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Ecommerce Site For Single Product

I need an e-commerce store/site that is only going to be selling single product.
A one page wonder that informs and sells. One click purchase.The lack of any
hyper-links except the form submission button shortens the sales funnel to
its absolute make it easy for the customer to buy the product.

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Freshers Project#6

Looking for motivated writers who want to make decent money!
Looking for motivated writers who want to make decent money!
Looking for motivated writers who want to make decent money!

Only for single writers who are not part of a team.
Only for single writers who are not part of a team.
Only for single writers who are not part of a team.

Only for those who respect deadlines and have a desire to grow along.
Only for those who respect deadlines and have a desire to grow along.
Only for those who respect deadlines and have a desire to grow along.

If you are a student looking for supplementary income i may help you because i am a student myself.
If you are a student looking for supplementary income i may help you because i am a student myself.
If you are a student looking for supplementary income i may help you because i am a student myself.

As you came down reading all statements did you stop somewhere in the middle just to assure whether are you really the one i am looking for? If you did so, please dont bid.

I want people with determination and assurance that they are the right pick for my requirements. I replicated every statement more than once just to help you find the best answer and gauge yourself for a minute.

From this intro, you must have understood how serious i am about this job and how badly i want you to show the same degree of dedciation and commitment on the job. Lets get further.

Native English preferred. { US, UK, NZ, AUS, CAN}

However, if you can produce original work without errors,Write in perfect english,and meet the deadlines then perhaps this is for you. {PHILLIPINES, SOUTH AFRICA, INDIA}

Only original writers who are totally against plagiarism.

In Your Bid

Mention your experience if you have already done this sort of a job.

If you are a fresher, persuade me with your writing skills by writing a interesting intro.

I dont want any samples. All I need is a well constructed intro about you and your interests. {100 words}

Also, mention your daily capacity and the number of hours you stay online.


$1.50 per 500 words { Original}

(know more about my payment system in PM)
future payment terms to be discussed, with the potential of future projects.

This is a very standard price that one could get as a fresher in this website seeing that many experienced freelancers are working on the same rate.

Also, this would be an ideal offer for those who wish to work with me on 4-5 projects, gain a positive feedback at the end of each project and develop themselves into an established freelancer with reviews. Put simply, this would be an ideal launchpad.


Your bid tells me that you have accepted the normal terms and conditions regarding the transfer of copyrights upon payment.

In your bid mention the position you apply for.

"Writer"—-Place your bid for 30 articles= $50 {$45+ extra $5- for the charges you incur if I select you as a winner}

Give me the exact time that you will take to finish this project. Ideally, you should not take even a day more.

Selection to be done within few hours.

Thanks for reading this far.

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Scrape Site For Product Price Info

I need to get the product price from

the fields are:

category, gender (men|women), brand, product name, Size description, our price, retail price

example from:

fragrances | women | Calvin Klein | TRUTH perfume | EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ | 29.19 | 45.00

I need this info for all products on this site.

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Video Creation For Product Promo And Demonstration

We are looking for a professional video creation company to create a very professional video to showcase our company and demonstrate product usage. We would like the actor/actress to be a native English speaking person with good verbal skills. This video will be placed on our website and other tube sites. We will provide an example video of what we are looking for to eligible bidders.

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UK Based – Product Mailing – Send Out Orders –

I require a UK based freelancer to post items as they are ordered through Amazon and other websites. All costs (purchasing, packaging and posting) are covered.

You will be required to post books and cds as they are ordered, you will do this by entering customer details on a site or posting material I supply to you.

Please bid how much for 20 items.

Any questions, use PCB.


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Configure Network Affiliate Datafeeds For A Price Comp Site


I have set up a script to do price comparison for a number of online stores
I need some assistence in setting up and importing datafeeds from 2 affiliate networks (tradedoubler and zanox) into my backend /admin

Im using the PHP/SQL to store the date

I also need help to setup autofeeds..
all to be configured for the following script:
there is a demo available so you can already test the script
and here is all the relevant data to use the script

here is an example of a feed :

what I need to be done:

1 setup all datafeeds in my affiliate network account so they are ready to be fed into my site
2 setup in my site all autofeeds so that categories and columns are correctly mapped to all predefined maps
3 setup in my site all brands / merchants
4. create pricecrawlers and productcrawlers to automatically get all data from merchant websites to update the site
5. populate all data for all the individual products with meta data


only offers from people having reviewed and understood the job,
need an estimate of amount of hours needed to complete the entire job
+ a description of how you are going to do this

one important note.. my site is dutch.. backend is in english, but most of the actual data is going to be dutch.

