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Ext JS, Sencha – Enhancements To User/File Management Webapp

We have an existing Webapp that allows us to manage:
– users
– groups
– files / packages of files
– reporting

We need to enhance it so that packages can be organised into categories (groups of packages), group security can be organised hierarchically, as well as a number of bug fixes and small enhancements.

Please login to this demo account and explore all the features. We are looking for somebody who can help A LOT with the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of this system.

Login: acmeadmin
Password: password

The system is built using an ExtJS (Sencha) front end, with a Yii/PHP back end, with a MySQL database, hosted on a Linux node : experience of all of these elements is necessary.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a growing team – there will be LOTS of work here for the right freelancer!

Please provide examples of sites you have developed using ExtJS.

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MRasc Web Clients Needed

Need web site clients for MRasc Web Solutions. (

Our budget for every 3 clients is 50$. We are ready to give commission for further clients.

You can find our packages in our official site Also currently we support linux based clients. Also we have very less price for packages compared to others.

Please bid on this based on your expertise.

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Telemarketing Companies Pay Per Sale 20 %

Seller Telemarketing Earn 20% Commission on Vacation packages

This is a great opportunity for experienced telemarketing firms Due to the high demand of our services.

We are looking mainly for telemarketers, You can use our product for up sell or cross.

We are paying 20% commission on sales ranging from 74.99 to 240.00

Payouts Biweekly – no upfront payout will be given
This is a Very Easy to Sell product because everyone is looking for discount vacation around the world.
Call center/Person Must have all necessary equipment and proper setup for a call center/person.

I will provide you with information on our products and you can write a script to fit your customers however scripts must be approved by me first.

You will also need to provide your own calling list.

Forward a daily list of the client who bought the packages info needed is name, address and phone number.

Packages are sold in the usa,
We accept PayPal and credit card payments from clients.
We will pay commission with PayPal only.
We have the website store for online sales only
We will be in contact using E-mail and/or using my chat from my website.

We are looking for long term daily use.

only serious and established call centers should bid.

Thank you for reading

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CPA Leads,Pay Per Sale,Sellers & Call-Centers Needed HIGH $$

CPA Leads,Pay Per Sale,Sellers & Call-Centers Needed HIGH $$
If you can get us high number of leads and sales, please contact us ASAP !

We are looking for single sellers, agents, teams, call-centers also.
We are paying very high commission to everyone.

Our website provides twitter followers and facebook fans. Your job is to sell our packages to anyone, any company or person in the world !

Please visit : and fill the form on the right of the page so we can start.

We will give you a promo code, example : SLE20 . Explaining you your %, commission you will make and the % your customers will save using your codes.

We have different packages starting from 24.99 up to 849.99 .

MONTHLY PACKAGES will get you monthly guarantee commission.

Once again, please visit : and fill the form on the right of the page so we can start.

If you are experience in sales. You can easily make over 50 000$ monthly with this method.

Please sign up and send a message PMB if any concern.

Thank you !

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Clipshare Membership Area

We have an Clipshare site installed which we need the following added for a "Paid Membership area"..

Please do not bid if you cannot do the project at or below the $150

Existing payment system needs to function properly, as well as have more features. This will at least require editing PHP code and the MySQL database. The goals are:

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Twitter Followers Supplier

We are looking for a Twitter follower supplier that can :

– provide us with Targeted and non targeted Twitter Followers.
– Handle up to 100-150 orders per month (in average 1000-2000 followers per every order )
– we will give you (username,password) the orders and pay with paypal and get the confirmation straight away
– we are looking for the best prices on the net, since we foster a long term relationship

Tell us your price for the different packages by indicating commitment time.
Packages :

Thank You.

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CodeIgniter PHP Tasks

Good afternoon,

I need a PHP coder with expertise in Codeigniter 2.0. I build a custom app using Codeigniter and now I need help in the following tasks

– Install the following libraries in the respective or double check if they are installed:
– Help and some advise on some idea:
– Use memcache or not?
– Where to install and what libraries to install.
– Other small subjects like this.
– Upload to GitHUB, I will give you access to an account.

