Posts Tagged outsourced freelance projects offshore software projects awarded best freelance software developer web designer programmer consu Lead Web Programmer/Developer is a social networking website that is close to end and will be launched soon. the website needs a good final touch and someone with good knowledge of CSS, AJAX and PHP and an eye for perfection. and by perfection we mean, pixel perfect collaboration with the design layout. You are not required to be a designer, however, a good sense of understanding design is preferred. The project is 95% done and is in need of CSS cleanups and making certain broken functions work. We need someone who is quick at what he/she does, someone who can deliver what he/she promises in a timely manner, one who can understand web and social networking, and one who is open to ideas and trying new things. We are a creative team passionate about our jobs and expect the same.

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Oscommerce Programmer And Designer

I search a professional programmer in Oscommerce software and also a professional webdesigner. I own few webshops and want to expand with new ones. Required:
– Professional, many years experience in Oscommerce and webdesign
– Quick response and deadlines in projects
– Give me support and good ideas/solutions
– Price must be attractive

Im searching for long term a good team or person who will be there when i needed!

If you are the man or team which says these requirements i can do it 100%….than please respond asap

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Need Jobberbase Programmer/Designer/Developer

I need help with my website job board redesign. I want to customize the jobberbase template. I need someone who already have experience in this field.

I am looking for the following:

-Install jobberbase script on my Godaddy host account
-Integrate PayPal so users have to pay before posting a job
-Install adsense code
-Redesign the home page (will provide additional details)
-Need Logo designed and added to site
-Need link to twitter and facebook

If you do not have experience with Jobberbase, PHP or smarty templates, you need not apply. Please submit previous work or links to previous work. When responding, please do not include a list of websites you have worked on, only your 3 largest and most relevant. I will also need 2 – 3 references from your clients who you have worked for within the last 1 – 9 months.

Must be able to finish job within ONE WEEK.

*Right of customized job board will be wholly owned by me and no selling to 3rd parties by developer.

These are the basic requirements. Im ready to start right AWAY!


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Need Web Developer On A Weekly Basis

Hard working web developer excellent in all of the standard languages (see list below). I will be working with you to develop my site. We will be doing all sorts of things both browser and server-side.

The site is mortgage related, and contains user interactivity, admin sections, info pulled from databases, subscriber areas, and payment gateways.

This is for a position for 8 hours every week with the potential for expansion of hours and pay. I am looking for someone who can communicate with me fluidly and fluently and will be self motivated. At the same time that you are working on the site, I will be working on the site, and we will be collaborating using Skype and screen sharing. I want to do this so I can show you things on my screen, point to specific areas of the code or website, and draw sketches / write notes to help you understand tasks better. I will also expect you to show me what sections of code you are working on, etc. I have worked with many freelancers for long periods in the past and most of the relationships have disintegrated after a while as a result of poor communication. This is because communicating by e-mail or web chat isnt good enough, and freelancers would never know exactly what I wanted done, and I would never understand their expectations or understanding of the work I had assigned.

Fluent English – Essential! I cant speak anything else, fluently 🙁

DESIRED SKILLS (Not Necessary)
PayPal API

I will be looking for someone who "goes the extra mile" and makes decisions even if I am not around to give directions, rather than using it as an excuse to do no work.

I will work hard to clarify things for you by creating info sketches, instruction lists, and wireframes, however there will always be things I miss.

Self motivated to do extremely high quality work

I would like the freelancer to use the resources, styles, formats, and coding structures that are native to the site already as much as possible.

Truly hard workers will be recognized and rewarded

Will need to use Skype

I am flexible with scheduling as long as we are both working at the same time. I operate in the GMT – 7 Time Zone. I usually am not free until the evenings my time (from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM) but have more freedom on the weekends to work. I also have pockets of time during the day that I can use.

Make sure youve read everything here. It will pay off!

Please only bid if youve received feedback on or can prove feedback from some other website.

Please bid based on your weekly rate (8 X Your Hourly Rate). Number of hours per week / salary per hour is likely to expand as freelancer becomes more familiar with my site (and thus more efficient).
By the way, I would be very happy to give clarification if anything in these instructions is confusing, simply PM me.

