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Zencart Subcategories

i need someone to visit and look at the subcategories, and put the same on my website. Which is
i know this is a very easy job but i have too many jobs to do so i need someone to complete this ASAP
The basics of this jobs you will be expected to do the following:
– when you click on a category it should expand showing subcategories just like on helenebridal
– To narrow the wedding dresses down you should pu options on the left hand side where people can choose options that will narrow their searches down

This job should be done within 2 days

Lowest bids will be considered

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Opencart Product Options Doubled Up When Saved


I have an Opencart store that uses a custom template that has Global Mega Options installed and a category/product filter added to make adding products to the shop admin faster. I have noticed that when creating product options the options that are saved are duplicated. The duplicated options however do not have a name.

For example if I have 3 options red, green, blue these when saved will be red, green, blue, blank, blank, blank.

This is obviously very annoying as it means that my customer has to constantly remove the duplicate options every time she makes a change.

I dont know where this bug has been introduced and dont know which files to check.

Access to the shop admin and ftp will be given to the chosen bidder.

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Magento Custom Options With Different Tax Rate


Loking for magento to add custom options with different tax rate.

product: Flower (6%)vat
custom options : wine(19%)vat
This in one product page

Maybe another solution to make this possible.

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Create Advertisement To SELL MY BMW

Alright – I sell a lot of things and I can tell you that a nice advertisement sells something 10xs faster than a plain advertisement.

I am selling my BMW and I want this ad to look HOT – . I am very selective about who does my work and I dont want to see a bunch of irrelevant listings showing me all of the websites or templates youve worked on…

I dont want to hear about your company and that youve got 10 people on your team that does XYZ…

What I want to hear is real communication from you to me. Not some copy and paste crap with a long list of things Ill never look at… Dont waste your time. It makes people wonder if youre in Indian Bot or script thats been written to post on open projects. Why did I say Indian? Well because 99% of the bidders that do it are Indians.

I am attaching some images of my car and a PSD that Ive played around with… – some of you can make mock-ups or create examples if youd like. This is not required, so please dont bother writing me and telling me that you dont do mock-ups, your actions speak louder than words. I will say that if you do create a mock-up, your chances are higher for selection.

There are details that need to be shown in the advertisement – here is a very ugly advertisement – I am showing you this so you can see the other details that must be included * i.e. options, vin#, mileage, full list of options etc
*** ***

That link provides you with text examples of options, VIN#, Mileage etc – notice how the features were bulleted?

I will need this done as a PSD and PNG image. Make this look GREAT!

Ad Description –
This 2006 BMW 325i Sedan -6 Speed – White with Tan Leather Interior – Is Absolutely Stunning!!! Great Fuel Economy with power Best Color Combination! Meticulously Maintained and A Blast To Drive – This is The One To Have! Premium Package, Premium Sound with In-Dash CD Player, Moon Roof, Remote Keyless Entry, and Power Everything! This Car Looks, Runs, and Drives Like New! Non Smoker, Carfax Certified Car! Perfect Combination of Performance, Luxury, Safety, and Reliability! Do Not Hesitate Because This Car Is Priced Right and Will Sell Quick! Nationwide delivery is available

Here is some carbon fiber backgrounds from iStock:

Budget $30-65 Max

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Commenting Out Unneeded Options In Vtiger Admin Settings Pag

To better focus my organizations efforts inside the admin section I would like the following commented out of the Admin settings page so that the user will be unable to see these options:

Customer Portal
Inventory: Terms & Conditions
Backup Server
Tax Calculations
Inventory Notifications

These also need to be eliminated from the side column options shown on the left hand side in many different menus.

Budget is very tight on this and since time should be minimal to just comment these out Id expect bidding to be inline.

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Magento Custom Product Copy To Existing Products

we have a customized product with customized options. Those extra options we need to copied/add into other existing products.
We pay when the job is ready.

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Upgrade Website

Gaming Website

Existing website is a template, has multiple blocks, cms, and custom banners and logos that we have had designed.

What we are looking for is an upgrade to our site, keep some of the functionality, and add some other things like a video section, Facebook, a real nice forum section, lots of options for forum posters, updated profile options, videos, rosters.

Need the abiltiy to update site as needed in the future after the project is done also.

** Can speak very good English.

Please show link to portfolio, thank you.

