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OsCommmerce Add-on Charity Donation

I need someone to fix and re-package an existing oscommerce add-on that allows a shop owner to donate some of the sale proceeds to a list of charities, groups and associations. Most of the work involves putting all the previous existing contributions into one updated package with an easy idiot proof installation guide. In addition, the shop-owner must have the flexibility of being able to offer different donations amounts (% or $) to different organisations on the list.

The existing addons to date can be found at:

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Looking For A V-Bulletin Expert To Finish Website

Anyone interested in bidding on this project must first register at and add an image of a dog to see how the site works. This is NOT my website. But I would like some of the features/functions they use. Please dont bid on the project unless you registered there so you have a clear understanding of my needs.

My website is

My goal is to make if more user friendly along with making it feel like any dog owner would love to come back to it.

I will attach screen shots of how I would like the site to look and function. A lot of the site is done already but some of the main areas in need of work are the following:

Right now, an owner can have a profile. I need each owner to have a profile along with each individual dog to have a profile. Refer to Owner Profile Page and Add My Doggie Page and Profile Page for Each Dog (attached).

Another thing that is not working properly is the "share" button. It takes you to facebook, but doesnt bring up the correct dog along with the correct bio. You can see how I would like it to work if you go to (THIS IS NOT MY WEBSITE…JUST A REFERENCE).

Main Profile Page needs to be redesigned. Refer to Main Profile Page (attached).

After registration, I would like people to just be able to add their profile/dogs without having to wait for an email.

I would like the facebook "LIKE" on all dogs, Please refer to – (its above dog pic).

After registration, it should bring them to a Thank You for Registering Page. And this page needs to be redone. Refer to Thank You For Registering (attached).

Owner Profile Page needs to be redone. Refer to Owner Profile Page (attached)

Add My Doggie Page needs to be redone. Refer to Add My Doggie Page (attached)

Profile Page for Each Dog needs to be redone. Refer to Profile Page for Each Dog.

On Home Page – Would like the ADD YOUR DOGGIE and ADD YOUR DOGGIE VIDEO to flash. Nothing too flashy, but something to make it stand out and noticeable.

Move the FB, Username, Password, Login, Help and Register below the dog banner and add a FB icon directing them to my fan page and a twitter icon directing them to my twitter page.

On this page – – I need a picture with explanation of the following: Add an Image, Filmstrip, and Hyperlink – added under Instruction on the right hand side.

The site should be SEO optimized with Google admin tools, site maps, robots, metatags as well as google SEO package

One month of support to work out any glitches.

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Out Sourced Pa Marketing Person

I have a small business letting property
Every day there are about 4000 listingings in for property to let in the dublin area

There are about 200 – 300 new listings every day 80% are by agency 20 % by property owner

I am looking for a person to contact via email and sms those people who are property owners

You will need to create a google spread sheet and update it with the properties on daft
You will need to keep a record of when you contacted the owner and replies got

Each property that is owner listed must be sent one of our template emails every 3 days untill it is delisted
Each property that is owner listed must have a sms sent via a web text via our account

this is a regular monthly job it is not a huge amount of work to go through in a month and bids should reflect this

All the properties on for the rental section of dublin must be gone through

The difference between agency and owner can be identified by the fact that most agencies have thier company name and logo with a property listing.

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Marketing List Wanted

We are interested in getting a list in Excel format of commercial/business property owners of Florida, USA real property(buildings) with the 1) property address – street, city, state, zip code, 2) owner name 3) fresh phone number, 4) fax number, and/or 5) email address 6) type of property. Any other info can be included if you wish but will not add to value.

For these specific Property Types ONLY

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Vacation Rental

We need someone with excellent design skills who can design a holiday rentals website that is database driven (I

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Facebook Or Website Store

Design a page in facebook (preferably) or a website to allow the multiple owners to create a page for a target audience (users would have to find organization(s) and login), once logged in users would be able to pay to see videos that the owner uploaded and set the price of the videos to, the owner would be able to charge a subscription fee if they wanted to, accept one time donations, the owner would be able to upload pictures, allow users to sign up for SMS messages, and sell merchandise.

