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Add Features To Existing Shopping Cart (for Dharmin007)

This project is to add the following features to a cart system already in place designed by dharmin007.

The drop down of items that is currently pulled from the database needs to be put in alphabetical order.

Once a user has submitted their order, they need to be brought to a thank you page with the option to either enter their email address and have a copy of the order emailed to them or click a different button and download the order.

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Mobile Thin Client

I want to develop a fancy graphical mobile thin client on mobile handsets mainly starting with J2ME and Symbian, lately with Android, iphone and blackberry.
The client is just to have a secured access as an ODP, that connects to a back end suite of applications, the client should be able to have a dynamic menu that are sent from the server side, in order to be order to change the data and service centrally on the server, which will automatically be reflected on the client dynamically without programming.
We need a proof on the code quality, which should be transfered to us after completion and delivery.

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Ipad App. Product Catalog And Order Application All In One

Hi there,

We need a programmer(s) to build a Ipad app and the backend (server-side). The app. will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. The GUI of the app, GUI of the backend and the technical designs of the backend will be provided by us.

Off course we need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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Java Restaurant Software

What I would like is a software for a restaurant.
It should be composed of 2 parts: one that should be installed on waiters PDAs to help them select the order and another one to be installed on an admin computer (the one on the PDAs should communicate through wireless with the one on the computer).
The one on the PDA is meant to help waiteres take the orders. The waiter should select from bunch of categories (a top down list with items for each category). I would want the waiter to be alerted if a particular item is not in stock. After the waiter completes the order, the data should be transmitted to the central computer. Also, if a client decides to add something to his order after the initial order has been processed the software should let him do it.
Also after the waiter brings some items from the order he sholud be able to check the items ( each item should have a check box that will be checked after the waiter brings the product ) as served on his PDA, thus helping him not to mix the orders.
The software on the central computer should remember the orders for each table and compute the total amount to be payed (and send it to the PDA). The database with the total stock should have the posibility to be changed whenerver the stock administrator wants (when the restaurant receives merchandise). Also, when a waiter adds an order, the products specified on the order should be substracted from the total stock.

A similar application you can see here:

Extremly important: I need the application for an university assignment, so I need the code and the database structure.

My budget is around 50$.

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Online Store ECommerce Web Site With SEO

I need an e commerce site built. This site will sell credit card processing terminals.


PLEASE INCLUDE EXAMPLES of eCommerce sites that sell multiple products that you have developed in your bid

I have a detailed mock up of the home page completed

The following features will need to be included

Custom Website Design this is the design and layout of the site. It will be done from scratch and will not employ a template.


Static Pages (these are all the core site pages like: home, about us, contact, FAQ, Newsletter sign
up etc.) (Product pages, Category pages, User Panel pages, and Admin Panel pages )
Shopping Cart software module for order processing
Payment Gateway Implementation programming implementation allowing communication with various banks and payment processing companies.
User Account module for users to sign in securely for purchases as well as updating account info
Dynamic Product and Category structure to allow for quick and easy creation of new product and category pages from the backend.
Auto-response email system this will send email messages automatically when certain criteria are met. This includes up to 10 of them.
Order export for drop shipping ( Site will auto-populate order form then send order form to appropriate supplier See )
Admin Panel to include
o Product / Category Manager for new products and categories to be defined.
o Order Manager track new orders status
o Customer / Mailing List Manager keep track of customer information as well as any other collected.
o Email Manager (for modifying auto-response emails)
Site wide initial SEO
o Naming conventions
o Site Map
o Meta Tags / keywords
o Content keyword review
o Site Submission

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Lemonstand Developer – File Upload Progress Bar/PDF Preview


I have a Lemonstand ( Shopping Cart – The shopping cart currently has File Uploads integrated with each order. I simply want each File Upload to be accompanied with a Upload Progress Bar.

Users will be usually uploading Images. So, once an image is uploaded and order is placed, i would like the user to be presented with an Image preview – with an ""I Agree to this terms and conditions" Checkbox, so the order should proceed with this checkbox selected only.

Theres more work thatll follow.

Let me know how much time and money itll cost. I would like this to be done ASAP. In your reply send me the code: apache13 to prove that you read the description fully.

Preference to those whove worked with lemonstand before.

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Internet Stock Update Purchase Order Monitoring

Im looking for a software to monitor the progress in our PURCHASE ORDER which needs to be update regularly, so that both sides(UK and China) will have an instant update of the current stock progress.

A simple Excel lookalike column will be great.

1) I place a new purchase order with picture, quantity and description.
2) Supplier will update whats available and estimated time to make
3) I will make another new purchase order with picture and qty and description.
4) Supplier will post out partial of the order being completed and update the system.

This will be a daily routine. This software will tell us what is not being delivered yet, so that both part does not miss out any order places before.

