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Iphone Developer Delhi (India)

A Person who have knowledge of iPhone SDK and Objective C. Cocoa and Xcode is a must.
Please send us some examples of your work.

We are a reputed software development company; we have a very strong team of IT professionals. We provide comprehensive IT solutions and services, including mobile and PDA applications, website designing and development, ecommerce, GPS trackingsystem

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Need A MAC Objective C Developer For A Legal Collection Appl

Hi Im a amateur Objective C Developer that is looking for a Professional MAC Developer to Develop a Legal Collection Document Application that will enable users to View, Browse and Print a Collection of Legal Documents for the Apple Mac OSX 10.6.

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Objective-c Threading

I have a project working already but im stuck on a small bit of it and to get it done asap. Im reading several xml files using threading, im facing two problems; threads are not queuing up
2.while obtaining the data from the xml and adding it to my sqlite db im showing a table view with the msg Loading…. The problem here is even after the xml data has been added to sqlite my tableview is still showing Loading as the table is not being reloaded.

I will provide a simplified working copy of what i have and will need someone to fix the issue as per my layout as i cant afford redo my logic unless its already totally flawed.

I will pay on completion of task, i will need an invoice.

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IPhone App – No Creative Work Required

I am looking to pay a freelancer to build me an iPhone app given my exact specifications and pseudocode. Its features include being able to sync up with a database, being able to tell the current time and use it in the app, being able to directly call a number, being able to send a template text by clicking a button in the app and a blog-like page similar to the twitter app which I could update. I will provide specific pseudocode, so all the programmer has to worry about is translating it into objective-c, making the job quite simple and quick.

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GUI For Mac OS X Application (Obj C Or Java)

This project is for the following:

– Create GUI for Mac OS X Application which will be launched from a CD
– Using either Objective C or Java
– The GUI will launch numerous Shell Scripts (.sh) in
– Variables will need to be stored and sent to desired .sh files
– Mac OS X Look & Feel

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IPhone Survey Software Developer

We are SurveyPocket: a mobile phone application development team specializing in building offline survey tools for market research. Were looking for a sharp iPhone/Objective-C developer to help us with a few projects related to our flagship product, SurveyPocket (see iTunes app store).

A qualified candidate is someone that is hard working, has reliable internet connection, a great communicator, and able to communicate clearly.

Contact us for more information.

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Iphone App

We developed an app in html5 css3 but we are not satisfied. We want to realize the same app in c objective (native language of iphone). The application is 99% working but as the client is not satisfied we decided to change completely. We will provide a link to the app to people or company who will show good references as apps they developed. Real possibilty of long term business relationship, we would prefer a company but we will accept very good single developer. thank you

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Custom Mac OS X App Development

We are accepting bids on the upcoming project for the development of a software application on Mac OS X platform.
This is a porting of the existing program originally written in VB for Microsoft Windows. The project can be done either using Cocoa/Objective-C or Java. The job will be awarded to a programmer who has done desktop application development on Mac OS X in the past using these technologies.

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We need a Programmer with experienced SKILLS in C coding experience and objective C.
Must have excellent coding skills with the audio and video libraries / foundations of Apples SDK.

Knowledge of : AVFoundation AVTools, MediaPlayer, AudioUnits, AVAsset and Core Audio is a must.

Long-term opportunity with our company, if workflow is good.

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Small Function For IPhone


I need someone to write a small function in Objective C to retrieve data from a web service.

Details by PM,

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Iphone App – Game

We are looking for an Objective-C programmer with proven experience in iphone app development to work with to create a basic game for the App store. You must be comfortable with Xcode, Objective-C, Cocoa and UIKit.

We will be supplying the graphics for the game, and the developer will use the graphics and incorporate them into the game. The developer may need to occasionally manipulate graphics when necessary, so must have the skill or resources to do this.

The game is essentially a test of reflexes, and is to some extent an improved and enhanced variant of the "Reflex Test" Games that are already available on the app store.
Our variation of this type of game will offer better graphics, a more interesting and engaging scoring system, and will allow users to upload their scores to the apple game centre.
Users should also be able to directly post their top scores to Facebook and Twitter if they desire.
The game will be a free download so we would like to incorporate both iads and admob using adwhirl.
The game should be both "retina" display and standard display compatible.
All rights and ownership of the game will be entirely ours, and you will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement form before commencing with the project.
As already stated, you must have previous app development experience. Please PM me with details of apps you have already developed, with links to the apps on the app store website for verification.