We dont need any implementation only put the libraries in the right folder and do some configuration if they require. The advises are just answer to questions no work required.

Please provide me your CodeIgniter past work with some links for your work.

*Please only bid if you are able to work with Codeigniter Applications*

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German/Germany Facebook Fans/Likes – Small To Big Packages


I am looking for a long time partnership about german facebook fans.

Very important is that you can offer small packages for good prices.

The fan packages I want to offer on Facebook are:

100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 fans from germany – maybe also bigger packages.

Please have this in my mind
– All fans must be real people (no bots, no fakes, no spammers) with active facebook pages.
– All fans must have 20 friends or more
– All fans must speak german and be from germany
– All fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 30 days
– Please use only methods for inviting fans that wont get the Facebook accounts banned otherwise I would not pay.

Please let know the time you need to deliver for the packages and of course the prices. Please bid for this auction 40 $. Only bid if you have read everything and you can deliver what I ask for.

Communication should be friendly and fast (at least within 24 hours in general).

Looking forward to your offers.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

Best Regards

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Integrate Heart Internet Reseller API Into Zencart

I am looking for someone who is confirdent that they can integrate the Heart Internet Reseller API into Zen Cart. I have several types of hosting packages, each with two payment options (monthly or yearly suscription). Due to how Heart Internet works I have had to create 2 packages for one kind of hosting as you can only select one subscription type e.g. Package ID: 1 – Home Hosting Monthly Subscription, Package ID: 2 – Home Hosting Yearly Subscription.
I want this to be intergrated and have the subscription types as a product attribute, so if a customer selects the Home Hosting in Zen Cart they can select yearly or monthly from the product page and the relevant Hosting Package ID will be used for the API. I will be having Zen Cart linked to PayPal and therefore it will need to be able to set up reocuring payments for the hosting packages.
If possible I would like it if customers didnt have to register seperately for the hosting, so basically customer would only set up an account in Zen Cart and not have to set up another account for the API.
In the customers My Account area of Zen Cart I would like a hosting area where they will be able to change their hosting package, order additional hosting packages and order and manage domains.
A few of the hosting packages will come with a free domain, so this would need to be included to.
Aswell as a Hosting Category and product pages I would also like a product page for domains where customers can search for and register new domains.
The Heart Internet API should allow all the services above to be integrated into Zen Cart. Here is information on the Heart Internet API (please read through to ensure you will be able to do this job) .
There are reference in the linked documentation to the admin side of the API, I DO NOT need an admin area for myself integrated intp Zen Cart as I will be managing my tasks directly with Heart Internet.
Please do not bid unless you are 100% sure you will able to complete this task.

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Joomla Article Styling

I would like to change the style of and

page to something similar to this.

(Go to the above link and click "search now" and wait for results page)

I`m looking forward to someone who could create a template so that I could easily create articles using that design.

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Clone Of

We require a website similar to All features must be inspired by If a feature is not created similarly, we will not release funds.

All templates that users can use to built their websites will be provided to you to upload in PSD format

We must have the ability to upload more ourselves at a later stage.

The system must function like and must allow us to install advertising on users webpages. The system must support Adsense and similar services.

As with Yola, we must be able to create different packages with different features example Free, and different Paid packages.

Must include automatic domain registration and management.

Design is ready i want only development.

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Photography Website Drupal

I own the Affinity July 2010 release from RocketTheme and I would like it customized into a photography website. I would like a facebook i like module and some template customizing.

The website should reflect my work and allow private galleries for users to login and view and purchase pictures. The method of payment we accept is paypal and nothing else.

I should be able to take pictures for a client and bulk upload 200 pictures or more into his private gallery. I need to be able to add attributes to the pictures like sizes and type of paper used and price. The client should be able to log in to his gallery and pick packages and or pictures and add them to cart. Attached our packages and prices so you can understand the attributes I am looking have.

