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Project For Aksh

This is to fix the two menu issues.

1. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp? and log in with xxx / xxx . The words are overlapping the arrows, we need to move the words to the right. Also there seems to be a problem with the mouse over function, when a user mouses over all the other menu items disappear.

2. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp and log in with xxx / xxx . Go to Manage Users > Reset User Password. Then type * in the search box and click search. Choose any user and click select. At the bottom of the page the submit and cancel buttons are on top of each other. They should be next to each other.

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Create A Widget For WordPress

I need someone to build me a widget for use with WordPress 3.1.

I am finding it very difficult to add buttons easily to the sidebar menu. I can add menus but only the text is clickable. I want the whole button area to be clickable.

The widget will do the following:

When installed it will appear in the WordPress admin control panel.

For each menu item I am able to :

1 – Specify the background colour of the button as a Hex code
2 – Specify the background colour that the button changes to when the mouse rolls over it
3 – Specify the text that is to appear on the button
4 – Specify the page or external URL that the button will link to when clicked on
5 – If I want to use an image for the button instead of a background colour and text then I am able to specify the image that appears plus the image that appears when the mouse rolls over the button
6 – The order that the buttons will appear in on the page

Payment terms – I will place the entire 100% of the project fee into a Milestone payment and will only release it once the widget is built correctly. Once I have paid for the widget you will hand over the widget to me and will not be entitled to use or onsell the widget to anyone else.

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Create A Widget In WordPress

I need someone to build me a widget for use with WordPress 3.1.

I am finding it very difficult to add buttons easily to the sidebar menu. I can add menus but only the text is clickable. I want the whole button area to be clickable.

The widget will do the following:

When installed it will appear in the WordPress admin control panel.

For each menu item I am able to :

1 – Specify the background colour of the button as a Hex code
2 – Specify the background colour that the button changes to when the mouse rolls over it
3 – Specify the text that is to appear on the button
4 – Specify the page or external URL that the button will link to when clicked on
5 – If I want to use an image for the button instead of a background colour and text then I am able to specify the image that appears plus the image that appears when the mouse rolls over the button
6 – The order that the buttons will appear in on the page

Payment terms – I will place the entire 100% of the project fee into a Milestone payment and will only release it once the widget is built correctly. Once I have paid for the widget you will hand over the widget to me and will not be entitled to use or onsell the widget to anyone else.

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The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing Industries have an inspection system for the defects on Surface Mounted Device (SMD).There are five types of defects, namely, missing component, misalignment,
wrong orientation of IC chip, wrong parts and poor solder joints,component rotation etc. Sometimes industries want to measure the height of the component.
Although there are many components on one PCB and as the size of PCB become smaller the the defect inspection becomes cricial. There defects are very very thin but they causes the huge damages.For this purpose PCB inspection takes place in many PCB manufacturing industries before hand over the PCB to the customer.
To inspect the PCB; AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system is being used. This system has the 5 cameras (gray scale) and many LEDs. 4 cameras are in 30 degree angle and 1 is vertical over the PCB. This machine automatically loads the PCB. Images get captured by gray scale camera over the PCB. By doing some image processing we can examine whether the component is displaced or not and also the height of the component.
I have some 2D gray scale images of PCB inspection. I want to measure the height of the component (from 2D to 3D measurement). And also want to measure whether the component is displaced, rotates or not. And if it is displaced; then how many pixels it is being displaced and how much angle it is being rotated.
NOTE : For this I would like to use Open CV Image processing language. The attachment contain some example images which I want to inspect.

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Stream Audio From Axis IP Camera To Android And Iphone

Axis IP cameras are using VAPIX (open API) to transfer remotelly audio from camera mic over http, and to send audio over http to the integrated camera speaker. The audio is raw stream, encoded with G711 (mulaw encoding).

We need a simple code (library, codec, or utility class with few methods) which will play the streamed audio remotely from the camera mic on Android and iPhone devices; and vice-versa (to send audio from the android/iPhone microphone to Axis camera speaker, over VAPIX API.

The audio must be clear with correct encoding/ no white noise.

It is preferable to apply, if you have already experience with VAPIX and deal with this / similar problem before.

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Flash Map Zoom Modification

Existing AS content for the pop-up interactivity, mouse over country interactivity, mouse over the title of the country interactivity, zoom on scrool and on zoom buttons.

