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Online Directory Portal

Hi there,

I want a portal combined or integrated with a business directory.

The portal must have the following functions:
– on the homepage: search possibilities, weather updates, news updates from different other websites (business/sport/foreign, stock updates), event calendar, prayer times, traffic jam updates, local oil prices

The function of other webpages
– links to other websites based on category, including the design of the subscription form for the website owners
– yellow page including the design of the subscription form for the advertisers and payment method
– business information, links,
– event calender, where companies can add their own events including the events through a form or / and rss feed
– food recipes page (database), with the function for subscribers to add their own recipes
– BABY names page (database)

Design of the newsletter subscription form

The design style for the website:

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Web Scraping Of Online Shops – Clothing, Fashion, Beauty

We need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from websites.

We are looking to create a database of online beauty, clothing, fashion and jewellery stores. We have included a sample excel spreadsheet of the data we require, which contains dropdown lists of predefined categories. We would like the spreadsheet to be filled with a range of online stores across each of the categories.

This information can be extracted from public information of online business directory websites if need be.

The product/service categories in the spreadsheet these must be selected from the dropdown list provided.

Required fields are:

Store/Company Name
Website URL
Product/Service Category 1
Product/Service Category 2 (if required)
Product/Service Category 3 (if required)
Product/Service Category 4 (if required)
Product/Service Category 5 (if required)
Description / Profile
Store Country/Location
Also has a physical store?
Ships Globally?
If not globally – countries shipped to: (Comma Separated)
Email Address (if available)
Phone Number
Source (from which web directory the details were obtained from)

I only want records where all of the above fields have been collected (with the exception of Product/Service Category 2-5 and email address – which is optional). So if you can only get a company name and a website then I dont want to pay for it or receive it.

You will need to supply a csv file containing all data. You will first be expected to supply a sample containing 20 records which I will validate to be accurate by randomly visiting websites to confirm information. After this the best bidder per 1000 records will be selected.

Please provide a price per 1000 records.

Any questions please ask.

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Text Based Online RPG Game

Looking for a base text based online RPG game.

Basically I need a pokemon style rpg. Youll have to do quest in order to unlock monsters.

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Online Text Based Game Conversion To Facebook.

I have an online racing game that is browser based. I am looking for somebody to take the game as it is and convert it into a game that is easily played in Facebook.

This must be a stand alone game in Facebook and utilise all the options facebook has for adding friends to the game and inviting others.

I will provide actualy code to the game itself to be used but this code must be manipulated for the facebook platform. IE: this program MUST stand alone inside facebook.

I will also consider this made into an Iphone game instead. I am looking for this game to have a professional look at easy game play as the game already does, just a new platform to start marketing it.

Tell me what you can do.


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Text Based Game

Hi, this is basicly wanting a website similar to if not the same. I dont want none of those scripts out there.. I want one made from scrach via mvc model.. Please contact me if your interested.

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Video Maker Required – Ongoing

HI there,

I am looking for someone to work with me on an ongoing basis to make videos for my websites.

I will provide all the information and mostly the videos will be text based, so no need for voice at this point.

Please show me your work and hope to find someone asap.


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Diseño Web Tienda Online

Necesitamos un diseño web para una tienda on-line, en castellano. SI el diseño es de calidad posibilidad de encargo de muchos más diseños.

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Finish Text Based Web Game

Looking to have the following ( and text based web game finished. At best guess it is 70-80% finished. The original programmer that was working on it has dropped off the face of the earth. Its too bad because I like working with him and he has created what is there so far. You will need to work with whatever is there (sorry I dont know what it was programed in). As I have no understanding about websites you will need to work with me, as I will also need adds, a donation system and paypal set up along with parts of the game that still need to be made.

Attached is a list of items that need to be created or fixed. There may be a few more or a few less then what is listed.

The project will remain on freelancer as that may have been where the last deal went off track.

The successful finish of this project should lead to more work as I find this to be a decent past time.

Please feel free to ask any questions needed.


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Oscommerce Work 2

Delete and block malicious scripts that breached the website via the vulnerability and prevent it happening again.

Ensure Magnalister and Apsona are installed and working. Upgrade the site to PHP5 if necessary and debug. (Apsona already installed but not fully working)

Fix Easy Populate contrib so that it does not duplicate products or corrupt the website when it is used.