Good luck and thanks for your kind attention,

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Web Developer For One Page Sites

Install wordpress and all settings

Use templates to create opt-in page

Install pre-sel page and all articles
Move code in iContact to index code page in wordpress
submit articles
Web links
commission bot
keywords (primary & secondary)
build URL Link

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Senior Web Developer

We have a large (approx 200 web pages with the same amount of code pages) web application (.NET platform with vb) with a SQL database that has been developed over the last four years. In addition we have an extensive reporting website using the LOGI XML reporting tool and a generic reporting tool we have developed. We regularly add new functionality and enhancements – where this position comes in. We also have a website and an admin application with an admin website. Functionality has recently been added to the web app to enable SaaS pay-as-you-go billing. This hosted service to our clients will be hosted on a top IaaS provider platform.

Current work to be done:

Please note: Our first page is the default.aspx page which is not a normal page but is a frameset page.


1. Client will complete a form on the DapSol website with all his details
2. Dapsol website must first redirect to a payment portal which will ask the client credit card details most likely. This payment portal will return to a Dapsol page with the results of the payment transaction. If the results were successful, the Dapsol page should give the user a button that will INITIALIZE their system. This button will simply redirect to a page within the DapSol Server Website with the info that the client has supplied.
3. System must allocate a client id
4. System must allocate a set of dbs. One option – create a single set of dbs and use scripts to make copies of these databases. Additionally some small customizations will be executed on the new databases that will add the clients detail into the company table and system table and system user table and that will customize the permissions based on the package that they have chosen.
5. System must notify client via his e-mail address (specified on the form mentioned above) of his client id, username and password. Client must first verify his email address because if his email address is incorrect, major problems would occur eg. he would pay, we would create the databases but he will never get notification and thus cannot proceed.
6. Like with the payment portal, the DapSol Server Website will return to a Dapsol page with the results of the INITIALIZE
7. DapSol website must notify client on the DapSol webpage that an e-mail has been sent to his e-mail address with the above-mentioned info
8. DapSol website must redirect to DapSol login page


Create a generic mapping tool where a user can:

1. Specify a field mapping to an existing Excel spreadsheet for a specific table in the PMM Web system

2. Create a generic import tool that will import data from specified Excel spreadsheet to table in PMM Web

Allow for Excel spreadsheets that are updated on an on-going basis and are imported thereafter at regular intervals by PMM

Allow for example, Excel spreadsheets with numerous sheets (i.e. user must be able to specify sheet to import from), etc.

Please provide work samples.

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We Want Programmer And Designer

We want Programmer and Designer

Programmer job,

Look at

Look at the categories left side, if you click on any category, page changes and the category list will show subcategories of the category you clicked.

What I want is when you click on any category the list expand to show the main categories and the sub categories of the categories you clicked without changing the page.

Designer work:

Look at

Look at the top menu, its color not matching the whole site. This has to be changed to a better more matching color, in the same time keeping the menu text visible.

Backgrounds are totally made out of images, we want to change them to html colors,
Also change these colors to more attractive colors.


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Skilled Web Developer Needed!

I need a very skilled web developer to help me bring my creative website to life, It will be a site dedicated to music and I need to incorporate a music player in the site!

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Web Developer – Maldives

We are looking for a freelancer to develop websites and custom built some in House applications.

Skills Required:

– Outstanding PHP skills
– Excellent knowledge of standards compliant HTML/CSS
– Advanced Javascript skills/ AJAX/ DOM manipulation/ XML
– Familiarity with AJAX toolkits such as Prototype, DOJO

– Experience with APIs from Yahoo, Google, Facebook etc.
– Ability to customize open source CMS and Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Textpattern, Drupal
– Reasonable creative design skills/ Some Flash knowledge would be a bonus
– Also knowledge of iphone, ipad and android apps basic development skills would be an added advantage.

Also like to see some portfolios on below skills mentioned.

Note that we are not necessarily looking for an expert on the skills required.


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A Graphic Designer For Web Development Projects

A small web-based company is seeking one person with the three following skills :

1 – experience in photoshop cs4 or above .:
you will be required to do some tasks every week from 1 to 3 tasks like logo design , modifying banners
and maybe some small images .

2 – data mining or data collecting :
you will be required to collect data from internet about games , movies and music albums
we will provide you the websites that you will collect these data from and we will tell you how to put these data
all together . you have to collect around 10 games a day and maximum 50 a week
and this data like :
game genre , game describtion , game poster , game rank , and game links .