Modify flash to zoom country on center on click of the country title and pop-up to appear in the same time.
Remove mouse over text from the name of the country button.
Loading bar.
Example for task:

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Article Re Writers Required 200$/week

Serious article re writers required capable of completing job requirement.
Re Wrtiters must be able of fulfill these demands.

1. Must Genrate informative content.
* Content should be 100% orignal.
* Should Pass CopyScape.
* Should Be over 450- 500 words.
* Should not carry any grammer errors.
2. Writer must be able ot genrate 50-70 articles per week from provided source.
3. Articles must be human written(not spinned or by use of any other software).
4. Duration of Job would be under consideration as over the quaility of services pervoided.


(Intrested bidder must send message while bidding)

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Profitable Site (Blogspot-Blog) That Makes $10-$20+ Per Day

I need a Site (Blogspot-Blog) that makes $10-$20+ per day
So i am looking for someone who can create an SEO and adsense optimized profitable blog.

I need a site which will bring constant clean white hat organic traffic and revenue over a long time (12+ months).
All the blackhat, fake traffic and click bidders please do not bid.

Domain / Hosting:
We will use blogspot-hosting, I will register the domain that you suggest.

Website terms and conditions:
Website should be developed in blogspot with standard plugins and have all nessesary components to be credible.
The Content of the Site should be suggested and written by you, that is for the first 20 articles. After that Ill take over. But the site has to stay profitable in the longrun (without your help).

The site should meet the following:

– You can choose any niche except adult, Pharma, violence, gambling & not acceptable sites
– The niche (keyword) is long term, not temporary.
– Contain unique content with at least 20 unique posts/articles that are not published yet. (i am able to check it)
– The content must be readable and not just spun …..
– Must contain related images to niche topic (no copyright protected stuff).
– All copyrights will be assigned to me in writing
– Must be original and SEO applied
– SEO Marketing as required (Backlinks/Articles…)
– Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites, only use white hat SEO which will bring traffic over a long time).
– Must follow Googles TOS
– No risk of a ban from Google Adsense
– Must earn $10 – $20/day or more.
– Must use adsense account and analytics account, and webmaster tool.
– Design must be neat with light background and fit the niche
– Design must Be Adsense optimized
– Overall SEO optimised

I will pay only after I see a steady income in my Adsense account.
I will hold back the Payment for 45 days until I am sure the work has been done properly.
No partial payments done. When project gets finish, you will be completely paid.

Notes – Required before project launch:
– You must tell me how you grow traffic to the site and how it will be consistent regular traffic over a long periode (several months and years).
– Show me some of your built sites that you already created (must not be your own)

Only bidders with experience and proven record will be considered.

If you feel you can do this job properly, then please bid.
If the job is done good, more work will come.

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Custom Pic Montage Script- Website

ok so I would need someone to create a scipt which allows users all over the world too upload images to a set grid… however users can upload over each others images and such and replace pictures.

The website becomes a moving image box almost and anyone can upload pictures etc…when highlighting over a small picture it will appear larger"see pic" etc… and users will have the choice to reupload over that image etc …..

ITs hard to explain:

You would for one need to contact me via PMB to discuss it further

also………. the project ammount is low at current however could be increased or long term payment can be arranged Depending on quality and confidence I have in the scripter.
It is probably best created in pearl

I am looking for someone who will be willing to help throughout the entier stage and perhaps web deisgn and implementation will be needed.


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MVCV Bushing

I need a plastic spacer for some units in the field awaiting customer approval for delivery. This is a rework solution so I need them rushed and am open to suggestions that still meet my criteria.

1. Part must be some type of plastic.
2. Must have high impact resistance as it is being used as a hard stop spacer.
3. Must withstand cold temperatures for long periods and still be impact resistant- approximately -30°F

Need 520 pieces total but I need 85 of them ASAP!!!
Drawing is attached. Again, PLEASE NOTE….. I am open to changes in size, shape etc to some degree to reduce cost.


The bushing slides over a 53x6mm tab that is welded vertically to cylindrical plate. This plastic bushing must be able to slide freely over tab and have relief for the weld which can vary quite a bit in size 2-6mm. I have attached two images showing one version where the tab slot in bushing has draft so that the bottom has a larger opening to accommodate weld, this requires machining at an angle or with a special tool I guess. The other option is to chamfer the bottom of the tab slot to accommodate the weld.