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Design A WORDPRESS Theme

I need a WordPress theme designed. The theme options should be very clean and user friendly. The theme should have options to:

Add adsense, CJ, CB & amazon ads that can be displayed on the blogs posts/pages/achives/search-results on TOP,BOTTOM,MIDDLE & mouse hover keywords and an option to display a peel away ad.

Also, the theme needs to have various color options and should be fluid magazine layout.

Please BID only if you can do the task

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Photo Uploader For Zen Cart

We run a Web shop. We would like to have the same photo uploader as the on the page:
But the uploader needs to be done under Zen Cart.

We would like to have the same options as on this site. We will have the same range.

When you enter the page is in the upper right corner are "votre photo".
They wanted us to enable the client to upload photos, he chose what he wants: a picture on canvas, sticker, wallpaper, etc. For a preview of the image size when you type should appear showing the area which will be truncated and the client can move to the area. if klent make the choice to picture options selected should be visible to us, so we know what we must cut.
We would like have choices of all materials (even those excluded).

After the selection like wallpaper appear to the left of 5 options. These options are the same in all materials. From the material chosen depends on option work or not. For the wallpapers are included in Options 1 and 2 (for the wallpaper does not select either the frame or the option of cutting on the parts).

The canvas paintings (the first option to be selected in materials) are now 4 options to choose from. See 3 the options. There are sizes available. and near size, eg 60×60 in blue marked 1,2,3. How to choose the size youll see that the image can be purchased as one, two and three-piece. The image will be the most 5 parts. We will do the same. (Image here is a sample-we deliver all the necessary graphics.) Click on the image of 3 piece. Select the frame and now look. You see your picture here and the red frame will look like your picture in three parts. This can move the red frame. This too would like to have. Options below it (outils and couleur). For the canvas photo is everything.

Now back to the material and select the poster. 1,2,4,5 options here work.
You can choose frame in option 4, and 5 (passe-partout), choose a background. These options also would like to have.

Connection with a basket in the zen-cart is very important.

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Html Form Needed

Looking for someone to create a form for my website it will have the same options as on the website now except the customer needs to be able to click on all options they want and the form has to go to a thank you page when there done , and there submitted info needs to go to me.

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Zen Cart Shipping Configuration

Version 1.3.9h.

Need to have 3 different Shipping/Delivery Options:

1. Free local delivery with a 30 mile radius
2. $15 delivery charge (max. 50 miles)
3. UPS shipping (next day or 2 day)

At this time I am not looking to have the site determine the mileage. We will do that offline. Simply need the customers to be able to select one of the three options.

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Custom Plugin Admin Options Page – Change Page / Post Status


I am looking for someone who knows how to make a custom plugin. The plugin would have a custom admin options page. On the admin options page it will list specific page IDs and give the user (admin) the ability to somehow select / toggle between that page post status and select either (draft | publish)

Here is the function that changes the post status:
$post_id – The ID of the post youd like to change.
$status – The post status publish|pending|draft|private|static|object|attachment|inherit|future|trash.
function change_post_status($post_id,$status){
$current_post = get_post( $post_id, ARRAY_A );
$current_post[post_status] = $status;

Then call the function EXAMPLE

I need this function to have an admin options page and be dynamic for the user to select between draft and publish. Also the above example is for one single post.. I need it to work with 2 or more. Once you set it up with 2 or more I am pretty sure I can see whats going on and replicate it with the specific post IDs I want listed.

This should be a quick and easy gig for someone who knows wordpress and PHP – if that is you please contact me with a quote and time frame.

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Music Website With Search Options


I want to website for LEGAL music download (from Amazon, iTunes …)

Website must have amazing graphic and search feature (artist – name of the song)

Please attach screenshot of the site in action


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Ubercart – Chosen Delivery Date To Limit Shipping Options

A client as asked me for the following so im wondering how much this feature would cost. The site is partly build already so its only this feature thats required. The site has been made with Drupal and Ubercart:

On the check out page I need users to choose a delivery date. Their needs to be multiple shipping options (that cost different amounts), but these are restricted based on what day you choose. Alternately if you choose a shipping method first, this will restrict what days you can choose for delivery.

One shipping option is

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Best Sms Script

I want to make a sms website.
deserving candidate please mail me

website like combination or feature of way2sms 160by2 and youmint. only professional and competent persons may contact. i will like to see a demo before buying.
1) in how much time you will finish the work.
2) should have spaces to put ads better to design in dreamweaver.all should be php and mysql
3) the candidates who know how it works only can email me with there quotation.