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Travel Product – Generate Online Sales & More.

What we sell:

We have a patented luggage security product ( is used in the travel market. It is designed to overcome a tampering risk that affects all travellers ( The market is the entire travel business sector and the travelling public being its customers. The product sells for obvious reasons.

What we need:

We would like to increase sales through our website internationally. This is not an SEO job, rather, we are looking for internet based marketers or direct marketers to raise our profile and close sales. Alternatively, people who can finalise arrangements with highly trafficed websites to direct traffic would be of interest to us. Let me be clear – in the case of net based partners, we are looking for significant partners with high traffic ONLY. We are also an ethical company, so no undesirable partnerships will be entered into (ie: no sites with gambling, adult, scam, spam or offensive content).

What we offer:

Commission based on sales. For online safes, our website contains an inbuilt affiliate function via a dedicated link that can be supplied complete with banners. It is completely transparent system, allowing you to see the sales we generate via your link, including reports on the commissions owing to you in real time through an account that can be set up on the website. Payment of commissions via Paypal or other acceptable method. For offline sales (ie: telesales, etc), arrangements can be by discussion.

IMPORTANT: If content is required to facilitate sales, this needs to be provided by us or proofed by us. No exceptions to this rule.

If you have an interest in this project, please PM me with what you can offer. Thanks for reading.

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Online Order Processing And Dispatching System

I would like a electronic commerce system built in php/mysql that will allow customers to select a merchant based upon location, view the merchants products, place and order, pay for the products, and then walk into the merchant and collect the order. There will be many merchants, each merchant will belong to a group, each merchant will be in a different physical location belong, each with their own products and prices.

The system must allow a customer to use their own computer, or go into the merchants premise and use the merchants computer to place an order. Once an order is accepted and paid for, the order is sent to the merchant. The system must provide accounting so that we can pay the merchant at the end of the month based upon the products sold after taking our commission, we need to be able to enter in the amount of commission with take for each merchant. The system must be built using the model view controller methodology as we want to be able to in the future support the ability for devices like the iphone to be an alternative customer interface to the web browser.

Merchants need to be able to login to add/edit/remove their products and prices, and there should be a feature to allow us to define a standard list of products and the merchant can choose to pick which products to sell at put a price on the product.

We need an administrative login to add merchants, add groups (each merchant is likely to be a franchised outlet belonging to a franchise, a group is a franchise)

Customers need to be able to create a favourites order, so they can quickly submit their owner.

Customers need to be able to prepay money into an account to pay for purchases, with option for the customer to allow the system to automatically top up the account when the balance is zero, so paypal integration would be required. Also manual crediting of a users account is required in the administration menu.

Conceptualy its similar to how Amazon works, merchants have products, customer buy products from amazon, amazon sends collects the order and payment, and sends the order to the merchant.

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Online Marketplace. Users To Buy And Sell Their Own Goods.

I want my users to be able to:

Login to their own account
Post books to be sold, categorized by Title, Author, or ISBN.
Search for books they would like to buy, categorized by Title, Author, or ISBN
Users should be able to easily find what books are available and see who is selling for the lowest price.
Site needs a shopping cart system

I want to keep the sites design simple and practical, geared towards college students.

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Sales Person For Selling Online Stock Market Course

We looking for sales person to sell the following course :

Only people who willing to work base on commission.
The course price is $150 (possible to give special discount for customers)
The commission for the course is 50%!!
Means, if you sell 1 course per day you get $75


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Product Reviewers Required

We Sell Various Software Packages, You Will Be Required To…

1) Download the product from us (in some cases due to the size of the product we will post a cd or dvd to you)

2) Review The Product In A Highly Positive Way In The Form Of A Sales Letter.

3) Include At Least 10 Screenshots From The Software Package.

4) Deliver The Sales Letter In Plain Text Format Fully Spell & Grammar Checked With The Screenshot Images To Our FTP Site.

You Will Be Paid $20 Per Review Sales Letter Completed, You Will Be Required To Provide 1 Review Before Payment As An Example Of Your

Work (You will be paid for this if we believe it is of high enough quality).

This Project Will Be Ongoing For The Right Person.

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Direct Sales Program

Sale of Online product with two leads in down line with an earning of $25/Sale.

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