Some examples of how this work is or however the goal wouldnt be to copy what they are doing. I have no interest in selling services to photographers I would like to show case my pictures and work and allow users to login and pick a picture and add it to cart.

I also want a public gallery that allows me to sell photographs with a download feature.

I would like the ability to have separate galleries for each user as well. I am open to using joomla or drupal however I would like to lean towards drupal if possible. If this is something that would be done easier without starting with a CMS please provide facts of why that might be the case.

Please dont bid unless you can do this job. If you have question just ask and I will post them in the project clarification board so I dont answer the same question twice.

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Hello every one. Im looking for a person/team capable of delivering a clean, well function, user friendly, and kick ass website. Im looking for quality, not only for a good price.

Website type: Parcel Forwarding website / postal addresses provider (for better explanation see websites below)

Similar sites: (This site has all that Im looking for)

Language: I prefer php.

Website features:

Users must be able to register, see their account information, inbox, pictures of theirs packages/letters, and being able to choose and pay for their packages to be delivery to their overseas address.

Completely e-commerce ready. Some type of user friendly credit card payment (and subscriptions) systems but with alternative payment options (i.e. check or money orders, paypal).

Ability to discard items.

Automatic email confirmation of package arrival.

Key Admin Features:
Ability to upload pictures of the client packages/letters, and other relevant information such as item number, weight, dimensions, shipping cost, ect.
Ability to see orders made.
Automatic email confirmation of payments.
Ability to add new content pages in the future.
Ability to see discarded items.

The content will be provided or added later, all pages in 3 languages. (Translation, and content will be provided or added later by myself)


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Pauls Backlinks Package

I need Pauls backlinks packages from before April 2010 – preferably the 120 links package

I do not need the packages after April 2010

If you have the packages from prior to April 2010 – please bid and send me the details.

I only need the packages – not link building – but i will consider link building too – if the price is right.

Please place the minimum bid of 30$ and specify your price for the packages and link building seperately in the PMB.

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SEO For Resellers


You will be working behind the scenes. You will not be able to use any of the projects that I give you for your portfolio.

As stated, I am a reseller. I am offering packages to my clients based on 10/15/20/25 & unlimited keywords packages. Please give me a quote based on the following packages.

Do not ask me what are the keywords and what is the website that I want to optimize. I am a reseller and I want to base my prices on your packages.

Once I start working with you, I wont stop (Unless you give me crap and I have to find someone else) Ive got several projects on hand that I am able to pass on to you immediately.

Note: I am not asking for link building but complete SEO.

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Upgrade A Website

I need to upgrade a simple CVs pool website and redesign it to make it better looking with an extra features like follows:

recruiters whom post a job can contact people applying and conduct a chate interview with them according to a calendar of meetings
recruiters shall be able to set a criteria for selecting the right candidate and evaluate them
recruiters shall be able to see max of 5 resumes unless they pay a subscribtion where they can access unlimited resumes
recruiters can buy 3 packages for interviews and shall be able to have their own chat room where they can meet their candidates
3 packages shall be set to recruiters (limited to 5, limited to 100, and unlimited interviews)
candidates profile without contact information can be accessed by recruiters and rating for every candidtae shall be based on (times CV shown, Times CVs selected, Times interviewed, and time being offered)
other features can be added upon rewarding but all will be according to the above scope

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Pennyauction Website (included Install On My Server)

I am looking for someone who can make me a pennyauction site without bugs, I would like it for under $500 with money being placed in escrow and all being paid when work is completed.

Examples of pennyauction sites I like: and

Wanted features:

* Scratch Auction.
* Future Auction.
* Buy-now system.
* Bid-back System.
* Referral System.
* Offline order processing.
* Change shipping status from Admin-Panel.
* Captcha at registration.
* Display bid-type at bid history.
* Display return-policy in auction details page.
* Advance Autobidder (Botusers).
* Banner rotator.

