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Showgirls Exotic Nightclub Website & Updates App

Im looking for someone to develope an iphone app for a small business for an Exotic Nightclub. Showgirls Exotic Nightclub has three locations in Alberta, Canada and the app should have the option to view details for all three locations.

The app would allow the customers to get push notifications for new updates of our clubs. The updates would include the new line-up of entertainers we have each week. A new line-up every Monday and the option to click on a picture of each entertainer to view her bio or other photos (up to 2-3 photos for each dancer) and news, for example, a change of business hours.

The app would also have push notifications for new events such as parties (St. Paddys Day, Christmas, Ladies Nights etc.) as well as special events such as UFC PPV events, fundraisers, etc) These notifications can be as simple as a poster/Jpeg image to be viewed which we would provide.

A page to view contact information, hours of operation and our weekly promos which stay consistant from week to week.

Lastly, a shopping cart where customers can purchase club merchandise.

The app will be in English and I appologize If I cannot provide anymore technical details since I only know what Im looking for in an app and not what is required to build it. Im hoping with this description it will be able to let the developer know what specific skills are required to do the project. Please contact me with any questions. I hope this is enough information to give you a good idea of what I am looking to do. Thank you!


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Nightclub Event Flyer

Nightclub event flyer for valentines day

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Guestlist Database + IPhone/iPad Version

I need a quite simple interface guestlist where I can add nightclubs in my administration and give them their own login and username. Each nightclub must have their own /nightclub/ area and their own database.

Each nightclub must have the following features in their own admin:
Registration/login page
Name, Age, Email, Phone, Photo, City

/ When you are logged in, you can put yourself on the guestlist and add up to 10 people

To create a list, they have to add an event title, and every entry should be in that category.

A site for the doorman
A iPhone contacts kind of page where the guest list is, and where he can swipe one the iPhone or iPad to delete, add people from the +-button and edit. Check people when they arrive. Also a search field is required. This page must be designed for iPhone and iPad so that you allways get the uptodate list and will be able to add and edit attendees on the go.

A statistics page where the nightclub can check how many people have been on the guestlist at each event, how many times each member has been on it and a rating on how many times the member has been on the guestlist and actually showed up.

Add/edit/delete Nightclub (Company name, Contact person etc.)
Stats page
– How many clubs, and how many members they have

About the design and feel:
Its very important that the feel is really web 2.0 and have a nice touch about it. The iPhone/iPad version must be very nice looking because the nightclub guests will be able to see it when they arrive the club. I could be nice if every nightclub could upload their own logo and that it would show on top of the list. Also if it could be able for the club to copy a code and paste the registration/signup form on for example their Facebook Fanpage Tab using Static FBML.

Im currently looking for a developer that can help me out with this system, and Im open to suggestions regarding the features and layout – structure. But Im working in the nightlife and can make this quite simple system a big succes. So please get back to me asap.

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Web 2.0 Site For A Virtual Nightclub

I want a web2.0 website for a virtual 3d nightclub in a with a nice pink purple design that has a community pages with a blog, a forum, chat , classifieds adds, an events calender A page to embed/upload videos and a page to upload music.

And a Page that streams the music stream from the club DJs

want the social parts of the site to look a lot like

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Flash’s Website For A Nightclub

A flash website for a nightclub! with event page, album pic with comment, contact , description of the club with a style like mix of and

the last one its more what i want but the first one is more the design (background)

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Nightclub Iphone App

I am looking for a programmer to write me several small apps for an iphone and or blackberry and maybe a PC.

we are a nightclub owner group with 3 locations and would love to have apps to book VIP and or to be added to the guest list and some other items, maybe including menus.

the other program we need is a way for a computer to snap a photo of a person in a photobooth at the club and send to facebook and email them the photos upon entering their user name/password.

we are looking for other ideas as well.