For example you have a 2 church groups A and B, church A would be able to set up its own page and church B would be able to do the same thing. Person X belongs to church A. Person X would be able to find church A, sign in and access content from church A. Person Y belongs to both churches, once they would be able to set up their account to access both churches materials. The church owner would be able to limit access to material to any user.

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Online Shop Directory

I would like to have a website that is much similar to FolioGrid Pro by Frogthemes, but instead of showing blog posts, I would like for the website to showcase submitted adverts in grid format, with different size boxes (the differences of the size will depends on how much the shop owner pay me to advertise their online shop. There will be an option where shop owner can buy ad space according to size).

This website will act as an interactive online directory where people can browse through the eshops to find the items they want to buy. This is much like a virtual shopping mall.

When they first arrive at the website, they will see different sizes of advertisements (.jpg images), contained in individual boxes. In the boxes also shows a star-rating (voted by visitors). They can browse through the website that features fluid grid based layout with infinite scroll (like FolioGrid Pro by Frogthemes).

The advert boxes should not be arranged in any specific order. It should be random, to provide fair and equal visibility to the visitors. But the grid-like form must be maintained.

When they click on a shop, a lightbox will appear, showing a detailed description about the shop, a rating star system on which previous shopper voted, a set of social networking buttons (Facebook Like button, Tweet this, Buzz this etc2.) , a map showing the shop location using Google Maps(can be disabled by shop owner when they submit their advert) and a nice link to go directly to the website.

When the shopper click the link, they will be redirected to the online shop, but on top of the browser window, there will be a bar, much like NetworkedBlogs have when people click their link to see the advertised blogs. On the bar, they will have the option to rate the online shop & share it on facebook. When they rate the online shop, their rating will be shown in the shop advert box on the website.

I need the website to be highly visible in the search engine. So i need the site to be integrated with SEO and Facebook connect.

I also need to have a payment gateway connected to this website so that shop owner will have the ability to pay for their advert directly from the website. Since this website will be targeting audiences from Malaysia, I would like to integrate iPay88 Online Payment Gateway into the advert purchasing system.

I would like this website to be on wordpress so that I can add in other plugins that i may find useful.

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Smooth Talkers Wanted – Need Help Placing Gaming Machines

I am seeking a smooth talker who can call bar and restaurant owners to help me place popular gaming machines in my state. You do not need to sell anything, just confirm with the owner/manager that they are interested and meet several criteria. The owner wont have to pay a dime for our machines, it is 100% revenue share for them.

I will provide all of the leads and phone numbers so it is a simple project, requiring maybe an hour or two a day.

I am looking for Americans or someone with a great American accent (if you are abroad I will need to hear you).

This is mostly commission based but has great potential to make hundreds or thousands a week for only a couple hours a day.

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Mobile App Party Time (Check Card System)

Name of the app: Party Time CCS (Check Card System)

When first time user get into the system he will have to setup his account, this app is just for club, pub and restaurant owner or manager, employee or promoter (Administrator), and they have to be pre-register in our website if they don

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Job Bus Stop

Jobs bus stop!

The service is a portal for job seekers, interns and employers of labour. It creates a platform for healthy interaction between these categories of individuals, saving them the hassles known with hiring and getting jobs.