* Standard Auction, Penny Auction, Beginner Auction, 10 Second Auction, 15 Second Auction, 20 Second Auction, 100% Off, Nail Bitter, Fixed Price.
* User registration and account verification.
* Member login, account updating, purchasing more bids and paying for won auctions features.
* Buying bid packages.
* Set bidding packages.
* Bidding in the Penny Auction format. Pay per bid and the price increment by a set amount.
* Time increment by 10 seconds (can be changed in the CMS) each time a bid is placed.
* Bid butler system – the ability for users to book their bids.
* An editable

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[REPOST] SEO For Fundraising Project – WHITE SEO ONLY

Need a SEO to do a marketing campaign for a fundraising project.


*** IMPORTANT: I had many problems with people that used only forum SPAM and black SEO without using brain or understand the scope of the project, so I will pay only on results. If you not agree with this, or are you trying to sell generic SEO packages, please DONT bid at all ***



Start your bid and PMs with the word "42-no-spam" so I know you read and agree with all, and send a PM with some information about how you will approach this project.

I will hire multiple workers for this.


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Marketing For A Web Development Firm

We are a professional web development firm that has been in business for 4 years. One of the best things about our companys approach that has kept us successful is offering complete packages from start to finish, including site design, back end development (everything from simple membership sites to full blown e-commerce projects), hosting, seo and ongoing site maintenance.

We are currently looking to expand our client base in a very specific way. We need active, professional sales associates and marketers to contact Chamber of Commerce members in our surrounding cities to sell our design/development/seo/hosting/maintainence packages while representing the company in a very professional manner.

Other Details:

Salary: $150 base + Commission
Commission: A generous 25%
Bonus: Yes, performance based
Phone Availability: 9 am – 5 pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME

You will be provided with all our packages and an online chamber of commerce directory for contact information of potential clients. To put your earnings in perspective, currently we have one full time individual doing this for us but due to his other responsibilities within the company, he is only able to generate 2 – 4 clients a week, and our packages range from $500 – $2500. If the client requests face to face interaction, we will take care of that ourselves. Please note, payments will not be made for appointments, ONLY SALES! You will be provided with our site, our portfolio, package information and anything else you might need to make a sale. All payments will be made through and once you have proven your abilities, we will post a full time position here for you to accept.

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Looking For Sicksubmitter Templates And Packets

Were looking for our use Templates and packets for Sicksubmitter.

We need bids from freelancer that can provide whats needed here exactly (No spammy bid pls).

we need Templates for those platform:

WPMU blogs (like WPmuBuddy template)
WP articles websites (Like WParticlesNinja Template)
Yahoo account creator
Press release
and any other template available (were interested in all possible platforms)

we look also for packets including (do-follow and with PR preferred)

Pligg platforms
Expression engines
WPMU blogs
WP article websites
and any other platform possible…

Our budget for this is $30 (you can offer us separated packages and no need to have the whole package to apply but the whole packages will be appreciated)

waiting for your bids

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German Facebook Fans / Likes – 10 * 100 Fans; Long Term Pt.


I am looking for a long time partnership about social media marketing.

For the start it should Facebook Fans / Likes. My search is for splitted up packages like 1000 fans in 10 packages – 10 pages * 100 fans.

Communication should be friendly and fast (at least within 24 hours in general). For a fanpage with 100 fans it should not longer than a week to fullfill.

Here I am searching for the following.

– 10 pages promoted with * 100 fans
– All fans must be real people (no bots, no fakes, no spammers) with active facebook pages.
– All fans must have 30 friends or more
– All fans must speak german
– All fans must be approved to live in germany, austria, switzerland
– All fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 30 days
– Please use only methods for inviting fans that wont get the Facebook accounts banned otherwise I would not pay.

I am also interested in other packages like 500 fans, 1000 or more for one page, but for the start it should be like offered here.

Looking forward to your offers.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.


