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HR Managment, Process Optimization Using SixSigma, BD

Process Optimization using Six Sigma mathods.
Business Development Strategies and Implementation, resource Hiring, Project Management
HR process development,

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Search Engine Optimization

I have two websites that I would like to generate more traffic to. I would like them to be at the top of google searches within Australia.

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Seo Optimization Of Alibaba And Other B2b Portals

We need a proffesional familiar with the optiomization in B2B portals, like Alibaba, EC21, Tradekey to optimize our internal Alibaba and EC21 website for very competitive keywords and phrases using any available methods and could guarantee results within 2-4 weeks.

Our Alibaba account has Gold Status and EC21 account has TradePro.

We are quite familiar with the SEO techniques, but do not expect us to dictate you what to do.
We would expect you to run your own show and come up with the creative plan. We are open for any suggestions.
Example of performed tasks:
– Internal Alibaba and EC21 Site Analysis
– Competitor analysis
– Internal B2B Site Optimization (Description, new pages, and etc.)
– Product content optimization according keywords
– New additional product posting (near keywords products)
– Increasing account visits, using known technics
– Any other methods as per your suggestion
The guarantee will be met if the following conditions are attained:
1. Our primary targeted phrases/keywords will appear on top of Alibaba, EC21 listing.
2. Our secondary target phrases/keywords will attain a minimum of 3 top 5 rankings on Alibaba, EC21 listing.
3. Our third targeted phrases/keywords will attain a minimum of 5 top 15 rankings on Alibaba, EC21 listing.

Milestone payment will be based upon successful achieving metionned goals for the given keywords.
We would expect a weekly report from you to see progress.

When bid, specify the following:
1. Methods you are going to use
2. Detailed information on procedures and timelines
3. Provide examples of completed projects

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OsCommerce Speed Optimization

We have to speed up and optimize an OsCommerce online shop. The shop has al lot off installed plugins and has been modified so usual Cache and other speed optimization plugisn dont work. The biggest problem are SQL querryies…

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Website Optimization Using Joomla With JomSocial

We have a website that uses Joomla CMS and JomSocial with several plugins.
The performance of this website needs to be improved considerably.
We are looking for people with good experience configuring Joomla and optimizing it to improve the performance of the website.
Please provide examples of websites that you have worked on that use Joomla and Jomsocial with Add-ins for them.

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On Page Seo Work Needed

how much to carry out the following?

1.Keyword research
2.Analysis of Keywords Search Global and Local Volume ,Competition and Relevancy
3.Website Document type Analysis
4.Optimization of Title Tags
5.Optimization of Meta Description Tags (According to the Page content)
6.Optimization of Meta Keywords Tags
7.Header Tags Optimization for all important pages
8.URL Optimization
9.Optimization of italics and bold tags
10.Optimizing HTML Code
11.Analysis of non index able attributes like Flash
12.Analysis and Optimization of CSS codes
13.Image Analysis and Optimization of Alt and Title tags
14.Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization (which includes the No-Follow and Do-Follow Attributes)
15.Optimization of internal Navigation /linking structure
16.Optimization of external Links(which includes the No-Follow and Do-Follow Attributes)
17.Analysis of Broken Links and its Correction
18.Optimized HTML Site Map Creation
19.Optimized XML Site Map Creation and Submission for Google
20.Optimized TEXT Site Map Creation and Submission for Yahoo
21.Correction in Website Architectural(As per Requirements)
22.Page Content Optimization (As per Requirements)
23.Checking of Canonicalization error and its correction
24.Google Web Master Setup(As per Requirements)
25.Google Analytics Setup(As per Requirements)
26.Website URL Redirection(As per Requirements)
27.Making an optimized robots.txt file.
28.Removing obstacles from homepage and fixing errors to improve ranking in search engines
29.Providing Website Structure Analysis & Recommendation to Improve Ranking

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SEO – Optimization Of Websites

We are looking for SEO experts with advanced skills in contemporary website optimization processes who are able to achieve TOP 10 results in google and local on high and low compettion keywords on mostly non-english european markets. We are lokking for a long term cooperation. Please send us a message in order to get more information on the upcoming projects.

