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Tsunami 101

First app – I need an iphone app does featuring my webstore. It should be able to update items automatically and customers can order items online.

Second app – I need a iphone app that shows videos.

Every time first app is activated, it will go to first app.

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search and contact online dating sites

We are selling a product designed for singles, this is what we need you to do:

Search on the internet for dating sites, dating forums, dating chats, any sites that targeted singles. Find the contact email and sent an email proposing a revenue-sharing partnership or link exchange. If the site only has online contact form, sent the message through the contact form.

you will keep a record of the sites and emails you sent, and give us the list (site url, contact emails, or link to contact form). We will handle any replies. You only need to send the initial emails.

There are a lot of dating or related sites, big or small. You can do search using google or alexa, or yahoo, whatever works.

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