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Simple Directory Site

We need a simple directory site either built or tailored from existing scripts already available. The site should be designed just like Best of the Web (, the Open Directory Project ( We are talking very limited CSS. A simple CMS with MySQL backend should be in place. The directory will serve over 100,000 listings from the start. We will provide the CSV files to populate. We will also provide the directory hierarchy which will start with a breakdown by regions followed by categories within the directory of offerings. A search capability is also required.

The site should again be very basic and simple looking. No fancy graphics, colors, or ads required. More details in a PM to quality bids.

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Lat/Long To UK Post Code

Good afternoon,

We have a CSV database of 84,000 lat/long co-ordinates and need someone to help identify the UK Post Code location for each of these points.

Some of these resources may help:

We need this doing swiftly but also accurately 🙂 Any questions, do feel free to drop me a line.

Many thanks,

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Add WordPress Plugins And Facebook Like Button On My Blog


I am looking for someone who can add those 3 things on my WordPress blog page:

1) This WordPress plugin: PollDaddy Polls & Ratings

It must be install in French and in English.

2) This WordPress plugin: WordPress Facebook Like Plugin

3) A Facebook like Button

It can be place beside or under the Twitter and Facebook links that are already on my blog page.

Layout style: standard

Shows faces: no

Width: 450

Verb to display: like

Font: arial

Color scheme: light


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Website Development For Ecommerce Site…A.S.A.P.

I currently have website and am looking to build mini-sites to be powered by
Examples would be,, What im looking for is 1 custom script i can plug-in on each site that will pull information from so it will look like, etc… Also if i update course information on i want it to translate over to, etc…I designed and im happy with layout…im just trying to avoid having to manually translate information over for remaining 35 similiar site. I dont know much bout scripts so give me your opinions on what you think would work best and cost and eta…thank you

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Website For Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


I have a website that is partially designed. Im looking for a creative web designer to work with on a long term basis. The website will be for a medical marijuana delivery service. I will be posting pictures and descriptions of new medicine as it comes in and would like a back end built so that it is easy for me to manipulate. I am not that computer savy so the process would have to be relatively easy for me. Ill also need someone that is artsy and has a eye for making a website pop. I, personally, am not very artsy and will have a hard time articulating how I want the look of the site. If you think you can help me please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

here are 2 sites i really like though this site seems to be slow

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URGENT WordPress Fix

WE have used a commercial component for integration between wordpress and joomla. Its all set up properly but

wp stats upgrade and activation caused it to crash
need to uninstall but cant see site in front or wp admin panel in admin to do it
need to get consumer front back up
need to get admin panel back up
need to upgrade rest of plugins already installed
need to install these

max $20

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Joomla/Vituemart W3C Compliant Site

Looking for an experienced coder competent in joomla and virtuemart template/theme to clean up current tableless code that would be error-free, validating and and cross-browser compatible, SEO Semantic and Load Speed Optimized.

Only serious bidders that are currently available to work on this project need to bid.

Maximum bid considered $50

Bonus will be considered on successful completion of the project. Future projects will also be available.

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Joomla/Vituemart W3C Compliant Site

Looking for an experienced coder competent in joomla and virtuemart template/theme to clean up current tableless code that would be error-free, validating and and cross-browser compatible, SEO Semantic and Load Speed Optimized.

Only serious bidders that are currently available to work on this project need to bid.

Maximum bid considered $50

Bonus will be considered on successful completion of the project. Future projects will also be available.

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Build Non-profit Website

We are looking for a good designer who can create a website of our new non-profit project. The project aims to advocate for the empowerment and protection of consumers of financial services in developing countries.

We need a good designer who can do a good and swift job. In 4/5 pages max, website will include about us, blog, news, news and tweets, endorsement page, members map. We have already a template to share with you.

Website in similar business are: and

Your name will be displayed in the website among those who are contributing to set up this project. Your inputs and creativity are welcome.
Once the website will be online, well start fundraising and there will be opportunities for further work as consultant or part/full time employment for the development and management of the website. That will depend on the quality of your deliverable and your professionalism.

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Domain Name Research

I need somebody, or a team to find me exact match domain names that get over 5000 EXACT monthly searches.

