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Link Building Campaign For Video Games Website

Looking for 1000 QUALITY links for one of our sites in the tax industry.

Im looking for a long-term relationship with an efficient, cost effective SEO/link building provider. We are initally looking for 1000 one-way, inbound links to start but given my projects needs, this will definitely be increased.

I ask that you provide weekly campaign updates via an excel spreadsheet.

When bidding, please detail your plan for obtaining quality links and time expectations (how long will it take to get these links).

Critieria for links:
– MANUALLY CREATED LINKS ONLY: No use of automated software for link submission. You must NOT use link building programs such as Arelis.
– We will need to pre-approve the text you will use to email potential sites
-One link per domain
-Links must be from different Class-C IP Addresses and geographically varied throughout the United States
-Relevant/related, targeted text links from English language sites.
-Page linking in must have Google PR2+. However, we do expect to see a number of them coming from higher page rank sites. Please include in your bid some guess as to what kind of % you will see of our requested links ongoing that are Pagerank 2,3,4,5,etc.
-All Links must be permanent, static pages.
-Links must be varied, using different anchor text combinations pre-approved by us
-Links must be static and direct using anchor text and title tag.
-Links must be in text, no graphics.
-All links must be indexable by Googlebot.
-All links must be visible and readable. ( no hidden links)
– All links from English only sites
– Linking site must be at least 1 year old.
– Links added gradually, maximum 10 per day, minimum 3 per day.
– Page in which link is placed must be in Google cache.
– At least 75% of links must be from sites within the specified industry

– Links will not be obtained through email spamming.
-No sites banned or penalized by Google.
-No "Black Hat" tactics and similar cheating. Only ethical correct white hat methods
-Page linking in must not have more than 25 links.
-No directory submission, directories, free for all (FFA), guest books, links within newsgroups or links farms or reciprocal link services such as where a Google penalty is incurred.
– no javascript links
-No scraper sites or mirror sites
-No link exchanges
-No freely hosted sites -geocities, tripod etc.
-No link schemes, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups
-No redirects, cloaking or framed pages.
-No javascript, NoFollow links, NOINDEX or robots.txt blocking
-No sites using dynamically generated links, MouseOvers or other PageRank-hoarding tricks.
-No Flash sites or pages
-No links from gambling, porn, pharmacy, warez, illegal or otherwise unsavory sites
-No links from spam blogs.
-No more than 20% of the links may be from blogs
-No "sponsored" links, advertisers, links, ads or similar.
-No – rel="nofollow", , framed or cloaked pages, flash pages etc.


Provide weekly documentation in a spread sheet with the following:
-Date link was submited
– Date link was accepted
-Referring site URL
-Referring URL PageRank
-Linked URL
-Anchor text

1) Provider must be fluent in English and have experience with video games websites and understand the terminology used in video gaming.

04/05/2011 at 5:30 EDT:

This is for the video gaming industry not tax industry sorry for the confusion

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.EDU And .GOV Link Building Campaign

.EDU and .GOV Link Building Campaign

I need backlinks from .edu and .gov



Link can be from forum,, you need to join the forum and create an topic then point the link to my website and the topic must make sentence, all link must sound nature,,,

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Link Building Campaign – P

Need a link building campaign for IT company

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SEO Articles N Link Building Campaign

As discussed for link building campaign

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One-Way Quality Link Building Campaign

We are looking for an expert to build us 50-1000 one-way links on PR6 or higher Google ranked sites. Links must be placed on sites related to the electrical construction industry.

Links should be sent weekly as payment will be made weekly after we have received the spreadsheet and verify each link.

Please submit weekly Excel Report with links for approval:
– Date submitted
– Google PR of link page
– Title of link page
– URL of link page
– Number of outbound links from the linked page
– Date link is placed on link page
– Anchor Text used for the link (1 keyword per text, clickable)
– Target URL of the link that has been placed on the page
– Date page is approved by us
-Home Page PR (should be 6 or higher).

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Ongoing White Hat Link Building Campaign

An on going link building campagin is needed for a new UK house renting portal.
as the site is very new, a gently building campaign over at least 12 months will be required.

Month 1 – 50 links
Month 2 – 100 links
Month 3 – 150 links
Month 4 – 150 links
Month 5 – 200 links
Month 6 – 150 links
Month 7 – 100 links
Month 8 – 100 links
Months 9 -12 50 links per month

a spread of links from pr1 to pr6 pages are required. in a natural order

All links must be built using proven, white hat techniques.

I would also like to work with a link building company, for long term projects encompasing several other websites.

I will pay a bonus of $500.00 for each site which achieves Google Pr6 for a minimum period of 3 months.

– Links must be manually submitted. Do not use SPAM/bots/automated software
– Links from websites that already link to the site will not be counted
– NO freely hosted sites
– Links must be from relevant sites, no FFA
– No expired domains or domains banned by Google.
– Links should be from English domains, hosted in the UK, EU or US.
– Link page must be search engine friendly, i.e. no no follow, redirects, cloaking, framed pages, etc
– Links should be hyperlinked anchor text using numerous related phrases.
– Links must be free, one way, non-reciprocal and static to our website.
– Te site has its own links page, where you can place outgoing links, but only to highly relavent, but non competitor websites. I will approve all such outgoing links

and all the usual stuff


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