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Exchange Server Set Up On SBS 2008

Have a new server set up running Exchange. But set up is not quite the way we need. We have multiple domains that we need to be able to send email out from. Most users use Outlook. With the current set up all users can receive email from any domain but it goes to one account for that user to check with outlook. That is not at problem but it is a problem that the user cant select any account to use from Outlook when sending the email. We need to get that straightened out. Also while doing that I need you to verify that all MX record and DNS records that would affect email are set up correctly. DNS problems cause bounce backs that we do not need.
I will need you to do this in two stages.
First: Check out the server setup, investigate the problem and search for DNS issues. Then let me know what your plan is to fix the issues.
Second: Once have we agree on a plan of action. You will need to help me make sure we have good back up in case you plan does not go as we hope.(it happens – nobody is perfect) Then make you the changes you proposed.

This is a live server with about 20 active users So we will need to plan with the least down time as possible.

We will probably need to discuss this on the phone or skype. I dont care where you live but I do need you to speek very clear english.


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Mail Send/receive/compose… Gui Like Outlook

Looking for a mail client similar to outlook 2010, preferably already built and tested using winforms ( wpf ok )

should be able to do common mail tasks such as
* compose mail
* send & receive mail using imap/pop3/smtp ( gmail/hotmail will be tested )
* search emails – using common search fields similar to outlook
* tag / categorize mails
* organize mail in folders
* mark mail as junk
* view/add/manage attachments to local disk
* store the mails in sql server db( ssce )

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Data Software

Need Software Made.

software is going to be a simple database.

20 users need to be updating a database real time and be able to search the database fast.
the software on the main computer needs to have 20 costume data entry boxes example Name: box where user inputs data.

currently this is being done with outlook contacts after software is finished need to move over data from outlook contact to the new software made.

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Outlook 2010 Addin To Enter Email Details Into SQL DB

Project for SUPERPT

This project is to create an Outlook 2010 addin that will extract information from an email and post certain information into our Helpdesk SQL database.

Full details to be sent

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Outlook 2-way Sync With Web Application

Im building a web hosted CRM software using C#, and MSSQL backend. I need someone to provide me with a MS Outlook 2003 – 2010 add-in or plugin that will mainly monitor a special folder in outlook and sync the emails up to my web application. The plugin could be manual (the client clicks on a button) and / or automatic (whenever the client drops an email in the folder, it gets uploaded to the web application).
The other components that im interested in is a 2-way sync for contatcs, calander, events, etc…

a good example about that would be outlook connector:

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Outlook 2007 Customized Appointment Using Vba

Project is to generate 8 Outlook appointment templates to allow for entry of data (~10 text/date/custom fields).

Calendar entry template should incorporate all fields in the body of the entry, and specific data (defined within template) from within the body entry to fill the subject and location lines.

Furthermore, a dropdown menu for the location line should be available with choice of ~10 preprogrammed choices.

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Outlook Contact Form Clone


I need a windows form which essentially is a clone of the outlook contact window
the data model will be specified/provided

the controls used must be the devexpress editor controls
theyre free, see here

or you can download their trial and use that

questions are welcome

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HTML Table Column To Export To Outlook To Field


I have a data view webpart , where i have to filter the columns using Dropdown Check box list and have a search box which filters the dataview when we type text.

1. Design Dropdown checkbox lists having data view webpart column data , when some one selects one check box from drop down it should display data associated to that text
2. Search box – starts filtering the moment we start typing the text
3. column – should be able to slect a specific column and have a button, when we click on button that column should automatically export the data to Outlook To: field. The column is email address.

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Outlook Mobile Service In PHP

Outlook mobile service is API for connect Microsoft Outlook software and mobile sending platform third party. Its about a few XML documents.



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Outlook 2007 Help Needed For Private Individual

I run Windows XP Pro on a Dell notebook. Have used Outlook Express 6 for years, and want to convert to using Outlook 2007 so I can stop using Outlook Express. I have Outlook installed and running fine (for the most part), but need some help in making the transition.

(1) Import Palm Desktop contact list into Outlook so that all existing Palm Desktop contacts and their data will display as Outlook contacts.

(2) Import all Outlook Express message history and message folders, and all Outlook Express address book entries into Outlook.

(3) When I create or schedule a new, one-time event in Outlook, the program almost always makes this a recurring item with the event scheduled for all day regardless of the time parameters I actually entered. I then have to open the item (series), remove the recurrence. and re-enter the event date and time details. What is causing the recurring aspect of the initial event creation, and how do I avoid the initial recurring aspect of this event creation?

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Outlook Mail Merge Script 1

I need script in PHP

Script should be capable to give 30 second to 1 minute gap between emails when we use outlook mail merge

Gap should be in picking record from data sheet

I need source code

Budget is USD 30 for this job

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Outlook Data Search

To the qualified candidates,

I am looking for two qualified candidates to work with me for the length of this project.

