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Quality French Language Writer Wanted


I search for an article writer in French language for articles and site content writings.

Must handle perfectly french language. If you do not know very good French, please do not apply. Native French speakers will be preferred.

Skype communication is a must. Payment will be done via PayPal only.

Contact me on PM, I will give you a topic to write a short essay of 150 words.

Inform me how many articles (words) you can write on daily basis.

Thank you.

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Cakephp Unable To Register $25-$30 Immediate Response

When trying to access my admin area a message pops up "email fail to send, contact administrator"

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Shopify App

Teegowebs is looking for a programmer t o create a shopify app. Freelancer and small groups welcome.

Programmer must have experience with shopify apps, or something relevant. Must also be innovative and good problem solver.

Because of time issues, please only people in North America. Budget of this project is around 100-200$ based off the amount of features we need for the app. We only need a few functions, which will be discussed in detail upon contact.

Please only apply if you are learning shopify, made shopify apps in the past, or have full confidence in your ability to program a shopify app. This app is not for website viewers, its simply a backend app.

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Second Gear

I am currently working on a Public Transportation Project Called Second Gear…….Please Contact for more info

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Prestashop Payment Module (buckaroo)

Im looking for a company that can write an payment module for Prestashop.

I want to use as payment merchant, i have all required documentation for the regular web integration.

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Progam Creation

I need a simple program coded for me . I have listed some programming languages above but skilled programmers in other languages are more than welcome as well. My budget for this program is $50 usd. Please contact me to get specific details.

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Google Adwords Website

I need two specific google adwords websites and need for you to add my google codes to the website. Pretty small project but I need it done. Project will begin in 7 – 10 days. Please contact me ASAP for more project details.

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10k USA Facebook Fans

We are looking for 10k USA fans for a client page.

All fans must be real people, USA based (85%+) and have over 20 friends. We have dealt with many companies in the past who have provided "real fans" only to find that they have been created for the purpose of fan building.

We only want USA fans who are 100% real people with no fake/celebrity profile pics.

If you can do this we have a large amount of orders we will need fulfilled.

Please contact me with your best price along with any additional targeting information (you can do by industry or what other countries you can target).

We look forward to working with you!.

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Herbal Incense Manufacturer

We are looking for person or company that is capable of manufacturing a steady flow herbal incense products.
We are looking to produce 2000 + pieces per week.

the process will include
Treating Raw material evenly with chemical

and shipping to us

We are looking for consistency, and experience in this field.

Please supply your bids based on Us supplying the material to be used, If you are currently in this field and get better prices, we will use your sources.

Thank You

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Full League System For All Platforms.

Looking for full league system for all platforms.

Its urgente

Please contact me

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1. Inserting Products from a .TXT file into OSCommerce

2. Installing a PC Configurator (already purchased a software package just need to install it) Im not familiar with this process

Thats it! Anybody thats really familiar with OSCommerce… this should be a breeze

Please respond ASAP… this is urgent, and im ready to pay!!!!

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50,000 International Face Book Fans – Picklu007

I require 50,000 Facebook Fans & 50,000 Like for our Facebook fan page, which is a Online Marketing page

Please read total description before bidding.

Project requirements:

– All Fans must be REAL PEOPLE with ACTIVE Facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended. ABSOLUTELY NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
– Fans are to be located within United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, etc.
– All fans must have a minimum of 30+ friends with a minimum of 2 photos.
– All fans must be the age of 18 and over.
– All fans must be active and have logged in within the past 15 days.
– All fans must have their status updated within the past 30 days.
– ABSOLUTELY NO fans are allowed to be spammers or risk of having their accounts deleted.
– ABSOLUTELY NO fans with illegal pictures, pornography or any content that will jeopardize their accounts deleted.
– ABSOLUTELY NO fans that will risk our fan page being deleted.
– Please use good practices for inviting fans. (Facebook account must not be banned/deleted for your actions. It should always be kept active. If Facebook account is not complete there will be no payment for this project.
– Payment will be made 14 days after project completion provided fans remain subscribed.

Additional Information:
Previous experience is essential. You MUST include an overview of your methods when bidding.

When bidding please also include:
– rate for 1,000, 5,000 25,000 fans
– bid for complete project
– Do not place a bid that you will increase later
– Accurate delivery date
– Previous work and references if possible
– URLS with examples of previous Facebook Fan page work

On-going work is available for the selected bidder.
All the best.

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Completly Build A Yahoo Website

Looking for someone to make us a website from yahoo store. We are looking for a website from scratch.
Design, Products, Links, Google Links, Shopping Cart, everything from scratch.

Please contact us for more details.

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Web Production

I require cheap and fast website production.

I will specify features and flow for you to:

Stage 1: produce 5 mock-ups (design only).

Stage 2: create working website

Please contact me if you can work quickly on this project.