If the ordered being delivered, it will move to a second tab (or second page), so that we can easily keep track on which order is still in progress to avoid double ordering.

Auto time and date stamp on each order if possible.
Password protected.

Thank you.

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Excel Expert Needed Asap

I need to compare "order management" list against "netbilling" list Every time you find a file that exist in order management but NO exist in netbilling you highlight in Red as i have already started doing. The you make seperate excel list of only files in red and send to me. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank u for bidding.

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Website Devlpt With Online Order Process, And User Area

I need to complete the development of a website. The design is ready, i provide the PSD files.

The website is simple. We are designer. We sell logo designs, website designs etc …So we propose few packages. the customer select a package, go through an easy process of online order, pay via paypal. he receive email confirmation etc…
There is also an user area, where he can check his order, is profile etc …

To figure out the kind of job, go to It will be in the same idea.

You will receive images of the PSD files to figure out the website to be developed.

I need a coder that will work full time on the project from the start to end. No coder that uses to get multiple projects to work on will be admitted.

It is quite easy project, development time should not be so long.

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1000 Likes New Order


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OSC 2.3 Shop – Contributions, Custom Fields, Debugging Etc.

I need for the new shop project the following things:

Product options:

Field for the Tax-Number (for to display in the order, not in the website)

Field for the Measurements (length, width, height)

Field for the storage position (for to display in the packing note, not in the website)

A possibility to enter the number of the products in stock (and for every attribute) so that it counts down with every order. I need some kind of inventory management – so that the product or the colour/modell doesn´t list when everything is sold out and give alert at a specific number to order more of the product…

It now displays only the netto prize – but it should display the brutto prize like this: 3,95 inkl. 19% MwSt. (very important!)

Wishlist function – where the customer can save the products he would like to buy later.

Login-Field in the header.

Where can I change the text of the template (everything is written in lowercase letters – but this is not correct – some words in german beginn with an uppercase letter!

Where do I change the button styles?

The reviews don´t work – debug this.

I also have problems with the slideshow of the template – I found out where to change the big pictures but don´t know where to change the thumbnails and where to set the correct links?

Sozial Bookmark integration of Twitter and Facebook and others on the productpage.

The client does not know yet which payment ans shipping providers to use – but this will come later on, too.

The client requires a packing note (with the storage and stock count informations) and a invoice in pdf-format (with item number, invoice number, tax number etc.) to send to his email when an order is placed.

I need someone who really is an OSC expert and who is willing to invest some time into this project to make it a top notch and fully working shop…

As we are on a very tight budget please do not bid too high!

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Online Restaurant Delivery System

What is our business about you must ask?

Well my friend the idea is to create a website that will provide online food ordering for restaurants, giving an amazing opportunity to restaurants that dont have this available and a better UI, service, and savings to those who already have them. It will be a first in market in my country, and I really would love a "new" and exciting design.

What makes us awesome you say?! We will provide this services, let restaurants get reviews, liked items, market their websites on our site, offer discounts, coupons, but most important and new: we will have a cash back percentage of each order PLUS we will also offer the delivery for them if they dont have a delivery system in place, which is really unique.

Similar companies: and, I dont like grubhub.

I like their business idea but their web design is nice but still needs more "friendly" visuals, and thats what I am looking forward to and still I am not doing this in their market, its in a new country with different visions.

I need the back-end development of the website, I am still on the search for the front-end development, but I would have to see some proof that your team can design a great front-end website.

What will the website contain:

The home page with the logo, Sign Up and Current Member login, icon with link for restaurants to fill out information so they can get in contact with us, the fill out "address" for the costumer to see who delivers, join our mail list button and fill out email box.

After signing in by user:

Users can see the list of restaurants that deliver, are open, decide by price, rating, delivery time

Users can place online orders and restaurants get notified by fax , email and SMS

Restaurants fulfill orders in either pickup or delivery mode with payment done either on delivery or by credit card.

SEO needs to be built into the project.

Display a menu of choices by category as well

Allow user to select condiments and order options (Mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc ) in a splash page and finally Add to Cart button.

Designate order for pickup or delivery.

Section of home page will show new items so items need to be able to be identified as such.

Section of home page will show daily specials so items needs to be able to be identified as such

Restaurants home page will show daily specials so items needs to be able to be identified as such

Ability to handle coupons

Customer account creation and login with payment methods stored for easy ordering.

Logged in users should be able to pull up their previous orders and place similar orders again.

Tracking of orders as part of customer loyalty program.

Batch uploads menus within category and restaurant details by Admin

Track order details, report on sales, and transaction show in the back end for processing

Vendors dashboard must include functions such as Manage Subscriptions, Manage Payment settings and Summary of Food ordering report.