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Social Media Optimization

I have a website on which I wants more genuine visitors.

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Website Completion, Testing, And Optimization.

I currently have a site that is very similar to

I purchased the site / script (open source) from zeescripts. Currently, as is, the site is not functional. Your job will be to complete the site and perform the necessary testing so that the site is bug free on both the front and back end. This will involve quality assurance and user acceptance testing as well as customization and optimization.

Please do not bid on this project unless you are serious or committed.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Need Help With Search Engine Optimization

I need some help posting ads and doing SEO for my website. Contact me for further details. Thank you.

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Google Work To Optimize For SEO.

Work will be done:

1] Sitemap creation

2] Standallone Sitemap script will be provided(value $35, not pirated or null, licensed) so that post, feed, video sitemap can be created.

3] URL structure optimization for unnecessary wordpress category base removal.

4] META TAGs optimization.

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Search Engine Optimization To Drive Up Sales For Webstore

We are a beauty supply store. I have about 5 products that i want to drive up the sales. I need someone that knows what he is doing and can make my productpage come up first on ebay,amazon and storepage. He will know how to write articles that will do this and generally know how to make sure this is done efficiently and continuosly. Its a continuos process and need experience and reliable person or coy.

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First Page Google Results

Looking for an SEO professional with proven results. You must use the following link-assistant software for this project, RankTracker, Link Assistant, and SEO Spyglass. This is required and a must have for this project! Hired professional will be responsible for the meta data, titles, descriptions, keywords, keyword placement, article composition and submission, H1 & H2 tags optimization, on site optimization, offsite optimization, blog commenting, forum posting, etc, etc.

You must provide samples of other SEO work and the results to include the keywords used, time it took to receive the results.

You must specify the complete package results you intend to offer.

I am looking for 20-30 keywords and looking for results in 4 months or less. I have multiple sites to do and want someone that I can use for a long time, but….I expect results!!

I am well aware of SEO and that it does not deliver overnight success, so dont waste your time trying to school me on that. I do know what produces results as we have had it done before so I am expecting to see some results in short time. With the keywords we are going for, results in competition is under 2,000,000 results in most cases, some under 1,000,000. We are looking for quick placement for quick traffic. WE NEED RESULTS.

Your bid should be per 30 days of service, it should list your required time frame in order to deliver relevant results.

Payments will be made monthly through Paypal account only

Ask questions if you got any……..

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Facebook Page Optimization

I am looking for a freelancer who is able to optimize a facebook page from something like this to one like this

I will like the person in question to create the necessary code, upload it and ensure everything is fully functional (including all links and all tabs). I will supply all pictures to be used but you will need to be able to use photoshop or any other image editing software so as enhance the photos I will supply you with.

Please do not bid for this project if you are unsure of how to complete it or have never done anything like this before.

Thank you!

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SIte Optimization

Open source online classified need updating its SEO.

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Search Engine Optimization,

Please don

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AdSense Optimization

Optimize my sites to get better revenue from AdSense, and other things.

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Oscomerce Website Optimization Conversion Improvement


I have a good website which converts at 2% basically but I am very sure we could convert sales better.

What I need is someone with good experience in website optimization for sales conversion improvement. Need an expert in Oscommerce PLEASE dont bid if you are selected and dont know how hot modify a php page I will not pay.

One modification I need is:

Be able to manage in admin a product, = > I sell boxes of candies, but sometimes I want to sell candies separately so I need a modification that can permit me to allow to sell a specific candy in quantities I select. example 5 units, 1 unit. Etc. So the customer on the product info page can select that, either buy box, or buy in specific (preselected by me) quantity.

What I request from bidder:
– Ideas on how to improve conversions, I will reply with my website address you can provide ideas, if I like what you suggest you will be selected.
– Quote the word "improvement" on your bid, otherwise I will not respond
– Be able to do the modification I requested earlier.
– Need daily updates from you, lack of updates will be considered as job abandonment.

