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Need Vector Graphics And Some 2D Animations For IPhone Game

We are currently working on iPhone app and would require someone to create our character. The character is a Ninja character but the game is for kids to be used for learning. So the Ninja character must be cute and adorable. Doesnt have to be a real person as long as you can portray a cute ninja that kids (age 4-10) would love.

The game we are working on is for kids but similar to Fruit Ninja.

The game is mainly for kids to learn shapes, math and colors.

Heres what we need:
Main character – Cute Ninja (can be a bird, bunny, bear, monkey, tiger, etc…)

Background – A dojo or location to train (I can provide samples later).

Explosion – Different explosion when I cut through the shapes. Heres the
idea on the shape. Its supposed to have liquid gooey stuff in it that
splatters after you slice the right one. I want the gooey explosion
similar to Fruit Ninja.

Confetti – After completing a level will shower a confetti (like Cut The Rope – see links below).

There will probably be some animation but they will be 2D animation.
For example, the ninja character will be jumping in joy when you complete
a level or be sad (head down) when he lose the game. Also swaying his sword when slicing shapes.

Theres also a bomb (like Fruit Ninja) and Ill probably make it somewhat similar to Fruit
Ninjas animation when you accidentally slash it. The bomb will not be a regular bomb
but a ball with spikes.

Shapes – I think I have the shapes but if you can have something better then
thats great. I need basic shapes (maybe with 2D rotation animation) of
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Heart, Circle, Diamond, etc…

Animation are sprite or 2D (sequential png). Maximum size of the screen
is 960px X 480px for high-res.

Heres another example of a slicing game:
Veggie Samurai –

Here are some links to image qualities that I would like for this work to be similar:
ePig Rope –
Cut The Rope –
Tower Bloxx –

Payment will be made after 100% completion of the job. This is how we do business here and I have great ratings and not about to ruin it that I have multiple projects on the way.

If you have any question let me know now.


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Ninja Project For Shoukei

The same as we discussed $80 you will have almost 25 days to complete.

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PHP Ninja Wanted

We are looking for a programmer who has the skills given above you will be paid on a per module basis of for making modules for codeigniter and making SDK for our platform.

Cost of per module we will pay is between $10-$25 this is a long term project.

This may lead to full-time employment as we are a product company

Only individuals programmers apply no firms or groups please.

Thank You

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Fruit Ninja Type Game For IPhone


We have it done around 80% just it doesnt function well.

sometime hands and some features need to be implemented.

Please bid and lets see if you are the guy to fix it and to complete it!

will up to $300- $500 max!


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DD-WRT VPN Linux Ninja Needed

Please only apply if you have dd-wrt / openwrt experience, and a router to test with. We have multiple VPN accounts, and need to easily be able to provision routers for different users.

Job requires an automated method to program the router with one of the supported VPN protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and customizing firmware to automatically grab and program using the unique account info.

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Ninja Web Designer Wanted

I am looking for an excellent graphics designer to assist our team to design product tour of our product my hourly rate will be around 3 – 5 USD an hour.Please if you are a outsourcing firm do not apply you application will not be accepted at any condition.This position is a long term position with competitive rates in the future for the right applicant.

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Board Game Graphics


We need a illustrator for a board game. The game have the ninja style.

We would like to utilize our original graphics to keep the continuity of our board game, so not a lot of original material is needed for the first edition. We will supply all main vector images and you get creative with them.

Here the details:

1 main page background…(game board)
1 main horizontal bar (simple bamboo shape or the Ninja Edition)
1 main rectangle box (for text boxes/scrolls/etc.utilizing bamboo shape or the Ninja Edition)
4 main buttons (Ninja character heads; each of 4 colors)
1 navigation button (were thinking possibly a rice/Sake bowl or a tea bowl)

More info via PM.

Budget between: 40-80 usd

Communication is very important, skype, yahoo messenger are a plus!

The art must to be created in adobe illustrator

Please bid with your relevant portfolio.

Happy bidding! =)


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Ninja Combat Flash Animation

I need 4 10 second flash animations done for my game. they need to be 760 x 400 pixels in size.

the background can be fairly simple and does not need to move. some silhouettes of buildings, mountains or something in the back.

the animations will begin the same, one ninja in the middle of the stage, then a second ninja will begin to walk to them, when the second ninja reaches the first ninja it will draw its sword and attempt to kill the other ninja.

the way the animations are different:
1 for a successful kill from the front
1 for a successful kill from the back
1 for an unsuccessful kill from the front (the defending player blocks the attack and kill the attacker)
1 for an unsuccessful kill from the back (the defending player blocks the attack and kill the attacker)

the graphics including the ninjas can be silhouettes, meaning looking like a shadow, but this must look professional. there are 4 animations but as you can see they all use the same graphics and animations and i hope your quotes reflect this.

please only apply for this if you have previous flash animations of this kind in your portfolio.

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Graphics/Art For An IPhone Game – Like Fruit Ninja

Need graphics/art for the in game

check fruit ninja game for the concept, though its totally different..

send pm for more details, looking to start right away and will need immediate updates within 6 hours from the chosen developer.


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Unity3D – Fruit Ninja Game For IPhone


We need game cl-one as : will be disclosed in PMB.

