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Two Philosophy Essay Outlines

I need someone to create two custom essay outlines for philosophy. The winning bidder must read two articles for each essay and then use these articles to create an outline for each essay. The articles are on healthcare ethics. I am only looking to work with those who are proficient in English because the diction can be a bit much. I am not looking for full essays and the job could probably be completed in a few hours. Thank you.

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Creative Writers Needed: Create Article Titles And Outlines

This job is very specific. I need someone who has experience writing high quality titles, outlines, sub-headers for my articles. Will provide keyword phrases and need those keyword phrases turned into headlines for each that are descriptive, incite action, and/or emotional responsive. If you are a good writer you already know what I mean.

You will be required to do research to create outlines so after you have be given the keyword, you will then research to see what angles to write the articles based on. You will basically tell the writer what they need to cover in the article based on the keyword and title you came up with.

Example Keyword Phrase:
New York Nightlife

Example Headlines:
A review on the hotspots for New York Nightlife

Example Outline
Intro about New York
Talk about these clubs:(these would come up in your research)
Naked Lunch
Short wrap up.

In some instance you will be asked to come up with points that are interchangeable for similar topics. We will discuss this more

Please provide examples of original article titles/headlines that you have used in your own projects.

This is a long term position.
If you have no experience do no waste my time and yours!

I am trying to gage job costs for this project so please provide your estimate to create 5 unique article headlines per keyword phrase.

Write the answer to 10+2 to show me you have read this through.

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Converting JPEGs To Vector Outlines

Take 5 JPEG files with multiple designs on each (totalling 44 different designs), and convert them to vector outlines. The final files required will be in Illustrator, EPS, or CAD formatted DXF or CF2.

The JPEGs are quite small and low resolution which may make it harder, and can be provided on request.

This is urgent please reply ASAP.

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Need Vectorized Illustrator Image Of Scanned Image

Hi !

I need to vectorize a scanned image of a lion.

I need 3 versions of this image without the blue background.

1. With only the outlines
2. With outlines and solid filled colors
3. With outlines and gradient colors

Budget ($50)

Need this done ASAP!

Look forward to work with you!

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Edgy & Grunge Tshirt Design

I need an edgy, Grungey tshirt design created with outlines. Design like Ed Hardy and Affliction shirts except no skulls. This will be printed on one side of a t-shirt. One to Two color design with half tones if it fits the style. Also I need text for a company names incorporated into the design but not outlined so I can change the names as needed(use Glen Lake Camp for your design). Also you must include the font files that you use. Must use rgb spot colors. Must design in illustrator or and eps program that creates outlines execpt for the text. Please provide samples of work or a portfolio. Final project to be delivered in one week after selection. Other than this please use all your creative skills.

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500 Words Articles

I need 10 articles written in total within the next 5 hours. The payout is 0.75 USD per article if your article qualifies.

Anyway here are the outlines for payment on these articles:

look forward to working with you!

Please adhere to the guide lines laid out for the project!

-Approx 500 Words
-Use the keyword EXACTLY 5 times
– All articles must be written in good English
– Correct spelling and grammar
– 100% manually written. No software allowed.
– 100% unique.

Please bid ONLY IF you think you can do them. They are on very simple topics.

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3D Web Format Videos For Our Company Ads

We are an IT company with 4 additional divisions that needs visibility through web format videos to be posted on our websites / Youtube / Vimeo / etc.

We are looking for a skilled person or group who can deliver the final product, in this case web format videos, in a flawless expert quality. The video must reflect the high level of expertise our company has delivered in the past 15 years.

We are going to provide the final bidder with the text and the basic outlines of the project(s)

The candidates must absolutely includes significant projects they have worked on.

The candidates must ABSOLUTELY:
– Be able to create Web format 3D videos
– Be able to create Image/Brand recognition
– Be able to narrate or provide the narration
– Be able to provide us all the source files related to the project(s)

If you dont meet these requirements, dont bid.