3 -flash animation designer :
you will be required to make flash banners depending on our clients demands and this task is extra money.

we will pay $40 a month mabye more depend on the quality its a permanent position
we will pay by paypal only

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Web Developer Required. Private Project For Forbestcoder

We require a web developer to develop something simillar to an online auction site. Apart from being exceptional developer you will need to have good SDLC knowledge. I would like to approve wireframes before actual development takes place. High level of business requirements will be provided but no detailed functional specs so you will need to have ability to work autonomously. More details provided to shortlisted candidates

Desired skill set:
– Advanced skills in AJAX
– .Net or PHP (4+ years)
– Knowledge of HTML, XHTML
– Experience with Open Source Technologies
– Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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Web Developer Needed For Longterm Job

We need some web developers/web designers. You must be able to work for more than 8 hours a day. Work will be not too hard to cover.

You must have these skills.

* PHP developing – Necessary
* WordPress Knowledge – Necessary
* HTML Knowledge – Necessary
* Web Designing – Necessary
* SEO Knowledge – Advantage

Only looking for serious applicants, We are looking for long term collaboration with you.

Minimum of 6 months experience required.

Male/Female both are welcome.
Note that this is monthly longterm jon so a unique chance for serious worker to grab a handy monthly income. Were willing to pay $300-$350 each month to the right person. Thank for reading my project.

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Voting Contest

I need some votes. I need 2000 votes on a photo in fb. If you ready to go then bid here. I need 1000 votes also on a site. But you can do it with 1000 fb account. When you use accounts to vote the photo, you can also like the site. Bid here with your best price. Many projects will come if you do it responsibly and in cheap rate. Needed someone urgent.

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Drupal Web Developer/ Designer Needed

I need a site built using premium Drupal template (I havent purchased the template yet). This is the template I would like to use

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100 Unique SEO Articles

I need 100 350-words articles on diferent themes

-Articles must be unique (i will check them on copyscape…)
-Articlest must be readeble and without grammar or speling mistakes
-articles must be SEO optimized (keyword density 2%)
-articles must be quality not just some "bla bla"

Winner of this project will get to work with me on my next projects

I will pick best price/quality bider

I will give you all to complete 1 article on test drive which will be checked on copyscape, grammar and speling…, then i will choose winner.

You must be able to deliver 5+ articles/day

Please do not bid if you are not OK with my project requiraments!

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Looking For A Web Developer To Join Our Team

Were looking for highly experienced and skilled web developer to join our development team on few projects.

This is long term project, were not looking for a developer for one project only. Before selecting winner every programmer will be tested, we need to make sure youre skills are on high level.

For more details please contact via PM.

Please provide your average hourly rate.

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I Am Looking For Professtional Web Developer

Im looking for professional web design company. My client wants to design a new website to show the prototype of his product in professionally.

Ill send you the reference website in PM and I need the following document in formal format to present and convince my client to accept the bid, and start the project. Ill pick the bidder who can give me the most details of the workload:

_Business Proposal
_Technical analytic (technical work, design, hours required to work, etc.) in details.

These documents must be provided to my over PM if you are interested in the project. I can not accept any bid just over some plain text in PM so professional document is needed.

Like I said, this is the open bid from my client so I want a good business response from you.

Please bid only after you read the details carefully.

Thank you.

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US ONLY ~ Looking For Web Developer ~ US ONLY! Big Rev OPP

We have a project that is 95% finalized. We need our site debugged and an API integrated with


1. US (Currently living in the US)
2. Contract MUST be signed before handing over script to work on
3. Must complete by specific deadline given
4. Must start working as soon as contract is sent back

Please write "single" in your post, so we know you have read the following terms. All details will be given during interview.

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Web Developer Required

We require a web developer to develop a website onlines of auction sites. Apart from being exceptional developer you will need to have good SDLC knowledge as I would like to approve wireframes before actual development of website to take care of any requirements gaps. High level of business requirements will be provided but no detailed functional specs so you will need to have ability to work autonomously. More details provided to shortlisted candidates

Desired skill set:
– Advanced skills in AJAX
– .Net or PHP (4+ years)
– Knowledge of HTML, XHTML
– Experience with Open Source Technologies
– Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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Seeking Full Time Web Designer / Developer

Walton Street Web Design,, a U.S. based company, needs an overseas senior web designer / developer. This is a full time 40 hour per week work from home position, and you must be an individual (not a company) located in Asia. You will be expected to work regular hours (half your time half our time), and you will be required to be available at all times during your work hours. Please fully read the requirements before you fill out an application. Salary negotiable.