Either item is acceptable, our criteria is cost. And as mentioned, we are open to suggestions for reducing the cost.

The tab dimensions are 53mm x 6mm with ±1mm. The bushing it self can vary in thickness from 20mm to 30mm and the OD must be no less than 90mm.

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Voice Over: British Accent!

Please with experience only!

We need freelancer with British accent with good voice to record our Business Voicemail Greeting of 20 words.

please send your voice clips of work done in past to get shortlisted.

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Job Offer For US Based Developer: $12,000.00+

I need to make PHP additions/corrections to my website.
Its very similar to Youtube where members have profiles
and can quick capture or upload videos for others to view
& comment on. I need developers who are at the expert level
that can write custom code. I currently have over 100,000 opt-in
users and expect this number to grow significantly over the next
few months, the idea would be to keep a tech on retainer who
would grow with us.

It would help a lot if you have knowledge or even suggestions for
setting up streaming servers as this is a video driven website. This is
a serious offer and I would like to get started asap so if interested please
contact me.

Please reply with credentials and experience level.
Job offer for US based developer: $12,000.00+
Paid in negotiable increments.

Thank you-

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Help Me Import Product Interspire

Who can help me import 3000 products on Interspire Shopping cart 5.0 Vendor to 6.0.14 Vendor.
And add over 1000 products to my shop.
I will pay over 130 to 160 usd.
Thanks for read

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Tutorial Video

Tourism and Hospitality directory.Will need to create a video tutorial (with screen recording) to help our clients to log in and upload the info into web based directory. Voice over explains every step. All up finished product about 20-30min. Divided by 5min episodes. You will need to go to web directory, create an account and using one of the website we provide, go through the whole process (quite easy like a ebay or similar) pointing to important issues. I can assist with that a lot, but my problem is an English so dont want to hear my voice in it. Need someone who speaks well and like help people (many of our customers are older generation folks) so it should sound friendly and create an appearance that it real easy to do (it is really) – so voice over should be pleasant to hear but most importantly the text it reads has to be written well.

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Kids Flash Games

I am looking to buy a collection of childrens games. I would ideally like them to be integrated in a website, and integrated in android/ios using Adobes AIR api. The graphics and sound need to be top quality, and I would need to have all rights to the games once the project is complete. The games should allow to track high scores, and possibly even multiplayer. I am open to differnet ideas for game concepts. But games must be fun and be attract user to continue playing over and over. Consider the possiblity of virtual goods to add features to the games. Please send samples that I can try out of your work.

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Vouchers Needed.

I need over 50 adwords $100 vouchers over next few days.

THIS IS NOT ACCOUNTS, but just vouchers.

Payment instantly.

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Telemarketing In Russian


We are looking for Russian speakers for long term telemarketing project. The subject of our phone calls will be to set appointments for our field agents.

We will provide Telemarketing software & phone list database.
All calls will be done by Voice Over IP (Over the internet) directly from our software.

Requirements for the task:
minimum of 2.5Mbit internet connection
USB headset.
minimum 5 hours a day work time, Sunday to Thursday. between 9am to 9pm.

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Cheap Designer Needed – Many Projects Needed

This bid is for a full page ad, a 1/2 page ad, and a business card design. So all 3 things. Im looking for someone to give me cheap prices, I DO ALOT of designing and creating images and ads. Probably about 20 things a month I need done. If someone can offer me cheap prices I will use you over and over.

Im looking for a long term design relationship I have about 50 websites im putting live and Im going to need alot of ads done! I might even be interested in hiring you per monthly fee for all my stuff I need done


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Voice Over/Audio Recording

I am looking for a female character audio/voice over to do short scripts (a couple for now) for powerpoint presentations.

What I am looking for in a voice:


2-Perky (Katie Couric-esque)



Please submit a demo demonstrating the above characteristics to be considered.

I like to make things happen quickly and once I find "the voice" I am looking for, we will get on the move. As you can see in my history, I hit quick and stick with voice I like.

Scripts will be short to begin with (intros) so you will know why the budget is so small.

These will be very short, around 2 minutes to start. (subjective, I know but you will have to trust me).

If we can find th eright voice, the parts will grow in size and number.



To view the opening presentation and get a feel for what I am doing, watch here:

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Voice Over For An Instructional Video

Ive created an instructional video – 6 minutes length.
Im looking for somebody to narrate it.
The budjet is 30$.
Here is the video:

Ill send the text file to the winner.