Additional features must be:
4.options to add international sms in future.
5,options to extend sms upto 280 ch(i know it will take 2 sms).initially 140ch +ad
6.send ad email to users to earn money just a feature in youmint.
7.sms categories

and rest in youmintm160by2 and way2sms…..

if you are not cleared please mail me i will send exactly……

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Developer Required For Social Network Build

We are a start-up looking for a social media developer(s) with both front and back end skillset – HTML(5) / php / mysql or similar

Must be skilled in open source / social network platforms / low cost CMS options.

Design and wire frames are 90% completed.

Were open to payment options (hourly vs fixed fee).

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Online Betting Exchange

We require an online betting exchange that will allow bettors to bet on all cricket (WCC World cup/IPL etc), Soccer and Special events such as "Will Radioactivity from damaged nuke plants cause 5% dip in GDP of Japan in 2011-2012?" through Binary options.

The exchange has to be functionally a recursive, real time betting web service capable of streaming real time sports data from 3rd party exchanges using their APIs and external event feeders such as enetpulse.
Bet placements will be simplified and metaphorically represented as a bettor

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Classified Site And Just A Bit More

I am looking to launch a site that incorporates classifieds, including auto sales, personals, etc. IT will also have a local business section, robust real estate sales and rentals, and possibly a discussion board section.

There area a lot of extras I am interested in – such as auto notify. I am curious about eCommerce options as well.

My main question is scalability. I am looking for a solution that can be launched across countries and continents, I will need to allow people to post an ad only in one city…or possibly 5…or across countries.

Please contact me to discuss any solutions that can meet my needs

I will have other questions around social media plug ins and other options, but scalability is the key issue.

Thank you


Multi city

Social media

Spam filters


You can either decide to build this from scratch or work with a pre-made system, we are flexible. One to check out;

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Link Exchange System – WordPress Plugin

Main plug to manage links.
– how many links display in a one page.
– how many links to one website displayed. (ex. 20 links on to if webpage has 300 sites – links will be displayed only on 20 subpage.
Links Options:
all parameters <a> marker.

Two plug options:
– in-text modul. If is checked links will be displayed in tekst. (ex. phrase SEO in article, will be changed to link with anchor SEO)
-sidebar modul. If is checked links will be displayed in sidebar.

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– For Sanjay2004 For AW – 3 Options – Doc Format

For AW – 3 options – doc format

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New Blogger Store Design For Spectacle Frames

Starting a new online store (either via blogsite or a proper website) and require a designer to cover all aspect including logo design, blog site design friendliness, uploading my products pictures and details onto the site.

1. Spectacles Direct (SD) is a very very new business concept I am starting to push out.

2. What SD does is sell overstocked, overproduced, and QC rejected spectacle/sunglass frames. Think of us as the Factory Outlet Store (FOS) for spectacle frames.

3. If I do a blogger site, what are my options, how can you help me? I do not even have a logo for SD. All I have on hand now are products that I want to sell

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Myspace Mobsters Spreadsheet Site Redesign is in need of rebuild, upgrades & repairs as outlined below; can be discussed in detail via PMB.

The spreadsheet itself:
* Needs at least 2 design options, "Add Train" style and standard Spreadsheet
* 3 level priority sorting – High, Medium, Low
* Needs to be able to switch between design options with the click of a "button".
* Current (and future) Themes need to be compatible with all design options.
* Needs to store the last used design option and theme in a cookie for future visits.
* Needs to be able to store & display (on mouse over, etc.) notes on a target that can be updated from the "Admin Center".
* Needs to calculate "Total Stats" including (but not limited to):
– Total Targets
– Total bounty amount (of all targets)
– Total cash spent via Mass Murder (Both for the user logged in & in totality)
– Total kills, fights won/lost, any other changes in stats
+ Individual reporting for each target as well as the spreadsheet as a whole
– Average Bounty, Cash & Deaths
* Stats display tool should be redesigned to match the rest of the site.

The Add Train after logging in via javascript and/or form submission needs the following:
* Auto-send friend requests to all members on the add train not currently on the friends list.
* Search friends list & send mob requests as necesary.
* Upgrade login system to include multi-user access, sessions stored in cookies & easy management via Admin Center.

Chat feature:
* TinyChat integration is already in place, need an option to seemlessly switch between TinyChat and a XAT chatroom the client provides via the Admin Center (copy/paste embed code).