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Selling Of Backlink Packages On Infocera Site

We are selling backlink packages on our site

we will share 20% of sales you will be able to make.

Site has google pagerank of 3 and is among top 40,000 sites in World.

For more details, plz refer to

best rgds

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Product Research

Researcher for online training company
We require a list of companies who provide

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WHMCS/WHM/CPanel Setup And Intergration

We require an expert in WHMCS, WHM and CPanel to help setup our hosting website. We have purchased a CPanel/WHM custom skin which we will make a few changes to and then require this to be setup on our WHM/CPanel and to be the default and only option for all our client CPanels and WHMs.

We also require the Roundcube that is in the Cpanel to be updated to the latest one and need to add Softaculous instead of Fantastico as it has more options etc.

We want to make sure that our Web Packages are setup and will automate as much as possible (3 web hosting, 3 email hosting, 2 ecommerce hosting packages where they choose software and it auto installs or we will install for them). Also need to make sure domain registration is as automated as possible, that there are addons/configurable options for SSL certificates as automated as possible and that they force dedicated IPs to be added as well). Individual dedicated IP addon to be added as well. Need to add VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Server packages and automate as much as possible – things such as VPS and Dedicated may need to be manually organised by us with our hosting provider.

Need to configure SiteBUilder to work and be a package or something and also need to make sure email settings are all ok. Need to modify the PDF and email template to match our site design – which we will supply a template base for. Need to modify the email texts for the various emails, and make sure we have a separate welcome email for web, email, ecommerce plans, ssl, sitebuilder, dedicated, vps and reseller packages.

Need to configure payment gateways.

Need to ensure that WHMCS and WHM and Cpanel are all integrated correctly with packages etc.

Need to make sure that space, bandwidth and email limit notifications happen.

Need to install customised suspended, new package/domain pages which we will supply.

Need this all to be done within a couple of days maximum. There is the option at the end of this project for further work in modifying and managing our hosting as a part time role each week.

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SEO – Packages Starting At $150

I am a web design company that needs an SEO partner who

a)has big list of satisfied clients

b) has many clients on the first page

c) Writes original articles.

d) Can list, detail, and explain exactly what they are doing each month in a quantifiable package.

Packages can start at $150 per month.

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Sell Our SEO Packages

Your job is to sell our search engine optimization packages to website owner. You should have excellent experiences of such work. We can pay you per sale or commission basis.

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Web Content

10 page sports website offering packages for major sporting events the business includes all accomodations including purchasing tickets, hotel stay, as well as travel arrangements. Website is currently being developed but needs web content explaing the different sports packages we offer. For example the NBA allstar game will be held in the Staples Center in LA I would like a brief summary explaining venue and fun things about LA

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Twitter Follower Supplier Needed

Im look for someone that can add targeted followers to twitter accounts without the follow, be followed method. It would also be preferred if you wouldnt need the accounts password. I offer this service for clients and looking to work with someone that his experience in this. Must be able to provide the following packages. 1000, 2000 and 5000 followers. If you are qualified send me a pm with your info, the cost of each package and time it will take to complete the packages. I dont care if its automated as long as the accounts dont get banned.

I will also be adding Facebook fans to my service and you tube views in the near future. If you are capable of these as well it would be a bonus.

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Call Centers Required For Selling "Press Release" Packages

We are a "Trusted Google News source" and media publishing company. We help local business in USA/UK/CA/AU get online visibilty and help their business get more clients.

The service easy to sell as Google Picks our releases and most of the time ranks them well. More details will be provided later.

We are looking for a Call Centers that can sell our Press Release packages in the four countries above. We dont provide data, you will need to find local business by means of yellow pages etc.

You can sell our monthly subscription and get good % on sales and also recurring income for the customers who stay subscribed to our services.

If your company has some previous exprience in telemarketing, you will be preferred.

There will be "NO UPFRONT" payment for this project. Payment can be made Bi-Weekly via Paypal. We also offer bonuses to centers performing well.


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