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Bigpartner- Game Work

As Discussed.
I created project for you.

Description :



We currently required one simple iphone Jigsaw puzzle game similar to :

Scope of work :

1- selected provider have to manage all things required over the project, like graphics, sound etc.we just

provie the instructions and comments.

2-Game has to be simple, nice looking upto 25 levels.

3-Selected provider have to design the game as two version,
free version : max 2 level
paid version : upto 25 levels,
user must able to purchase game over app store.

we only required only those provider who have experience in iphone game work and able to implement

game effective and faster way with in min possible budget.



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25-50 Articles Needed For Website

We are looking for someone to write 25-50 English articles between 250-500 words that are based on various topics relating to Australian property, subdivision, town planning, Dual Occupancy, real estate market, More keywords will be given.
All articles need to be original & genuine (all work will be checked with copyscape)

All articles should have correct grammar, spelling and informative.
Articles will be paid for in full on completion and acceptance of articles.
In accepting the work to be done you agree that once articles are handed over that all rights for the articles will be transferred to me and can not be used or onsold.

If you are interested in the project, I will supply you with a keyword for you to write a sample article for me to look over. I will be looking at Originality, Spelling, Grammar, etc.

Can you please quote me for 100 words.

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J2ME VNC Client Over Bluetooth For Symbian

I basically need somebody to design a J2ME based VNC client for the Symbian operating system. The client will function over BLUETOOTH. WE ALREADY HAVE BUILT THE VNC SEVER and it will be provided to you once you are awarded the project.

1. Build J2ME VNC client that operates over bluetooth.
2. Add an authentication mechanism.

If you can do this, please message me with the line "J2ME rocks"

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Spirit Board Iphone App

I wish to make a spirit board iphone app, I have designed the interface and just need a coder to put it together and make it work,

the idea is for the user to touch and drag the pointer and hold it over a letter, yes or no or numbers and have whatever they hold it over for a few seconds appear in the label above the spirit board, there will also be an info screen for important information and a clear button for clearing the label

I am happy to provide any more info you require.

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$5 Per Sale

I am need of top affiliates to get me unlimited number of sales we will be marketing products with master resell rights the full product list of items includes over 100,000 mrr articles over 2000 ebooks over 40 resellable ready made plug and play websites and much more

ow many will be to sign up as a affiliate so i can track how many leads and sales you make from your link
I am in need of top marketers who can at least 2 sales per day it gos without saying if bring in more you make more
You can use any form or format to bring in sales most experienced marketers will know what and what not to do

will be to give you the link to sign up and start
pay you $5 per sale that you bring in

will be made weekly one week withheld meaning sales feom this week will only be paid on the third week cos i need to verify payments
Plea note that will be know upfront payments made upfront if you should want milestone payment provide me with 2 sales that will be paid to you 3 days after payment date

thank you
Please not that you should let me know in your bid how many sales you can make per week and
ie every sale will cost $15.99 $

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IPhone Game

Need a iphone game created.

In this game it will be very simple.

Platform Style Horizontal

Breif. There will be a Headquaters which you will have to defend. You the player will be a stick man with different types of guns depending on how many points you get you can upgrade weapons for example guns/grenades. You will be behind the headquaters shooting over a wall killing stickmen zombies for any zombies which come in close range of the HQ it will take damage of the HQ and when the HQ has taken full damage it will be destroyed and game will be over. You can upgrade the strength of the HQ with the points you get from killing the zombies along with weapons. I will also want IADS to be intergrated with this app. all graphics can be basic stickmen kind of game. the objective is to protect the headquaters and should be in a platform style game like sonic the hedgehog for example.

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Openvz / Xen VPS Monitoring And Security Applications

We need a set of scripts / tools to do the following:

Monitor and Report:

monitor and log server resources being used by each virtual environment (VE)
create hourly summary of resource usage by each VE
create daily, weekly and monthly resource usage summaries
email summaries to system admin (hourly, weekly, monthly and on demand)
generate and email a daily top ten list for VEs by:
Disc I/O
Bandwidth I/O
Web based graphs of the above would be very nice to have

Rapid Reaction:

Send alert email if a VE uses more than defined resource limits for defined length of time
Adjust VE limits in reaction to same using predefined rules –
If CPU Load is over x for x minutes set cpu i/o limits to "this" & send alert email
if bandwidth use is over x for x minutes set network connection to "this" & send alert email
If resource x usage is over x for x minutes suspend VE & send alert email

Abuse Checker:

1. Conduct scheduled search of the server for files which match a dictionary configuration file, email alert if match is found with path of the matching file (cron job scheduled)

2. Check running processes against a dictionary file, email alert if match is detected (cron job scheduled)

3. Monitor VEs / server LAN connection for outbound email traffic, send alert email if more than a predefined limit is being sent

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100 REVIEWS Needed. Easy Project !