Administrators dashboard must include functions such as Manage Subscriptions, Manage billing transactions, Manage Payment settings and Summary of Food ordering report.

Customer can vote the restaurant, recommend, rate

Every 10 days we will send to all restaurants a full invoice showing exactly what payments have been made

Manage the news and highlights published on the home page

Manage advertising in top banner and side box on home page and inner pages

The Website will be able follow reports :

1) Orders listed as per restaurants, items, sorted by value, date range.
2) Analysis of repeat customers.
3) Print weekly, monthly, quarterly commission statements.
6) Any other customized reports as required.

In the order confirmation page the costumer will see the order details, map of restaurant in Google Maps, Twitter button to share order, Facebook button to share order

I think we can work this out and make a success of this site!

Hope to hear from you all superstar developers soon!

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Magento Export – Problem With Completing Orders

I have some issues with magento – it sometimes has problems completing orders. When I press complete order in onestepcheckout it thinks for 15-20 sec before completing the order. Sometimes it also times out if more than 30 sec.
I am running a dedicated nginx server with mysql. It also takes a long time to save edited products, I need to have an true mysql / magento expert to look at this problem asap.


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Ipad Work Order App

i am looking for a programmer to make an ipad app.

app will be a work order app.

the app will allow the user to enter there company name: address and phone: this would be preset for there company. one time set up.

filling out a work order will have

customer name:
Phone #

item: description: quaintly : and price

the app will be filling out a forum essentially form needs to look like this

app need to allow users to make custom presets so rather then typing the item and description every time need to be able to select from preset.

and final the app must have a way of printing the invoice either by sending it to email, dropbox, or sending it to a printer,

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Small VB.NET Project To Complete

Very Small VB.NET project to complete overnight. Required within the next 10 hours after bid acceptance. Bidding will run for a few hours until right programmer is selected. Do not bid if you can complete within 10hours of accepting the bid.

=> Database provided
=> VB.NET Code samples provided
=> VB.NET Forms Design provided

Software will have a maximum of 4 forms. About 5-8 fields per form.

Four Database Tables:
Customers, Products, Orders, Order Details->search add edit delete update

Printable Report for Order-Order Detail only

Flow of operation:

Main Form:

Create New Order-> Search Existing Customer -> Add New Customer if not exist -> Create Order for Customer -> Add ptoducts to order(order details) -> Take payment -> print report

Product Form: search add edit delete update
Order: search edit update

The flow is pretty simple and straight forward. No formatting or esthetics needed.

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WordPress EShop Plugin Troubleshoot


I am looking for assistance in testing and troubleshooting a WordPress website with an online store, specifically the eShop Plugin. The website is using the eStore theme by Elegant Themes, with the eShop e-commerce plugin.

The challenges with eShop Im having include:
-Paypal payments are going through, but eShop does not validate the orders, saying PayPal IPN failed, and so none of the eShop emails are being sent (eg. your order was received)
-On one site (multisite installation), the Add to Cart buttons to show up

It is important that you have experience working with the eShop plugin, and with WordPress. Some of this might involve PHP coding, but some might just be working with the eShop settings.

I will pay 50% of the project cost when the test site is working (with all emails, order processing, etc.), and then the remaining 50% when I make it live and it still works.

Thanks so much,

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Blog Commenting Job

Dear users i m offering 150 do follow Blog Commenting links in following conditions.
1.50 PR 2, 50 PR 3 and 50 PR 4
2.30 cents each link depends on order.
3.require only your URL ( Multiple URL also Accepted )
4.payment after you received report

it will take one day to complete order interested buyers can contact for any kind of information.

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Order 2 Che Style

hdjsah ashdjahsjd ashdeuryerhdfjs

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Printing Business Order Forum

We have a client that is need for a template for there clients to order business cards or
the clients web site is a Joomla web site
customer need to login to web site
customer will be associated with one company
logo will be on top
customer enter information about them selfs to get the B. Cards (name, email, Cell Phone, ext.)
email will be sent to client and customer for confirmation

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**Magento Orders Not Showing**

I had a few transactions that appear in paypal express however are not appearing on magento at all.. I get the order in paypal with the list of products, but when I log into Magento the order is no where to be found. The emailed order does have a invoice number, but it can not be found in Magento.

This error looks a lot like our current problem, but we use paypal, and not Sage.

Please advise, if you need me to supply more details please let me know exactly what you need.

I need this error taking care in the next day.


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Export Orders From Magento To MySQL

We are running Magento and cant upgrade.

We need to have a script or plugin that runs regularly to synchronise our MySQL table and the Magento database. It needs to record the following information: order number, purchase date, shipping service, buyer contact details, ship-to contact details, order total in GBP, taxable amount, items shipped (by sku) and items unshipped (by sku). It is important both that new orders are saved and that old orders are checked so that if a refund, for example, is processed via Magento 6 weeks after the original order date, we can still have the correct info on our MySQL backend. Perhaps there is a way to have Magento push through changes to old orders to save checking every single order every day?

