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Need Someone To Design Online Gaming Site

I need someone to design my new online gaming website. I have got domain name and host. So now i need some one to design my site and link it. You can contact me for more details with your bid. I need this in maximum low budget.

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Develop An Online Service

I need to develop an online service:
-Enabling to upload questionnaires online (with multiple choice questions),
-Those questionnaires would be created using an Excel sheet and an easy template,
-Users can respond to those questionnaires online,
-Users can get an immediate feedback depending upon their replies,
-Users receive a rating at the end of the questionnaire,
-Users should be identified with unique ID and passwords.

I will send you a complete job description if your profile meets my requirements. Thanks.

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Online Clothing Store – Ecommerce Website Design

Online clothing Store:

*Clean design with SEO friendly flash works.
* Only 1 item, But customer can customize the colour, Add their name or logo.
* Paypal Integration.
* Online SEO to bring our website in top 1 rank of google. Key words – "onepiece, Pyjama"
* An online shopping system using facebook
* 100,000 Targeted facebook fans.
* 3000 targeted twitter fans.
* Affiliate marketing module (own, not third party).

Freelancers qualifications :
* Should have at least 10 Positive reviews on web designing and marketing.
* Should be Dedicated to our project and to be online at least 1 hour with us.
* Should not get tired on Unlimited Mock ups and reviews. (we will guide you about our exact design requirement)
* Ability to write contents in good english and other major european languages.(no translation softwares)

* Project value – Not less than 750 USD and not more than 1500 USD. Please dont bid more than that.
* We will create milestone on upon completion of each module.
* Dont expect getting advance payments, as we are not ready to get cheated.

Bidding Requirement:
* No template messages, no profile postings. Messages related to our project will be considered.
* No milestone payments on bidding. as we will create it upon completion of each process.
* Please send a bidding message as follows " We read all your terms and Please check our PerSonaL MeSsaGe."
* No time wasters please.

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Online Store Php Script Needed

I need an online store script ready to use should be a nice design and should have payment options such as paypal moneybookers and so on and should high class something like amazon. I will be selling electronics items mainly

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Online Teaching 20% Commission

im a teacher having an experience of five years. i do have practical knowledge and its implementation on the operation of business. i offer courses like banking laws and practices,marketing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, economics,
Offer Worldwide Through Online System
IF u can bring student for us we will pay u 20% commission on every course

Courses Fees Are Between $100-$125

Bid Here Fast
We Will Choose Approximately 3 Bidder Person

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Need Experienced Online Graphics Expert Editor

Graphic tweaks that need to be done in the next 24 hours pays $40.00 USD

MUST have Skype to talk on.
MUST have at least a DOZEN or more positive graphic related reviews on GAF or other freelance sites I can view.
MUST have a large portfolio of ONLINE website graphics you have designed/created to show me on your website or some other online portfolio.
I dont deal with overseas middleman, project/bid managers or large companies, if YOU bid on this project you MUST be the one that will actually be doing the graphic creations/editing/revising and working 1 on 1 with me.
MUST be fluent in English.
As a TEST you must do the first assigned graphic tweak listed in PDF instructions attached (also attached the original .jpeg file that you edit for the TEST) and send it along with your bid. This is so I know that you can follow and understand simple but detailed instructions from me, secondly see your graphic skills firsthand and thirdly your commitment to wanting this project.

Bigger $75 project I have ready to go and 99% sure if you are awarded and do a killer job on this one I will give you that project. More details on that simple project is on the PDF specs.



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APFE Online Store

Wish to ascertain the cost of getting an online store developed to marry into our website, we want to be able to administer the store ourselves, ie add remove products, change prices, promote specials etc.

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Online Store

Need a simple online store with an easy to manage back end…

Must be designed to match the style of our existing website:

back end must have easy customer/order management

must use our existing psigate merchant account

easy to add products, images, etc.

easy to batch import and export all types of data (product info, customer info, order info)

batch import of coupon codes

SEO optimized URLs for each product page

must show examples of stores you have created

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I have several videos about my sites and i need them all published on websites online.

pay is 0.10 to 0.15 depending the traffic of the website. where oyu post our videos..

all you need to do is take the embed of my video and post on other sites so people can watch them…

there is no limit you can do as much as you want


only video embed…and not only youtube !

start bidding now !