The Domains MUST BE .com .net or .org extension

The domains MUST BE available to register

The domains should be related to a product some how

[remote control helicopters] 5,400 exact searches looking for .net .org

[heartburn relief] 5,400 exact searches looking for .net .org

[electric toothbrush] 14,800 exact searches looking for electrictoothbrush .com .net .org


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PHP Legend – MU WordPress Install

We are creating a net work of sites here with sub domains and also sub directories.

Each site will have booking features, invoice features and shop cart features.

we want the option here to create both

we want the option here to create both

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Rewrite 28 Articles & Populate HTML Pages With Content

Heres what this project entails:

1. Go into and pull out the old content on 3 different websites: 28 pages total with average 300 words per page.

2. Rewrite the content and META tags (title, keywords and description).

3. Place the content into an HTML template I will provide you with. Name each HTML page the same as the page in For example, if the page is called "home.htm" then we should name it the same in the new template.

4. Provide the complete populated sites to me.

I have over 50 different websites I want to do this with, so please keep in mind that if you do a great job there will be more work coming your way.

Looking forward to your bid.

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VERY Experienced Craigslist Poster – Housing Section (reo)

Post 5 Ads Daily (Same 5 Ads) in Craigslist Housing – House for Sale – Real Estate By Owner (reo) – in City of Houston (State of Texas).
More Ads will Follow in the Future.

It has Become Harder to Post in CL Housing in the last few Months.


Rotate the Title of the Post, the Headlines, and a brief Text. The Image will remain the Same. I will provide such info and Images.

Examples :

Post all ads around 10:00 am US Central Standard Time 7 days a week. Ads Must be Hand Posted (No Automation or Spamming Software).

You must send me a Daily Report via Email of all CL ads links posted So that I can Verify that the ads are Active on CL and that the Ads are not Ghosted, Flagged, Removed, or have otherwise become Inactive. You will not be Paid for such Ads. You will also not be Paid if I do not Receive this Email Report Daily.

The Post must also be Searchable (Show up on Future Search Results).

The Ads must be Live on Craigslist for at least 24 hours. Otherwise, You must Repost it.

You Must Monitor Your Posts to Verify that they have not been Ghosted, Flagged, Removed, or otherwise become Inactive. If so, You Must Repost them.

You MUST have Your Own Resources to Get the Job Done.

I am Ready to Start Immediately. Please use

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Fix Bug

I need help to fix a bug in when using this WordPress e-commerce plugin:

The most we know about the bug is documented here:

Thank you for your time and attention.

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Website Analysis

Please bid for a detailed consultation report and analysis of this website (listed below) letting me know exactly how much work is involved and estimated costs for completion (if possible). Basically use your expertise and experience to give me a report of

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Hi, My website is about an organization where members are monthly donor of $10.00USD and they instantly become a monthly beneficiary of the total funds collected at the end of each month .

-I need someone to write program that will allow new members to create profile.
-I will need a register and members login login page
-i need a program where can get contribution and also authorise money of my members at the end of each month using paypal.

contact me for more information. i did a basic theme and idea that i want for my website but i dont know how to write a program to have everything setup and working properly.

here are some diagrammatic idea as to what i am looking for above…also some other links that leead to other webpages.

I DONT HAVE A WHOLE PILE OF MONEY FOR THIS PROJECT. its a non profit organization. so my budget is probably $50.00USD.if possible complete by this weekend please

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When we migrated to the new MicroSoft Windows Server 2008 we lost a few connections to some of our SQL database. Website:

Need help with maintenance / development of a Windows Server 2008 with SQL (latest version).
Right now bid on repairing the following problem:

Our member

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-I need 5 different templates in html with different codes for craigslist ads ex;
– The phone number and link clickable
– With my logo.
Let me know your price. Need to get this started as soon as
candidate is ready. .


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Need Mods Added To My VB 4 Website

I need to get all of these mods added to my website. It is running Vbulletin 4.1.2

Most of them are farily simple, but I would like them done quickly so I am bidding the job out.