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Small Function

Need someone to write a small function in Objective C.

Please contact me by PM for further details.

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"Todo" Application For Iphone Needed Fast!


Im looking for a developer to make a simple
"to do" app for the iphone.

This is a pretty easy one (but I will be using the
camera on the iphone). The whole idea of this
app is to NOT be over complicated.

Ive got a graphic artist doing the artwork.

The biggest thing is I need a quick turn around!

Preferably someone who can get started in the
next couple of days.

Please reply back with iTunes links of your past
work so I can see what youve done.



Skills: iPhone, Objective-c, Cocoa, iPad, C+

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Software In Objective C/C++ For Mac OS X

Theres a need to write a small piece of software in Objective C/C++ for Mac OS X.

The software needs to implement the following functionality:
1. Launching the jumping Dock icon(for notifications) in Mac OS X(an analogue in Windows OS is a flashing taskbar window) – windows name is an input parameter, void on exit.
2. Stopping the jumping Dock icon in Mac OS X – windows name is an input parameter, void on exit.

The software needs to be built as a shared library(dylib).

The library must export the following functions:
1. startFlashWindow(char* windowName)
2. stopFlashWindow(char* windowName)

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Ios Developement Consultancy

Basically in need of an objective c "tutor", will involve random questions, one being how to animate a uiview moving from one place to another in the main view…

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Developer Looking For Partner For A NEW IPhone Game

I am looking for a partner to help me finish developing this game for the app store. I have thought up a game that has never before been seen on any apple store. I have basic knowledge of objective c and I am a former graphics designer. I have the basis for the code needed to program the game but I am missing a couple lines of code here and there.

This is a serious offer so please, experienced programmers only!

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Mac OSX Objective C Download File

I need Mac OSX program written in Objective C which will download a file from a website. The file is 3 to 5MB in size. The file is in the webservers protected area so you will first have to authenticate with userid and password (supplied).

Before downloading, your program will check if a new version is available. I will provide a url which returns the most recent version of the file, which will be an integer. This url is on another webservers protected area and the same userid and password will work to get in.


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Xcode Open GL ES Project (iphone Game)

I need some one with Objective -C experience specially in Open GL ES iPhone games
i need to creat a simple game for the iOS plateform simple logic ill tell you more when i figure out how much coding can coast me
ill provide the interface and most of the graphics artwork i just need the objective C coding stuff in the back ground.

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IPhone, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch – Enhancements To App

We have an existing iPhone App that we need some enhancements developed for. The App is called RoamDE and can be downloaded from the App Store from this link:

The code also needs to be improved, to improve error/exception handling, reliability and design issues.

The application uses a persistence framework and downloads and uploads data from a server-side application, so experience working with applications that send and receive data via the internet is essential.

The enhancements we need are:
– Addition of In-App Purchasing (client side only) functionality
– Addition of Push Notification (client side only) functionality
– Login screen, authentication (client side only)
– UI improvements, look & feel: minor tweaks to improve user experience.

We also need an experienced iOS/Objective-C programmer to review the code, and to refactor where necessary, in order to improve the reliability, memory management, error handling, unsafe multithreaded code etc.

We want to find a Freelancer with lots of experience, who we can trust, and we can hopefully work with on a regular basis – there will be lots more projects. People hoping to use this project in order to improve their skills should not bid.

Please provide examples of your work.


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Modifications Of Fusion Theme,

Modifications are needed on the WordPress theme entitled Fusion.
The bidder must have experience with making these types of modifications with css and other coding as necessary. If the bidder has good English proficiency along with a clear knowledge of the Fusion theme, there should be no problem understanding the five objectives that follow.

All the proposed modifications described below should be made for both the Home page and the Archives pages.

First Objective

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IPhone Game Development

Skillful Objective-C programmer wanted. We have user interface design PNGs and Interface Builder files. Programs that realize the interaction with a user and transitions between the views are needed. Understanding of UIKit is must.
Detailed specifications and all the graphical designs will be provided.