Admin Center:
* Redesigned to look more professional.
* Flowthrough needs updating for usability/user friendly purposes.
* Must contain controls for all features both existing & new.
* Password reset with captcha & IP logging.
* Store login in cookie (Remember Me)
* Store session in cookie
* Upgrade save/reload function to be single click
* Add target or boss seemlessly, move up or down with the click of a button.

Mass Murder (Auto-Hitlist):
* Needs to be completely redesigned, including an updated login system with form submission and javascript login options.
* Following limits required:
– By level (high & low)
– By bounty (high & low)
– By priority (High, Medium, Low)
– Maximum cash spent
* Check if target is "alive" prior to listing, display message if "dead" or already on the list.

New "Members Only" Features:
* Auto Punch/Attack/Hitlist that will run as long as the page is open in the clients browser (2hr timeout).
* Bounty hunter – with configurable level limits, etc.
* Joomla Integration – should be used as the basic site design as we figure itd be the easiest way to incorporate a CMS (open to other USER FRIENDLY options – No Drupal, the admin section is not user friendly at all)

* Stores system-wide usage stats displaying the first part of the Warlists URI responsible.
* Ranking (Top 20) mobs
– Most cash spent
– Most kills delivered via Mass Murder
– Most losses given (fights)
– Most kills NOT using Mass Murder
– Should log when a Warlist is "cleared" (reset) to signify the end of a war & resume logging if the war is reloaded.

* Seemless deployment, need to be able to launch updates system wide with the click of a button. We do use cPanel Jailshell & all "Warlists" are on their own account, currently done via each account FTPing to a central account, downloading a tarball & extracting but open to any options.
* Auto-setup via WHMCS
* Must be suPHP complaint

Extended Support:
Upgrades/minor changes to adapt to any Myspace/Playdom changes that impact site functionality (time limit acceptable as long as clearly stated).

Script should NOT be obfuscated or encrypted in any way.

There is a fully functional DEMO Warlist setup for this project that will function as the sandbox. URI will be given upon request via PMB. You will have FTP and SSH access, root access to the server upon proper justification.

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Email Capture Area With Drop-Down Options

Looking for Email Capture Area with Drop-Down Options.

I want to capture emails of visitors. They are given a few drop-downs which gives me information regarding what they are looking for. This info is then emailed to me or stored in a database. I would prefer database.

Serious bidders will be given the website URL. I will give you the sites HTML / CSS / images to you. You will be responsible for creating something which seems a great fit (look / feel) perspective.

*** show me something that you have done to get my attention ***

Self starters preferred.


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CD Collection (Java Using JCreator)

CD Collection
Write a program that stores details of a CD collection.
Level 1 maximum 50% (depending on implementation, demonstration, viva and documentation) must include the following:
Declaration and initialisation of variables

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Need Corporate Website In Spanish

Need a corporate website that will include the following menu options (I write in english, but website will be published in spanish, I will give you the translation)

– Home
– Who are we
– Products
– Order
– Support
– Contact

Support will contain the following options:

Client Area
View & update your account details

View our latest news & announcements

Submit Ticket
Submit a trouble ticket

Browse our KB for answers to FAQ

Place a new order with us

Pre-Sales Contact Us
Place any pre-sales enquiries here

Site will be in spanish. we will provide all translations.

Look and feel desired is corporative style.

Please write PM for further discussion.

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Photo And Canvas Ordering System

We would be looking for an upload/ordering system to be integrated into an existing site (WordPress).
This should enable customers to do and view the following:-

– Upload their image files and preview their images.
– The details of the files uploaded should be available to view (size and resolution etc.).
– They should be able to select/enter the size of print required.
– Add borders from a drop down in 5mm increments, and preview this.
– Choose printing media (eg. canvas, paper etc.).
– Mounting options from a drop down, and preview (eg. on to foamex, aluminium, etc.).
– Framing options from a drop down, and preview.
– Confirm details and price, then confirm order and pay.

A good example of the type of upload/ordering system we like is used by (but obviously with more than canvas available as options). &amp;

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Joomla Interactive Printing Quote Form Component

Online quoting component for print items (business cards, letterhead, flyers etc)

Take the supplied pricing table matrix of printing options and prices and display as a series of drop down options within a ajax form. As drop-down or check-boxes are selected within the options are selected changed the price will update dynamically from the drop down.

Once a final configuration/quote is reached by the user then it will be added to the enquiry form to be emailed to the printer and a copy to the user (standard form passing).

Preferably use use a standard joomla form component like redcomponent or fabrik or similar.