Excellent Communication and English Skills

Ability to meet deadlines on time

You must have the following software:

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Photoshop

The following software would be preferred if you had it:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Flash

Adobe Premier or Apple Final Cut Pro

You must use the Dreamweaver templating system – you must have and know how to use Dreamweaver CS 4+

VERY Strong PHP / MySQL Skills and you need to be familiar with:

Drupal (most important)



Not mandatory, but if you are familiar with Zen Cart or Magento that is a plus.

Strong JavaScript Skills

HTML Coding Skills including knowledge of:

Table Layouts

CSS Layouts

Absolute Positioning

Web 2.0 Graphic design skills using either Photoshop – you will be required to create Web 2.0 layouts and implement them in HTML

Flash Design and Actionscript skills are not mandatory, but a plus

SEO Experience not mandatory, but a plus


This is for individuals only – companies need not apply.

To Apply:

Please fill out our application located at

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Web Developer Required

Hi Guys,
Im a Web Designer myself with a little knowledge of WordPress, PHP and stuff.

I have some great ideas and products in mind to develop but Im lacking a Expert/Pro level PHP/WordPress Developer.
As these are starting products, I cannot invest anything (cannot pay), but if lets say a WP Theme we launch works out and starts to make sales We can share the prophet.

Just take it as a youre a Pro PHP Developer lacking for work.
Im a Freelance Designer who want to create some stuff online for marketing and looking for someone to join me ..

Let me know if youre interested.

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Web Developer Tutorials Needed(2)

Hello, I need Tutorials written on HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, advanced PHP and everything mobile. You can also bid if you are good with Photoshop, vector image tools and WordPress These tutorials will be published in our newly developed wiki. We will be paying $15/1500+ words. You will paid more if you can write tutorials on more popular topics but which are not much available on the web. Payment via paypal only.

PS: If you have no basic knowledge about web designing or any of the topics mentioned above, dont bother bidding. This is NOT A RESEARCH PROJECT, but you need to be a real programmer/developer to be a part of this. You will need to attach a similar tutorial which you had written earlier, we will use it to assess your skills. Bids without samples will not be considered. (In your PM, mention all the topics you can write about. Make sure the topics you mention are very unique)

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Experienced Web Developer Required

I need experienced web developer with exceptional skills in php, JS and phpbb bulletin board integration. Website is related to MMO, for sample purpose please check all the functions present in the website are to be made except Armory.

Atleast 10+ reviews needed to be considered, must show past work. Please do not waste your and mine time if you skills are not above average.

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Permanent Work – Consistent Web Designer/Developer


I am looking to work on a consistent basis with a Web Design/Development Team

I will be outsourcing jobs to you.

There are will be a few different types of websites:

Informational Site – Template Based
Informational Site – Custom Design and Build

E-Commerce – Template Based
E-Commerce – Custom Design and Build

Please Private Message me with pricing for EACH type of job.

Also include a portfolio with a variety of websites that you have DESIGNED and built. DO NOT include websites that you have not designed.

When considering your bid, realize that this will be consistent work from us, not just a one time job.

I am looking for a steady and reliable designer/programmer that will be able to supply 3 different designs per a job created.

95% of the sites given will be informational sites.

You and your team must be able to DESIGN and CODE the sites.

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Web Designer /Programmer To Customize/Redesign WP Theme

We have a wordpress theme purchased from Template Monster installed in our website. Source Files, PSD etc..are all uploaded and can be access through FTP. What we need:
1) Redesign the wordpress themes based on the layout which I will give to you
2) Install necessary widget / plugins
3) You will either redesign or do whatever modification to the theme as necessary to fulfill my layout requirement.
4) You need to add value by showcasing your redesign skill rather than doing just simple color changes and settings
5) You must be online everyday and use Gtalk to communicate with me on the project status
6) Maximum turnaround time is 2-3 days
7) You should be wiling to accommodate changes / revision until project is satisfied

If you can show us your good work and reliability in this project we

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SKILLS: Web Designer | Graphic Designer | WEB DEVELOPER | Gr

My name is Sean the owner of a marketing consultant firm.

