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Tsunami 101

First app – I need an iphone app does featuring my webstore. It should be able to update items automatically and customers can order items online.

Second app – I need a iphone app that shows videos.

Every time first app is activated, it will go to first app.

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Revamping Existing Website

1/ Adding two additional tabs to existing high-quality website. One of tabs should accommodate 20 different languages clickable through individual language buttons. Content is ready in Word, pdf or html format in all languages.
2/ Adding new product graphics to product list and programming it to the shopping cart. Graphics is ready.
3/ Fixing or replacing improperly working shopping cart. Presently the selection of the new product does not place product in shopping cart. In addition website allows sending order information without processing payment through PayPal.
4/ Adding flag counter to website.
Need a professional with demonstrated experience and weekend availability.

I will make the decision quickly.

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