I need research to be performed to identify businesses that utilize Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010.

I have not been able to efficiently or accurately identify businesses that use this software. I need to gather as many businesses that use Microsoft Outlook. Size of the business does matter but it is not important.

I need two candidates that are able to search the internet, search available databases, data mine and retrieve this information. I am looking for business name, location, do they use MS Outlook and if possible what version?

Once these business names are retrieved I will expect 95% accuracy of the results provided.

I currently am only interested in businesses located in the continental US. Pending the success of this initial trial I will expand to other continents.

If you feel you can complete this project please apply to this posting with your qualifications and the method in which you plan to retrieve the business names.

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Custom Outlook Form For Contacts

I have designed a custom contact form in Outlook. I want to have the form automatically take data that has been put in other fields and dump the information into the Job Title field. For example: The following fields would be located on the form for entry: User Field 1, Assistants Name, Managers Name, Spouse/Partner, Children, Hobbies. All of the information enterred into those fields would be placed automatically into the Job Title field. Data in the Job Title field would look as follows:

User Field 1: XXXXXXXXX
Assistants Name: XXXXXXX
Managers Name: XXXXXXXX
Spouse/Partner: XXXXXXX
Children: XXXXXXX
Hobbies: XXXXXXX

This appears to be possible by going into Design Form, Properties, Value

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Post Workbook To Exchange Server ( Outlook Folder) – Macro

We are wondering if some one have a solution of posting workbook to outlook sub folders without promting the user to specify the destination for the workbook

This is similar like excel-send-exchange server method..

We tried different solution ( vba) and cannot pass the parameter.


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Parsing MS Outlook Email Into MySQL Database

Required skills:

MS Outlook
Programming using VB.NET /C# / VBS / VBA
MySQL to store data


There is a resume search web application that provides the ability to search for resumes and then forward them to custom email address. If the recruiter likes the resume/profile, he forwards the profile to his email address. His email address is setup in MS Outlook. Hence a new mail alert appears.

Now the recruiter goes to outlook and opens up the email. From the email, he copies the various fields like name, address, phone number, email address, current salary, expected salary, location etc ( 10-15 fields) into another web based portal. After this is done, the resume that is attached to the outlook email is attached into the portal. After the candidate is added to portal, his profile will be available for further/future requirements.

What is needed:

1. An MS Outlook addin/addon needs to be created.
2. When an email is viewed, the addon will show an icon/indication that says "add to portal"
3. When this icon is clicked, the parser program will start parsing the email (string/html parsing rules will be in XML- In case the website format changes, the XML file will need to be updated with new html info).
4. After parsing the email, a connection to mySQL database is opened. The fields identified as part of parsing are loaded into the database as part of the candidate record.
5. The resume which is an attachment to the email is also uploaded into the database table.

Program needs to be written such that the icon will be available only if the predefined email address is in the sent address. Program needs to be flexible enough to understand parsing rule from XML. This way for new resume provider, the parsing file and the predefined email will be changed.

Please mark your response with "parsing-outlook" as part of the response to this posting. Please do not apply if you have no understand of coding the addins for outlook.

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MS Outlook/Excel Invitation Management

I require an invitation managment system that integrates club member information in Excel that includes email address, contact names and status fields with Outlook to create invitations to forthcoming events and integrate the responses back into Excel.

The inivtaiton must be customisable to allow for:-

Event name
Start and end time
Location if poss linked to online mapping such as Google maps
Ability to invite others
Poll of upto 10 items from either lists or write ins

Once set up the invitations will be sent via Outlook

System needs to track responses and record them back to the excel database including polled answers

A summary of attendees and rejections as well as non respondents must be calculated with the ability to remind non responders to do so.

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MS Outlook Tool Bar Or Outlook Sync Application


I need a tool bar or a small application to sync MS outlook 2007/2010 emails.

What the application would Do

1) the application will insert all incoming and sent emails to MSSQL database.
2) all the attachments will be uploaded to folder on server.

The application should run error free and I would test it for 2-3 days(on my server) before paying any amount.


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Delphi 2010 Component For MS Outlook Email Connection

I need some Delphi 2010 compatible code for the integration into a Firebird database project.

The component should connect to Outlook (2003/2007) and show a list of all email folders, including any sub-folders in a tree view. Use of the DevExpress and Chilkat components would be ideal.

If the user clicks on an email, its content should be displayed in a window (this should work for both plain text as well rtf/html emails).

The component should allow the user to mark one or several emails in the treeview. On rightclick a file select dialogue window should appear which allows the user to select a folder where to save the emails (MHT/EML) with attachments. Another developer will then integrate this component into the Firebird database project.

Budget is 40 USD. I would prefer bidders who can provide a working demo which connects to my local Outlook database and allows the user select multiple emails from the tree and then to export them in MHT format/EML files (saving to the hard disk is good enough). Thank you.

