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Experienced Outbound Telemarketing Pay Per Sale Required!

ATTN: This is an ongoing full-time commission based project, were looking for a firm that we can work with for the forseeable future. I was not sure what to post with regards to the budget of the program but our previous firm generated commissions within the set budget range within a week based upon two individuals calling the North American market.

We are a commercial internet marketing firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We are seeking the services of an outbound telemarketing company to outsource our telemarketing campaign to.

Our previous firm had a conversion rate of between 5% to 8% and weve since done a complete redesign of our website based upon online split website testing. The reason why were looking for a new firm is because our previous was purchased by another firm that amalgamated the services in another country. Unfortunately, the were not able to provide us with the same level of service that our previous firm was providing.

You will be marketing a much needed service within the North American market. This service is related to local online business marketing and the service is applicable to virtually any type of business. Therefore, there is no shortage of individuals to contact.

You will be provided with a professionally created script designed by one of the top telemarketing consulting groups in Canada.

The website will handle the transaction. You simply have to provide the individual with a promo code or contact my team with regards to the sale so that it can be validated.

Your job will be to perform the following:

– Contact business owners during the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM. There will be a particular emphasis on contacting business owners from 8:00AM to 11:00AM their time.

– You will contact business in every time zone within the North American market.

– Individuals must have very strong English skills.

– Ideally, it would be great if the agency or individual can preserve all

– Customers are required to make all payments via a credit card, you simply have to show them the "buy it now" button on the website and the rest handles itself.

– The centre/individual must provide excellent call quality along with call data to us.


– Desktops with Windows 98 or beyond running
– A reasonable proficiency in MS outlook
– Desktop with a dialer for outbound calling
– Must be able to source calling lists that relate to all large, medium and small businesses. We can certain work something out with regards to the acquisition of these lists.
-Centers asking for a setup cost, Voip minutes cost, upfront payment..etc. will not be considered so please do not apply

As I mentioned before, we had a great relationship with our previous firm. We were accustomed to them "holding our hands" through the telemarketing process. This is the first time that weve had to look for a firm in approximately three years.

Commissions will be created based upon the client purchase of our product. The product sells for $500 USD and its not uncommon for business owners to make the purchase the same day or within 48 hours.

Were open to working with any person or firm. Thanks for reading this and we look forward to your quote.

Please remember that we are looking for a firm that we can have a long standing relationship with. We worked with our previous firm for almost four years on various projects.

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Telemarketing Outbound

We are commercial cleaning company based
In Los Angeles California.
We are seeking outbound telemarketing
Company to outsource our campaign and
You must have experience in this field.
Please reply for immediate consideration.

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Canadian Gov’t Grant Campaign

Govt grant campaign
$50/appointment which leads to a sale
weekly payment
2-3 weeks in arrears

more campaigns will be awarded for good performance. Im interested in long term business cooperation.

The campaign details as follows:
Our office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The government of British Columbia is currently offering FREE grants to businesses in our province. The grant is to go towards FREE online training worth between $1500-$5000. Virtually any business qualifies. This is an appointment setting campaign in the Business to Business selling environment. The hours are 9am to 5PM Monday- Friday local PST time only. The grant is available exclusively in British Columbia.

The grant guarantees up to $5000 in online advertising paid by the government.

Your job would be to simply call business, we provide the lists, offer them the grant, make sure they qualify, set an appointment for them to speak with our representative, who will tell them how to apply.

We have test run this campaign in our office and the results were great. First of all businesses are very exited about this because this is a FREE training worth a lot of money that will help them with their advertising. Our agents on average set 2 appointments per hour.

We will not pay you on appointment bases but on every business that applies for the grant. Out of every three appointments our agents have set, one business applies for the grant, so the ratio is very good. The commission are amazing because there is a lot of money involved in the grant. Your commission would be $50 per every business that gets the grant!!!

The only down side you will see in this campaign is the turn around time. It will take us 3-4 weeks to pay you from the moment you set the appointment. Because we have to close the sale, send the papers over to the government and receive the confirmation. Most likely we will have the money for you in 3 weeks, but it might take 4 on occasion if the volumes are high.

