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Pay On Performace SEO – We Have Many Projects Need Help

We need someone who is VERY experienced in link building & who trusts there own work. We want to work with someone on ranking many websites. I want you to be able to take a very small deposit and get me to the first page, when I hit the first page is when I pay you a portion of the funds. Please bid and in the PM area please let me know if you can work with $100 down per site

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Pay On Performace SEO – We Have Many Projects Need Help

We need someone who is VERY experienced in link building & who trusts there own work. We want to work with someone on ranking many websites. I want you to be able to take a very small deposit and get me to the first page, when I hit the first page is when I pay you a portion of the funds. Please bid and in the PM area please let me know if you can work with $100 down per site

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Need Proxies For C, L Post !!!!!!!


I need some good proxies for C. L. .I need this for all section post. My recent proxy seller give me so much pain.
So I want a person who can give me his best support.
Payment is no problem I want quality. Russian seller are most welcome but its also open for who have this 🙂
If you not sure what is this then please do not bid here & dont waste my time and also yours.


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Twitter Automation

I am looking to have a small program written that will auto follow twitter users that follow me. if it can auto follow those users that unfollow me or dont follow me after a specified time that would also be great.

This needs to be web based and easily deployed, say on google apps engine. (I may need help with this)

Sign in is required

If you have a working demo id love to see and test it.

Thanks for reading

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I Need Help A Make A Website.

Hi everybody.
I am working on many projects currently and need help with a website to make a copy of
Thanks and its not surprising but cheap bidders will gain a little extra attention.
I am not interested to develop this in open source (Joomla/Drupal).
Again thanks please give you best price and happy bidding.

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I Need Help And Tutorial For Magento Community Edition

I need a somebody to work with me for 5-10 hours over the phone or skype to teach me and help me setup Magento Community Edition including some costume themes and extensions

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Saving To MS Excel Does Not Work… Need Help

I have an application (which was develped by someone) that has a feature to analyse some data and save it to MS Excel. It was working earlier and apparently (after moving to a different webserver) this is not working now. I am sure this is a minor fix. Please bid If you have experienced a similar issue and fixed it before.

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Alibaba Or DIYTrade Portal

We require a similar trade portal like Alibaba or DIYTrade. If you have a completed a similar project please send info via private message.
We need :
Full source code without encryption
To see a full working demo.

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Business Site

Looking to build a basic 5 page business. Will add more to it later but just a good fresh start needed. We want it to be a wordpress site so we can ad blogs on there and its SEO friendly.

Need a similiar navigation like this site

we have all the content and are open to creative suggestions. Very simiple set up right now but if we work well together, wed like to keep you around for update of the site later.

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Source SDK Help

i am looking for someone to help me with modelling and mapping with the source sdk,
I will be developing the game as well along side you modeling and mapping.
PS.if you want i can provide you with sketchs of my models and maps.
PSS.There will be about 30-50 models and you must do textures as well, and there is 10 maps and the animation ill take care of.

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URGENT: Need Help Debugging Data Upload Module In Applicatio

Hello Bidders,
A clients application is not working properly and we need urgently someone to review and debug it.
The application uploads jpegs, URLs and misc text data records and makes thumbnails of the jpegs. It can upload up to 600 of these from an admin panel.
The problem is that the app right now will upload 1 jpeg and then not upload others. Uploading again deletes the records in the mysql something is not working.

– Please bid quickly as i will select someone before project end
– You must be an expert in PHP and should be able to understand others code quickly

Any questions, use PM please.

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CentOS Kernel Recovery

I have a CentOS server and just performed the YUM update for the new kernel. Unfortunately, my /boot volume did not have enough space and I deleted some files from an older update generation (I have done this before without problem, I generally try to keep the 2 most recent versions) but this time, I must have deleted another(more recent) file by accident. Currently, my server is stuck in GRUB and I cannot proceed further in booting it. I need help in being able to boot my server.

Along with this, is it possible to have my /boot partition size increased so that I can avoid/reduce my space constraint issues in the future?

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Need To Sell Source Code Require Assistant

Natrium is a Time attack 3D Truck Racing game.
Get behind the wheels of a 8 ton truck and race on a snow filled landscape carrying a payload of nuclear coolant towards a reactor to save it from exploding.


I need an assister to help me sell the source code of my game.
I am ready to pay 8% of the selling price of the code to the assister as service charge.