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Wee Need Online Poker Budget 45,000$-50,000$

Hello, we need Online Poker software (Client+Server) +Administration Panel. We can pay up to 10,000$.
And we will pay ONLY after showing us your demo successfully working soft on our servers.
After full amount payment we will need Source Code for our programmers to customize it.
Please only contact if you already HAVE Source code because it is MAIN thing we are needing.
We are waiting for them who has already made Poker Project

We were scammed once and we are not going to risk our budget again.
And again money will be transferred after showing demo WORKING version on our server
And AFTER paying will ask for SOURCE CODE.

please write me your desktop poker software Demo Download Link, thanx

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WRITER- Online Flyers, Website Content Writer (WordPress)

Looking for a long term individual or group who can provide quality sales proposals, online flyers and be comfortable uploading content into WordPress.

We would like tech-savvy bloggers (specializing in social media) which have really mature english and have done tech blogging before.

Needs to have good marketing messaging.

Successful candidate will be measured upon success of a monthly sales campaign and will be considered for a full time position.

We would like bidders to provide experience and work samples.

Thank you

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Online Interactive Training

HR Online Interactive Training

HR provide training to staff on web, staff can access on web and take course.

A. Back End
HR Officer can provide the interactive training on web. They can schedule the course and provide the course online.

B. Front End
staff can enrol the course online. And they can ask question directly to trainer.
staff can do exercise after finish the course

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Online Reservation System (slight Modification)

See attached files

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Website Build – Online Marketplace

I require a website which will be used for a few purposes:

1. As a trading market place where people can list items for sale and their details to be contacted to arrange said sale. There will be no handling of transactions on this site.

2. To provide an informative and engaging experience for users who are new to the sport this site will be targeting.

3. Profiles/Membership – allow retail shops to have their own online store, hosted and managed by this website and for individuals to set up their own profile to allow them to sell items over the website.

More details available upon further discussion.

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Online Auction Website Needed

I want to start an online auction business in a niche market (collectables) but have no experience of website design apart from using templates. I would like it to be run along the same lines as Ebay i.e. photos of items, bidding facility, feedback etc.

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Updated Online Address Book

I need to create an online address book with php/html front end into a mysql back end that will be hosted on local pc with xampp. It needs to be similar to simple customer but with some additional changes. Using simple customer as a base template, to include additional search functions, print options as well as advanced note taking capabilites and reporting function.

1. dashboard page – show total contact stats in two graphs: 1. by last 7 days and 2. last month. show lates notes

2. contact page – add facility (in pop-up) to add notes to contact, add radio box or tick box that records date that last spoke to.

3. contact details – ability to move to next or previous record in database, show list of dates last contacted.

4. search – ability to search and display results by street ascending or descending,

5. print search results with phone number

6. retain abilty to import and export from/to csv file

7. sidebar – show quick link to streets in database

The point of this is to use it as a tool for monitoring prospect phone calls so key information recorded is that date that they were last contacted and notes taken.

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Online Shopping

the project about online shopping in

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Website Design With Online Sales

Looking for a website for a natural health clinic. Can supply some graphics. Require Home Page, Services Page with several Sub-pages, About Page, Contact Page and online shop to sell approximately 10 products. Shop needs shopping carts but can checkout with PayPal. Website needs to have a relaxed yet professional, polished, clean look.

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Online Store To Design Your Own Clothing

I am looking to launch a new web-site that would look similar to
I have a limited understanding of what specific skills are needed and would appreciate your insights.

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Zen Cart – Upload Product Info & Pics And Organize

I need a programmer who is very experienced with ZEN CART.

The project consists of 2 parts:

Part 1.
I need this programmer to help upload products, data and pictures into our online store. The online store is already created and organized.

We already have most of our products displayed in the onlinestore.
We will provide you with a simple data feed to tell you the remaining products that need to be displayed in the online store. We need to upload 50 additional products (pictures, descriptions, text, etc.) We will specify the category, sub category for each product. We will provide you with all the information. You just need to upload and organize the products into the online store. You must make it look neat, organized and very user-friendly.
We also need you to organize and make the inner pages of the online store look better.

Part 2.
You must learn how to use 3rd party datafeed software called:

We will give you access to our account. You must watch and learn the tutorials. This app is very easy to learn. The purpose of this software is to automatically provide our datafeeds to the various shopping engines and comparison shopping sites.

You will setup our account for All of the products offered in our online store must be listed in our account. The linked datafeed must contain all the products listed in our online store. The datafeed that you setup in this app must be easily updated by us and linked to various shopping channels and easily setup for affiliate marketing.