[DBTech] User Status & Moods v1 (vB4)

Text Messaging (SMS) for vBulletin 4.0

I would like these two to be under a tab called

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CodeIgniter PHP Tasks

Good afternoon,

I need a PHP coder with expertise in Codeigniter 2.0. I build a custom app using Codeigniter and now I need help in the following tasks

– Install the following libraries in the respective or double check if they are installed:
– Help and some advise on some idea:
– Use memcache or not?
– Where to install and what libraries to install.
– Other small subjects like this.
– Upload to GitHUB, I will give you access to an account.

We dont need any implementation only put the libraries in the right folder and do some configuration if they require. The advises are just answer to questions no work required.

Please provide me your CodeIgniter past work with some links for your work.

*Please only bid if you are able to work with Codeigniter Applications*

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Drupal Tasks

I have a drupal site at
I wish for the modules:
Drigg External Vote Button
plaxo invite contact list
To be installed and made available for my use.

If you can load any other social networking tools to the site let me know and include that in your bid. If I am required to do anything to support this i.e. by setting up a relevant social network account let me know.

My aim is to set this cite up to go viral.

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XML / PHP Mercadolibre Affiliate Integrate Shop

{In english}

I need to create a simple online store with the XML tools offered by

An example of my requirement:

{In spanish}

Hola quisiera construir una tienda con las herramientas que proporciona mercadolibre:

Un ejemplo de lo que quiero construir se puede ver en las siguientes páginas:

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Drupal Theme Installation

We have Drupal installed and need help installing this theme and changing the colors and adding a logo

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Add Custum Field On A Petition (on A WordPress Blog)


I have a website:

and a blog (WordPress):

On the page of my blog I have a petition.

You can find infos about the petition there:

I am searching someone who can add on this petition a field (there is a custom field for that) to know where the users are coming from (country and also the city). The infos must be stored at the right place (database)…

I hope the work can be done and finished this week (25 Feb)

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Listing On Dmoz

Hi workers,
I have a website which is related to "Models" or at least "Adult" and I want to get my website listed on
I need a person who can guaranteed listing on for my website.
Happy bidding!

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Mobile Website Builder Needed

I need a mobile website for I dont want an app I want to have its own mobile site

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Record RDP Sessions And Play

I want to record the Microsoft remote desktop baseed on the rdp protocol.

Then the record can be played.
the server is linux, the user use client to login in the server. So the record is run on the linux. the recorder must record the rdp data,not jpgs,not avi; A player(must be java) can play the rdp data in IE browser. open source is ok.

some reference is xrdp & rdesktop

thank you.

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Soccer Engine – FM

I am looking for someone who is able to create a soccer manager engine. The server side must be on PHP or Java and the front-end must be on Flex or Flash.

That simulation, for now, dont need be a live one. Could be on server side, export some like XML and use that XML on Flex/Flash to show the match.

The engine must be like the (access and fallow the image) . The player just need be a button, with number (inside) and name (at the top/bottom). Its not needed sounds.

The game already exists, but i need that match engine and graphics, the players already have attributes, postions. This will be pass to you when we close the deal.

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Guaranteed Listing On Dmoz

Hi workers,

I have a website related to Dating.
I want to get my website listed on
I need a person who can guaranteed listing on for my website.
Happy bidding!

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Update Solentiname.org2.2

This is a simple project to Update

This main project is to expand on the Sobresaliente section on our website to solicit donations for student scholarships, along with a blog for students and sponsors to be in touch. Please use and www.fabretto as general examples. We would like to accept donations from sponsors to the scholarship fund (DT Donate is installed and working). Each student will have a donate/contribute button on their main page. Each student will have a blog section accessible from their page….a blog dedicated to them, in which they write news, and potential sponsors can write to them. Both of these must be monitored and all entries specifically approved before publishing. All copy has been written and we will transfer to the student page and template.
1. Incorporate the table on the page first so that we can add the student info — Use the beca scholar template for guidance. We have three groups of students for becas, each with their own main page with an introduction and read more link to their own page that includes a support this student now button. Scholarships for University students; Students in CPU; Pledge support for a Readathon for elementary school Students reading program.

2. Update DT Donate
(1) Connect the functionality of the donate now on student pages as well as individual student blog pages.
(2) we would like to change the order of DT Donate

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Guaranteed Listing On Dmoz

Hi workers,

I have a website related to Beauty topic. I want to get my website listed on I need a person who can guaranteed listing on for my beauty topic website.

Its a long term relationship work.

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