We will supply the table of pricing for the print item with all the options.
You will develop or configure the ajax form to look up the table and update the price on the page.

The site is built on joomla 1.5 and will be updated to 1.6 so the component must be able to migrate with the upgrade.

Once one print item (business cards) is completed and tested then we will want to configure other products ourselves so this process should be within the Joomla admin components and not at a complicated PHP level. Hence my recommendation that we use a standard Joomla component rather than coding a custom PHP form.

The solution must be easy for the client to manage, update prices within the matrix and also copy and create new products.

The first product is business cards, see attachment for table grid.

The quote tool will have these options for drop down:
Quantity: 250/ or 500 or 1000
Sides printed: single or double
Corners: straight or rounded
Coating: uncoated or gloss cello or matt cello
Result: Quote price (from the matix)

The similar approach will be used for other printing items. Note prices are not a simple calculation ie 250x2x3+4 = price. The grid must be used to filter and look up an item in the list.

1. Configure a Ajax based form tool with fields that filter and look up the reference columns in the matrix grid provided.
2. Based on the filtered selection display the price if the item (row) selected. Ie 500 units, double sided, with rounded corners, matt coated = $169
3. Include the selected item within an enquiry form to store in database and email to printer and copy to enquirer.
4. Install the package in to clients website
5. Provide the package and notation for the client to configure subsequent products.

10 days full turn around maximum

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Online Options Betting Exchange

We require an online betting exchange that will allow
bettors to bet on all cricket(WCC World cup/IPL etc)
events worldwide.

The exchange has to be functionally a recursive, real time betting
web service in php and JQuery/Python. Capable of streaming real time
sports data from 3rd party exchanges using their APIs
and external event feeders such as enetpulse.

Bet placements will be simplified and metaphorically
represented as a bettor

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Joomla Postfix Configuration Issue

I need support to configure my joomla site with postfix. I have the message
postfix/sendmail[6689]: fatal: usage: sendmail [options], may be postfix sendmail command does not like the options sent by joomla

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WordPress Plugin Enhancements

I need someone to take and add functionality. The plugin is Catablog. I would like to turn this into more of a general products management system from real estate listings to widgets.

Added functionality:
1. Ability to bulk sort items into various categories. Currently you have to go directly into an item in order to change the category. I would like to be able to select multiple items from the summary view and then switch the category.
2. Options area to add custom fields to a page. Custom fields maybe weight, height, acres, lot size, etc.
3. Rename the menu for the plugin. Instead of catablog it would say Listings, Widgets, etc. This would be similar to a custom write panel.
4. Ability to hide the options area, etc from an editor or below user level.
5. There will probably be more requested functionality as this progresses.

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DropDown Menu – HTML (urgently)

0. We give you a screendesign that you will build as HTML/CSS3. Small preview:
1. There can be one or more bottom tabs that can be (in)active. Active means: expand/$().show() the options. If the &quot;bottom tab&quot; is clicked again, collapse/$().hide() the options again.
2. Each bottom tab can have one or more option (thumbnail on the left, text on the right.
3. The green background must be clickable whereever it is visible.
4. The buttons and options should have a hover effect like filter:alpha(opacity=50).

Technics: jQuery, CSS3, HTML5
=&gt; Browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Make sure that you are only using images for pictures. E.g. color-gradients or shapes must be solved with CSS(3) – NOT with a static image.
You are allowed to use lightweight plugins for jquery if they are MIT-licensed.

-jquery for expanding/collapsing the options
-fast and reliable programmer

Conditions &amp; Delivery:
The full payment will be sent INSTANTLY through paypal. The job must be completed and delivered this weekend. No bugs, no delays. If the job breaks the delivery deadline, it will be canceled.
While working on the html/js, you can use a code-obfuscator or protect the code the way you like. As soon as the payment arrives with your account, you send the source code by email.

Quality work will be honored with long-term cooperations and rating.

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Holiday / Short Let Accommodation Rentals Website

I need to build a holiday accommodation rental website where individuals can post listings within different fee options and receive payments to their bank account via paypal etc.I also would like to have a live calendar options where bookings can be made in real time via live calendar. This project has to be sleek and stands out from the rest as I do have several properities to be placed straight away and several contacts ready to place their adds and we are also looking cost effective ways to promote website other than SEO, once goes live.

Second project,
Lettings web page where individuals, estate agents can post their properities within different advertising options. We are still working on this project to finalaise it but should be ready within 2-3 weeks,

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