It might seem like a very high commission for such an easy sale, but we have decided it is only fair because of the amount of time you will have to wait for your payment.

I understand this might create a bit of a tight cash flow situation, but believe me once the three weeks are over you will be receive absolutely crazy bank transfers from us. You can do the math and actually see how profitable this campaign is. The grant is to be applied for before January 31, 2011. We have 2 months to make an enormous amount of money, simply because you are offering thousands in free government help to businesses, which of course they want.

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Outbound Campaign

Hello Everyone.

My Name is Supriya. I am a Freelance Outsourcer. Currently we have many outbound campaigns available which are in good demand in the market. Please we need quality call centers who can provide us good results. All the Campaigns are without any Upfront amount ( NO UPFRONT ). Please see the Below Outbound Campaigns –

1.Doors and Windows Canada ( Appointment Setting )


3.Vonage Outbound ( Hot Transfer Up Selling ) Up Sell and Outbound Calling ( CENTERS NEEDED )

4.UK Telecom B2C (CENTERS NEEDED ) Hot Campaign Nowadays

5.ID THEFT Process US

6. US Auto Loan Hot Transfer Campaign

7.USA Online EDUCATION Hot Transfer Campaign

7. UK PPI Payment Protection Insurance.

Currently we also have an alacritous requisite for our B2C Survey/Leadgen campaign. Listed below are the projects details and their requirements:

Debt Settlement UK.
Centres should be willing to start with a Min of 10 seats.
Calling data will be provided (PAID).

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E107 War Campaign Plugin

We are looking to have a custom Joomla Gaming Competition website for a particular WW2 FPS PC game. The site would house Tournaments, Ladders, and Campaigns all in 1 website. I like the "Dominin" theme from

Tournaments – Would allow clans to fight each other in bracket forms to fight to be number 1. Like a module to keep stats of all players, and matches (kills, points, deaths and so on) along with easy signup for clan leaders, and members to pick from the clan list that had already signed-up. Keep a running database of all records. Also be able to present awards to clans and members. Keep stats on the main page.

Ladder – Would allow clans to fight on a "Ladder" type competition with all the elements of the Tournament listed above. Also keep stats on the main page.

Campaign – This module would allow clans/Units and individuals (not part of clans/units) to be able to sign-up to play in a campaign for either a specific unit and/or side (Axis or Allies) or (12th SS, 3rdAD (U.S.), 7thAD (U.K.) and so on). This section would need plenty of HTML to show the campaign map and other forms. Also custom integrated forms so that commanders can assign troops and tanks to attack/defend sectors of the map. This should have a database to keep track of unit losses and is updated from 1 main panel for ease. Example: Drop downs, radio buttons and number flippers to access equipment to be used in a upcoming match.

War Room Module:

Example: Unit 12th SS has 12 Panthers total. The commander wants to use 5 out of the 12 Panthers, so from the main "Unit" list 5 Panthers are on hold (In Use) automatically because the commander assigned it in the Axis War Room. The unit played a match and lost 4 of the Panthers. From the admin screen, 4 Panthers can be subtracted from that main unit list. There will be many units and for more then one side (Please allow more then 1 War Rooms available). This should keep track of Casualties, Starting number of Tanks (Specfic Types such as PzIII, PzIVs and so on) Infantry Classes, Artillary Calls, Strategic Value Points, and some custom lines. Once the commander picks his equipment, he then picks the Sector, Game Map, What unit hes fighting against, and is he Attacking or Defending. Once all his equipment has been picked, Sector, and so on, it is sent to another page to show what equipment for each unit will be fighting with vs the other unit. (That way we can customize each map per Unit Equipment lists).

Afer Action Reports – Each Commander fills out a AAR after each battle. This should automatically subtract numbers from each unit that took place in the battle. Example: The Unit Commander lost 4 Panthers, 12 specific types of infantry and so on…instead of the Admin always entering the losses, it gets subtracted from this page (even though the admin has the ability to do so as well). Also the Commander can write a brief story of the battle.

