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Tsunami 101

First app – I need an iphone app does featuring my webstore. It should be able to update items automatically and customers can order items online.

Second app – I need a iphone app that shows videos.

Every time first app is activated, it will go to first app.

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3 Screens, 150 USD

1. Create 3 high quality Screens that resemble the mock-ups shown below.

2. All 3 screens need to have both XML and runtime layouts.

App Requirements:

1. Main Menu (a) switch between XML & runtime layouts (b) displays ListView;

2. ProgressAnimation contains a Progress bar (simulating loading screen), Scrolling text, and Animation (by your choice).

3. ListView contains a Back button and a ListView with 5 options that looks like the Spinner example (in red square).

4. All graphics should be in 9-Patch and drawable-hdpi.

5. The App should display correctly on different screen sizes and dimensions.

6. All code must be posted to a CVS repository that we will provide.

Screen Components:
1. Next button
2. Two radio buttons
3. Scrolling text
4. Animation
5. Progress bar
6. Spinner ListView
7. Back button

Important Notes:

– In order for your application to be considered, you need to take a short Candidate Application (link bellow), which will help us choose the right person for the job!

– Link:

– If you are hired, we will have consistent year-long work for you.

– We also do not mind for you to work on other projects simultaneously.

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I am the manager of a company in Spain and am interested in developing an application outsourcing.
I would like you to give me the budget for the development of joomla extension. The extension would be on crosswords with the possibility that a number of people access to a room and play online simultaneously. Win the fastest to finish the crossword. It is necessary that the extension allows separate rooms. The extension must make the payment for access to the room and announce the winner and pay the winner the prize automatically.

thanks, sincerely

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Online Volunteer Scheduling For Charity

Hello all,

client is charity organization that is looking for someone who can develop online software for Volunteer Management. Instead of describing it here is the link to the current software that Charity uses and pays $660 per year to manage database of 200 volunteers.

Here is the demo of functionality needed:

All of the functions would be needed for up to 200 volunteers as stage 1 of the concept.

Successful bid would also win stage 2 and stage 3 development of the concept, where we would extend to greater amount of volunteers at stage 2, and stage 3 where we would market application inside the industry. So there is a potential for long term relationship.

As mentioned, we are currently paying $660.00 per year for the fully functional online software, so when placing your bid please consider the amount for stage 1.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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Desktop Application Order Management And Accounting

We are a trading company exporting garments from Shanghai China. We have been using an access software for last 5 years. Now we wish to develop a desktop application to manage our orders, task scheduling and accounting. We need full time programmer based in Shanghai to work on this project. The project will be an ongoing task for one year and we will add more modules to it.

Please apply only if you are based in Shanghai and willing to work fully time.
Must have atleast 5 years experience in building business applications and good knowledge of office 2007 required.

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