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Mac OSX Objective C Window And Report

A Mac OSX program written in Objective C which will display a report in a popup window. The report will consist of 6 columns of numbered lists of names in scrolling area.

Each column will have 4 fields (number, name, 3 character field, 4 digit number). The sixth column will have an extra numeric field. The columns will be sorted by the numeric field. The columns will have a thin divider line between them.

The report should include a print feature. All 6 columns must fit on a portrait printed page. Each page should contain approximately 105 (+/-) rows of names including the title. To accommodate all the data the fonts and margins will be smaller than normal.

There is a one line footer at the bottom of the printed report. The page breaks and footer do not have to be displayed in the window. But it

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Simple IPhone Apps

Expand current code and develop simple iPhone (iOS) apps.

– Using: XCode, Interface Builder & iPhone Simulator
– Using Objective C

Max. Project fee: $30 – $45 (Willing to negotiate)

These are exercises from a college textbook that need completing. There are 6 simple exercises, and most involve just expanding current code.

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IPhone Simple Game Development

Skillful Objective-C programmer wanted. We have user interface design PNGs and Interface Builder files. Programs that realize the interaction with a user and transitions between the views are needed. Detailed specifications and all the graphical designs will be provided.

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IPhone Photo Filtering Library

I need an objective-c library for applying filters to an image – similar to what Instagram does. The deliverables are:
– an objective C library that takes an image and applies filters to it
– filters must be easily declared and new ones easily added
– create 10 filters that give similar results to Instagrams filters
– filters must perform quickly: must complete in less than 3 secs for a 800 x 800 image on an iphone 3GS
– an example iphone program that allows the user to select an image from the iphone gallery; select a filter to apply; then shows the filtered image

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IPhone App Developer – (Lahore Based)

*** iPhone Developer ***

We seek iPhone Developers with at least one app currently in the iPhone app store. Additional experience with other smart phone platforms is highly desirable.

Preferred candidates are graduates of reputable universities, have good written and verbal communication skills, and are comfortable with project based work. We have enough work to keep you busy.

* Our Offices are located in Lahore: Candidates located in Loahore are prefered.
* This is a telecommuting position.
* This is a project based position.
* iPhone app development teams are welcome to apply.

1. iPhone SDK
2. Objective-C
3. Object-Oriented Programming with Objective-C
4. Xcode IDE
5. Cocoa Fundamentals Guide
6. C++ (Object Oriented)
7. Development experience with other Smartphones (iPalm/Symbion/Windows Mobile etc.)

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Iphone / Ipad Game

Looking for someone to develop an iphone game in Objective C that is a exact copy of the following flash game, owned by us.

– Must be register as iphone developer with Apple. Uses Iphone SDK to develop the game
– We will provide the image and sounds
– Must be bug free before full payment release.
– Must be compatible with IPHONE & IPAD

Game details will be release once the successful bid have being identify.

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Gorb (Smartphone Gambling App In Objective C)

We would like to commission a gambling application that will have to deal with money transactions, have to connect to a server an run a simple algorithm on a bunch of data points, keep track of a user

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IOS Timeline View

I am looking for a Cocoa/Objective-C implementation of the MIT SIMILE Timeline widget ( Framework should work on iOS and OSX desktop. Should support inertial scrolling. Data import/export need not be supported. Only a simple datasource API is required.

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Iphone Apps Development

We have company into iphone App Development in Germany.
We would like to hire iphone developers from India for our apps-development.

1 year experience in :
Objective -c
Working experience on mac OS 10
iPhone apps development

Project details Transferring source code of ipad to imac compatible.

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Objective-C Wrapper For Elance Developer API

Elance Developer API (URL To API:

The Elance Developer API exposes the power of the Elance system through a simple, Web-based interface that can be called from any application platform. Using the Elance API, you can obtain profile data for providers, search our database of available jobs, and obtain listings of groups and their members. All that is required is an account on our system, and an API key (available upon request). Our documentation will tell you everything you need to know to begin consuming the API on your development platform of choice.

API Info
The Elance API is a REST API that accepts HTTP requests. It currently returns data formatted in Javascript Object Notation (JSON). Other response formats may be supported in future releases.

The API consists of several sets of methods for retrieving information stored by Elance:

Profile Methods
Search Methods
Group Methods
Manage Methods
Workroom Methods

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