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Artistic Art

I want a beautiful looking website where i can showcase all my painting collection for my buyers.It should be classy and the content can be like about our gallery ,online gallery etc.

i dont want to know the technology but the only thing i want to upload my own painting in my gallery with the specification

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App For Online Newspaper

This project involves delivering a mobile solution for an online newspaper, mainly sporting articles. While not essentially a project to develop an iphone app I am looking to find an online solution that allows readers and subscribers to have their own app installed on their mobile device and have weekly content sent to this device, posisbly thorugh html5. The mobile app(s) should be available for blakcberry, and other smartphones and iphone ipad.

Idealy the information will be sent weekly, the app will distribute mainly text and some basic graphics including logo.

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Writing For Online Web Design Magazine

We are a web magazine which focuses on web design, development, and freelancers. Articles here are published by web professionals, for web professionals featuring tutorials, collections, resources, and insights in the industry.

This project is simple:
You are bidding on the price of TEN well written, original articles; full credit given to the author.
After you have written these articles, we may consider hiring you again in batches of 5 or 10 articles.

We are open to anything related to the web and web design. If you are not sure, just send your suggestion and we will take a look. Consider the following:
– HTML and CSS
– Photoshop
– Freelancing: Starting a web design business, dealing with clients, etc.
– WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
– AJAX, Javascript, PHP.
– Basic design, advanced design, fonts
– Or any other topic that would be interesting for a web designers and freelancers.

Writers will be given credit (information about you, your work and what you do. A picture and a link to your website, if any) at the bottom of posts.

Contribution Post Requirements
– Must be original (we will check!)
– Must not be published anywhere (we own the rights)
– Minimum 1,000 words (Top XX lists are an exception)
– Top 10 lists and such work best
– Must be well written with proper grammar and spelling

If you plan on doing Top XX lists, I expect them to be cheaper than full articles.

Blogs and/or Magazines which are similar to us include:

If the article/post would be appropriate at any of these places, it would be appropriate on our design magazine.

Please provide a link to at least one sample of your own work.

The web magazine is focused more on casual/tutorial reading. Articles should either:
– Analyse (with your opinion) something thats happening in the industry
– Teach how to _________. (Design or Development related)
– Round up lists of sets.


Articles should be written in a blog-post style.

Bids should be $___ for ALL 5 articles. (NOT $__ per article!)

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Content Writing + Online Press Release + Article Writing


We are a UK based Digital Agency looking to hire a freelance content writer who has excellent experience along with quick turnaround time:

The bidder should know:

1. Web Content Writing
2. Article Writing
3. Online Press Release
4. Marketing material content writing.

The bidder should have at least atleast 5 samples to show for each of the above. The bidder is assured of regular business from us.
Immediate requirement.

Payment Terms:

For the first two projects the payment will be as follows:

25% payment on completion of 50% work
Balance 75% on completion of project.

After that,
25% as advance
25% on completion of 50% work.
Balance 50% on completion of work.

Only serious bidders who agree to the above terms kindly bid.

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I looking for a writer to help me promote a business directory

Web Content Writing

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Web Content Writing For Zayad

Hello Zayad,

I am inviting you for this project as your previous empolyer has recommended you.


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