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Wedding Photo Website

I want to have a photo website, professional and nice design with flash Effect for photo rotation by Javascript, SEO friendly.

Anybody interested in this project mau use those nice theme from flashmint website template, as long as it is beautiful template. You then only need to do the below:

Work including data entry, photo editing, content uploading, create the wording for about me page, contact us page, (I have my current one but need someone to re-write it).Maximum budget below usd 100

This is urgent and I need someone who can complete the job within 3 days.

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Flash Site Needed

I need a flash site for my interior decoration firm. The design should be very modern with a portfoilio space where pictures of my previous interior work can be shown. There should be a backend so I can add/remove pictures. I need a nice clean work.
You also need to make a nice logo for me. My firms name is Studio Designs.

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Build Fan Page On Facebook


I am looking for someone that can build really nice fan pages on facebook.
This project is for two websites, but if the work is done good there will be more work coming.

The fan page needs to have nice design with a lot call to action.

This is a urgent project.

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Nice Cheap Product Website I Need Latest 2.0 Ajax

I need many websites made over the next few months.. I need someone who can make them for me for $200 a website. I need very nice and latest technology. I want cool effects when customers are looking at the images. I want an easy 1 page checkout, I want everything very simple to manage, easy to use platform

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PHP Script For WordPress Very Simple

I need this type of function for my wordpress site very simple
"Please enter the first and last names of one of your enrolled children"

Childs first name:
Childs last name:


A loading screen once they hit continue would also be nice – perhaps a five second delay while they are redirected?

Green bars around the boxes once they have been successfully identified would also be nice.

Admin page: one page for editing and deleting the database,…

need it urgent
Budget is less
time :- 2 to 3 hours maximum

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I Need The Best Website Done At An Affordable Price & Fast!!

I need a Very Creative person to put together a Perfect/Flash website for me in 3-5 days from the close of this bid. This website is for a Concert and Film Production company, so it needs to stand out from the Rest!!

If youre not creative, please dont bid!! I need someone that can provide me proof of what you can do, and I need this done within 3-5 Days! If you cannot do this, please dont bid.

I also need someone who is proficient in SEO, Video/Film Graphics, and more.
High PR1, PR2, linking, would be nice too.
If you can put together a nice logo for me, that would be great too.

I have a vision of what i want my website to look like, but Im not that creative when
it come to website. Ill work with you to come up with the best of what you can do.

If you do well and not charge me too high, I will have my people pass out 3,000 fliers at one of my
concert events, with your name and contact info on it..

I will also need step by step directions on how to upload it to my Godaddy hosting service.

Leave a message and let me know what you can do.

Thank you.

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Open Cart Design And Extra Modules Opencart

Im looking for a OpenCart Pro who can make a nice design and add a few extra atributes.
I would like to implement everything myself so i know whats added and how it works.

Your professional input mathers.

Things im looking for
– header with all products + dropdown ( nice design like apple store)
– perfect SEO links
– extra module for chosing product by price ( under 20

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I Need A Services Website Built

Hi i need a website built for my seo services,and other services,and websites i have for sale, I want to to tell about my services and what I offer, I want a premium black template and header,logo, I want it to have some nice banners advertising my promotions and nice sleek design, I like to spend 50,but i will pay up to 100 if its done nice and fast. Thanks you

here is example of a lush website i like, I like nice vector color blends and professional banners: Here is example:
theres many others to get ideas from also, i want mostly basic, not much Flash, mostly professional banners

03/04/2011 at 15:27 EST:


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Herbal Infusions Web

I am looking to create a unique website for a company which will be selling teas.
-) Multilingual
-) Customer registration/login/loyalty program (Unique code generator for inside of packaging)
-) CMS – All pages should be editable. There should be a newsletter module.
-) Tabs:
Who we are
Products(sub: Herbal infusions, sub: Select your infusion, flash interactive where you can select from the 7 variations of tea)
Know the herbs
Special offers
Customer care
Our Partners

reference sites:
-) – nice demarkation of site, nice way to show products:
-) – nice menu bar with tealeaves, nice way to display products.

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Vbulltein Forum

I need someone to make a vBulletin for me, I got the license for it, and its installed already to the server!

All I need is someone to customize it for me, make it look nice with a good, nice and professional design, and add some pages on it! Some data entry will be needed too!

I can send you details about it, how I want it to look like, and what I want to add to it!!

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Website With Nice Graphics

Are you web designer + graphics designer? You are good here.