The Point is to make the campaign run pretty much automatically except for us to mod each map for the units battles.


If a player signs up Axis, he/she instantly has access only to the General and Axis parts of the Forum. Same for Allies.
Sections for Tournaments, Ladders, and Campaigns. (I can do the admin for these sections, just need a "Auto Assign Module" for the automatically assigning Axis or Allied Players and allow images to be assigned to those groups in the forum. Example: Axis player signed up, automatically is allowed access to the Axis part of the forums and a "Iron Cross" image is assigned to that player.

Each should have seprate registration forms and allow instant access to the that section of the forums (Tournament, Ladder, Campaign).

I know the Campaign sections sounds complicated, which it is, but basicly need to track WW2 units equipment lists and losses per match in asimple manner for Commanders and members can understand.

I will make the theme graphics.

Thanks for your time and look forward to doing buisness.

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U.S Outbound B2B Telemarketing Campaign.

Project Name: U.S Outbound B2B Telemarketing Campaign.

Description : Callcenter need to call the U.S B2B leads regarding Our Marketing services (SEO
Marketing, Data Conversion, E-mail marketing, Adposting, Data Mining, Business and
Medical Transcription Services). Callcenter can get us the client for any of the
Marketing services.

Payouts to the call centers are as follows:

1. SEO Marketing: $150

2. Data Conversion: $150

3. E-mail Marketing: $200

4. Adposting Project: $150

5. Data Mining Project: $150

6. Business and Medical
Transcription : $6000

Note: 1.Leads(Database) will not be Provided. centers from India should not contact us.

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For Muktosoft Only – Campaign Designer

As per discussed

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Domestic Outbound Sales (India)

Hi all..!!

I need teams to work on a domestic outbound sales campaign.

Currently i need teams from Tamil Nadu – India only.

Teams with domestic calling experience will be given a higher priority.

Please enter your bid amount per 10 sales.


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Outbound Telesales Of Bel’Air Aromatherapy Lamp & Oil

I have 2000 set of brand new BelAir Paris Aromatherapy Lamp with essential Oil on stock that i want to dispose. I need a center that can help me dispose these items fast.

This help prevent cancer and cell mutation, Improves blood circulation, Aids fatty acid decomposition, lowers cholesterol levels, stabilize blood pressure and lowers blood sugar level, Improves lever function, Help in phlegm removal and anti-aging.

Each set consists of BelAir Paris Diffuser Lamp, Catalytic Burner, and 500 ml BelAir Essential Oil. Ill be selling it for very cheap price of $115 per package excluding handling and shipping. Ill be giving commission of $10 per sold set.

Payment thru paypal and/or western union only and on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

See the pictures attached for more details.

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CRM Setup And Customizing

IT professional with experience in CRM solutions wanted immediately. MUST have extensive experience with ACT CRM software. This is an in house position in down town Toronto. Project includes setting up ACT for 10 users and customizing ACT to work with outbound telemarketing call center and managing leads.
Must have references

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I need a Vicidial remote installation on top of centos with a complete debug to the point of running a campaign to prove a robust installation.

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Everything about Telemarketing iºm new on this

Everything about Telemarketing iºm new on this

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Telemarketing italiano

Buongiorno, necessitiamo di fare unindagine telefonica in italia.
I nominativi sono 18700. Partenza al più presto.
E richiesta una buona padronanza dellitaliano.
Offriamo massimo 0,20 euro per contatto.
Chi è interessato e può fare questo lavoro, ci contatti al più presto

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Telemarketers required

I would like a telemarketer or a team of telemarketers to promote a new product we are launching in Cyprus. It is something completly new to the island and is a part of the island that is clearly lacking. All commissions are on a 50/50 basis, so what you sell you keep half. More details will be supplied to selected bidders.

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125 Outbound telemarketers

We are a successful company who are moving into professional internet marketing solutions in many countries worldwide.

We are looking for strong partner with years and years telemarketing experience and willing to work 100% on commission basis (payment is bi-weekly).
We need at least 125 people for long term.

Let us know what languages you can support?
Are these mother languages?
How many people have your company?

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