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Outlook 2007 BeforeFolderMove Event

I need some simple code written to stop a Microsoft Outlook 2007 user (on Windows Vista) from accidentally moving folders without answering a simple confirmation dialog box.

The final code needs to be able to be installed by me into the users Outlook (with instructions from you) and must run automatically without error every time Outlook opens, and then run silently to stop any folders from being moved. As mentioned a confirmation dialog box would be good to ask the user if they actually want to move the folder – if the answer is no, then the folder does not get moved.

The code must not stop the user performing any other normal Outlook activites.


There is an event in Outlook called BeforeFolderMove ( which can be used to prevent folders being moved.


Single user. Windows Vista machine. All legal versions of Microsoft software. Macro security settings can be modifed to allow the macro/code to run.

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Have MS Outlook Communicate With LAMP Server Using XML

This "Outlook Module" communicates with our production server using an XML structure (ResX schema) to send data. It also receives a response back from the server detailing the success/failure of the operation. The structure of the communication is defined in a DTD file, and the data is sent only when a user clicks on the "Create a case" button in Outlook while having an email open.

A user ID and password for the server are set within the Outlook settings, and a URL pointing to the users "entry point" is also provided. The authentication credentials are sent with every outbound message from Outlook, and are used to authenticate the user when the server receives incoming messages from Outlook.

We currently have a running version for Outlook 2000-2007, but in Outlook 2010, the settings option to set the user credentials is no longer available. Clicking on the "Create a case" option does nothing. We may be looking to either fix the current piece, or rewrite the add-on.

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We need two scripts for our website. They are very simple. We just cannot find them!

1- Bookmark this page
We have found many scripts on the web but none of the ones we have found works in Safari or Chrome. We need a simple script that we can use that will allow us to hyperlink a "bookmark" icon/image (gif). It must work in every browser, no exceptions: IE, FF, AOL, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, Opera, whatever! All of them!!

2- E-mail this page
We want to put an icon/image (gif) in the header of our site that we can hyperlink so that a small pop-up window opens. (I know its easy to find a script that will open Outlook, but not everyone has or uses Outlook. So we think it would be best to use a small form). The form should contain a title (like "I thought youd enjoy this"), a "send" button, as well as a few fields: recipient name, recipient email address, sender name, sender email address, and comments. We want to put the code for the form in one include file but the specific page title and page URL from which it is being sent/generated should appear in the body of the resulting e-mail. Here is a link to a page we found while searching the web that contains a pretty good example (look on the top left side where its says: "E-mail this Script to a friend:"):

Who can help???
Thank you …….

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Outlook Large Attachment Sender

Many of our customers send emails with large attachments. Emails are not the best medium to send such large files. An attachment might be too big for the inbox of the recipient or simply clog the Internet connection of either side.

Our customers use Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 and Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.


The software should be installed as an Outlook plug-in. A first start wizard should query the user for all necessary data. The following data is needed:
– Username
– Password
– At which size of the attachment should the file be diverted to the FTP server, Default is 3MB

Additionally the software must be activated with the combination of serial number and email address. The software must only be activated when a matching pair is entered. This activation dialog should also be present as a menu entry.

The menu should also contain a button to test the proper authentication and communication with the FTP server. In case of an error a clear and easy to understand error message must be displayed.

The plug-in works without further user interaction and performs all action in the background and unseen by the user.

The plug-in defers the sending of an email to check if the attachment size is over the set limit. In the case of the exceeded limit the attachment is to be unlinked from the email and to be uploaded the FTP server. Each uploaded file is stored with its original filename in a separate folder with not repeating and unguessable foldername.

A download link to the file will be inserted into the original email or attached in a separate document with embedded links to the file. The email is then send without the original attachment.

Additional conditions

All source code including all rights to use and modify the source code, including any necessary referenced DLLs, must be handed over at the end of the project.

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Convert Outlook.MimeItem To RFC822

So, i need a method that extracts the original MIME text from the Outlook.MimeItem object. I mean the original message that you get through POP3 or IMAP. I need it in 2 days. Send PM with your suggestions about the project.

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Silverlight Widget App

Will need a gadget aplication for windows vista/ 7 that will have a menu with few options.
-import data (will import date from a sql database from an ERP to outlook database, clients and supliers infos )
-send mail (will open an simple aplication that will use outlook data to send emails)
-newsletter (will have options to send a newsletter to all clients in the database)
-calendar (will open a simple calendar with options to schedule events and mark those days in diferent colors)

the ideia is to have a small and simple CRM getting information from the sql database and using outlook or windows live mail

it will use a database of an free erp aplication(link provide) to get information from its clients and import them to outlook, outlook API

others simple options like an agenda with calendar also if possible with integration on outlook (but not need)

it will need silverlight 4.0 and visual stuido 2010 we will need to get the source code and a *.txt document of all the class with a simple explain of what it does or it can be done in the aplication, so that the person in charge of translation can do it

don t need a professional aplication only one that works without errors

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