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CV Transalation


I have a simple CV in French (2 pages) and i would like to transalte it to English.
I need some one English mother tongue, that understand Franch.
i need in final a word file with nice layout

Have nice bid


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I Need A Nice Many Ecommerce Websites – See Desc Please

I really like the ways that Volusion works, but I DO NOT like how they charge a monthly fee… Im looking for someone who can supply me a similar type platform but not a monthly fee. Im looking to start about 30 websites, and if I used volusion I would have to pay fees x 30 per month. Please let me know if you have a platform you can use that includes the following..

*** A nice Zoom feature
*** Easy 1 page checkout
*** Automatically Email customers Tracking # and Invoices
*** Nice admin which sends emails to customers
*** Easily add and manage products and mark them out of stock
*** Option to update inventory each week with a CSV File

These are the type of features I need…. If you can offer all this and offer me a very low prices per site I will have you develop all my websites. Please bid and PM me any info, this first bid is for 1 website and to earn my business. Im your PM YOU MUST send me example of ECOMMERCE sites you will have done, and I need to be able to see all the features on the site. If I like it I will talk to you more, If I dont like I will ignore… When you PM me Please write "Iread your entire ad"


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Experienced Adult Ghost Writer Wanted

Im looking for an experienced writer for my adult sex blog. I write about the various sexual encounters I have every week, but I am struggling for time to write about all of them, so I need a professional writer to write some for me. I shall give you a brief of what happened and you need to write short posts for each one. This is an example of one of my posts;

I was up for some real hardcore anal tonight, I just wanted to feel a nice hard cock stretching my ass hole nice and wide! John was tonights victim, and he said he could fuck me all day and all night long as he hadnt had any sex for a while, this was fine by me! John came round to mine, and we had a few cheeky cocktails, which just got me even more in the mood. It started raining heavily outside; theres something really romantic and sexy about the rain so I suggested we go out in it and get wet, in more ways than one!

We went down into the gardens of my flats, and we quickly sheltered under a tree, I was soaked through and you could blatantly see my bra through my top. I caught John looking down at my tits, so I quickly pushed him up against the tree and started kissing him whilst pushing my wet breasts into his chest. We were fairly hidden where we were but people could definitely see us if they looked hard enough, it was so horny! I took us more into the bushes where we were more hidden and I quickly ripped off my top and took off my bra to reveal my wet perky tits, he started licking and kissing them as quickly as he could, it felt so sensual in the rain. I undid his belt and dropped his pants and his thick hard cock was standing nicely to attention. I went down on my knees on the muddy floor and started sucking on his cock, which was a nice mouthful. I started deepthroating his shaft deep down into my gullet! I was getting so dirty but I didnt give two shits! I needed some pleasure of my own so I got up and pulled up my skirt and bent over on all fours for John. I told him to fuck my arse as hard and fast as he possibly could! He got on his knees behind me and he moved my knickers to the side and directed his bell end to my ass. He started pushing the tip of his cock into my anus, and I started moaning with pleasure, omg it felt good! He started pummelling my tight ass as hard as he could, his balls slapping against me making a nice loud noise in the rain. I couldnt keep quiet, it was doing it for me so bad, I could feel my g-spot being nicely stimulated through my vagina wall. I could hear him getting louder so he was obviously getting close to cumming, and I couldnt bite my lip any longer, I let out a loud moan as I came hard! He soon followed filling my full of his thick juices, we then basically collapsed onto the muddy floor, god some one would have got a good peep show if they had been watching!

I shall want all posts written in a very similar style

I shall pay around 50p per post, and currently need 50-60 writing, but the work will be ongoing if my readers like the posts.

This position is for a ghost writer, so all credits for writing will go to me, and the work is not to be used anywhere else.

Many Thanks

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Iphone App Like PING

Hi there,

I am looking for a iPhone developer who can develop an app with similar functionalities like ping!

Basically the app should be able to send messages to other users. Should be able to receive push notifications and above all have a nice user experience with a nice UI .

Later we would be looking at how to move this application to other platforms.

If you already have a similar application developed you can send the demo accross and we will see if that fits us or not.

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Herbal Infusions Website

I am looking to create a unique website for a company which will be selling teas.
-) Multilingual
-) Customer registration/login/loyalty program (Unique code generator for inside of packaging)
-) CMS – All pages should be editable. There should be a newsletter module.
-) Tabs:
Who we are
Products(sub: Herbal infusions, sub: Select your infusion, flash interactive where you can select from the 7 variations of tea)
Know the herbs
Special offers
Customer care
Our Partners

reference sites:
-) – nice demarkation of site, nice way to show products:
-) – nice menu bar with tealeaves, nice way to display products.