Please contact if you can finish the work asap.

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Drupal Dropdown Menu Troubleshooting.

I have a standard Drupal 6.19 installation using Fusion Theme "Acquia Prosper" & Skinr module.

By default, this theme does not allow the secondary menu block to display drop down menus using "Suckerfish".

I have modified template.php & page.tpl.php & and have been able to get it working correctly for:

Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Unfortunately, IE7 is buggy; the drop-down menu appears but then disappears as soon as you move the pointer off of the heading and onto a submenu item.

Strangely, the Primary Links drop down menu (which is the original source for the secondary links menu), is working fine in IE7.

I need someone to troubleshoot and resolve this. I am working to a tight deadline and will accept a larger bid for the person with the right skills and ability to complete quickly. I am able to direct bidders to a demonstration site and a number of relevant explanation links.

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Petunia Pear And Mr Sun2

OK on my youtube account peterthesongman there is a partly completed story I wrote called PETUNIA PEAR AND MR SUN. (hope it shows up)

This story features animated plates from a book I wrote in the 80s in a series called THE LAND OF TUTTI FRUTTI. This series aimed to teach children various lessons. This one teaches patience. Now Ive dabbled on facebook, seen all sorts of offers "make a million from this and that" and I find it all confusing. I still have to finish this story which has my own original songs and story – but I want to as well as the other 3 in the series also with original songs


I need a website I guess and a strategy – what am I selling – I have 4 different original title books – I have this Petunia which can end up on a dvd

This is why I am writing

Would appreciate your bonafide help and hopefully you will like what I am doing or am trying to achieve.

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Web site has 15 pages, 12 are html and 2 are xhtml. Visitors are complaining that sometimes they cannot access the xhtml pages; however, not always. The users seem to be users of IE 6, 7, and 8.

We need a quick fix. Can you help? Bootstrapping company so not much budget.

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TV Property Show

Hi I am writing a Show for Large this Show I have to download a xml from a ftp address then Show some slides and Grids. I prefer to have only one technology in m project so I choose the Flash (with AS3). I did most of functions but I need some help to optimize performance and memory. If any one are available please contact me.

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Remove Background And

Scanned family shield with details from old paper need help with:

Removal of background (old paper)
"lite touch up"

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Imagehandler Water Mark Issue

I have used image handler on my zen cart. however, the water mark cannot apply to my images.
I need somebody help me solve the issue quickly.

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Need Custom Prestashop Theme!!!


I would like a custom made prestashop theme & only I could use it!
Those who got this job, you are not suppose to sell it to others.

Mine will be a fashion store selling ladies fashion clothings.
I dont need it to be complicated, just something clean & simple.

I have in mind what I would like it to be.

I want it to be a 1 column theme.
Main colors: Pink (any tones) & white & black.

I have live examples & I have in mind what I want it to look like.
Its actually a combination of both of my favorite themes.

Im just starting out so I do have budget constraints.

As said I like it to be in between both of my favourite themes (please pm me for the links).
Like a combination of it. (Both themes are simple design)

Included in this project, I would need you to help me make my custom theme & to design me a simple logo which fits my theme.
My logo could be just words with special fonts & to make me a favicon (simple one will do) too.
I do not have very high & difficult requirements, I am fine with almost anything & I am not fussy as long as you make it similar to the links Ive given you (pm me for links).

I really hope to get the custom theme ready within 5 days after someone took this job.

Please bid only if you think you can do this!

It would be even better if you could show me the past project you had did before.

Thank you very much!!!
I want to get my site up as soon as possible!

Remember, its only a simple project.
I am quite easy going & not very fussy.

I will need you to install the theme in my prestashop for me & make sure the template & everything you did is working fine.
My prestashop version is 1.3.1 (the latest version at the time of writing this)

Hope to get this up soon!

Thank you very much!

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3D Augmented Reality Projects

Hi Bidders

I need some experiences programmers to help for developing AR projects,
some with 3D web cam-enabled characters and some for smarthphone apps layer.

Urgent and thanks!

09/15/2010 at 9:55 EDT:

My budget costs varies from size, from $250 to $5000. Depends on the size of the projects.

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I Need Help Building Adsense Earnings With Niche Sites

I have a niche blog. I am looking to have at least $10 a day off adsense. I am looking for somebody to help me optimize traffic to my website in order to earn this amount each day.