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Extending Magento SOAP API To Support Order Creation


We are looking for a developer to extend / customize the Magento SOAP API to support Creating Orders via One Page Checkout or equivalent.


We have an existing custom web application that already has user membership functionality, amongst other things.
We are willing to create corresponding user accounts on Magento (this functionality I believe is already available out-of-the-box via the existing Magento SOAP API / customer.create), however we want to be able to simply point our users to an <a href> link to the one-page Magento checkout, while logged into our existing system.

This would allow us to utilize the Magento SOAP API so that our users can make purchases via Magento, without having to rebuild the existing site around Magento simply for this ecommerce requirement.

Note that out of the box Magentos SOAP API contains an Order API, but its available methods do not include a way to create orders. We are looking for a skilled Magento developer that can build an extension to the existing Order API to support creating orders via a one page checkout or equivalent.


1. Code to extend the Magento – SOAP / Order API to support creating orders via one page checkout or equivalent.
2. Proof of Concept PHP SOAP client code that invokes the newly created SOAP API methods for creating an order.

Other Notes:

A. We will not be able to provide our existing web application code, due to NDAs. However we will be able to provide relative information in regards to how our code will be invoking the extended SOAP API methods.

B. We can also provide remote access to a clean Magento installation during development, as well as all the necessary user credentials.

Thank you for your time.

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Customer Realtime Order System For Franchise Stores.

The project is an online store for a food based franchise group. The site must be able to take orders, and then email a set group of stores based on the customers inputted location. With in the email would be the order, and a link to accept the order. The acceptance would be on a first come first serve. So the link would have to die either after a certain time period or once a store accepts the order. eg 10 min.

The system would have to be able to accept a large amount of orders at any one time.

Clients would need to be able to create there own accounts, that would enable them to select their favorite store, and store previous orders, and favorite orders as well.

It would need to be very easy to add new stores, as this is not limited to just one brand.

The system would need to be able to report how many items have been purchased, and calculate the total payable each month, and the total over a year or the complete total since the shop started on the system. (there is a fee payable by the store back to the head office for running of the site etc etc)

The system would need to be able to produce a total order list for a day/week/month/year for each store so audits can be completed.

New products would needed to be added with ease. And also old products deleted.

The site would be taking no money for the customers, as they will pay for all goods on pick up.

A full site needs to be built, including the main page. There have been no graphics produced yet, so this also needs to be completed. Would need to be of a fully original design, as this would be our logo, and will need to be easily transferred to a sticker, for front of stores, and POS.

There is potential for more work for the right designer for Android and IPhone app integration. Or to further add features to the site.

We are open to feedback or to be guided in best practice.

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Site Modifications

1 . adding a banner under the categories of $150 minimum per an order .

2 . need to change the "how to order" info in the "how to order" page and above each category .

3. a message under a product that sold our

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Order Form

Need order form that will email information entered to the owner. We already have the form. We need to get it so it works online.

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IPad Catalogue

I want an iPad app or website that show our products in like a magazine (flick to next page pref) then if a customer wants to order a product clicks something that allows the rep to set a quantity, hidden price or shown price I dont know yet, completion of order and sent to us [hopefully] through our actinic business plus software. Therefore we get the orders on site and help turn around. Or an offline app then the rep sends the orders from his wifi at home at night.
The site or app would need to have customer accounts be able to be imported from Sage. The catlalogue itself we have in text access or excel in text and pics would have to be added by ourselves or we are just doing a new pdf catalogue on Serif.
The option of new uploaded catalogue at any time to the reps iPad for new products would be needed too.
In basic terms, a website shopping experience on an iPad but with an old fashioned catalogue that allows ordering via touch screen, customer gets an email [actinic] with the order details, we get a pre-printed packing list and invoice upon completion. {actinic software], on account it gets sent to Sage (dont know how this is done but Actinic and Sage do link together). This is an idea in my head at the mo but the possibilities are endless!

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Auspost Eparcel Integration With Oscommerce

We need to integrate the eParcel (from Australia Post) with osCommerce. The eparcel server will require some kind of scraper/api to pass order information to the eparcel system. The eparcel system will then provide a label which should be linked to the order within oscommerce. Then, when we print packing slips via osc it should print the label provided by eParcel.

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Integration Of Eshop To Existing Website And Redevelopment I


I need the below site:

To be integrated in Business Catalyst in order to have an eshop. The successful bidder will have access to the backend of the current site in order to copy the relevant parts.

This is a straight forward job as the design of the site will remain the same. There will be a handful of minor alterations.

Please contact me. The job is to start ASAP

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