Job seekers or interns would register on the web portal by providing key information that a potential employer would be on the lookout for and equally give their mobile numbers and email addresses.
Employers of labour on the other hand, would register and specify the key areas they intend to hire.
For both classes, keys competence in the case of job seekers and interns, and key requirements in the case of employers of labour would be classified as tags on the portal in order to get a quick match for job ads.
The highlight of this portal is that, every job seeker or intern whose key competences best matches the key requirement of the employer gets an SMS and email alert automatically. S(he) can immediately reply to the message via any of the two media and the response is routed through the duduPay portal to the particular employer.
The portal would also cater for instant project assists in form of contract and/or freelance jobs.
There would also be a rewards system whereby employers rate people who have done jobs for them via the portal.

jobs bus stop! is (succinctly) a job exchange. It

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Personal Website

A small website for personal use having following features : –

1. Bloging
2. Opinion Polls on the Articles/Topics generated by subscriber/owner.
3. Closure/Archive of toipics discussed by the owner.
4. Add/Remove books and comment on books by subscriber/owner.
5. Online chat with the subscriber
6. Choice of Greeting Cards and Edit facility to add quotes/lines on the cards – with sending facility through email to subscribers.

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I want to insert watermark in database (numeric data) using finger print of owner
1: first convert fingerprint to binary code( 0s and 1s )
then using thats bits to insert marks in database

if any one cane do that for me i will be glad

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Article Marketing Robot Program License Owner Needed!!!!

I need an owner of Article Marketing Robot, a full licensed version. I have trial version, but I need to use full licensed version, to submit to most number of article directories. ONLY full version. I will provide you with articles. I need 30 submissions in 20 days. I need to start now. My target price is 30$ for 30 submissions, its a coooool rate, because other buyers offer 0.2 $ per submission. Thanks.

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Article Marketing Robot Program License Owner Needed!!!

I need an owner of Article Marketing Robot, a full licensed version. I have trial version, but I need to use full licensed version, to submit to most number of article directories. ONLY full version. I will provide you with articles. I need 30 submissions in 20 days. I need to start now. My target price is 30$ for 30 submissions.

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Article Marketing Robot Program License Owner Needed!

I need an owner of Article Marketing Robot, a full licensed version. I have trial version, but I need to use full licensed version, to submit to most number of article directories. ONLY full version. I will provide you with articles. I need 30 submissions in 20 days. I need to start now. My target price is 30$ for 30 submissions.

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Vacation Rental & Exchange Site

Please refer to these website or

1. I want that exact set up or to develop a site with those same features and options, however it will be for properties located in The Bahamas only. Therefore you will have to list all of the Islands located in The Bahamas in the database for this site. You can easily find all of the islands that are located in The Bahamas on my website You may register or use a username and password I can send you to navigate through the website. I think I would prefer the set up of because of the google map feature.

2. I also want the option to allow owners to exchange listings. And owner must have a property listed to exchange with another owner. Again you may view the exchange feature on my website

3. The Whats On tab link that is on this site, I would want that changed to "Events Calendar". You may also see the events calendar option on my website This option is managed by the admin area

4. I want to sell membership packages as well as charge per listing. There will be 4 membership packages which are Private Owner, Investor, Agent and Resort/Developer. An owner will have the option to purchase one of these memberships or just pay for individual listing.

5. Member may post a request for a property or vacation they desire in The Bahamas. It will be free for anyone to post a Request listing, however an owner must have a paid membership to contact the member that posted the Request listing. You may also see the Request option on my website

6. I want to make sure there is the option for Banner advertising that is managed by the admin area.

7. I want the option to have music played on the homepage. If you go to you will see that music is played from the homepage there. However I wish to be able to manage the music from the admin

8. The categories will be Rent, Exchange and Request. There will NOT be any options or category that allows For Sale listings.

9. I want the option for members to download agreement forms from the website that will be uploaded and managed by admin. These forms will be rental agreements and Exchange agreements. Therefore if an owner does not have particular contracts they may download these contracts and sign and send to the next person for execution.

10. I want to make sure the payment gateway is integrated to allow for members to pay for listing fees or membership packages.

11. I would like the same color design on intervalbahamas, which is gold, aqua and blue. I would also like that same main display picture of the palm trees, beaches and island.