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Need 15 Fixed Banners

I need around 15 banners design , one size only 120*600, in the cosmetic/fashion theme.
I need fixed banner, not animated
i will provide a lot of material, background, action, fonts, just need a designer with a good eye to
put it all together in a nice way.
The style has to be young and trendy , so not banner template customized.
I will provide a lot of guideline and design elements, its just the question
of having it fit together in a nice way, so no real graphic creation but more
design architeture. I reserve the right to cancel the job after the first banner if I am not satisfied
I will anwer only to frelancr with portfolio or sample

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EBay API Integration – Synchronizing Item Quantities

Hello Everybody,

A client is selling his goods on his website and on his eBay account.
He asked to have a way to automatically synchronize the eBay Items
(Available Quantity) with the Website one (mySQL stored) to avoid problems.

Ideally It would be nice to have a Cron Job setup to do this several times in a day.
(Not sure if there is a Callback from eBay when someone buy a product, to instantly update
the stock level on the website. In case it would be nice to have it…)
Otherwise it could be good to have a Button in the CMS to manually start the synchronization.

You could do that with PHP or PERL too, depending on your skills.
Please when you bid, let us know if you need any specific requirements from us.

Development time should not be more than a week.

Thank you very much.

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Need Around 25 Fixed Banner Design

I need around 25 banners design , one size only, in the cosmetic/fashion field.
I need fixed banner, not animated
i will provide a lot of material, background, action, fonts, just need a designer with a good eye to
put it all together in a nice way.
The style has to be young and trendy , so not banner template customized.
i will provide a lot of guideline and design elements, its juste the question
of having it fit together in a nice way, so no real graphic creation but more
design architeture

Please make an offer for the 25 banners and provide some samples


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Write A Nice Company Profile With Based On Our Website

I need a good content/technical writer who can write good company profile document for my company.
The freelancer has to write profile based on info provided by our website. There is no word restriction.

people who can deliver this in 6 hours and in $30 are only welcomed.

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Achieve Nice PageLayouts Using CMS (FCKeditor)

Looking for someone experienced in page layout and with a good eye for nice graphic design to work on an exiting site that uses FCKeditor in Admin for page layout.

Job is to go through the site and to make changes so as to:-

-Achieve consistant style in fonts and font size over all pages of website
-Improve presentation of existing pages + maybe add some images to them (provided)
-Add text/images (provided) to new pages
– Check it in all browsers – IE, FF, Safari & Opera

Pretty straight forward but you need to know what you are doing also:-.

– Please give examples of sites you have worked on.
– Please state your hourly rate.
– Please quote $30 project cost with a 1st milestone payment (to be placed in escrow) due to cover equivalent of 2 hours work – to serve as a trial if selected. (So if your cost is $5 per hour then $30 project cost, $10 milsestone payment required)

Other sites to work on as well if you are successful.

Many Thanks

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CakePHP Pro (inkl Twitter API And GeoIP)


I am a Developer myself, but as I never have worked with CakePHP and I am on a tight timeline I am looking for an CakePHP Expert/Insider to add some features to an existing CakePHP application.

I only working with SINGLE FREELANCERS (if your profile speaks about "we" do not apply!)
I only work with people woe SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH (you dont need to be a native speaker, Im not either)
You must have a proven record of CakePHP work. (Would be nice to see your Git reps or something)
You must be available on SKYPE for chat and voice.

This is a quick and nice gig – and if it works out fine there might be more work to come, so I am looking for somone I can work longterm with.

You must be avaible (roughly) around EST business hours.


PS: Sorry if the above job discription is a little harsh – too much wanna bees spamming here…I am a nice guy once we get to work 😉

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Template Flash

Dating website owner.

I look for skilled person who can create a new nice looking template.

Also I want to integrate a video chat (flash) into the script.

You got to have good CSS, PhP and JavaScript skills, graphic design skills and experience with designing/ modifying of templates.

This project is for somebody who got the nice eye for details.

Thank you../Carl

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Volusion Template Needs New Design Look – Simple But Nice

I have recently set up an art website and need some more done to the layout, its all white now and simple. I want it still to be white and simple But I want some light colorful graphics added to it. Something artsy. Right now when you look at it its just all white and very BLAHHH looking

Please look over the link, we dont want any surprises.

I want you to be comfortable bidding on this project. Which means you need to know how to intergrate the new look with volusion software. I want to see a few other nice designs you have done, I would have prefer you have worked with the volusion platform before so you know what your doing.

Send some sample of nice Artsy designs you have done, or any ideas you have for this!

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Subdreamer CMS Template

Alright I am using &quot;Subdreamer CMS&quot; and I want a template made for it, I am open on the price so shoot me one..


I want it to be flowey and colorful, fading transparent images are nice, I want the menu bar to be tabs.

This is what I mean by Flowey:

The transparent boarder is nice on that site.


This is what we are dealing with, This is my site &quot;; feel free to sign up and view the site.

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