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Nightclub Promo Automatic Email Guestlist

I want to have a simple webpage that has field for anonymous users to fill out, first name, last name, email. I then want at a specific hour i edit, an atomated email that sends a list of all the names first and last to an email i specify. I need 5 instances of the same thing. This idea is for people to put ther name into an automated system that puts them on a nightclub guest list automatically. I am using a godaddy server currently to host all my websites. If you have any questions or want to me to pay direct, skype or aim me at bigburd512. Thanks, Nick

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Need 1,000 Facebook Fans For 2 Fan Pages

We have two existing fan pages where we are looking to add an additional 1,000 fans to each. Fans must have a profile pic. Company would consider paying a higher price for fans from the Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Phoenix area (can be determined using Facebook Insights).

Fans must be added in a short amount of time (less than ten days after project is awarded).

In the future, we will be looking to add 1000 fans per week to multiple fan pages, and so there is potential for more work down the road.

Fan page URLs:

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Need a single US State targeted fans only. Nightclub/Live music & Band Interests. If successful and consistent there will be MUCH more repeat consistent work with our MANY other pages we manage.

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Nightclub Flyer Designer

Our team is looking for someone to design a Nightclub flyer. Bidders must have a portfolio displaying work that is similar to nightclub style venues/performances. Please provide a range of work so that we might understand your design style.

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Custom WordPress Theme For Nightclub Event Promo Site

I am looking for very professionally designed WordPress theme for a nightclub event promotion website. The most important thing I am looking for is a quality, awe-inspiring graphic designer with PHP background. The complete specs for the project can be downloaded here: (read the READ-ME-FIRST.doc and it will refer to the images in the zip). I will need to see examples of your graphic as well as coding work.

11/06/2009 at 0:47 EST:

I am not looking for a theme that is already available for free/to buy. It must be all original!

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Iphone App For Nightclub

Looking for a developer for an app. Simple App. Has a club glow stick and a text scroller within it (like the Paul Van Dyk App) and the ability to show a jpeg grahic taken from an external server for each night. Its for a nightclub night we run so any other suggestions are welcome.

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Nightclub Party Flyer Design (016)

Night club party eflyer design. Need to see your samples. Also need for you to be able to create flyers asap.

This is for eflyers which are 1 sided. Not high resolution so this should be easy.

$20 per flyer. ( i have 2 for you to start with )

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Nightclub Flyer Design

Graphic Design company needs experienced graphic designers who have done at least 10+ nightclub flyers. Send 5 sample work pertaining to nightclub flyers. Pay is $30-$50 for normal size club flyer. This will be constant work.

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Need 10 flash banners for a nightclub

I am looking for a flash designer. Who can make very cool and attractive flash banners for parties & nightclubs.
These banners need to be glamorous, elegant, stylish & sexy. They also need to be small in size. For example, a 468 by 60 pixel banner should be 20kb or less. I will not consider bids that dont have attached banner/s or links to banners described above.

I am not looking for someone who can just do it. I am looking for someone who can do it in style.


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Night Club website re-design

We are an upcoming nightclub. Our website is good..but needs to improve format wise. The successful applicant will be capable in graphic design and can introduce to the site a function for a calendar, will make the site more visually attractive and make it user friendly for our computer illiterate staff. A content management system would be ideal but as we have to update the site reguarly, whatever is easiest for us is acceptable.

The website will be developed on a seperate server.

I do not have time, nor do I want to sit and answer a million questions..if you cannot use initiatve and answer your own questions do not reply. I am not a website designer, but will effectively set the narrative for what I expect of this website.

If you do not speak excellent english and do not provide decent communication to me, do not apply. Payment will only be made on completion, and I reserve the right to scrap the project if I do not think you are qualified or if it is not moving at an acceptable price.

Those are the conditions, sorry to be blunt, to many designers have messed me about on other projects.

If you cannot immediately provide me reference to other websites you have worked on, do not reply.

If you cannot meet the requirements do not reply. Thanks.

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