This site is to be designed and installed for my domain WWW.MY700ISLANDS.COM

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Mobile App Party Time CCS

Name of the app: Party Time CCS (Check Card System)

When first time user get into the system he will have to setup his account, this app is just for club, pub and restaurant owner or manager, employee or promoter (Administrator), and they have to be pre-register in our website if they don

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To Contact People (For Bangladeshi Only)

The freelancers from Bangladesh are eligible for the work.

The work is simple.You have to go to the beauty parlor or fast food shops in Dhaka/Chittagong.You have to contact the owner of that parlor or shop and tell them about our services.

our business provides a service like that we list an advertisement from business for free.and if that advertisement is successful,we take a fee from that business,but if the advertisement is not successful,we take nothing from that business and the advertisement listing is absolutely free.

Your work is to contact and collect business so that they come to us to list advertisement on us.

You must have the following eligibility:-

1. You must be willing to do field work.
2.You have to be extrovert and feel free to contact and communicate new people. must have convincing power so that you can make the owner understand the benefit of the service and collect them

The followings are not mandatory,but will work as advantages if you have

1.Previous work experience in marketing like this(Contacting business owner)
2.Any relation with any fast food or beauty parlor owners

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Loan Auditing and Document Preparation Website Needed.



Website owner is not very technologically savvy so someone who will design keeping this in mind is needed. Owner would like help on how to maintain website when its all done.

We expect the best! Nothing but the best.

Will chat on phone several times after we see past work experience and know what you are capable of.

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Give Away Money To U.S. Businesses!!!

Looking for telemarketer or telemarketing company to call businesses all over the U.S. to find business interested in our businesses cash advance program. A lot of U.S. businesses are short on cash due to the economy and tight monetary funding these days. Qualifications are really easy and we have a high approval rate: 90%. The business owner must be receiving at least $2500 in monthly credit card receivables and be in business for at least 6 months & no open bankruptcy. The business owner will be transferred to one of our closing agents for closing. We will pay $2 for every business owner that is transferred and has a genuine interest. We will also pay a $20 bonus for each deal that closes. We will pay weekly via Milestone payment. Monday – Friday 10:00am EST – 6:00pm EST calling times, no weekends or evenings. You must have your own U.S business list. Out of country telemarketers are ok, but must speak clearly and fluently in English. In order for the lead to be paid there must be a genuine interest from the business owner and minimum qualifications of $2500 in monthly credit card receivables, no open bankruptcies & be in business for at least 6 months.

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Targeted Facebook Fans

We have recently made a Facebook Page for our business and we will be targeting owner-operators, truck drivers, and CDL license holders. Our business offers financing options for truck and trailer financing and ultimately we want these likes to be converted into sales.

For this particular project we want to target 10K Facebook Fans that have already liked the following things; owner-operator, owner-Operator, trucks, truck driver, truck paper, truck rush, truckin, trucking, trailer, trailers on Facebook. According to Facebook there are over 350K users under those categories, we need 10K fans.

The added Fans must meet these requirements:

* All fans must be real people with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon – NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
* Fans must be from: USA only
*Must liked one of the following pages:owner-operator, owner-Operator, trucks, truck driver, truck paper, truck rush, truckin, trucking, trailer,
* All fans must have 50+ friends and a minimum of 4 photos
* All fans must be aged 18 and over
* All fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 15 days
* If my page get banned for too fast friend adding you won´t be paid ( I have no scripts or anything against FB TOS to get my page banned.)


*Proof of prior work will be advantageous, esp. with references.

* You will be paid 2 weeks after you are done just to see that fans are real and not dissapearing..
* Any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.
* Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

When bidding please include:

* Price
* Accurate date of delivery
* URLS with examples of previous Facebook fan page work

ONLY SERIOUS BIDS PLEASE! No trials, will be waste of your efforts

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Google Talk Flash Client

We need to build a flash Google talk client that will be embedded on a webpage.

The flash object will look like a live chat box, when the visitor will enter a message the Gmail of the operator(site owner)
should pop up with Google talk message.

Basically this is a flash live chat which is integrated with Google talk so the operator(site owner) shouldnt run any specific software but can get his incoming chats in his Gmail(Google talk chat).