Implement the new template from the main website to the /aqb/ and /diy/ and /pet/ sub-directories but with customised logos (I can help with the logos). Also create a seperate website at using the original template we purchased (shown here:

Clicking on the Bestsellers heading should show the list of best selling products not new products.

Place the following text on the contact us page: "Tel: 08719011111 (please contact us online in the first instance)"
On the same page also add an "Our Reputation" section with photo links to our Google eBay reviews

Create a automated garden link directory website with one-way links and other seo improvements that will increase the pagerank of our website.

Add "Shipping" link to top bar next to "My Account" and copy all the top bar links to the bottom i.e. delete "products" and "checkout" etc.

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Web Link Function Restore

Must be experienced in mambo system:

I need email functions to be restored.
Site text editor restored.

Need someone to handle right away.

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Need Online Web Based Software Business Solution

Need a web based online software for businesses.

PM me for full details.

Thank you.

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MMO Text Based Game

I am looking for a team of individuals willing to work with me under my company name on an MMO text-based game. I am an intermediate self taught web programmer. It is not going to be a very time consuming commitment, as I am starting school in August. It will be done completely through telecommunication as you are available. I cannot pay anything up front, but any profit will be split appropriately among all the contributers. I will conver any costs to host it. All the files will be hosting under my accounts, and my company will have full rights. The main concept has been laid out. The main things that will be needed:
-CMS would be nice, but is not mandatory because I can edit code just fine.
-Databases for member info, money, units, etc.
-Registration/Login system (with admin and mod capabilities)
-Active users displayed along with number of users and number of guests
-Messaging system
-Alliance system
-System for buying units/upgrades and formulas for attacking other users
-Possible map system for attacking

These are some of the main points to hit. More specifics will be discussed later on.
Please consider and get back to me.

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Text-based Game Prototype Engine

We are looking for an experienced developer to build a prototype engine written in Java or C/C++.
Several csv text files will be used to configure the engine. All output will be text.
The game will be state based, and consist of an endless cycle of 8 or 9 stages. Each stage will
require simple computations to alter state, the last stage will require simple user input
to finish the cycle.
A windowed GUI should display state, along with results from each stage( all text ).
There needs to be an option to reload config files and restart the cycle.
The ability to save the state to be used on the next startup is required.
The MVC Pattern should be used.
All source code and a working executable is expected on completion.
Please ask for any details if you have any questions.
Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your bids!

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Social Network Game Creation (Text Based Game)


Creating a social network game for Facebook. A very simple example of the type of design I wish to make for this game will be in similar design to the game Myzoo on Facebook. This games concept will be completely different than that game, but the example given from that game is the type of layout and flow that I would like the users to have but with a little more detail and options.

I will be looking to have a developer tool created for this game that can be accessed and linked to the game itself for simple additions to the game such as Quests and levels. This interface will allow uploads to the server that will update the game itself. More details on the developer interface while in negotiations for this project. This game will also use a great amount of logic and simple formulas. If you are experienced with all of this I would love to hear from you.

I must see example games you have created related to the needs that I have mentioned. If you do not have examples please do not reply. I look forward to speaking with you about this.

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Online E-commerce Website

I want to create an e-commerce store for late night delivery of snacks, drinks, and misc. to college students. I have a similar site that I would like the look and feel of the site to be based off of. The website is I would like to know your best offer price and how long something like this will take.

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Facebook Text Based Game

Basically the idea behind this is a text based strategy game. It must link to a database to store the users units/money etc along with their friends. The game must be designed for use with Facebook.

More details available on request.

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ALL Text Animation Project Based On After Effect Tempalte –

Have a script of 202 words I need made into full video based on this template.
Text and sounds only, but we will need add extra more animations so it does not get dull.

PM for a look at script.

Please post at least 2 examples of work in AE.

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web site design for games/mobile..

our project requires building of a complete website which contains information about latest gaming, mobile communication reveiws, news, and gameing applications. the site will contain latest offers on mobile phones and games. We will require space for advertising. the site will be a small website to begin with. We will require the site to be accessable to dowload by users as well as be able to register to the website as a member and be able to send and receive emails. Website must have abilty to contain flash/java applications for online gaming.

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