I am looking to pay $50 one time to the individual that can help provide this. You will get payment once the service is provided. (ie I see income generated above my norm).

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SEO NOW – SEO Help Please – Also Need Article Writter

Hi guys,

I need to know of a current article submitter (that doesnt have a monthly membership or is nulled) that works great on high PR sites.

I also need to know of or buy an article spinner that will bypass the organic sensors of the web so that 1 well written natural article can be submitted multiple times and not have to spend more on article writing.

I will also need naturally very well English written article content for my website 5 articles a week so I do need an article writer.

So I need 3 things

1. ur consultation on article submitting software and article spinner that is current and great.

2. I need 5 articles a week written for my website about the construction industry.

3. I also need someone to reply 2 or 3 times to 2 forums in my websites industry and speak well for my company (I know the sites). U will need to make multiple accounts per the 2 forums we have complaints on and also set up 2 different accounts on the 2 different forums to respond like 2 different people having good experience with us.

U must have:

1. great written English skills for article and forum posting content.

2. examples of ur articles so I know u r qualified for the job.

3. superior knowledge of current working softwares u can suggest I purchase/download/ or get from u for master SEO domination.

4. responses to my emails or other communications within 24 hours.

5. Love what u do and smile at least 2 times a day 🙂

Thank u for reading,

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Hello, I own a company called Genomyx. We are working on pitching our products to a large distributor and they are asking for a advertising campaign. I need someone to help me put one together very professionally


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Online Marketing Help – Need A Total Package

I need help with online marketing for a US based Web-Design company. This includes from setting up Facebook fan page/twitter with active fans.. to… search engine optimization… to.. posting onsite/offsite blogs etc… etc. This company will need a TOTAL online marketing solution on creating a reputable impression online, and generating more business.

Will need to implement EVERY known effective marketing technique out there. Any other creative and unique technique will be a very good plus point.

Expected skills:
– Management skills – Managing this marketing project
– Technical skills – Some technical skills such as creating and setting up social media networks etc.
– Writing skills – writing blogs, articles
– All kinds of online Marketing skills
– Google Adword certification not required, but preferred. If you have this certificate, please mention that specifically

Preferebly it

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Need Help With Tax And Tax Law And Misc Legal Letters

Will pay weekly.

Must have knowledge of US tax law and State of Missouri tax law and taxes in general.

Please provide your qualifications and provide your WEEKLY fee.

Thank you.

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Need A Script For Sliding Open/close Popup Like NYTimes

I need a script that I can easily integrate into html/php pages (specifically,
html, joomla and wordpress) that would slide in/out a popup ad at the bottom of
the page whenever a user is about to reach the end of the page? I believe its
written in jquery. I would code it myself but I really have no time so Im
looking for someone to do it for me. Ive seen it in a few places.

Here are my specs:
– javascript that can be easily called from all the pages.
– It should be an include file
– popup will contain title and link of the articles or sites that I would like to
– popup slides out as you scroll to the bottom of the page and slides back in
when you scroll up

I included a good example on the link below:

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NSIS Installer Help

Im creating an installer with the open source NSIS.

There is an example script of how to add a link to the welcome page of the installer here:

What Im trying to do is do the same thing but instead add the link to the "Components Page".

All I need is an example script.


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I need help setting up Word Press Mage

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Need Designer Contest Website Developed

I need a site for designers to submit graphic and community as the core.

Have design ideas and graphics, need programming and site development, include contest listing, voting, blogs, forums, payment capabilities, galleries, member login, a store etc. While the store can utilize magneto or any open source platforms.

Similer sites would be 99design, crowdspring, threadless.

For threadless, ignore the kids, will need the whole workflow to be smooth like them.


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Forum Poster – Easy Job I Need Help Please

Hey guys,

Just launching a website and i need some positive content. Cant be fake or spammy… I just need good content on forums, reviews and everywhere.

Two Main Jobs:

1. Write a review or content
2. Post the content and rank it to the key words of my website

When you type the name of my website nothing really comes up and we need to change that. Looking for people who can work fast and get the job done.

if you have a mic and use skype – you go to the top of my list.

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CL Help Need Non DID Numbrs

Seacking a stady amount of non DID mumbrs after testing them we need at lest 500 pay true paypal or your choice, please consider on your price a margin of mun that go bad.

Since Im new here and don;t have reviews, after a test trial I can pay as you deliver or worked on package as you delivered.

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