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Enter Around 1400 Products To Oscommerce Site

We are currently looking for people who are experienced in PHP, Oscommerce cart to insert tools, hardware related products into the database. Item # is collected from vendors site and needs to be entered into our home script for it to insert into database. Vendor site will be provided and page will be given to where item # needs to be collected. Total amount of items are around 1400.

1) Please submit us your portfolio for previous projects.
2) We are not looking at reviews to award this project. If you can show us you can do the job the bidder will be awarded.

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Web Designer

I need a quality web Indian web designer.
Please contact me soon.

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I Need Someone To Send Emails Manually

I need someone to send emails manually one by one.
I will provide email accounts and the emails you need to send you just copy/paste the message and the title and send it.
Please leave a contact to talk more

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I Need Someone To Send Emails Manually

I need someone to send emails manually one by one.
I will provide email accounts and the emails you need to send you just copy/paste the message and the title and send it.
Please leave a contact to talk more

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Link Builder Needed

Looking for experience link builders for various websites. Please contact me with rates and experience.

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Data Entry Operator Require

Need a data entry operator for entries in our website.

Please contact via PM

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Oscommerce Email Function

I need the following functionality, if possible.

When a customer finish an order in Oscommerce the customer get sent an email order confirmation. This email I want to input a fixed bcc adress which is going to be sent to Highrise Dropbox. This way I hope that this contact will be made in Highrise automatically as seen here:
and here:


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Facebook Apps – Gifting Application

I need a facebook app developer very immediately to do a facebook gifting app. Please contact me ASAP.

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Need 1500 To 2000 Followers To 10 Twitter Accounts

Hello I need about 1500 to 2000 followers added to 10 different twittter accounts. These will be real people, NOT BOTS. These followers must be at least 90% (thats 9 out of 10) U.S, Canada, Europe the other 10% can be anywhere in the world. This is important as I need mainly but not all English speaking people. These followers should remain on my account for 15 days then after that I will release the money, but until then it shall remain in Escrow. Any followers that are removed shall be deducted from your balance. Please contact me with how much this will cost and how long you need to do this job. If you have any questions suggestions or advice I am open and willing to hear you. Thank you much

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Greeting Card Web Form

We need a form designed where our sponsors can order and pay for our greeting cards.

This form will have the following fields:
– Name: text field
– Street – House number: 2 seperate text boxes
– Postal code – City: 2 seperate text boxes
– Telephone number
– Email
– Number of sets: Combobox containing 1-99

– Choose your design: Combobox containing Design 1 and Design 2. Once a design is selected, there should be a small thumb preview either next to the combobox or underneath. If the user clicks the preview the design should be opened in a new

– Delivery date: Combobox containing 29 November 2010, 30 November 2010, 1 December 2010, 2 December 2010, 3 December 2010, 4 December 2010

– Would you like to order stamps with this? Comboxbox containing Yes/No or Yes/No checkbox with error checking that only one checkbox can be selected.

– Total amount: Label containing the amount automatically calculated. This will be calculated by the following formula (Number of sets * 5)+ If stamps are ordered then (Number of sets * 5 * 0,88)+2,50
Note: Delivery charges of Euro 2,50 apply for orders less than 20 sets.

– Payment method: Combobox containing the following options; IDeal, Authorization, Cash on delivery.
IDeal needs to be integrated in the form.
The authorization is a pdf which will contain the content of the form filled and the amount. Template will be provided later.
Cash on delivery will send a mail to the user asking to confirm the order. Once the user clicks the link the order status in the backend will change to confirmed.

– Captcha code verification

– Submit / reset button

*END of form

If the payment method is IDeal:
The user will be taken to the IDeal portal and the payment will be handled online.
The user will get a confirmation mail with the order number once the payment is successful.
The order will be stored in the backend where the admin can preview the orders where the payment was successful.

If the payment method is Authorization:
The user will get a popup to print the authorization form.
The order will be stored in the backend where the admin can adjust whether the payment has been successful.
The default payment status of the authorization order will be unpaid.

If the payment method is Cash on Delivery:
The user will be sent a mail with a link asking to confirm their order.
Once confirmed the order status will changed into confirmed.
The default confirmation status of the order will be unconfirmed.

ADMIN PANEL – All the tabs should have a sort function.
The admin panel should show the following in a tabbed way:
Tab 1: IDeal orders
This will simply be a listing of the successful IDeal orders.
Tab 2: Authorization orders
This will have a listing of all the autorization orders.
The admin should be able to change the payments status and send the user a confirmation about their payment.
And delete orders.

Tab 3: Cash on delivery orders
This will have a listing of all the confirmed Cash on Delivery orders.
The admin should be able to change the confirmation status to unconfirmed.
The admin should be able to delete the orders.

Tab 4: Reports
The admin should be able to generate reports based on the following criteria.
1) Delivery date
2) Number of sets ordered
3) Design ordered
4) Cities where orders have been placed

More to be added. We would prefer to have a page where we can select the fields based on which we want to run the report.

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