This should be done by using the Google Talk API:

And the XMPP protocol –

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Need Admin/website Owner Emails

Need admin/website owner emails need a few million emails.. scraped emails is ok but must be site owners emails

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Hotels Booking Engine (and Channel Manager)


– Bid only if you have an Hotel Booking demo (frontend and backend) to show us; only people with a demo will be looked at….
– Its a LAMP application, use of ajax fully
– It is NOT a CMS plugin
– You will send us complete source code
– You can work ASAP to modify it
– We accept escrow payments ONLY
– For future project: better with a Channel Manager (i.e. you will integrate booking application with an apps to manage booking in many OTA portal:, expedia,,…it means future scope of work for you)


– Its a multiple hotels booking
– Frontend is multilanguage (we can add any languages with a language file)
– Backend is easy to translate in Italian (i.e. use a language file)
– European date format (27/12/2010) end Euro currency


– I have my superadmin account
– Any hotel owner has an account to modify his hotel/hotels data
– Owner can add room types, room names, prices and special offers, availability,…

Backend PRICES (looks at a typical Price list:

– Owner can insert different prices for every day (normally for periods)
– Owner inserts price for person a day
– Chidren have discounts (age based)
– It is possible to have Special Offers in some periods (i.e. 10% discount, or 7=6 stay 7 pay 6,…)
– It is possible to have Supplements (i.e. double room used for single,…)


(look at the booking frontend:, test it for June 2011 and with some children)

– It doesnt need Page design, it will be integrate in other site design
– It doesnt need payment gateway; it needs a secure Credit Card data transfer
– When finished booking, confirmation should be sent to the user and owner

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Ocean Walk By Owner

I need 1000 Facebook "likes" for this FB page from within USA. I need real people and done in a way so as not to get my page banned by FB. Will pay 1/2 to milestone account when the bid is accepted and the other half upon completion.

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Phone Appointment Setting B2B Immediate Start – $2K/week

We need a contact center capable of generating phone appointments with small business owners.

The process is simple:
1. Call Business, ask to speak to owner
2. Book an appointment for one of our specialists to call and speak to the owner at a convenient time
3. Enter the info in our CRM

Payout is $5/lead for every appointment held, i.e. our specialist was able to talk to the owner over the phone at the appointment time, and the owner was aware and expecting the call.

Payout is every week on Thursdays, for all qualified appointments held the previous week.

Budget of $2000/week (400 phone appointments) – will agree to increase budget to $5k-$10k/week if performance is

Please submit a description of your contact center in your proposal.

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Coaching Class – Training

Do you know how to build simple Facebook application using PHP ?

I really need your help for coaching class.

Payment 15 $ per hour
We will set lesson 1 o 2 hour per week

Lesson are on Skype.

Please read the project and propose how would you set the class raining program



Application is a simple object that appear on the friend profile you have posted it

Object contains:
– a lock image – (it could be locked or open)
– The owner name (who has lanched the application)
– Profile owner name

Please let me know asap

I would need soon a coach for the following subjects, let me know if you are interested
– object and classes php
– zend framework
– jomla, how to build modules
– myseql – ho to design multitable database and queries
– building webservices with php

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For Sale By Owner Type Website

We need a website built similar to or We are more interested currently in the back end part of the site rather than the look and feel. Visitors to website need to be able to enter real estate information, pictures and other details and then have the information instantly added to the website in a searchable format. Furthermore, that information will need to sent to the website owners in a clear format for entry into other real estate listing services.

Also, some sort of functionality needs to be built that alerts the property owner every 30 days to renew their listing. Otherwise the listing will be removed.

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Cranial Website needs updating.

1. Website can be vanilla, but needs to look more business like, crisp and elegant.

2. Most important aspect is that owner can change text, photos, etc. himself, without reference to developer.

3. Need to inform owner of how to do this by using C panel or whatever. Simple method required.

No changes to copy required.

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