Our datafeed must be fed to the following sites:
Google product search,,

Please also have our Zen Cart store friendly for Affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Online Auction Site

I want to start an online auction business in a niche market (collectables) but have no experience of website design apart from using templates. I would like it to be run along the same lines as Ebay i.e. photos of items, bidding facility, feedback etc.

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Online Inventory

I need a smaller online inventory for non-profit organizations. The inventory must use PHP and MySQL to run on our server.

Features that the online inventory must have:

Admin back end:
– possibility to add/ remove multiple Organizations
– possibility to add/ remove multiple users to each Organization
– ability to add/ remove access levels:
1. add the goods in the inventory.
2. just look at the goods in the inventory.

There must be an interface to backup the database for individual Organizations.

Client front-end:
Ability to add articles with the following information:
– Date
– Name of product
– Number of purchased goods
– Price per piece
– Shipping costs
– Total (price of product + shipping). Calculated automatically.
– Possibility to add Cost centre for the article.

Is the product already signed up in the inventory it should be possible to choose it from a dropdown menu for an more user friendly way to add articles.

The user is also able to reduce article from the inventory. (FIFO princip will be used. See below).

The user should be able to print the stock balance of all goods.
The user should be able to print a list of all additions and removals of goods that have been made under a given time period.

Features that the online inventory must meet:
User can add an Opening balanse at the begining of the year.
All goods of the same type is calulated together. When an article is reduced from the inventory it should use the principle: FIFO (First in – first out). Read about FIFO:

All articles in the inventory must also be calculated together.

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Online Classifieds Ads Posting Kiji-Ebay And That One…

I am looking for a well seasoned online classifieds posting person.
The person has to advertise 40 ads daily on the 2-3 most popular classifieds websites, the ads has to publish with a gap of 30 min between each ad and the person must know what hes doing in order to keep the ads visible, please no rookies.
Ads has to run from 8am to 1:30 am EST.
All responses from the ads via phone or email, has to be forwarded to my email or phone line.
The person will be provided with many photos and basic script for various types of ads.
The person has to submit a daily report and prove of posting.
We are talking about at least 1,000 ads per month, please send me offers per ad.
Experienced candidateswith very good English writing skills , candidates only, there is no point in wasting anyones time.
Thank you for looking.

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Generating Traffic For A Jewelry Online Store

New Jewelry Retail Online Store needs exposure, leads, branding & buyers…. Interested to hear from an expert in internet marketing, targeted marketing, an expert that can bring a traffic of minimum 200-300 visitors a day to my online store.
It has to be targeted traffic, result oriented project!

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HR Product Sales Expert In India / Asia

Telesales Professional/team for a cloud-based HR recruiting software targeting recruiting agencies and enterprises recruiters.
Our Product is a Cloud-based Relationship Recruiting Platform with complete Applicant Tracking System features allowing recruiters to create and manage their Branded Job Referral Network across social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Currently we are expanding our business to India.

** Your tasks:
1.) Marketing and Get free trial signups
2.) Follow up on existing accounts
3.) Present online demo to all trial users
4.) Help customers get started and customer support
5.) Convert trial user to paid users
6.) Collect payment

** We offer:
Base fee per month + very High commission.

** Qualifications
The qualified candidate should be capable of doing the online marketing and generating the free-trial users.
Also the candidate should be able to do the online demo and also provide product support.
We will provide all back end support to help you track the performance.

** Notice
Your major income of this project will come from your delivered sales. Please dont apply the job if you cannot deliver the sales.

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Online Marketing Website – Where2spend

We need to design an online marketing website in drupal 6 that can display various offers/deals in various cities. It will be similar to www. saleanddiscount .com (6-7 categories fixed) + Facebook sharing feature(for each ad) + lighbox for each ad + Google map integration + user registration + Prize distribution (generated automatically with simple mechanism) to registered users. +++ Contact us(for clients) = on back-end we should have list of all customers who can be contacted us(search/delete and status (not contacted/contacted/followedup/lead) change functionality) + News letter sending to registered users based on selected categories.

I am not in hurry for this project. It can be completed in 30-40 days(including testing + SEO(keywords will be provided)). Please bid only if you have professional experience in drupal 6. Payment will be made on following iterations: (20% on theme finalizing + another 50% on delivery + remaining 30% on bug fixing & successful UAT) exact specifications(including functional and technical details) are ready and can be negotiated a little (1 week before starting the project)

Domain-name has been already purchased and online space will be taken on request once the theme is finalized(we will pay for the domain space).

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