Videos Information:
– Duration of the video: 30 seconds to 1 minute
– 1 or 2 videos per month

List of web format videos examples:

We would like to develop a trusting relationship and even though price does remain an important factor, it

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Content Writer For Financial Website/Blog

I need a writer who has displayed talent with sales copy and content creation who is comfortable writing for a small accounting and financial advisory website. You will be responsible for creating response-triggering page content on the website pages as well as rewriting accounting/investing articles for the blog. You will also be assisting in the content creation of two FREE Special Reports that will be available on the site to be downloaded by potential clients of the accounting firm. You will also help write the content for Autoresponder e-mails which will be sent out to clients who opt-in to receive the FREE special report.

Essential Tasks:
-Content creation/Sales Copy for 15 Web pages (400-600 words each)
-Write 2 Special Reports Based on Outlines Given (1500-2000 words each)
-E-mail Sales Copy Creation for 15 e-mail auto responders (100-200 words each)
-Create Article Rewrites for 15 financial articles (400-600 words each)

Essential Skills:
-Must be U.S. based with English as Primary Language
-Knowledge of financial language (i.e. accounting and investment terminology)
-Competent with writing Sales copy
-Able to craft compelling content
-Able to rewrite existing articles
-Able to write from an outline to develop new material for special reports.

Terms of Job:
Sample articles and sales copy must be submitted before job is awarded. If no samples are available you may be hired on a trial basis with 2 articles due before first payment and job being officially awarded.
Payment- One half up front. One half on completion.

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Flash State Map Rollover

I am looking for a simple flash based rollover image map that looks professional, slick, and matches the theme of my website. The flash state map will have images (outlines) of the US states NY, NJ, PA, DE, WV, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL.

Please look at my website – and look at the center image to see what I want. Right now it is an image map and looks old school – I am looking for a flash rollover animation that looks very professional and modern. Here is a link of just the image without the rollover (

Upon completion you will need to submit both the fla (to allow me to edit the animation on my own) and the swf. The final submission should have all the same functionality as the current rollover image does now with the addition of GA and FL.

Additionally, before you design the flash animation, I would like to see 2-3 designs flat images that dont rollover etc.. and chose the state map that I like the best.

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4 Web2.0 Icons In 3d-style Urgent!!

I have 4 photoshop images that need to be converted into icons for use on a website. My own photoshop knowledge isnt that good so Im lookinf for someone to do those for me.

The icons right now are just outlines. Three out of four are devices, the fourth is a text.

What I would like is that these outlines are converted into web2.0 icons. I personally think its quite easy if you know how to work with Photoshop. It shouldnt be more then 2, 3 hours of work.

So if youre interested, let me know.
However I must warn you that its very urgent.

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Please program a Quick Form on this page

The form is 3 lines and the outlines is already there. Where it says: name, business name, email address

Please do the coding to make the form work and the form has to go to this address: contact222 [at] impactlogos dot

Thanks alot

The fields are already there



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Adaptation Of Existing Joomla Template

An adaptation of an existing Joomla template is required.

The Template that needs to be adapted is the Yootheme Mellow template:

The following adaptations are required:
Colors: Simple and clean color scheme consisting of only white, grey and different tones of green
Fonts: Smaller, more "business-like" font scheme (similar to for all text, menu, module headers etc.
General proportions: Broader theme width (80%), reduce height of module headers and menu items to match reduced font size

The adaptations require work on the template CSS files and changes to the graphics. All template files including the Fireworks CS3/CS4 graphic source files will be provided.
The final customized template needs to be delivered in an installable zip file.
The template is subject to licence restrictions and may not be used for any purposes other than for this specific customization.