Files will be provided for you to modify but you will not have access to our personal admin or database since we cannot allow that, so please also be sure if you bid you are patient with us.


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Search Engine Optimization

I am looking for someone to do some search engine optimization for my website. More specifically I want it optimized for Google. I am not interested in using any techniques that will get my site banned from google so they must be techniques that are in line with googles standards. My site was showing pretty well for a while but recently it fell off the searches so Im not sure if it has been banned for something already or not. So I need someone who can figure out why its not showing and fix it. The site is and Im looking only for localized optimization for my area (Southern Nevada, USA)

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Search Engine Optimization

I am looking for a freelancer or a agency to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on my website (Posting of URL with contact link is prohibited – removed by admin)

It is a IT-Services website. We provide all IT solutions to the clients. We want both onsite optimization and offsite optimization. Someone who is good in meta tags, who can add google analytic, robot.txt, search keywords and to the linking, back linking of my website. Also in the way of directory submissions and social book marketing.

Looking for a individual or a agency/company with good command on English and who can communicate via skype. English skills are very important to write articles, press notes, blogs.

Auto responder will rejected straight way and no templates please. Make sure you have read all the instructions.

Please contact me asap.


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Admin Area Optimization – 2

As discussed.

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I am looking for the writers who can write on the topic of SEO (search engine optimization). The writer needs to be very professional and should be able to write technical content on the topic of search engine optimization.

Pay rates will depend on the quality and quantity you can deliver.

Deadline must be met. If you cannot follow deadlines, please do not bid.


Happy Bidding.

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On Page Optimization

Hi anybody,

I am looking for a professional team who do on page optimization for us !
We just need to optimize 5-6pages ,maybe it is at most 10pages .
We suggest onpage optimization should include the folliwing service items :
page SEO-H1H2 and word onpage;
code seo-htmlJScss

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Admin Area Optimization –

As discussed.

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W3 Total Cache Optimization

Need W3 total cache optimization for wordpress website.

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Seo Optimization – Geographic Search

We need to position a series of keywords in page 1 of Google within the top 5 during 1 month and make it stay there for 3 months. After that we will renew contract, with possibility of further extension.

List of keywords will be provided.

Keywords have this structure: name of the service + city. The cities in total are 25.

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Stellent Server Optimization

Old Stellent environment (v7), need an expert to troubleshoot/solve cause of SMTP component pegging CPU and consolidation the three services onto a single server. Existing Stellent experience (or Oracle UCM) essential. Negotiable to either fixed price contract or hourly rate.

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Site Optimization

I need to optimize the performance of my site, which is reporting high CPU usage (above 2%), despite that there is minimal traffic as it is still new.

During the process of optimization, the developer needs to further ensure a grade A or B in Yahoo Yslow and Google Page Speed tests, since the process of optimization is related to enhancing performance.

Domain and further info will be provided by PM to qualified bidders.

Payment: full milestone payment upon project completion which requires the server host confirmation that CPU usage is maintained, in addition to achieving grade A or B in Yslow + Page Speed tests.

While this is not exactly a SEO project, all optimizations must meet Google best practice guidelines.

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I have search engine script that bring result from bing and yahoo. Only keyword suggestion is in mysql when people type a word it will update keyword suggestion db if keyword have query sometimes is update sometimes is query condition mysql (currently 10k user 25k pages)
i don

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Mysql Optimization Professional

I have search engine script that bring result from bing and yahoo. Only keyword suggestion is in mysql when people type a word it will update keyword suggestion db if keyword have query sometimes is update sometimes is query condition mysql (currently 10k user 25k pages)
i don

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Mysql Optimization Professional Wanted

I have search engine script that bring result from bing and yahoo. Only keyword suggestion is in mysql when people type a word it will update keyword suggestion db if keyword have query sometimes is update sometimes is query condition mysql (currently 10k user 25k pages)
i don

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SEO For Website – Only Bid If You Have Feedback!



Our company is looking for a freelance SEO expert who can assess our website

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