Were looking to hire a full-time employee in countries that justify the following salary:

* Salary: $400-$600
* Start: Immediately
* Duration: Permanent
* Employment Type: Fulltime


He/She must have extensive experience in Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Web Developer | Graphic Artist and basically a hard worker who gets the job done and "thinks outside the box" – that can work under time pressures.


If youre interested please answer the following questions as soon as possible :

1. Are you currently working with any other employer ( If so no problem we just need to know)?

2. Are you available for 40 hours a week (Monday – Friday)?

3. What are your strongest talents ?

4. What are your weakest talents?

5. We at times require work outside of your job title such as research, helping in SEO, and some virtual assistant work. Although your main work and title will be Web Developer | Graphic Artist…Will this be an issue?

6. When would you available to start?

7. What are your Salary Expectations?

8. Provide link to your portfolio.

The person that responds and has the appropriate skills as we see fit will be hired.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Best Regards!

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Experience Ning Social Network Designer/Programmer

Love the apps on Ning for creating a how to site.

1.Need experienced customization and some guidance and tips on manuevering and setting up site.
2. Need ability to show events by city , not just list by category within ning.
Other projects may be generated from succesful completion of this one.

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Experience Ning Social Network Designer/Programmer

Hi I need a developer to help me customize my Ning website. I would like to hire someone who has experience with Ning social network site.

Below are some of the elements we would like on the see on the site:

1) We would like to make the main page of the site a splash page that has our ning network sign- up on it. But would like to be able to have a video and other content on that page and not just the we will need someone who can help us create that.

2.)We would like to be able to have some content public and others private.

3.) We would to be able to have the other tabs show up when someone lands on the main splash page but not have them be able to go to them. And in doing this we do not want to have to close off the rest of the site because we want to still be able to have our members share content from within the site which is not possible when the site is closed.

4.) We would like to be able to have the ability to comment on peoples status updates.

5.) We would like to show more recent activity then what the default is on ning now.

6.) We want the chat messages to pop up when someone sends a chat message to someone else as opposed to how it just flashes on the bottom of the screen currently.

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Rails Web Developer

I want to develop my existing website for mobile application and language should be ruby on rails with linux. Please bid only those developers who have expertise in rails otherwise bid will not be accepted. PM me your already developed rails projects/website links etc.

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Modx Evolution To Modx Revolution – Web Developer

Database and site files will be supplied, I would like a price for a developer to port our site: from modx evolution to revolution. All functionality and features must be kept the same or improved.

Please make sure you have a detailed look as there is some fairly advanced jQuery and menu functions.

I would also like the logo images replaced on the homepage and the top right of inner pages, new logos will be supplied.

Good Luck.

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Virtual Assistant Web Developer/graphic Designer

I have a lot of clients and cannot handle to finish the work in time, i require a partner to help me with the current management of clients.

I need a virtual assistant who is a developer and graphic designer, to complete 240 man hours for my projects to be completed.,

You will need to have superb English spelling and grammar with little or no accent. Prefer if you are from United States with a fair price of India with an excellent quality of work.

You will need to have Gold Status with reviews you will be doing all aspects of Virtual assistant work as well as;

Duties will include
Logo Designs
Business cards
Wedding invitations
Web development
Flash Development

Payments will be Fortnightly.


Logo design for security co. Australian Industry. Specialise in security PI and crowd control. Co. name is beta security services. Colours white and blue, no ideas discussed. Needs to be a WOW effect. In this scenario it will be formatted to be going on business cards and Flyers etc. IN PDF

The best mockup and portfolio will be awarded the project.

Please bid based on 240 hours + sample project in PM

Please do not ask for upfronts or payments via paypal or western union

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Web Developer Required

Seeking a Web Developer to Help With Creating A Job (employment) Website

We require an experienced developer to build our website.

The website is an employment website for both those wishing to list jobs available and those wishing to list themselves as potential employees

A brief description of the website:
We want to split the usage of this website into two primary groups: employees and employers.
Through a subscription, employers will be able to use this website to create a searchable profile of their company and their job ads.

Similarly, employees will also be able to use the site to upload a profile and apply to job ads.

To build a profile, both groups will have a certain template that will ask for relevant information. For instance, employers will have to answer what industry the company is in, where the office(s) are located, what role their searching to fill, what hours/days/skills they require, whether they will accept unsolicited job applications, etc.
For employees, their profile may be slightly more detailed and the template will ask for what area they live in, the radius they would like to work in, days/hours they

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