The timeline for the project is:
By 06.11.2009 > Open questions clarified
By 13.11.2009 > Template draft delivered
By 18.11.2009 > Revision round and final template delivered

> if you can deliver high quality and according to the timeline
> if you can provide high quality references and samples of your work
> if you are fluent in English or German
> if you agree to the conditions outlines above

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Similiar To Citysearch

We need a site created with features like and Not a clone, but very similar concept and similar features based on LAMP
This site will cover only one city for now but will be expanded later. We will give a detailed outlines and graphical examples of the layout, look and functions of the site, However the functionality and concept will not differ much from what can be seen on the citysearch website or the iphone app.

We want am easy to use backend that advertisers can log onto to view stats and update their entity database info, upload pictures.

We want an easy to use backend for our employees to update and add content to the database and pretty much all features

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Creating A Site Like + Iphone App

We need a site created like Not a clone, but very similar concept for finding, mapping, comparing, and listing apartments.
This site will cover only one city for now but will be expanded later. We will give a detailed outlines and graphical examples of the layout, look and functions of the site, However the functionality and concept will not differ much from what can be seen on the apartmentguide website or the iphone app.

We want am easy to use backend that apartment managers can log onto to view stats and update their database info.

We want an easy to use backend for our employees to update and add content to the database.

We will also need an iphone app much like the app

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Casino Game Design

We need games desgined for touch screen sloot machine applications. We have outlines of what these games need to look like and how they need o behave. Games can be designed in Java or Flash.

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Need Academic Writers

I have an immediate college level work to be completed. I am looking for English speaking and English writing (USA not England) writers. I will pay $10 per 1,000 words. I have work available now, and if I find the right person, will have steady work for them. For the project I have now, you need to be proficient in APA format, annotated bibliographies, working outlines, and draft revisions. I am looking forward to working with the right person or persons.

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Need Writer’s – $4/Article – 4 Articles – LTR Work

Hello All.

I need writers who are well-versed with the concepts, formats, tips and tricks of Associated Content. If not, then please refer to their GUIDELINES ARTICLE( )

This will be the first contract with the winning bidder.

The first contract will be of just 4 articles. All articles will be How-To Articles. (Please dont bid if you dont know what kind of articles are these)

I can pay a maximum of $4/article. So, total price will be $16 for the whole batch. All the articles will be of 400-500 Words with the below titles.

Topics are –
1) How-To Set Up a PC from Scratch? (Just the outlines of what things are essential to purchase, then how to set them up, etc.)
2) How-To Set Up a ATI/nVidia Video Cards in Crossfire/SLI mode? (You can choose any model of yours and can write the guide)
3) How-To Run Applications of Win 95/98/NT/2000 in XP/Vista (Basically, how to run older applic. in new versions of Windows)
4) How-To Setup and Use 2 Monitors Simultaneously on 1 PC?

I need the below mentioned things for all the articles –

Sub-Title – Use this field to enter supporting title information. Since the title field needs to be direct and discoverable, many choose to enter a catchy or creative subtitle.

Descriptive Overview – The descriptive overview is a stand-alone statement that conveys the key essentials of your content. It must effectively describe and summarize your content in 2-3 sentences.

There is no deadline for these articles but it would be appreciated, if I can get it within 4 days (1 Article/Day)


If you have problem with it, please refrain yourself from bidding.

Any doubt or query is welcomed.

Looking forward to your bids and a healthy relation.

Thank You and B. Regards –

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outlines fonts ttf

need 3 fonts created as open of true type fonts.
I have the outline and the filling, and what i need is combine the outline and filling to 1 font.
We need it today…

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transofrm vehicle outlines to transparent

hi i have 500 vehicle outlines with white backgrounds i need them to have a dark background and the vehicle to be in transparent see through except for the linesthaT MAKE IT ACAR IE THE DOO ROOFF BONET ECT MUST BE SEE THROUGHTRANSPARENT BUT WHEELS AND LINES ON CAR MUSTSTAYAS THEY ARE

i need these asap

i will pay by the vehcile done or by the job lot of 500 up to you

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