!!!!!!!!!! NO BIDS OVER $30 PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

We need a writer who can post 100 positive reviews about our website.

33% Payment will be made after 33 reviews are posted.
66% Payment will be made after 66 reviews are posted.
100% Payment will be made after 100 reviews are posted.

!!!!!!!!!! NO BIDS OVER $30 PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

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Need Movie With Voice Over For A Medical Clinic

Need Movie / Video with Voice Over.

For a medical clinic, we are looking for something that will be played in a DVD to visiting patients.

You will be given topics, verbiage (text), and some ideas. You will put this together on your own.

Total length of the video will be around 2 mins.

**** What we are not looking for: Shocking colors, crazy things moving all over the place, bad font, bad voice over ****

Again, this is not for a CLUB, or geared towards 16 yr old girls. This is for a medial establishment and must be simple yet effective.

Seeking self starters. I wont have time to hold your hand through every step of this. You will be given some guidelines, you will do the research and come up with something effective.

Delivery should be in a format that will be burned to a DVD and played on a TV.


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Australian Female (Male Eventually) Voice-Over Artist

The task is to record a quality voice over track similar to audio from video which can be found here:
The length is to be around 90 seconds, more or less (I think less, aiming for 90 seconds animation with intro and outro without voice over).

Two things are crucial here:
– voice over artist has to be Australian, preferably female but isnt 100% necessary,
– time, Id really love it to be finished as soon as possible. If you can work during this weekend its great.
Let me know how much time do you need (I dont want to cut on quality). I understand some of you want/need to rest so please bid even if you can start no sooner than on Monday, March 21.

Further details
– script is almost completed and can be sent immediately after selecting one of you, some tweaks might apply later but I think re-recording a sentence or two will be sufficient for any changes,
– Id prefer to have recording sent in several wav files but if you like to record in one shot you really dont need to do this.

Below is about quarter of whole script. Id appreciate if you can record 2-3 chosen sentences (or whole excerpt) from here and upload it as sample:

"The world of managing people has changed. Subscribe HR helps you make your people happy and your business successful. Whist many of the traditional e-Recruitment and e-HR needs remain, there are new challenges that have to be met by People, Managing People. Subscribe HR is the now and the future. We dovetail you into the digital world, with an amazing, on-demand People and Talent Management system."

Thank you, I hope for a great cooperation 🙂


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Book Designer

Are you a book designer? Experienced author/editor needs book designer for cover/page layout/formatting of small budget non-fiction paperback for print on demand self publishing. Colour cover (images supplied). Straightforward classic text with boxes of copy, probably no illustrations/photos. Circa 200 pages. Must be proficient in InDesign (CS3 and above) and understand spec needed by Lightning Source for trim, embedding fonts etc., to be able to produce right pdfs for them. Experience preferred but may suit recent graduate. Be good if you can also format for download.
Full credit and contact details and short biog given in book, plus two copies, references and recommendations to companies who use freelancers that I work with as a copy writer. I am based in London but the designer can work anywhere, over a period of time (over three or four weeks, May/June 2011).
Good English language a must (so we really understand each other), reliability and good eye for detail needed.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Oscommerce Database Optimization


My site is an oscommerce ecommerce site that sells t shirts and other types of apparel.

My site is very slow when navigating around. I think this might have to do with the way the products and database is setup. There was a lot of customization done over the last couple years and my site is very, very slow.

To give you an idea, we have have about 700 t shirt designs where every design comes in 7 different styles, with over 20 colors each.

I need my site to work much faster.

Only bid if you have specific experience in doing this. I will need to see that you have completed similar projects before considering to hire you.

You will need to benchmark the speeds of navigating around before the project and after and then show the increase of speed. reply with mrteees in your PM.

Only serious bidders apply. If this project goes well, I will have several others for this site and my other sites after this one.

Thank you,


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