MAX Budget : $1000

We have no more budget than this, so if you need more, then do not bid or you will be ignored completely!!!


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IPhone Game Needed – Fruit Ninja!

Need game as Fruit Ninja for iPhone!!!

Please pm me and start asap!!!


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Ninja Trader Strategy

Im looking for a programmer who codes a ninja trader strategie based on a cumston indicator that i already have ready.
Need it to do some backtesting and dont have any ressources left to do it right now.

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PHP Ninja For WordPress

Looking for a PHP Ninja to write some web pages and add features to a wordpress plugin

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Ninja Trader Programmer

Some simple Ninja Trader programming. Custom indicators already done. need to test something using two different charts (and their indicators). Would like to be shown how it works for future reference so I can make some adjustments 9I used to do amateur programming in college)

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Upgrage IPhone App To OS 4.0, Fix Interface Issue

Hello Everyone,

I have an iPhone App out called Video Ninja, Video Ninja is an iphone Video Editing app that allows users to merge videos together into 1 video. I am looking for an honest person or company that preferably has worked with video applications before, it is not neccessary but you must be confident that you can get the job done. I would very much like consistent updates through out the project as well.

Below is the list of items that I need from the bidder

1) Upgrade Video Ninja to the 4.0 operating system.

2) Fix video playback interface. Currently the App works fine except for 1 problem. After you merge the videos together an option appears to play the video, when you press the play button nothing happens or plays. You can send the video to the camera roll and it will play there but the videos will not play in the App. I need this fixed so that when a user presses the play button, the video plays.

3) Change the name of App.

These are the three items that I would like bids on. Thanks for taking the time to look into this project.

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Private Project FOR CODE NINJA – Website Scrapper

This is a private project for Code Ninja, as disccused to scrape the contents of our website and to format it in the required previously provided format.

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Offers Page Construction

I want to add an offers page to web properties recently purchased, similar in functionality to the following example:

1.The special offer page would need to be integrated into the existing website(s)
2.The special offer would need to be able to accomodate a graphic similar to the 120 X 60 pixel ones you see on the hyperlinked page
3.If somebody selects the "Yes" button. The offer is displayed.
4.The fields collected for those offers would need to be customizable/scalable as every offer will need different information collected
5.The COLLECTED DATA information needs to be sent to ME. I am not emailing to those people at the time of collection, I am simply collecting the data from the Special offers that they fill out.

Examples of the websites that would need the integration is below:


I need a ninja that communicates clearly and isnt work-adverse…is that you?

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FLash Ninja

I am web designer I have worked on flash animation, HTML, and Designing

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Importing Real Time Mkt Data To Technical Analysis Softwares


1. We already have a Real Time data feed and are importing Real time data to one Technical Analysis Software, which is Amibroker.

2. We are looking for technical know how to import real time (LIVE) Stock market data along with backfill for historical data to various other Technical anlaysis software … like… (All versions in Real time):-

(a) Metastock Real Time
(b) Adv Get
(c) Tradstation 2000i
(d) Quote Tracker
(e) Wave 59
(f) Ninja Trader
(g) Flash Charts
(h) Wealth Lab
(j) Hyper Trader
(k) For a list of others also, please view this link >>

(l)Any other Technical Analysis software(s), not mentioned here or in the link provided above, to which you can provide the know-how to import in real time, would also be welcome.

3. We are looking to import to the real time versions and not looking to import to the End-of-Day versions and then refreshing the software. Please donot bid if your solution deals only with End-of -Day / refresher solutions.

4. Please feel free to bid in case you can provide us the know-how to import to even one of these. Please mention the details of the same via PM. We will consider your bid on a pro rata basis. The method of importing to a bunch of some of these Technical Analysis software would almost be the same.

5. Bids desired only from serious bidders with knowledge. Instant payments.

Thanking you for your time & bids in advance.

Warm Regards,

True Data India

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Ninja Trader Autotrade Alert

I am looking for a highly reliable and competent programmer to work on a Ninja Trader project.

You will require good C# programming skills as well as knowledge and experience with Ninjatrader.

You will be developing automated trading strategies and indicators and must show the highest regards for customer confidentiality.

Experience of programming other trading systems such as MetaTrader, Tradestation and eSignal would be advantageous.

Please send me a PM with your flate fee, your skills and experience and why we should chose you for this project.


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MT4 EA to Ninja Platform unfinished code needs to be finished

I have unfinished code of MT4 EA ported for Ninja Platform. Its done 90%, I need someone to check it and finish it. I will provide u mq4 code and unfinished code of Ninja strategy.

You will require good C# programming skills as well as knowledge and experience with Ninjatrader. You will be developing automated trading strategy.

No high bids please, work isnt complicated. Logic is VERY simple.

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MT4 EA to Ninja Platform

I have a VERY SIMPLE logic EA for MT4 platform and needed it re-coded for Ninja Platform. You should be proficient with MT4 meta editor programming, mq4 files, mqL4 and or C++, Ninja script.

PLEASE dont bid a ridiculous high amount. At the end U can keep EA afterall, its worth over 1000$.

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Ninja Trader Programming


I need a reliable programmer for customizing NinjaTrader Indicators and Strategies. NinjaTrader is a automated Trading Tool in C++.

Long-Term collaboration is desired.

[Removed by Site Administrator]

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